San Francisco, CA– Few men will admit impotence. But if you gave me two doses of your favorite erectile dysfunction drug, I still couldn’t get it up to watch either Vitali or Wlad Klitschko! Thus, it is NO SURPRISE that not Comcast, not ESPN, no lower level cable firm wants anything to do with the heavyweight championship of the world if it involves the Klitschko’s.


Aryan pride aside, what do they do for non-white fans?

Pedro Fernandez


  • Hey JD: Good point.

  • Hey J-Rock,

    Saying the Knlitschko’s would be beat if they were 3 inches shorter is no difference then me saying if Lennox Lewis was 6ft he would be beat or if Ali were a bit slower, if Tommy Hearns were shorter, they are 6’6″ deal with it. You can’t start taking away natural attributes to suite your desires.

  • Check out Kevin Iole’s recent article about the HW. It’s similar to this whiny little blurb by Pedro – without the racism and with some commentary from Lewis as well. In between Iole whining about how awful he thinks the HW are Lewis is showing that little habit of his and his sour grapes of the Klitschkos. He was an embarrassment to himself on the Epix broadcast as well. No surprise that HBO wants nothing to do with him as a commentator anymore. A little objectivity from this guy would be nice once in awhile. Oh, and about Iole’s ridiculous article. It was based on the “news” that Lewis won’t come back to fight a Klitschko. Who wants to see that now? Lewis gets put in the hospital if he ever came back and attempted that. Is this 2004-5?

  • Geez Pedro, how can you hate on the Klitschkos like this? But you make a good point: in the American media, there is a lot of resentment against the Klitschkos for being white and foreign. American media guys are forever trying to prove how politically correct they are, and that unfortunately means they feel they have to make disparaging remarks about white fighters. It’s like a complete reversal from the Great White Hope era of bygone days. Vitali Klitschko is getting the unjustified negative treatment now that Larry Holmes got when he was champion years ago.
    But, like or not, here’s the truth about heavweights: the current version of the Klitschkos would whip any heavyweight in boxing history, with the possible exception of the prime Lennox Lewis, the only fighter who is in the same league with them (and who from the safety of the announcer’s table has developed a bitchy habit of taking disparaging swipes at the Klitschkos, while at the same time refusing reasonable offers to fight them). Politically correct media guys like to establish their credentials by touting an African-American fighter like Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali as the best heavyweight of all times, but they are wrong: as Lewis graphically demonstrated, little guy Tyson had no chance against a full-sized heavyweight with world-class skills.

  • Jaime,

    I don’t think ruptured tendons heal in 60 seconds! It might have made for a cleaner looking KO for Klitschko, but against a sitting duck.

  • I did a search on boxing Friday night on my Verizon FIOS DVR and discovered that the fight was televised on EPIX HD and Epix SD on TV. Had I not done that, I;d of tried to watch it online. Glad I did the search prior to the fight.

    As for the fight, Solis got hit with a right hook to the temple. People do weird things when they get hit on the temple. Remember the left hook Tyson hit Berbick with that knocked him down three times? That punch almost looked like it missed entirely, but glanced off Berbick’s temple.

    If indeed Solis hurt his leg it may have been because the shot caused him to go rubbery-legged, putting them in positions not meant to bare weight.

    Having said that, I don’t know why the time keeper did not ring the bell at the 3-minute mark. Solis went down with about 4 seconds left in the round. Had the time keeper rang the bell at the 3 minute mark, once Solis beat the count, his handlers could have helped him back to the corner and maybe after one minute, he could have continued.

    Same thing with the first Bute-Andrade fight. If the time keeper had rung the bell at the 3 minute mark, it would have been five seconds after Bute went down and the only thing determining whether Bute won or lost was could he bet the count? He did, getting fully up in seven seconds. there are those that say the referee delayed the count on purpose because he was pro-Bute, but if such is the case, he did not need to do that. Had he given a non-interrupted count, Bute would have been up by the count of 7 and the round was over.

  • The Klitschko’s are unfortunately the best out there because they have the size and technical skill to beat most other heavyweights. If they were 6’2″ or 6’3″ they would have been defeated by now. Their size is their biggest advantage. Vitaly is the better fighter because he will at least trade shots with an opponent. He doesn’t mind mixing it up. Vlad does not want to trade shots because of his weak chin. As soon as his opponent tries to mix it up he grabs. I cant remember the last time I saw him trade shots with anybody. The reason no one in the US cares about them is because they have no personality and they are not exciting to watch. Hell, Sergio Martinez can’t speak English at all, but he is popular because he is an exciting fighter. If the K brothers acted like Ivan Drago (Rocky) and would go in there and knock peoples blocks off (like a young Tyson) instead of being so cautious they would have tons of fans. They would be stars in the US and all over the world. If they were not in the heavyweight picture, we may have some good action packed fights like: Haye vs. Peter, Haye vs. Areola, Adamek vs. Peter, etc. They are just too big for regular sized heavyweights.

  • It is intriguing that black yankee boxers are now impotent regarding Heavyweight Boxing…

    (Eh, just to clarify, that’s “impotent” just as I wrote it, not to be misread as “important” for any ebonics speakers… :) )

    I wonder if Ali, Frazier, Foreman, and Holmes would’ve ruled the 70s if the Heavyweight boxers of Soviet Russia had been allowed to compete back then.

  • The ignorant premise of this story is not worth commenting on. Whoops.

  • Pedro,

    If these were two black AMERICAN brothers who spoke five languages and had doctorate degrees they would be on every show known to man. As boring as you think they are their KO percentage is amazing and there have been many champions who are far more boring than either Klitschko. Wladimir is more boring than Vitali though. Dont hate them because nobody is competition, they are that good.

  • Pedro hates the Klitschkos because they’re white, glad that was cleared up. Now we have a reason for his constant bashing of them on this site. This year won’t be kind to Pedro with the Klitsckos taking on and beating Solis, Haye and everyone else fans wanted to see them fight because they felt those guys had a shot. Adamek too, but he’s white too. I’m sure Pedro would love a double KO in that fight. Pedro’s defense is that his mom’s side is white. He also is part Filipino and uses that as a defense for his constant Pac hate. Pedro will become part black if he ever feels the need to hate on a black fighter.

  • The K brothers are in shape and they do have some skills. Our sloppy and
    out of shape American heavyweights like Chris Areola and others get their asses handed to them when they fight the K brothers.

    This has got to be the worse time ever for American Heavyweights. They SUCK.

  • Fight on Epix caused server to crash. Missed the entire (short) fight. If this is the best Epix can do, I guess I’ll stick to DirecTV. At least I can watch the fights…
    Heavyweight Fail.

  • hbo or showtime better put on adamek vs wlad and haye vs vitali!

  • I agree with the poster that said they enjoy watching the klitskos whoop everyones ass in the ring…personally, i like watching vitali scrap more than the younger bro…these guys are both so effective at what they do and rule the no limit weight class in boxing with an reality, these two brothers will whoop on anyone in the ring period!

  • U are wrong! Malcolm had went to Mecca and realized that there were white Muslims, that changed his outlook and I think led to his being murdered.

  • Please. Malcolm X was part white and despised white people.

    Nice try.

  • Pedro’s mother’s side is Norweigan from Norway. I hate no one!

  • The race card again pedro? really? A big white guy beating up on minorities you think that would be huge in america. Face it that America only loves homegrown rags to riches stories.

  • I never watch them too Pedro, their sooooo boring! But the europeans love them, no wonder coz they are a boring people to…

  • That’s a pretty idiotic statement. What does FMJ or Bernard Hopkins do for non-black fans? What does JMM or Eric Morales do for non-hispanic fans? What does Chris John do for non-indonesian fans.

    They are professional athletes, there job is to go out and attempt to knock people out or maybe they get a boring decison or they have a boring fight until they get a knock out. I didn’t realize that they or any other athlete be they white, black, brown, green, yellow, purple or whatever had to try and do something for every fan or every ethnic background.

    Fans are fans, a persons skin color doesnt have to be brought into every aspect of every situation. I’m a fan or becoming a fan of Nonito Donaire but I dont recall him doing anything specific for me because I’m white excpet to go out and perform to the best of his abilities. It seems your saying (If he has a boring fight I guess he’s not doing anything for me because I’m white so he better try harder next time).

    Maybe I’m taking what you wrote out of context or maybe you wrote it specifically like this in hopes of drawing a big repsonse from people. It just seems your way off base.

  • There are alot of people who would rather watch Vitali Klitscho-Odlanier
    Solis than Bute-magee or the boring fights on Espn last night.I happen
    to like mainly watch in Vitali,but I resect Waldimir as he beats down
    his opponets slowly. These guys don’t even lose any rounds.If they were
    American or Black American especially they would be respected here.

  • They are methodical and mechanical, but also in great shape, respectful of the their foes, strategic, and powerful. In that sense, they are “chess player” boxers as Lennox Lewis was when he wasn’t forced to open up. Maybe they look more like Jess Willard than Harold Johnson as boxers, but I don’t mind watching their bouts, if only for historical reasons. I’ll take them over a fat Tony Tubbs.

  • Pedro, I enjoy watching both Klitschkos fight. They are the best at what they do. They have perfected there paticaular style of fighting.Boxing History will be kind to both Wlad and Vitali. People will be reading about what great fighters they were and how dominated the super heavywieghts 20 or 30 years from now. Your on the wrong side of history here my friend.

  • Be sure to take Viagra with water.
    Getting it stuck in your throat will give you stiff neck.
    I guess it’s good for the klits.
    Seriously, just wondering, how do they get 7-figure paychecks?
    I, too, am bored with the Klitschkos

  • Actually, the fight is begin showed on EpixHD and Epix SD starting at 2 PM tomorrow PDT, not just as Kevin Perry pointed out in his preview of the fight.

    As far as Aryan pride, Adolpf Hitler (not that anyone cares what he thought) considered the Slavic race, which includes Ukraine, Slovakia and Romania, to be sub-human and not Aryan. So if there’s actually anyone seeking Aryan pride through a boxer, they will have to search elsewhere on this fight.

    As far as their fighting styles, I’ll take a Klistschko fight over a post-Rosario Hector Camacho “fight” any day and some of the Pernel Whitaker fights/track meets too, most notably the first Ramirez fight.

  • Pedro, why do you have to inject race into everything? Get over it already.

  • They beat people into pieces.

    Maybe I’m alone but I found it highly entertaining to watch Vitali beat Chris Arreola and Corey Sanders into pieces.

    Ditto Wlad throttling Chris Byrd and Hasim Rhachman.

    Granted, that might make me something of a masochist, as in each case it was like watching a high school senior viciously beat a fourth grader into oblivion, but I have to admit it was somewhat of an entertaining spectacle to behold.

    Perhaps the reverse is also true; perhaps non-whites revile them because they’re white.

  • Yes,Pedro hates white people and he doesn’t want to see white fighters beat up blacks and the the leftists that control HBO,Showtime, and ESPN won’t show it. I do expect the Wlad, Haye fight to be on tv because the leftist bigots mistakenly think the black fighter has a chance. They are for a rude awakening.


    I will be willing to bet the networks want everything to do with the July 2 fight that involves Haye and Klitschko. This is because there is a lot of undeserved hype on Haye. I don’t see that one being any more competitive than any recent Klitschko fight. The K’s have fought everyone asked of them, there is just simply no one good enough to be a threat. Not really their fault.

    I don’t get the reason the race card was brought up, but whatever.

  • Why would you want to get it up to watch boxing?

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