• mayweather will opt to drop the belt instead of facing pacquiao…the thought of pacquiao chasing him is a spine chilling and fearful scenario that is so debillitating to him..he will come up with another or more excuse for sure and avoid showdown with pac. I am 100 per cent sure or i can eat my shit….

  • What does the chicken say: Pok Pok pok pokok! Pok pok pok pokok!

  • I think Duck Dodger drops the belt he’s already loading up the excuses

  • I’m Sure Floud will not accept this challenge. People know him, He is scared of the PACMAN.

  • Dayrl Nash: Manny is 1 out of 3 (even though most thought he beat Bradley)….

    How in tarnations is Khan any better when he’s 2 out of 4??

  • Pac’s game plan last fight against rios was supposively reserve for floydie… have you seen how pac’s punch to body, in round 1? and that only the opening floydie can give to pac’s maybe before he get rattled…

  • Two words Chicken Sh*t.

  • I’ve said it a million times, this fight is not going to happen! Don’t waste your time hoping for it.

  • Who says Floyd will fight Pacman? He will Fly away in May even if the Weather is good. No way will Floyd fight Pacman. I’m 1000% sure he will not fight. He still has 1000 irrational reasons to avoid fighting Pacman.

  • Little floyd knows that boxing is business than entertainment.
    Latest 3 fights of floyd was boring, he dont want to fight toe to toe
    As what fans want to see. He is clearly avoiding pacquiao, he is not a true
    Champion if he avoid pacman afraid to have 1 loss than to earn big.

  • Manny Pacquaio vs Rios was a setup bout against a Jr Welterweight who was made to order for Floyd. Manny does nt deserve a shot at Floyd or to be inserted as a #1 contender for any belt let alone the Welterweight title. I grew up wating boxing in the 80s in which the #1 contender had to be the number 2 to get a title shot in most cases. I find it strange to think that manny deserves a shot based on being 1-2 his last 3 fights. making him the #1 contender is the same as giving Jack Nicholas a spot in the Masters because of his name. a Lifetime achievement award. Let him beat Thurman, or Guerrero. Hell anyone not old or limited. Pedro whats gotten into you????

  • Let me get this straight… Instead of railing on these bogus ratings, we rail on Floyd for not bowing down to Sulaiman??? C’mon now… Pac barely woke up from his coma and because he beat Rios, Floyd is afraid of him again? This is unbelievable!

  • Good points Joe G!

  • Pedro, Ali fought in Zaire and Manilla, but they were supposedly neutral sites. In reality, for Ali, it was more like fighting at home, just more exotic. The crowds were 90% behind him! PBF is a world champion, but it doesn’t mean he has to fight in the challengers back yard. Do you really think he would get a fair decision in Manilla? He ain’t knocking Manny out. You mention 24 hour security for the Mayweathers, but what about the judges? Do you think they get out of the country in one piece giving PBF the nod in a close fight! Will they even risk that? I don’t think so! Why risk it? Fighting Manny in the Philippines, or any other Asian country sounds good, but is just plain ridiculous to think he should. I would like to see them fight, and wonder if it will happen. If it doesn’t eventually happen then PBF is scared, and a punk. Coming off a big win against Canelo he can take an easy fight against Khan.

  • This is great. I’m sure the WBC is looking to get a huge chunk of cash on the sanctioning fee though, but still it’s great. Even though I favor Floyd, I give Pac more than a puncher’s chance, based on his speed and footwork. Don’t see a KO for Floyd as he will not sit down on his punches for fear of return fire. Ball clearly in PBF’s court now. Great thing is that if the Promoters can’t get it done, it goes to purse bid. I could see a foreign Billionaire ponying up at least $500 Mill for the fight to happen. PBF victim of his own success here, as fans ridiculing A Mere Con possibility. Of course, Floyd can dump the 147 title and defend against his WBA mandatory, Erislandy Lara. I think Floyd fears him more than Pac. Since Floyd already beat the BIG names at 154 (Cotto and Canelo), he’ll have to fight Lara, Kirkland, or Molina, and those are fights I don’t think he wants (as he can be beat by those guys) Lara has the skill, size and Pop, Kirkland and Molina will walk through shots to give some of theirs. Thank goodness the WBC is so F’n Greedy.


  • Now we know why the BWAA crowned PACQUIAO fighter of the Decade.
    Like ALI, He faces all comers…..

    Hence FLOYD continues to Validate why not only is he NOT worthy of the Fighter of the Decade…

    But he earned another Title….COWARD of the DUCKADE

  • Pedro, fight won’t happen. Reason? Arum.


  • its more fun in the philippines! it would be epic! floyd win or lose would win adulation from his fans and haters all over the world

  • absolutely floyd would drop the wbc belt… evading manny pacquiao this time its checkmate for floydiegirl probably at this moment his thinking of another excuses because he was pressured by the WBC his the champion and he will obliged to defend it.. I really dont understand why this guy floyd didnt like slug it out to a small fellow like Pacquiao and said he definitely a sure win if they encounter..

  • You’re still insisting on the “cut off date” drug test. What have you been reading?

  • any kid can understand that floyd is scared of loosing if not why not to fight and get the huge sum of money he has never recieved in his boxing career

  • Two words sums up this situation….Riddick Bowe.

    Two more words…..Trash Can.

  • Pedro- now you are talking from the heart. I hear you. Bravo. Lets hope it comes down to these two great fighters saying ” Lets do this !!! ” & let the world see & be done with it.

  • Mayweather will not fight Manny in the Phillipines. I will stop short of saying he’s afraid to, but he wouldn’t accept a challenge like that, even though I’d favor him as much as 7-1. He will drop the WBC belt.

  • Manny was tested by Vada prior to his fights with Rios and did not ask for a cutoff date. In fact, I believe both fighters were tested in the Sunday/Monday leading up to the fight.

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