Murderer Chis Benoit & Vince "The Sleaze" McMahon


San Francisco, CA– When sports entertainment superstar Eddie Guerrero dropped dead in a Minneapolis hotel room in 2005, the cause of death so said the Minneapolis Coroner was a Heart Attack. The World Wrestling Entertainment folks, headed by Vincent Kennedy McMahon, tried to put the best spin on it they could. They implied that Eddie’s Drug (Cocaine) & Alcohol addictions were the major reasons that Guerrero died. Eddie had cleaned himself up, at least as far as the Coke and booze goes, but he had a massive cache of steroids with him when he dropped dead that nephew Chavo Guerrero and Chris Benoit flushed down the toilet before notifying any authorities that the biggest star in the business at the time, Eddie Guerrero was dead at the age of 38. On Friday, June 22, 2007, Chris Benoit tied up his wife, Nancy Benoit, (hands & feet) and then garroted (strangled) her, this before drugging and then breaking his seven year old son Daniel’s neck on Saturday, all prior to hanging himself Sunday.


The bodies of the Benoit family were found by their next door neighbor Holly on Monday around 3 PM ET, who then ran outside and hysterically told two members of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Dept. that, “The family is dead.” Again, this was at 3 PM ET and after the WWE had called the cops and asked them to do a “welfare check” at the Benoit house. She had only saw Nancy dead in the upstairs TV room and Daniel’s body in his bed. Both bodies had Bibles next to them, as did the murderer Chris Benoit when he was found dead from hanging himself in the basement weight room. At 5:30 PM ET, Carl DeMarco, the head of the WWE in Canada called Chris’ mother, Margaret Benoit and blurted out the following, “I considered Chris one of my best friends.” Confused and unaware of the three deaths, Mrs. Benoit replied, “Why are you telling me this?” DeMarco then realized that the Benoit’s were unaware of Chris killing Nancy, Daniel, and then himself.


Mrs. Benoit was demanding clarification, thus DeMarco promised he’d call her back and hung up. Less than an hour later, circa 6:15 PM ET, De Marco phoned Chris’ mother back and told her what had happened. As would just about any mother, Margaret freaked out and became hysterical to the point that DeMarco called the Royal Canadian Mounties and they went to the home of Margaret and her husband Michael Benoit’s house and told them to bring the paramedics with them. Before the Mounties arrived, Detective Turner of the Fayetteville Sheriff’s Dept. called Margaret and further confirmed the deaths of Chris, Nancy and Daniel. If that wasn’t enough to push Mrs. Benoit into an emotional tailspin, Detective Turner told Margaret that the incident was “Being investigated as an alleged (double) murder and suicide.”


Around 5 PM ET, Dave Meltzer, considered the “go-to” journalist in the world of professional wrestling and MMA, said he was called by a WWE executive and one of Benoit’s friends and told of the “double murder & suicide.” For the rest of that Monday, the WWE played it off like Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes TV fame, “I know nothing,” and went ahead with a two-hour TV special tribute to a man they already knew was a double murderer! Now I know the world is professional wrestling can be construed as seedy and trailer-park’ish, but for the WWE to go ahead with the Benoit tribute knowing what he had done, this, I cannot put into words what a no good bastard Mr. McMahon and his underlings were for honoring a man who they knew had slain his family! Remember, WWE Canadian President Carl DeMarco had called Margaret Benoit a little before 5 PM ET, that’s three hours prior to McMahon airing the Monday Night Raw’sTribute To Chris Benoit” on USA Cable.


Chris Benoit failed to appear in Beaumont, TX on Saturday evening, this something he had never done before in his 20+ years of professional wrestling. Benoit was so into being “Chris Benoit the Wrestler,” that he was never even late for an event. Like a few of his cohorts, Chris couldn’t separate the his professional life (role playing) from that of his personal and family affairs. When WWE’s people and Chris talked on Saturday, Nancy and Daniel were already dead. Chris claimed they had “food poisoning” and thus couldn’t leave them. The WWE gave him a pass, but told him and Chris acknowledged that he needed to be at the big Pay per View show on Sunday in Houston, TX. He was a “no-show” at the Pay Per View on Sunday, and still the WWE refused to see the obvious.


On Wednesday or Thursday, I’ll do Part 6 of this series, exclusively only here at The subject matter will be the Text Messages that Benoit had sent to two WWE employees, one a wrestler, the other a referee. But we will go in deep and examine the role of Dr. Phil Astin in this case, the MD spending a ten year sentence in the pokey for “over prescribing” meds like Hydrocotone, Steroids, & Somas, just to mention a few. As I mentioned in a previous segment, Benoit was taking ten months of Testosterone every three weeks!


On Friday, in what appears to be the final segment, Part 7, I will get into the medical condition that Benoit was in, the repetitive concussion syndrome he suffered from, and what role this played in this, the ugliest and most heinous crime perpetrated by an athlete in my memory.

Pedro Fernandez


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    … NO!

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    Wow, can I get your autograph. Thanks a ton dummy!

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    LOL… You think Evan Fields was a name drop?!!! — Dude, that was SARCASM! — Besides, I’ve never met Evan so it wouldn’t be right to drop his name…

    Thanks for the clarification on PED. I was convinced that for the purpose of this discussion, it stood for ‘Pedestrians’ and was on a blinking sign at a busy intersection, warning me that they are crossing the street.

    No performance enhansing effect… I don’t know, call me stupid, but I think being able to do you job involves “performance” to some degree. Steroids are much more than something you take in order to look racked! They are used to enhance the healing process. Have you ever had surgery? If so, you’ve probably been roided up. I remember the last time I roided up… I had an allergic reaction to a medicine and I was on a roid that afternoon.

    And because I know name dropping drives you nuts, I’m going to ratchet it up. The guy who posed with Jose Canseco. He knows a member of one of the NFL’s great dynasty teams, a Hall Of Famer (how is THAT for name dropping?)… Told him that everyone on the team was roiding because without them, they couldn’t physically recover from the beating they took last Sunday well enough to take the field the next Sunday!

    The reason this series of articles pertains to Boxing is because Boxing is engulfed by this plague. Look around, look at Holyfield. A guy who’s very physique was designed by Lee Haney when he made the jump to HW. Do you even know who Lee Haney is? I already know the answer to that so go Google the guy’s name and ask yourself what connection could possibly exist in the sport Haney was involved in and Boxing… Holy (whom has never failed a PED test I am aware of) is nothing new, the events I am mentioning go back to 1988. Do you think it has gotten better since then? Or are you one of those guys who look at Manny Pacquiao today and say… Looks legit to me!

    The reason this series of articles is relevant to Boxing is because it suffers from the same disease. The WWE is just ahead of Boxing. It is the “Canary in the Cage”. This stuff is crazy. The crap Bonds was on was custom designed to effect his brain, to enhance his brain’s ability to compartmentalize. How long do you think it is going to take until some jerk-off comes up with something that effects a Boxer’s brain? Something that counters the physical effects of say… Being rocked by a punch, being made dizzy or even being knocked unconscious!

    You shouldn’t be criticizing Pedro, you should be supporting him. Sports Journalists rarely go into this area and when they do, typically it is very light footed. There is a hell of a lot at risk and damn little return for doing a bang up job… It is why I didn’t follow up when I was pushed to do it by the Coach I mentioned. I told him point blank, “Not me, no way. I’m here to Interview and interact with these guys in a positive way. I’m not here looking for the fastest way possible to becoming ‘persona non grata’ and I’m in no hurry to have a lawsuit slapped on my ass” … He understood where I was coming from and I was sympathetic to what was really bothering him…

    What Pedro is doing here takes Major League, Tyrannosaurus Rex, size BALLS!!! — I was a pretty edgy guy, I didn’t take $hit from anyone (ask Pedro, he was my editor, he knows what a prick I was) and I was VERY Intimidated by this topic… He’s doing it! … So unless you want to see Boxing Journalism go right down the toilet, start supporting the guys who have the balls to write articles like this.

    In closing. Nobody is twisting your arm and making you read this series. If you don’t think it has any relevance, that is fine, move along. There are pictures of Oscar in drag here, maybe that is more your speed, I don’t know, go check it out… If you think a seven part series related to Brad Pitt has as much relevance, I urge you to write it.

    BTW … Ever meet Joe Frazier? I sat at his table in Las Vegas… Dummy!

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    There’s no need to make this personal. I’ve got my opinion and you’ve got yours. I stand by all my posts, even the ones that didn’t get printed. Lets leave it at that. Jeff

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    PED stands for peformance enhancing drug. However, with pro wrestling there is no Performane Enhancing effect. This is acting. Why not do a seven part series on the movie “Fight Club”. I know several people in the industry that have told me that Brad Pitt was on on human growth hormone when the movie was filmed. It would make just as good a story as Benoit being on roids. BTW you can drop all the dummy crap. It just makes you seem ignorant. You did drop the name Evan Fields, who I think everyone knows is. I’m not denying that boxers have abused PED’s over the yera. That is a proven fact. What I am saying is that I just don’t see how this ties into Big Time Wrestling. Best Regards Dummy Jeff

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    The only “Name I Dropped” is the one I shall now bestow upon you… Dummy!

    Listen here Dummy. I didn’t drop a single name. I never drop names when I talk about this topic and you can’t name a single professional I have eluded to. And while I may “not write like I am stupid” … The same cannot be said about you. Your understanding of (or lack thereof) PED use/abuse is frightening. To the point where I am thinking you are jerking with me.

    You do make one solid point however. This argument has gone FAR beyond STUPID… Pedro and I responded to you.

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    BTW Pedro, it’s just not fair to go back and change your post. I never said anything remotely glorifying Benoit. The only thing I said was that I didn’t think that he belonged on a website with real athletes. Where my supposed man-love came for him, I don’t have a clue. If you can find anything in any of my post that would suggest otherwise, I would love to read it. It’s also no secret that you and Jack Dunne are the same poster. This will probably get me banned, but that’s the price you pay for telling the truth. Best Regards Jeff

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    Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, There’s no reason to get nasty about this. I’ve got my opinion and you’ve got yours. I love wrestling, but I don’t consider them athletes such as boxers or MMA artist. I don’t believe they belong on this websit. However, it’s your website and if you want to write about the price of tea in China then that’s up to you. Just throwing my two cents in worth. I hope you don’t take it personally and would appreciate it if you didn’t get personal with such terms as “lame sss”. Anyways, best regards Jeff

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    Jeff, get screwed. Read the book, Chris & Nancy. Then we won’t hear a peep from your lame ass! By the way, many believe Benoit with his little atrophied testicles was having an affair with Michelle McCool. The way you make it sound, you were sleeping with him!

    Respectfully Not,

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    Jack PS You can stop all the name dropping. It doesn’t change the facts.

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    Come on Jack, PED stand for performance enhancing drug. You don’t write like you’re sutpid but I have to question your logic. Wrestlers use roids strictly to look jacked up. There is no performance tied to it. They all know who will win the match long before it ever begins. They are simply glorified bodybuilders in a made for male soap-opera. This argument has gone beyond stupid. Do you really need a seven part article for a semi athele that has nothing to do with boxing. Evem Pedro said that the reason Benoit got on the juice was because he was too small to be an effective ENTERTAINER unless he bulked up. You’re whole line of reasoning is a joke. If you want to talk about PED’s and brain damage then please talk about real athletes.

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    Brilliant read and I have to say… Par for the course when it comes to that scumbag McMahon… The night Owen Hart was killed and everyone involved in the show was crying and freaking out… The scumbag came out with a comment afterwords, along the lines of “Owen would have wanted the show to go on” .. A comment that sickened everyone everyone who was forced to finish the show.

    I’m on the fence right now. You MAY have convinced me that McMahon is even more disgusting than I ever thought… But right now, even with this. It may just be a lateral push.

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    I tried to be nice… In short, let me tell you what you are doing here, using a racing metaphore and posting Pedro the way you are… You are the equivalent of the kid who just got a ‘C’ in his first semester of Auto Shop (Jeff) attempting to challenge Smokey Yunick (Pedro) during a

    Yes, Jeff, I’ve seen ‘Beyond The Mat’… I could dial it up right now on Netflix just like any other moron.

    I also spent five years in the Boxing Media writing for places like MaxBoxing, ESPN and RingTalk. I’ve interacted with numerous fighters ranging from Contender to World Champion Status. I’ve had private conversations about PED abuse with one of the strength and condition coaches of one of the greatest Gyms on the planet. In 2002 he all but begged me to write a story about the PED abuse within the sport as it had, in his words, gotten to the point where “Everyone with a name that matters is on something”.

    Remember that whole BALCO thing? — Shane Mosley was on that short list right next to Barry Bonds. Victor Conte still works with Combat Sport Athletes. Keep that in mind for just a short while.

    Beyond my personal experiences from covering the sport, I’ve followed up on and investigated the availability and control of what the substances in question were and I have a pretty good handle on it… Lets just say, I know hoe EVEN FIELDS got his hands on the junk he did.

    And Call me crazy but I noticed a sudden uptick in fighters getting nailed for ‘Stanozolol’ shortly after the UFC really came online and found out that it was a commonly used Steroid among UFC Competitors… You see Jeff, what you don’t seem to get is that these guys aren’t isolated in who they are or what they do. This whole thing has cross-polonized to the point where it is an almost seamless connection… You either don’t understand this or you didn’t ‘get’ what should be a pretty obvious point.

    You seem to think that what happens in this place doesn’t happen in that place because… This guy is a BOXER and that guy is a WRESTLER.. It’s a different world. just like Barry Bonds and Shane Mosley… No connection there at all. And how about those worlds. Brock Lesnar was a WWE Wrestler whom is now a UFC combatant. UFC guys often train in the same gyms with professional Boxers… I have a very recent picture of a friend of mine. A very accomplished professional whom is training or has recently worked with some of the sports best talent… Posing in the ring with Jose Canseco after a sparring session.

    Jeff… Do you see a trending pattern?

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    Jack, So you are telling me that in some way pro wresting belongs on a boxing website. Go watch the documentary “Beyond the Mat”. It’s really good, but it also shows how wrestling is nothing more than a coreographed show. I’ll agree that the wrestlers get pretty dinged up, because they do. However it has nothing to do with boxing. Maybe you oughta start dog paddeling toward the shallow end.

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    With as much respect as I can muster… Go back to the shallow end of the pool and stop posting moronic comments.

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    I like wrestling strictly for the entertainment value, but these guys do PED’s that no boxer would ever think of doing. If you’re worried about the Repetitive Concussion Syndrome, then why not do a story about the NFL. There are way more people suffering in the NFL than in Pro Wrestling. You’re just straying way to far away pro boxing. I’ve know my fair share of “punch drunk” boxers over the years and it doesn’t take a brain surgon to figure that if you get hit in the head too many times that good things aren’t gonna come of it.

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    I can see why you don’t Jeff, you can’t think outside of the box. Either that, or you’re limited. This is to an extent about the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs & Repetitive Concussion Syndrome, something that is widespread in professional boxing. Sorry, you couldn’t make the connection. One more thing, nobody is forcing you to read anything, like changing the TV channel if you don’t like the program, change the channel.

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    What does any of this have to do with boxing. Pro wresting is strictly acting. I don’t get the connection.

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