hector-lombardBethlehem, PA– With a (28-4, 16 KO’s, 5 subs) record, UFC middleweight (185 lbs) champion Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva is arguably the number one fighter in the world right now. Therefore, it’s safe to say he’s without question the best middleweight in the world; or is he? Or is he? The man who has slipped through the cracks is Bellator middleweight champion Hector ‘Lightning’ Lombard (29-2-1, 16 KO’s 6 subs), quite possibly Silva’s biggest threat at 185 pounds who is not in the UFC.


Standing at only 5’9″, the five inches in height he gives up to Anderson Silva may just be the only disadvantage the man AKA Shango would have against ‘The Spider’. Lombard, a 2000 Judo Olympian, who has won 22 of his last 23 fights, with the only blemish being a draw, including 18 in a row, with his most recent being a third round crushing knockout over Falaniko Vitale (29-10, 9 KO’s 16 subs) in a non-title fight Saturday night. That is compared to 14 wins in a row for Silva in just about the same time period. So, what’s the difference; level of competition?


Silva’s compiled that record over five years with the majority of those fights taking place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which boasts the best talent laden middleweight roster in the world. Meanwhile, Lombard, in nearly five years, besides Bellator has fought in the Cage Fighting Championships promotion out of Australia, where he is also the middleweight champion, and Warrior’s Realm. Yet, what Lombard may lack in the form of competition, he more than makes up for in every other facet.


Besides being an Olympic Judoka and multi-world Judo champion, Lombard is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under Marcus ‘Conan’ Silviera of American Top Team, whose direct black belt lineage goes to the late great Carlson Gracie, Sr. himself. Also, as can be seen in the photo above, Lombard is powerfully built and knows exactly how to use that power when it comes to striking as can be noted by his 16 KO’s. It took only one perfectly placed short right hand to the jaw to put Vitale on Queer Street Saturday night. He fell not once, but twice from the same punch; this to a guy who’s only been KO’ed five times in 39 fights.


Silva meanwhile is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under the renowned Nogueira brothers and his striking ability is unparalleled. A beautiful technical boxer with precise fast hands and leg kicks that are just as lethal, along with a devastating Muay Thai game, ‘The Spider’ has the perfect build for his style. With his wiry frame and long limbs, he is equally adept standing as he is on the ground. This is the reason why I think a fight between these two would be a great match-up.


Too bad we’ll never get to see it though. As long as the UFC refuses to co-promote, and let’s face it they don’t need to, Lombard will have to settle for fights with very good, but not great opponents. Thus, he’ll continue to toil in relative obscurity to the casual MMA community and will never be considered on Silva’s level. That’s a shame and a loss for MMA hard cores because Silva’s biggest threat may not be in the UFC.

“Slammin’ Sammy” Perez


  • Damn it, I wanted to see Sonnen back in the UFC. :(

    “After a dramatic hearing, the California State Athletic Commission voted 4-1 to uphold UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen’s indefinite suspension for his criminal convictions and for making false statements to the commission at a previous hearing.
    Sonnen also told the commission that Dana White told him he might as well retire if he wasn’t licensed today.”

  • “Can’t reward someone who’s cheated; you feel me?”

    Yeah Sammy I do.. 😉

  • Ron, regarding Chael Sonnen and a rematch, I wouldn’t have had no problem with an immediate one had he not gotten into trouble. However, now I feel he should have to win a couple of fights to earn his shot just like everyone else. Can’t reward someone who’s cheated; you feel me?

  • Solid logic Sammy. I believe Chael Sonnen should get a rematch after his suspension is over. What are you thoughts on that?

  • Ron, of the eight fighters listed between SIlva and Lombard in Sherdog’s rankings above, Silva has already fought five of them. Of those five he’s defeated four with Okami being the only loss due to DQ as Silva kicked Okami while he was down. The point of my column was Silva’s biggest threat possibly lies with Lombard. Taking those five out of the equation, who did not pose any threat to Silva in their fights, that leaves, Souza, Santiago and Bisping.

    While Souza and Santiago are formidable, ‘Jacare’ is a submission fighter, ala Maia, who doesn’t possess the punching power Lombard has; he’s never knocked out anyone in his 14 wins. Santiago in the same amount of fights as Lombard, 31, has eight losses, five of those via KO, so he’d probably get smashed by both Silva and Lombard. As for Bisping, this is just personal opinion, but there is no way he is actually better than Lombard in any facet and I’m sure the majority of the MMA community agrees.

  • Rankings mean nothing, most of the time is the promotores money that put them there, Iwas thinking the same thing last saturday when watching Lombard knocking out Vitale, what a great match up Shango vs. Spider, just because Silva has been in the limelight it doesn’t mean he is Superman, one punch from Shango and that’s all she wrote, Lombard has been fighting since he was a kid and Cuba has a great judo and boxing program, I don’t know who will win but it will b explosive.

  • Sammy, after looking at the Sherdog rankings you still think Lombard is Silva’s biggest test?

    1. Anderson Silva (28-4)
    2. Chael Sonnen (25-11-1)
    3. Yushin Okami (26-5)
    4. Nate Marquardt (31-10-2)
    5. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza (14-2, 1 NC)
    6. Demian Maia (14-2)
    7. Jorge Santiago (23-8)
    8. Vitor Belfort (19-9)
    9. Michael Bisping (21-3)
    10.Hector Lombard (28-2-1, 1 NC)

    I looked at Lombard’s opponents here…

    To me they seem to be of a lesser caliber.

    Thanks for any comments

  • Valid point Sergio; well taken. Thanks for your input and for reading.

  • Hard to say, Anderson is facing more known fighters, and hector is facing OK fighters…and if anderson silva can make the fastest hand in mma look like shi*** …is hard to say if hector will survive u feel me?

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