Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz


San Francisco, CA– Having broken this story a fortnight ago on the radio, and then had Nick Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie confirm such a week later, I don’t want to say I told you so, but I did. Diaz is not facing some club fighting stiff, although Jeff Lacy is not the powerhouse he was once was as IBF 168 lb. champ. Shoulder surgeries, the shutout by the betting underdog Joe Calzaghe, in addition to other setbacks against lesser foes, Lacy has a name, a decent left hook and will probably be pummeled by Diaz of Stockton, CA.


When I saw Nick Diaz fight in preliminary MMA matches in San Jose, I knew that there were few that could tame this lion from Stockton, CA if he continued to progress. Having won the Strikeforce welterweight (170 lbs) title and being the one guy that could probably handle UFC counterpart Georges St. Pierre, the Canadian would prefer to not face Diaz, instead pad his record with lesser types. Look for Diaz to bust Lacy up, this mainly to prove that he can. Don’t know if he would continue professional boxing after making such a statement, but the man that does Triathlons shouldn’t be taken lightly by anybody and is certainly the top MMA fighter in Strikeforce.


It happened about a month ago and the cost was between $30 and $40 million. The drawback is that with Dana White and the UFC already having bought the Pride Fighting Championships, their acquisition of Strikeforce amounts to creating a monopoly that rivaled the telecommunications company A.T. & T. in their heyday, this before the government broke them up.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Nick Diaz is definitely one of the best all around fighters in MMA his striking is nasty and his Jiu Jitsu is out of control. I think that he would do just fine in boxing because whenever he is not training Jiu Jitsu he is doing boxing rounds with many different pro boxers. He also trains with greats such as Andre Ward so I think he could definietly hold his own. I think that if he does ever box he will do better then any pro boxer will do in MMA.

  • Nick ‘the Trick’, is heading into a ‘Chinese Trick Box’, one that he can’t get out of. ‘Left Hook’, with a stellar Amatuer career, and made the ‘Big-Show’ in the ‘Squared Circle’, tough slowed by injuries, will Crack Nick, like he’s never been hit before. Don’t forget, Joe Cal, beat on his ‘Mug’ for 12, and Jeff never took a step backwards. Using 8’s, Diaz will think that Lacy’s fist are only wrapped in gauze, with No Gloves on. Just wait until Nick tastes that first ‘Shot to the Kisser’, and let’s see how that MMA crap has ‘Steeled his Mettle. Let me remind the MMA Fans, about ‘Merciless’ Ray Mercer’s 15 second Drilling’ of the great Silva, Hoo-Ah! Right Hand crushed his ‘Nugget’ like a pancake. MMA going into Boxing = Disaster. ‘Take it to the Bank’, so said Berretta.

  • No stands to gain anyhting in this fight. Lacey was shot beyond reapair years ago and since Diaz has had only a handful of fights as a boxer no one gets to brag after this one is over. Its a no win situation.

  • Mike Plunkett

    I would respect this more if they chose a fighter coming off of a win, forget the fact consensus opinion is that he (Lacy) is shot. What is it with the mixing of sports? It’s borderline cartoonish and it’s always a finished boxer being coerced into battle. Combat sports should not intermix.

  • As a fighter i dont see the big deal fighting is fighting some people want to see it some dont. Great things happen in any fight game and upsets happen he could be the one to cross over and really do somthing. If one fan wants to see it then thats all you need is one fan to believe in you. ONE FAN ONE REASON

  • Never seem Diaz in pro boxing match. If Lacy loses it doesn’t mean Diaz has a future as a boxer. Not that I’d pick Diaz, though. He’s an MMA fighter. Two totally different sports. Not that Lacy has anything left. Not sure of the motivation besides money.

  • I think Diaz is biting off more than he can chew here. In MMA, he is very successful at punching, because his opponents are so afraid of his jiu jitsu. In other words, opponents don’t box him properly, because they are mostly worried about getting taken down. If Diaz fights Lacy under boxing rules, the fight will look nothing like the MMA fistfights Diaz is so good at. Instead of crouching and backing away from him, Lacy will blast away at Diaz with combinations. All of this depends, of course, on Lacy still being in something like his mental and physical prime and not being completely shot! Anyway, I don’t think that Diaz would have a chance in a real boxing match against the pre-Calzaghe version of Lacy.

  • Pedro,

    Diaz could have signed with the UFC and has a shot possibly at GSP prior to re-upping his contract with Strike Force but he chose not to. People can speculate it was becasue he didnt want to play the game and he is his own man, others thought it was because of the drug testing and he just couldnt give up the dope.

    While Diaz is a very good MMA fighter his UFC record wasnt so great, as Mike said, he was owned by wrestlers who had good submission defence. He lost to Shrek, Riggs and Sanchez. While he has not lost since 2007, his level of competition is since then has been very lacking. His greatest wins were over Noon who is 155 Lber and Daley who only has stand-up. How can you say GSP has been padding his record when GSP’s level of competition has far exceeded Diaz’s. Diaz’s level of competition isnt entirely his fault though, he fought who he could in SF but they are no where near the level of competition of GSP’s opponents. Is Jake Shields (Former SF MW Champ) a lesser opponent than Diaz would be.

    I understand Diaz is a hometown boy so to speak but lets not lose sight of reality.

  • Pedro, you must not watch much MMA. Diaz has been owned by wrestlers in the past and since Nick will never fight Jake Shields, GSP is the best wrestler Diaz will ever face. Wrestling is Nick’s Achilles heel. GSP is the most well-rounded fighter in the world.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I’ve known Nick, like Robert Guerrero, Andre Ward, Nonito Donaire, Shane Mosley and even James Page from the crib days. Jeff is lunchmeant here!

  • On a related topic. I would also like to see Roy jones fight Royce Gracie. Like their both no longer elite
    level fighters and they have a history. Settle the score. I wonder if Royce would honor the million dollars a minute bet he made him years ago. Lol

  • Personally I find this fight really intresting. Nick Diaz might roll over a burnt out Jeff Lacey but I highly doubt it. Jeff will still bring a solid chin, reasonable stamina and expirence. This could be the best puncher Diaz has ever faced. A lot better then Paul Daley. Although if it’s just a 4 round exibition then Nick Diaz might have a shot.

  • Diaz has had 1 boxing match. He’ll beat Lacy because he’s totally shot. Not faded, not past his prime but flat out shot! Diaz is an animal in the sense that Lacy was once thought of.

  • Diaz is a great striker in MMA with those small gloves, but this is a whole new ballgame with bigger gloves and Diaz can’t use his other abilities just his fists. I know Lacy is washed up and hasn’t done much lately if at all, but he still took himmself to the highest level as a prizefighter, and while Diaz is excellent in MMA, not sure if it can translate. By the way has he ever even had any professional bouts yet? If so this isn’t the apparent suicide I expect it to be. However Lacy is pretty washed up and Diaz is on a roll.

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