• They are both overrated and overpaid divas. This fight should have happened in 2010 when demand was very high. Nevermind it now. Pacquiao has lost recently, FMJ is on the decline, they both are. Sick of hearing about this non fight. It will never happen. Finish your careers out and go away and hang your heads in shame for not making this fight happen.

  • hey kurt quit hating… who was this mysterious 100 million dollar man u talking about. Roy Jones was so beyond the field they wanted him to fight heavyweights. Quit trying to revision history. And Floyd will beat the breaks off Pacquiou . If Bradley can counter him Floyd who is one of the best to ever do that wont have any problems at all.

  • Merchant should know better. They used the same argument for Roy Jones. Why should he fight areal tough foe for 100 million when he can fight 3 bums for 25 million each. Look where that got Roy Jones, today, hes broke, and has brain damage. enough said

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