Sometimes UFC Prez Dana White just irks me. A fortnight ago, Tapout a major MMA sponsor, was pressured by the UFC to “not sign” a deal with Fedor Emilianenko. Word is Tapout got a call from the UFC stating that, “If you do a tee shirt deal with Fedor, you’re done with the UFC.” Dana White has not denied the call being made.


When Fedor Emelianenko tapped out a fortnight ago to Fabrice Verdum, it was called , “the tap heard round the world.” Around the world perhaps, but only about 700,000 homes watched the uncrowned heavyweight champ Fedor get caught in a choke hold on Showtime in the United States. Fedor (32-2) was trying to build a US fanbase that could get him parity with the UFC champ Brock Lesnar. Oh, the overall Showtime rating of 1.47. Last year, Gina Carrano, her nearly being beheaded by Cris Santos in this same San Jose, CA arena, the chicks had a bigger live crowd and grabbed a 2.17 rating.


CBS has not yet said whether or not they will put forth a fall Strikeforce card. Last Monday, just two days after Fedor flopped, Scott Coker, the man behind Strikeforce went to New York to discuss a date with potentially Hershell Walker, Bobby Lashley, and get this, Dave Bautista of WWE fame.


Bautista, 41 years of age, said he didn’t like the PG rated product the WWE is serving up these days. At the Strikeforce Los Angeles card last month, Bautista had nothing good to say about Vince McMahon or the WWE. Making close to $2 million a year, that’s a lot of money for a man Dave’s age to walk away from. The aforementioned Hershell Walker, an NFL great, at 1-0, the 47-year old is training in San Jose full time.


The Rashad Evans-Rampage Jackson PPV match last month did an estimated 1,050,000 buys. And while the fight was all Evans and failed to deliver, the animosity in the pre-fight build up is what delivered the numbers.


The live gate in Las Vegas for the Ultimate Fighter Season 11 Finale was 1,708 paid for a live gate take of $430,000. The show drew two million viewers on Spike TV, making it the highest rated show of the television day! As good as it sounds, it was the third lowest total in 11 season endings.


Alcohol, drugs, and testosterone, in combination they are deadly. Take the case of Las Vegas’ MMA fighter Jason Sindelar. The 25-year old assaulted DeMario Reynolds, a friend who had tried to prevent Jason from choking his girlfriend, three different times on the night of June 19 at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. The third attack proved fatal. Sindelar is being held sans bail.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I’ve listened to Dana White (Anakin Skywalker) for years. I used to really admire the guy and I still do to a much lesser extent… But he’s been getting a little too big for his britches for some time now. Five years ago he sounded like a young, ambitious executive with a better idea and a better plan. He’s had Boxing in his cross hairs forever. He was himself an amateur boxer and a former big fan of boxing who’s business strategy was to be the polar opposite of boxing… And he’s done exceptionally well using that platform.

    But anyone who has followed the guy can now see that he now has an unnerving God Complex… The thing with Fedor… That is personal! That is White delivering some serious payback. White became hostile towards Fedor when he couldn’t put together a fight between he and Brock Lesnar and this goes back to before Brock’s illness that nearly ended his career. The second Fedor signed with someone else, White started badmouthing him and bashing the Hell out of him and you could tell that it was personal.

    Then something like this happened to Fedor? … MMA pundits like Matt Grizzle called it a professional upset… Dana White on the other hand… He appears to have confused Fedor’s loss with experiencing a wet dream.

    Funny thing you mention Vince McMahon in this article… Because I see Dana White morphing into that guy more and more, every day… White already has a rep for being a notorious cheapskate. His league is already as out of control regarding doping and PED abuse, every bit as bad as the WWE ever was. Has all the same problems boxing does re revenue distribution, insurance coverage, pension and everything else boxing doesn’t address.

    All the stuff you don’t see in MLB, the NBA, NFL etc because of CBAs… But you see running wild in Boxing and the WWE.

    If I was going to give advise to a young fighter who was considering working for Dana White… I’d tell him… 10% Unemployment means that 90% of us have a job. Some are better than others. Take your chances in that mess. Your knees, spine, hands and everything else that can go to Hell in a bucket by age 40 will thank me later on.

  • The UFC is not a sport, the UFC is a promotional company within the sport of mma. The UFC’s best fighters do fight each other all the time, BUT ONLY BECAUSE THE UFC HAS THEM UNDER CONTRACT!!!! Fedor has yet to fight in the UFC. As the popularity of MMA grows, and more people throw money at the sport, big and powerful mma organizations are going to form and challenge the UFC.

  • UFC fighters don’t have a choice who they fight…boxers do. Boxers get much better purses as well…also boxing is a hell of a lot more dangerous than MMA. Imagine getting punched in the face continuously round after round. Then if you quit you are ridiculed by fans and the public. In MMA if they quit it is accepted. Also half of MMa matches are waged on the ground in a wrestling match. Much less abuse on the brain. You can’t really blame guys for wanting to get paid. They are putting their lives on the line everytime they step in that ring. UFC fighters have no other outlet to make the kind of money they get in UFC.UFC operates like a monopoly, boxing is viewed as more corrupt but in reality boxers probably have more control over their careers from a financial standpoint thus they get paid a higher percentage of revenue. Lesner only got 900,000 and the PPV sold over a million buys I am assuming. He’s not getting paid what he’s worth when you consider Andre Berto who can’t sell-out ballrooms is getting a over a million to fight guys like Carlos Quintana.

  • Too many Divas in boxing. Too many ppv’s to many shity undercards!!!!!!!!! The UFC fighters must fight the best and a loss in the UFC isn’t made as big a deal as boxing. Look at Kelly pavlic situation 2 losses and u got merchant and all the writers saying he is done???? Boxing does it to themselves. If they let the guys fight the best at all times odds are ull lose once and a while. Look at lesnar the man had a life threatening illness and he had to come back and fight carwin. I’m a fan of Floyd but I think he puts too much on being undefeated. Most times a champion is measured by how he reacts fom a loss. Loosing isn’t bad sometimes winning can be worst.

  • Amen, art.

  • Got to agree with Art in the UFC you talk about who is the best in the weight division and they fight….That what makes it exciting …by the way I heard Pacman agreed to random drug testing what taking mayweather so long!

  • Boxing only has boxing to blame. At least in the UFC the best fighters fight each other. Mayweather’s phoney drug crusade instead of getting into the ring with Pacquiao and Haye’s refusal to fight the K bros is killing the sport.

  • After the last headline in this article, replace the testosterone with “roids”

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