San Francisco, CA– If you watch TMZ, that TV show that follows celebs to and fro, you might remember how cool UFC fighter Josh Koscheck was while being quizzed leaving a Hollywood nightclub after his last fight. Or maybe you’ve heard about the PR dust storm that Josh started when he all but said that the UFC 170 lb. champ Georges St. Pierre is a cheater, something I thought was proved when his corner rubbed grease on him after rounds two and three of a fight with BJ Penn.


Set to be the next opponent for the Canadian welterweight champion St. Pierre, Koscheck said the following at the recent UFC Fan Expo that preceded UFC 115 a fortnight ago. “From what I’ve heard from fighters in other camps. Yeah (GSP) has done steroids and HGH.” He then went on about how GSP is ripped all year, yada, yada, yada. But where he showed true grit was when he said, “I’m for random testing more than anyone in the UFC.”


Koscheck went on to say he wants full Olympic style drug testing in the sport of MMA as soon as possible. Sans testing, Koscheck sees doom. “I’m not going to name names, but I want it (testing) to happen soon. It’s going to be bad, like a certain other (pro wrestling) sport. I don’t want to say the sport, but it’s not going to be the best fighter that wins the fight.” This irked UFC czar Dana White, who has made it clear that he is not for any testing in addition to what is being utilized now.


According to award winning scribe Dave Meltzer, “People with money And connections can have people put together a PED program for them and beat any testing. You just have to avoid certain things at certain times. The current MMA testing you can do Growth Hormone until the day of the fight and certain steroids until very late in training camp. Random testing makes it more it more difficult for sure. The current system is unfair to the clean athletes, but that’s been the case in every power sport since the 1970s.”


With various Commissions offering up beatable tests, the UFC does their own drug testing when they hold events in Europe and only on the day the fight is held! After Koscheck said he wants “random testing” leading up to the upcoming fight with St. Pierre, Dana White went off. “I think that’s what an athletic commission is for. The athletic commissions have been around for a long time. When fighters start talking about other guys being drug tested? Shut up. Worry about you. It’s been a long time since somebody tested positive for steroids. When we first took over, guys were popping here and there and I said, ‘You have to be a moron to do steroids in this sport.’ It’s just dumb.”


Former Nevada Attorney General Kirk Hendrick is now the UFC head legal counsel. Keith Kizer, the guy who runs the Commission today, well he is Kirk’s best friend. Mark Ratner, formally held Kizer’s position, he is a UFC VP. In addition, there are those that say Sig Rogich, still the most powerful man in the state bar none, his PR firm and Mr. Rogich have given the UFC assistance. With these guys pushing your agenda in a state in which they are all so individually powerful, it’s tough for the UFC to not have control of matters pertaining to them.


This quote comes from a medical professional, that the UFC fighters, if they were subjected to random testing, in this case we’re talking urine, it would wipe out the roster! Having already spelled out the current testing process and essentially how easy it is to beat, I think that there is no limit to the power that Dana White and the UFC hold in Nevada. That being the case, I don’t expect Nevada to go with any “state of the art” testing period! Were they to do so, it would totally dismiss my notion that the Nevada Athletic Commission is blind on drugs, drug testing, and in the pockets of the UFC.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Dana White Is A Loser.
    None of my bars are going to show your fights until you have fair blood testing. I have fought amateur for years, and I hate cheaters. You all want to get rich or strong quick, and you will not make any money off me until your sport is clean. I kind of like strikeforce better because there are probably fewer steroid junkies except for my comment below.

    Bobby Lashley sucks, period.

    I am glad Griggs handed him his ass. Get these cheaters and former fake wrestlers out of my site. They deserve to earn what the cheaters of world’s strongest man, all steroid users, used to earn, nothing. These guys have been taking steroids, hgh, and anything else they can get their hands on to cheat. If Bobby Lashley was that big from naturally working out he would not get gassed out by round 1. Steroids stop glucocorticoids from allowing the immune system to strengthen muscle properly. I have met the guy. Huge biceps with tiny wrists with guitar string tendons. Any doctor can see he cheated to get where he is at. Steroids deposit fat, because we all need it like it or not, in the arteries and veins rather than deposits on stomach, etc. Bobby looks like he has no fat, steroid bullshit. We need to start testing by blood olympic style and not just piss tests. They should even do a fat cell check for steroids that would show who has been cheating for many years in the past. It does not matter the cost. The cost is me wasting time watching this pumped up loser fight who never should have been in Strikeforce to begin with. Get rid of the cheaters, you too UFC Shane Carwin federal scandal, or people are going elsewhere. Notice Carwin got gassed in round 1 as well, steroids. This goes for football, baseball, bicycling, etc. We are tired of the cheaters, and your pocketbooks are going to get a little smaller, mark my words. If Congress is listening, drop the hammer on these guys already, at least Olympic standard blood random tests. There are plenty of legit athletes ready to take their place. Maybe we can finally see who the real genetic God of War is, but not with lab created bullshit.

    Tired of the Bullshit

  • Hey guyz..Pedro’s brain occupies only less than half of his big head. He only post and respons those comments that he could answer by his shallow arguments but deleted all valid comments that displeased him and he can’t answer using his misplaced bird brain.


  • Pedro, I understand your stand in blood testing, that it can be used during training, and cut-off dates will not make it random coz the fighter will know when to and not to use PED/EPO/HGH.

    I know that it’s a lil bit off from the topic being tackled in this article. But since it’s were random blood testing in professional fighter rooted. I do hope that i would still be allowed just one or a couple of question to you.

    I’d like to ask you WHY? did Tygart did not reprove mayweather in his previous demands of 14-day window if it will jeopardize its randomness? instead, he had been backing and echoing everything floyd was saying? And why that when Pacquiao had agree to floyd previous demand, floyd answered nothing but a sudden silence and broke it by a dramatic (w/ teary eyes)announcement of one or a couple of years lay-off? I demand for a decent answer or I tell you…STOP this testing crap.

    Floyd will never fight Manny and this random blood testing crap is all nothing but an excuse. If my memory serves me right, he made that dramatic announcement after Manny said that this November might be his last fight.

    Ducking Manny but hiding it in blood testing and any other excuses w/c makes the fight hanging, is a very effective marketing strategy of floyd. Wanna know why? a win over bloated but still weight-cheated marquez, technically didn’t deserve a returnee like floyd even a title shot against manny, but it was the boxing fans who want it badly and it hyped floyd so much that makes him salable as he was before retirement.

    A loss against Manny would cost him not only his 0 but also his marketability and even his career. That’s why he will never think twice to turn-down one(1) 50 Million mega fight but have a huge tendency of losing everything. He would rather chose Three(3)or more 20 Million easy moneys than a 50 Million too much risky one(1).

    Floyd did not make any official announcement of changing his demands as far as blood testing is concern. But there were buzz in his camp demanding a larger purse of the revenue. Though it’s lame but still a good excuse for them to keep the fight hanging. Then floyd could still keep his 0 likewise his marketability and could continue robbing fans of their hard-earned money. Not bad, at least for them.

  • Whiner, I would have to disagree, there are some that are huge and ripped but no more so then in Boxing. In fact most boxers appear just as ripped if not more than the fighters in the UFC. Your making a generalization that’s just not factual probably due to your dislike of MMA or so it would appear.

    There a few ripped fighters in the UFC such as GSP, Alves and Sherk but the majority arent such as BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar, Griffin, Rampage, Evans, Jardine, Sanchez, Florian, Hughes, Serra, Diaz, Velasquez, Gonzaga, Bisbing, Nougeria(s) and the list goes on and on.

    By the way the UFC does test for drugs, same as boxing. Article stated UFC does there own testing when overseas. In fact Sherk, Leben and Bonner have been caught in ther past…..

  • The problem is the UFC publicity machine profits from the fact that the fighters have huge ripped physiques. In boxing, it’s generally accepted that alot of the best guys are going to be smooth-looking rather than ripped, but in UFC the trend seems to be going the opposite direction. UFC has to decide whether it wants to be a real sport, in which case it should test for drugs, or whether it wants to be more entertainment than sport (leaning in the direction of Pro Wrestling), in which case it can be lax about drugs, because (let’s face it) huge ripped physical specimens bring in more paying customers than drug-tested athletes with less spectacular physiques.

  • Pedro Fernandez


    Go back and read both articles. To not have random testing ALLOWS guys to cheat as they know when they are being tested.

  • Why not tygart and mayweather set a given time and procedure in testing? i think it should not be random, like cutting off long before the fight about 18 days. let me know your response and which is better, random or correct procedure at a given time but not during the fight as random may say as a part of testing.

  • if these USADA want to ensure clean fighter during training and during the fight then, it should not be random testing because there is still some probability. So therefore, they have to device a procedure that will ensure that are no fighter will ever used these prohibited drugs any time . so it should not be random but a set procedure that are practical for all fighter at a given time. I think random is just a floyd and tygart monkey business.

  • USADA is now back to it’s former place,trying to sell their random drug testing idea into the protocol.If and when Pacquiao fight Mayweather Jr.,probably it will no longer play a major role but the purse split.Then that’s one point that will really make or break that deal forever.

  • Random or any kind of drug testing does not benefit the sports. It benefits the drug testing company than the tested athlete. It is not the kind of armor that makes a gladiator victorious. It’s how he fights.

  • That was an excellent question, has USADA ever caught anyone with their so called state of the art testing? Very legit question. And by the sound of it the Mayweather Mosley bout was random only up to 18 days before the fight. Seems like Mayweather himself doesn’t like to be tested too close to the fight.

  • It’s frustrating when athletes start accusing another with this HGH and PED use. It really is unfair to the one being accused of. Losers usually do this. And USADA is more than happy to capitalize on this ‘trend’ just to sell their agency and make money. This all started with a certain self-centered-coward boxer, who’s afraid of the real champ, made excuses not to do the fight. It’s sad how someone thinks he’s big enough to make the rules! Who the heck do you think you guys are? People are not stupid, they know when you’re ‘chickening’ your way out. Let the current testing agencies do their job and athletes just focus on themselves. Funny how the cry babies are the ones not on top…Sour graping? Jealousy?

  • Yeah, EPO’s and PED’s are used in training but isnt it that Tygart also said that these substances could not be detected when the fighter uses masking agent? The cheats would simply use these substances then take masking agents to hide it and presto! no PEDs nor EPOs. So what’s the point of testing? Besides, is there cheat out there that USADA has caught?

  • Yo! PEDRO! travis tygard is a business man not a drug expert when was the last time they catch any ped cheater in olympic? the real random test is all year round! not few months b4 the fight athlete can use PED during off season to gain some muscles probably mayweather is using it too! EVEN usada DOING RADNDOM TEST in olympic athelete all year round they still fail to catch any ped cheater. your comment makes u look like an idiot

  • The USADA guys are hypocrites and morons. If they tested Floyd & Shane as close as, say 5 days, before the fight, people whould have believed them to be realy on a crusade to clean boxing. Can anyone be sure that Floyd and/or Shane were not informed that they would not be tested less than 19 or 18 days from the fight?

    Moron Tygart and his cohorts.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    For the 4,000 th time. Because EPO and PEDs are used in training!

  • Pedro,

    I thought the purpose of the testing is to catch cheating fighters. Your reason and that of Travis Tygart seems to say that the purpose is to prevent them from cheating. This reason is nothing but an excuse utilized by USADA and Tygart to cover up the real reason that Floyd’s drug testing crusade was simply a way out of the fight with Manny. Tygart and USADA thinks that the fight fans are stupid enough to accept that excuse. And I can’t believe you took it.

  • Yo Pedrito! Why all of the sudden mention Pacland? what has Pacland got to do with your moronic article? Yada yada yada? what is that?

  • 18 days before the fight? why not test right before or right after the fight?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You guys got it ALL wrong as is the norm on this subject. They last tested 18 days out, but that did not prevent them from testing at any given time, thus the fighters DID NOT KNOW when or IF they were tested. This is called random testing, when test randomly. Now please explain that to all the peeps in Pacland.

    Again, just to be clear. They (Floyd-Shane) had no idea when they were going to be tested, thus they had to stay clean.

  • What is random drug test? Why was Floyd and Mosley tested only up to 18 days before the fight?

  • BJJ guys would probably dominate if they did drug testing.I don’t know if it would kill the UFC but it would make it boring.

  • Wouldn’t the sport be just as exciting and competitive if random testing was done and all the fighters were clean? UFC may have to dismiss some fighters but a new wave of drug free MMA fighters are waiting on the outside for a clean chance to replace them. In fact, shouldn’t the clean fighters that aren’t making it or are on the verge to make it to UFC be the ones screaming for justice?

    This reminds me of the Triple A baseball players that were screwed over for juicers like Canseco, McGwire, A-Rod, Clemens, Bonds…and the list goes on. There were many drug free Triple A baseball players that are now in their 30s that were on the verge of making the league and the $$$ that comes with it, due to playing by the rules working a 9 to 5 job that pays a fraction what they potentially could have made…Imagine being a great baseball player in the Cardinals farm system but never got called up to the BIGS because McGwire played the position.

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