Manny "What Do I Do" Pacquiao

Manny “What Do I Do” Pacquiao

New York, NY– Newly crowned WBO welterweight (147 lb.) champ Manny Pacquiao (56-5-2, 38 KOs) clearly defeated Timothy Bradley (31-1, 12 KOs) this past weekend and has placed himself back in the boxing mix. But will this win have significant implications in Manny’s remaining career? It could, but what matters most is what Manny chooses to do next. Although there aren’t any obvious strides in making a Floyd Mayweather bout, now does appear to be the best time for Manny to cash one more large check before he rides into the sunset. Is there really a point to do anything else?


Tim Bradley was not a betting favorite but appeared determined and motivated enough to earn an undisputed victory over his rival. Although it was the right attitude, his methods proved to be flawed as he burnt himself out early looking to land a knockout punch, which is not something Bradley is known for. A better game plan would have been centered around boxing and out landing Manny, as Tim has the better defense and could have avoided additional punishment by playing it smart.


Some are speculating that Manny has now placed himself near the top of the ‘pound for pound’ lists. The Bradley win coupled with Andre Ward and Sergio Marinez’ inactivity, could conceivably place Manny at a top three to five slot in the minds of some. But given Martinez vs Miguel Cotto in June, the landscape could easily shift again shortly. For now, Manny can at the very least benefit from the perception that he’s still viable against the best in the division.


At Top Rank, Manny’s promoter there are very limited options to offer fans truly meaningful challenges that can impact the remainder of Manny’s career. A 5th bout with Juan Marquez would sell but may not be worth much as Manny is already a victory up (having won 2 of previous 4 bouts vs a loss and a draw) on paper and could risk losing bad against a guy who won’t raise his profile much higher than it is anyway. A Bradley rubber match could also be made to order, but it could be said that Manny has already beaten Bradley twice, leaving a third win unnecessary.


Although both parties in the Mayweather-Pacquiao saga share blame, it appears that Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter remains as the proverbial thorn in the side of this potential mega bout. Manny has often been mum over his desires, only saying that he is willing to face Mayweather but has not gone far in actually ‘playing a part in making this happen. Arum could be said to be the blame as he has played the role of puppeteer and has pulled the strings in every direction but what’s needed for a deal with Golden Boy and Mayweather. I could be wrong, but it is likely Manny would lose the bout but also cash in on his biggest reward at the same time. Who could say that doesn’t make dollars or sense?

Jarrad Woods


  • Actually, there is another way to force Manny & Floyd to fight.
    As boxing fans we have the power to force the issue.
    After all, we are the ones paying for the fight.
    Truly, if we boycotted any other fight than this fight we want, we win !!!
    As long as we the fans put out money, they the promoters will give us any fight they please.

    Look at the upcoming Martinez-vs-Cotto fight.
    It’s a PPV fight. REALLY !
    I won’t be paying for that crap.
    It’s a semi main event fight at best.
    Even a semi semi fight under the Mayweather-vs-Pacquiao match up.
    I wonder what fan will waste their money on that sh*t ?

  • Any type of shots againt Maynever???? Convince Maynever to fight PacMan first then we can talk about PacMan having a shot, against a boxer calling himself the “greatest boxer” and yet don’t want to fight, or not.

    Who ever thought, at that time, that Ali had a chance to win against the feared Foreman until they fight and Ali won?

  • Agree, Nick. As much as it was a good victory for Pac, nothing I saw says he has any type of shot against Floyd. I would like to still see the fight though. I agree with Pedro and Jarrod here. Manny needs to call him out and put him on the spot. None of this “The line is open”. BS. If he wants to get the fight he’s got to go out and humiliate him in public…show up to his press conferences etc. Unfortunately Manny appears to be controlled by Massa bob, when in reality it should be the other way around. I understand loyalty, but Manny and Floyd have run out of opponents. No one wants to see him fight Marquez for the 1000th time.

  • Outside of a confidence booster beyond Brandon Rios I don’t look too much into the Pacquiao victory because Bradley whether he’s damaged, over trained,affected by weight lifting, or not very bright, to a large extent beat himself. If anything Pacquiao if not disrespecting Tim’s power or lack of it was getting strafed by straight right hands which isn’t that good of a sign. Overall Pac nor Tim fought as they had in previous bouts and may very well never fight the same from here on out.

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