• I know one thing, Mayweather sure knows when a fighter is right for the picking. We all knew Ortiz did not deserve a chance to fight Mayweather back then, and now he is about to CON his fans again, by fighting Amir… The dude is asking who he should fight next on his FACEBOOK page?! LMAO Stick a fork in Ortiz, he is done!

  • Not sure if it’s over but the fat lady is in the bathroom gargling and ready to sing! Not sure who’s training him these days, but for sure if he plans to stay in the boxing game his new trainer really needs to put a spark back in his career. Victor also needs to get his act together. Again, not sure what’s going on in his private life but he needs to re-focus. Distractions can/are fatal downfalls in a lot of sports athletes, especially for boxers.

  • Ortiz is now history as a boxer. I hope now that his boxing career is over he will seek the mental treatment that he badly needs.

  • Ortiz is a solid bonehead. The kind of guy that If he stood over someone’s house they would sleep with one eye open. Total weirdo I don’t even think he trusts himself. He needs some serious mental health prescription.

  • Damn….it looks like victor Ortiz’s career is over!!

  • Victor may be a head case, but he gets in good entertaining scraps…I don’t remember Colazzo’s lost to Mosley being controversial…the ones against Berto and Hatton were pretty close….who’s on the undercard(s)??

  • I hope there’s a recap article of Gary Russell Jr.’s great win over Miguel Tomato!! For those that don’t know, Miguel Tomato only has 8 losses, one of them a ko loss against someone who’s current record is 4wins and 46 losses!

  • LoL, Thomas. That’s funny but I think its true. But I think the year and half break will help him when it comes to the way he thinks in the ring, because a fighter cant just follow game plans, this is a punching sport. If your hit, game plans becomes really difficult to implement its all in the head / instincts.

  • Ortiz is a good fighter that should turn off all thinking when he enters the ring. Thinking is not his thing. It makes him respond in odd ways. Mostly detrimental to him. When he fights on instinct, just goes in and throws leather…I like his chances. If he goes in with some game plan, other than what his corner reminds him about every round…he will do something stupid and lose.

  • I still say Ortiz took a self inflicted dive against Mayweather. Ortiz got hit a lot harder by the likes of Maidana and Berto but couldn’t take a punch by feather fisted Floyd?….Ortiz is a certified head case.

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