San Francisco, CA– How would you like to win a pair of Olympic Gold medals, go unbeaten in an abreviated professional career, handilly beat one of the elite top three ‘pound for pound’ fighters in the world in Nonito Donaire, and yet still be raked over the coals by the ex-HBO Godfather Larry Merchant and others?


Oh, and unlike the Chinese two-time Olympic champion, Zou Shiming, whom the Godfather recently covered in Macau, Rigondeaux was not benifited by near-criminal scoring. Truth be told, Larry is not alone in his dissing of Guillermo Rigondeaux, as the Cuban has drawn a lot of heat for his April 13th WBO 122 lb. title win over the now 31-2 Donaire at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.


The detractors are for the most part are people who have endurred a threshold of pain equivalent to getting hit across the backside by a parent.


Some of us that have boxed found Rigondeaux’s “hit and not get hit” style masterful! I mean, how else would one be able to beat the hardest one-punch knockout artist in the game today? With corpses like Vic Darchinyan, Fernado Montiel and s number of lesser names either horizontal or unconsious, engaging with Donaire would be akin to jumping off a 30- story building in real life or in other words, commiting boxing suicide!


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Explain your comment Ted, please?

  • The juice is in the action

  • Rigo reduces Donaire to a novice type in the twelfth round, busted him up and gets criticized for it from writers like Dan “toot my own horn” Rafael and Kevin “I should stick to MMA” Iole. These guys are part of the problem. They are just mouthpieces for promoters. It’s hard to say a guy ran when he landed all the significant blows in the fight and won just about every round. Donaire was reduced to just plodding around ineffectively, yet Chuck “Stuck in his own world” Giampa of Ring Magazine has Doanire ranked ahead of Rigo pound for pound? I am starting to think there’s a racial tone here…The same hate many throw towards mayweather. I can’t stand the guy as a person, he just perpetuates the stereotype, but as a fighter he’s proven himself. Hasn’t fought everyone we wanted him to, but who has? I have never in my like seen a fighter beat another elite fighter so decisively and be shitted on from the media. They’re just mad because their BWA fighter of the year got his head handed to him on a platter.

  • He’s been abused because the establishment doesn’t favor Cubans. They only favor Mexicans or other latino fighters, but not black Cubans generally. Also the Cuban style is effective and not the most crowd pleasing and most are avoided because most have the ability to beat the top guys out there. Guys like Rigo, Abril and Lara are a stylistic nightmare for anyone out there and they are all southpaws. Most can’t appreciate boxing skills, they just want to see street brawls. When guys like Mayweather and Rigo make world class fighters look like amateurs people make suggestions like” Donaire should have thrown more punches, or the guy ran, or he wasn’t in shape.” They fail to realize that the reasons why there opponents look so bad is because Rigo or Floyd, don’t allow their foes to dictate the pace. The fighters look clueless because they are masters of ring generalship. It’s the most overlooked part of the game of boxing, positioning and footwork. Most people who watch boxing think guys just go out there and start throwing punches, and it looks great when two limited guys are slugging it out, but when they meet a master they get exposed. Not as a bad fighter, but bv someone who is a student of the game. It’s much easier to beat or KO a fighter who just stands right in front of you. For all the people that diss Rigo obviously have never been in a fight. Even in a street fight the object isn’t to take punishment. If you can win without getting clipped, why take a chance? Thats why I lack respect for most of the boxing writers out there. They just don’t understand that styles make fights. I bet if Rigo was fighting the caliber of foes that Donaire was facing, face first brawler types he’s be more exciting, but then he’d get criticized for fighting bums. You just can’t win with some people.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Thanks, 1200. No bragging, but sometimes I’m so far ahead of people I get lonesome!

  • on a side note….mad props pedro on having everyone beat on that story you put out about the boston nut cases involved in the tripple homicide…one guy involved fessed up but got killed while being interviewed by the FBI!

  • nice take on it Pedro…i REALLY want to see how rigo fares against Mares, the other top gun around his weight class…I dont see anyone at 122 that gives Rigo problems…I hate to say it, but people want gore and brutality, and wouldnt be able to see excellence if it was taped to the inside of their glasses when it comes to the sweet science…most people that havent been in a fight in their life are the ones criticizing…just look at Donaire AFTER the fight..he got BEAT UP! no shame in that considering he lost to one of if not the best slick defensive fighter around who also hits like a mule…Its all about who can impose THEIR style to win…the only way to make everyone happy is put on a fight on the undercard that will deliver the action people want…ive always said that in order to keep fans interested, you have to set up fan pleasing types of matchups…with shortening attention spans, and bloodthirsty ghouls, its just the way it is unfortunately

  • Rigondeaux is the business, but I can’t agree with anyone Pedro included, that had Donaire up at the very top of the heap. Donaire has obvious and glaring faults, the worst of which is that when his athleticism won’t carry a fight for him he doesn’t have the boxing knowledge/skill/technique to adjust. I’ve said it many times before, what you see in round 1 with Donaire is what you’ll get the entire fight. Kiss of death against someone at the skill level of a Rigondeaux.

  • I just don’t like the way folks saying Nonito was this P4P great fighter. Yeah he should be in the top 20 P4P. Yes he KOd Vic and Montiel. Those are the 2 best fighters on his resume, not bad so I don’t want to take away from those wins but who has he fought since then. The asian dude had been off for 15 months and was about to retire, can’t really get to much credit for that fight especially since the guy did not punch back. Had nothing to do with Donaire. From the start he was not punching, every fight he had was a showcase fight and he didn’t always look good. If you are in a showcase fight it is your job to look good and he rarely looked good unless he was extremely bigger than his opponent. So he fights someone that is not scared of him and will punch back and look what happens. He also gets fighter of the year, he didn’t fight anybody of merit. If that was the case they could of given the award to Wilder. Not impressed with Donaire. He did impress me with those 2 KO’s of Vic and Montiel but this is a sport of what have you done for me lately and those 2 wins where a very long time ago. And then when he gets beat what does he do, comes up with excuses. Terrible

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Nice short take Mike..

  • U know what Pete? Ur right!! In a society that only appreciates violence how can these bafoons appreciate a true great and future hall of famer? The man is like art and he punches like a mule!!! Reminds me of Whittaker with power. It’s sad that people like merchant are hofamers and bring down the sport with request of violence. I hate to be sacreligious but I find most of Ali’s fight super boring. Rigo beat the ish out of a future h.o.famer. How can u complain about that? It’s hit and not get hit. If that azzhole what’s blood and guts he should just watch tuff man contest!!!!!! I think Rigo and most Caribbean Hispanic fighters should fight mostly in Florida and some in NY. With proper promotion he’d be ok. Also would be best if he keeps picking up those belts! Nothing like an undisputed champ. Nobody above or below can avoid them. And yes JRock to be the best u gotta beat the best, and dare to be great, unlike most fighters today. Rigo and bonito dared. There are some fighter who fight not to loose, if ur fighting the best comp eventually u will loose(sorry Floyd) but u have waited for ur comp to get old or loose a step or fought slow fighters. U should’ve fought pacman at his best

  • Rigondeaux reminds me of Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker. He is not only fast, but has good ring mechanics and excellent defensive skills. He is never going to generate the excitement of Felix Trinidad or JC Chavez. He is all about hit and not be hit.This is why the sport is named BOXING .

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