Overeem Backs Lesnar Up


San Francisco, CA– There are no more questions regarding the ability of Alistair Overeem after his one round dismantling of ex-UFC heavyweight (205-265 lbs) champion Brock Lesnar. Born in the United Kingdom and now living in the Netherlands, Overeem, who has won titles in organizations like K-1, Dream and Strikeforce, had went went 10-0 with a draw in his last 11 scraps. But seeing he wasn’t fighting anybody in the UFC top ten, people doubted his ability. Not anymore!


The best heavyweight kick boxer in the world, Overeem looked to be in great condition, while Lesnar appeared a little bit fleshy. This may have had a lot to do with the fact Brock had been off for 14 months and underwent massive intestinal surgery. Both men started in the standing position which favored Overeem seeing Brock was a former NCAA (collegiate) wrestling champion. Lesnar tried taking Overeem down, but each time Lesnar attempted to do so, either Overeem escaped Brock’s grasp, or he made Lesnar pay with some vicious knees.


But the punctuation mark in this fight was a left-footed kick Overeem landed directly to Lesnar’s right side (the liver area) and Brock fell back into the fence of the steel caged Octagon and then to the floor writhing in pain. Overeem jumped on him and started throwing punches on the prone Lesnar. While a lot of them did not land, some did get through with the highlight being a body shot that compelled the referee to call off the fight.


Summer 2012, now just five and a half months away, Overeem will take on once beaten UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos. Having watched Overeem in several fights, I just never really thought that much of him. Overeem was “hounded’ by the Nevada Athletic Commission for Steroid tests. They made him fly during training to London from the Netherlands to submit to a Urine test, not the blood test that Overeem had drawn and submitted. At 6’5 and 255, Overeem’s were all over Overeem leading up to the fight. They will test him and Lesnar post fight and have the results within a week. The UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos of Brazil has the best hands and Overeem has the best feet.


Lesnar, now 34, said in the post fight interview that he was retiring! Brock went on to thank the UFC, the fans, gave Overeem his props and this. “I promised my wife and kids if I lost, I would retire. If I won, I’d get one more title shot and retire after that. Although extremely bright, I thought Brock was trying to lay out a hint. “You won’t see Brock Lesnar in the Octagon again.” Which means he’s going back to professional wrestling. Seeing he sued the WWE & Vince McMahon and won, one would think he wouldn’t be going back there in this lifetime. But McMahon is a businessman, and let Brett Hart back in the WWE after Hart spit in McMahon’s face in the ring, this came before Brett knocked Vince out cold (snoring type of KO) with one punch a short time later.


Some of you might knock Mr. Lesnar because he was in the WWE. But as was pointed out in the telecast went from professional wrestling to real fighting, and was I understand his “Flash in The Pan” mindset of Brock retiring at 5-3. But he was intimidating bigger than life kind of guy who had a run and made his mark. Overeem improves to 36-11. The Dos Santos-Overeem showdown for all the marbles as far as heavyweight championship of the UFC & all of MMA is concerned.


Nate Diaz was a winner as well. Click here for complete UFC 141 Results

Pedro Fernandez


  • Good points Jack. That thing was basically eating him up from the insides. Really sad considering how happy he seemed to be being part of the UFC, something that tapped into his competative side and away from the darkside, err the crazy topsy turvey world that some folks refer to as Wrasslin’….

  • @Todaline… Had a great New Years… Hope yours, along with the rest of the RingTalk family did as well.

  • @Jerome… If you have ever heard Lesnar talk about what that illness did to him. I’m not sure that it is the kind of thing a person really ever comes back 100% from, much less a professional athlete. I’ve heard him talk about that time and it is frightening. Its up there with what my father went through when he had Cancer.

    Overeem kicked his ass fair and square, deserves all the credit in the world. Even Lesnar tipped his hat to him.

    That being said, Overeem whooped his butt in a ring in under 5 minutes. That illness dragged Brock into an alley and mugged him nonstop for months upon months upon months…

  • The XFL was dead man walking… and follow me here… largely because of McMahon and how he operates…

    With McMahon, everything is over the top and his promotion of the XFL was probably the greatest example of this. He came out guns blazing, promising some over the top league. Everything was over promoted WWE style, up to and including the cheerleaders… Where McMahon stopped just short of projecting an image of soft porn… Don’t believe me, watch the ads on youtube.

    Problem was, this wasn’t choreographer… In retrospect,it probably should have been.

    The product on the field was, what it was. It was football played by guys who were at very best, second or third tier players, in a quickly jumbled together league in a shake down stage… I mean be real! Look at what an NFL expansion franchise goes through and for how long… Who the hell would tell you that a league consisting of the eight teams, all far more inadequate than the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was going to come out of the box looking GREAT?

    … The only guy who would even attempt to sell a line of BS like that is VINCE MCMAHON!!! And that is why the league crashed and burned as fast as it did. It lost 50% of its audience after only one week. It survived one season but easily could have folded tents after only 3-4 weeks… And it had nothing to do with the talent.

    Second tier football leagues work well enough. The CFL, Arena League all do well enough. College Football is one of the most popular sports in America. It wasn’t the product, it was the promotion that did it in. A perfect example of what I mean by this would be Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is the owner of an Arena League team. Have you ever heard him discuss his product? The guy is the anti-McMahon. In a nutshell, he describes his product like this. “Are we the NFL or anything like it? Not At All — But if you come out here, you are going to be entertained and have a good time.”. In other words, he is honest… And when he was saying this, his product was FAR more polished than the XFL.

    McMahon on the other hand, had league that was sure to be unwatchable at first and still knocking off rust by the end of the year… And probably not as good as an Arena League product for at least 3-5 years… And what did he do? He sold the thing as “The Longest Yard” at double speed, with teams made up guys like Brian Bosworth and Jim McMahon circa 1986 who would send helmets flying with every hit and soft core porn happening just off the sidelines… And what happened? He sold out the first week and by week two the places were half empty… A fall that far, that fast is amazing… And that’s on McMahon.

  • Another question is, was Brock 100% healed from his surgery. And Overeem went very hard to his body.

  • Brock showed up for his paycheck but he was not prepared for a battle. He looked very flat and I don’t think his heart was in it. I’m sure Dana White pushed him hard to fight Overeem. Brock was the biggest ticket seller in the UFC and Dana wanted to pull in those big PPV sales.
    Brock never developed his standup and word was that in training he never went hard in sparring. On the ground he was a beast but he was very scared to get hit and when he did get hit he’d fall appart.
    And this is MMA and you’re gonna get hit hard.

  • I agree Pete I thought xfl was a good idea just the approach should’ve been different. U can’t go at the NFL head on!!! Also I’d like to say that lesnar even though I’m no fan has earned my respect. He has succeeded in every endeavor he has ventured through hard work and confidence. I’d also like to add that he looked less than ready for this last fight. For him very soft and unmusceled!!! And fighting the best stand up fighter in the world standing???? He should’ve been mauling him to the cage and taking him down. Not trying to punch with him. I know the knees were dissuading him to do that but he should’ve fought like Randy cotoure in that fight. But hats off to a pioneer of mma. And no shame in loosing to a future great in Overeem

  • Lesnar did NOT like going toe to toe. Someone hit it spot on on another thread where it appears like during a heated exchange, lesnar almost looks like a kid thrown in sparring for the first time. He actually turn and RAN in that Carwin fight! Call me crazy, but Lesnar vs Kimbo slice in a toe to toe match, bareknuckle boxing style, i’d put my money on the internet sensation! Anyways, Happy New Years to everyone here on Ringtalk..Thanks for all the good reading, fans,writers and everyone that contributes….

  • But, that was his own money. The concept was good, but their message was bad, the XFL, in commercials and the like.

  • Jack, you’re a bad mofo. Don’t make me me laugh that hard, you’re the VERY best. Happy New Year.

  • Go with TNA….

  • And beyond what the UFC has done to McMahon’s once great empire… That little XFL experiment of his pushed his company 35 million dollars in the red direction and this happened just as the UFC was starting to take off… Lesnar’s getting jumped by McMahon… No Doubt!

  • McMahon would kiss Brock Lesnar’s bare ass, on the White House Lawn, in front of Barack Obama himself, if it means getting Lesnar back in the WWE.

    Forget what the UFC has done in terms of directing fans away from Boxing. What it has done to the WWE is 10 times worse!!! To the point where (grab your vomit bucket now)McMahon himself is leading a world wide charge to have the UFC banned over… safety issues…

    McMahon is a snake who would forgive anybody for anything just as long as it means he can make a buck… And right about now, McMahon needs Lesnar so badly… The biggest think Brock has to be worried about right now is McMahon trying to kiss him on the lips the second the paperwork is signed.

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