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San Francisco, CA– Having been on the Bay Area music as a native, and a guy who seen everybody from the Rolling Stones to Frank Sinatra and more, I know a little more than the average music fan. I consider this a preface for what I’m sure what I’m about to write about is going to irk some of you, while others think that I’ve hit a least a double were we playing baseball and not writing. That being the following story is the most prevalent subject in sports and boxing, that being “Drug Use.” And no I’m not talking about Cocaine, Heroin, and Meth (Speed), I’m on the subject of fighters using Performance Enhancing Drugs such as Steroids and the like.


Most of the bass players that I’ve encountered were introverted. But Victor Conte, who had led bands prior to becoming part of Tower of Power in 1976, joining his cousin and guitar player Bruce Conte for one album, was the exact opposite of that notion of being “an introvert.” He can charm the media, and at the same time sell his top of the line (Sports Nutrition For Advanced Conditioning products in a manner that can pay four (at least) salaries and leave Victor smiling. As far his playing bass, having played drums and trombone in school, the bass player was always a “different” type guy.


We all know he “rigged” some of the 2000 Olympics, which set Conte for prison for a little less than a year. 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Marion Jones went to jail, not for cheating, but for lying under oath over her use of Conte’s designer steroids. He feels he played an integral role in Shane Mosley beating Oscar De La Hoya in the rematch “down the stretch” regarding Shane’s incredible recovery. But after the prison stint, I truly think Conte turned over a new leaf and is not working with illegal substances, such as Steroids and other Performance Enhancing Drugs.


Having studied steroids to an extent, if my memory serves me correctly, Nadrolene doesn’t stay in the system the two years as Conte was quoted in recent days. According two a pair of steroid users who have used Nandrolene, one said they cleared in 28 days, while it took others they estimated four to five months. One source stated that it took 18 months, which is close to Conte’s estimate as for how long it will be Berto’s system. I just don’t think Berto alone, and certainly not with experts monitoring this, would have allowed him to do Nandrolene. It is akin to committing to “professional suicide.” People have, wrongfully I feel and hope, accused Conte of giving Berto the Nandrolene. I just don’t think Victor would ever give another athlete illegal stuff and risk a longer stint in the jail, be it Club Fed or not, Conte could get five years or more on another conviction for charges related to Steroids.


If Conte were part of this plan to give Berto the Nandrolene, let me make this clear, Berto would have never been caught if they were cohorts on this. From my professional and far lesser degree personal contact with him, I have to say I never felt he was completely forthright about baseball’s Barry Bonds and his use of the “Juice.” Outside of that, I think Conte has been at the forefront of trying to “wake up” the boxing establishment that has been purposely ignoring him on the drug issue. In closing, if I were running an Internet business that was a Fortune 500 type relying on computers, I’d want the best computer hacker working for me to avoid any “hacking” issues.


The same applies to Conte, whether he’s a former Felon or not, he’s the best at what he does, that being the knowledge of Performance Enhancing Drugs. The U.S. Government or individual State Commissions, they should ask Conte to abolish his work with athletes and instead work to clean up not only the boxing world, but also the sports world at large! The problem is two-fold. 1) Conte is not trusted by the “establishment.” If so, he’d have been hired a long time ago. 2) The establishment doesn’t want to find out that the Mickey Mantle’s of today’s “different” major sports are on PEDs.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro, did you proof read this man? In any case, I always love to read about different ways to bypass standard drug tests in sports. I’m fairly certain that many athletes, in all professional sports, are on something. I know there are better training techniques, sports science, and players treating the game as their full time job, but some of these guys are just monsters.

  • Are we still on Mosley-DelaHoya ?

    What “incredible recovery”? Recovery from what? Where was it in the fight that Mosley was hurt, down, on shaky legs or using the ropes to stay up?

    Mosley was fresh late in the fight because 1)He took a bunch of rounds of mostly following Oscar around, and 2) Oscar landed maybe 3 or 4 good body punches in the whole fight and nothing whatsoever damaging to the head – he kind of fought like Lucian Bute did last week, only he was in the ring with a short man who was now too musclebound to consistently swarm him like he did in the First fight.

    Conte had an agenda when he was selling PEDs and he has one now that he’s trying to become an enforcement czar. In each case, it suits him to present the case that this stuff works wonders 100% of the time.

    What I saw in Mosley-DLH 2 was two guys who were substantially diminished fighters from their earlier fight. Fast forward to 2011, the same certainly applies even moire dramatically to Pacquaio-Marquez 3.

    If any of those fighters was using something for those rematches, they need to demand a refund.

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