Los Angeles, CAShane Mosley battles superstar Filipino and WBO welterweight (147 lbs) champion Manny Pacquiao on Showtime PPV this Saturday in what is believed to be the world’s biggest combat sports matchup of this fiscal year. Former lightweight (135), welterweight, and junior middleweight (154) champion “Sugar Shane”, a future Hall of Famer is a 39 year old prizefighter, who at this point is probably only fighting for the prize.

Shane & Jin Mosley

Shane & Jin Mosley


The reported purse of over $5 million dollars is obviously the motivator. The question isn’t whether Shane turns back the clock, but if Pacquiao’s promotional team, Top Rank would even take the slightest risk if Mosley hadn’t looked great in almost a decade, besides far less than adequate in his last two bouts.  First was May  2010 when he laid an egg after stunning Floyd Mayweather in the second round of a welterweight bout where he failed to go for and get the KO, then was dominated in losing by a wide margin on points.  In September of the same year he then performed listlessly against former Contender TV star Sergio Mora.


At this point only the delusional think that the Superfight, obviously the most potentially lucrative bout in boxing and PPV history period  between Pacquaio and the aforemetioned Mayweather will ever come to pass in the short term.  Even though Mosley in his mind feels that he has a chance to pull of what would be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport, Bob Arum looks at Shane as just another opportunity to pad Manny’s record and both of their pocketbooks. A decisive win might add some leverage over Mayweather if they do happen to meet within the next 12 months, especially if the Filipino star can produce a titillating knockout.

Kevin “KP” Perry


  • pedro vs pac nuts

    Robby Rios in Cosmetology College? I don’t think he would make it. I think he went to Clown College with ‘Steve-O’…

  • Another Big Bite by the PAC-MONSTER, and we are all wondering where did you go Mr. Merry-Weather? Or is it ‘Fair-Weather’? Cause it sure ins’t May-Weather. The PAC-Flower is blooming, while you are just ‘Dooming Your Dancing Career’? MAN-UP, and LACE-UP with the PAC-MONSTER, and make US all believer’s in your invicibility,as you see it. ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd had some Stones, back in the day.

  • There is a difference between “Looking great” and being the same fighter you were. Mosley has had his moments since the Forrest fights, but he never really was the same after the first one with Forrest.

    Agree with KP. This Rios clown does have serious comprehension problems. If he was banned at one point, it’s too bad he was brought back and allowed to post. I don’t care about his education or if he is a brain surgeon, CEO or the President of the US, the guy comes off as uneducated and ghetto in his posts. I don’t blame him though. I feel his lack of boxing knowledge leaves him no choice but to run his mouth with nonsensical comments and attack the writers and contributors to this site.

  • Rhodes that chick ain’t worth no millies!!!!!! She would have to give me her half to hit her. She just took advantage of shane. U guys remember the 24/7 when she was bitching how Shane had it easy and she had to take care of the kid while he trained??? Why is she bitching she was married to a nice guy, a millionaire, and lived well off of shames blood, sweat, and tears. I don’t believe that a chick should get half or be maintained in a lifestyle. GO get a f’ing job that dude is paying a couple million a year and god knows how much in child support. Shane made money but he is no DLH. I think the fair thing would be maybe 150,000k a year but not half. And the funny thing is his dad who seems to be as nice as Shane hated her. But in the end Shane will make his money back learn from his mistakes and look at him now. That Latina he got drops nuclear bombs on that chinita. Now that chick I’ll give 75 percent!!!!!

  • I know ur gonna think I’m crazy. But I’m actually an MD who owns 2 medical offices. I just think it’s fair when a man hits low u hit back low. I didn’t question him first

  • Funny how we always discuss how beautiful these women are, up until they get want the want $$$, then they are suddenly a …. Maybe it is because I have a thing for Asian women, but I would trade my Italian wife and half my $$$ for a few years of hitting that.

  • Pedro, you are Right On about Shane, being a Payne, like as in Glass. PAC-MAN cracks him like an Egg. But never fear, cause Shane is only here for the Gain, like in ‘Show Me the Money’ Sheik.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    HEY RR, Better wise up and don’t attack my guys personally, or you’ll just be another chump in the Spam folder. KP is college educated, and unlike you, I’m not talking about Cosmetology College!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jin Mosley turned down $8-10 million for a 3rd oscar fight. She wanted Shane to get more than Oscar. They fought Winky for less than $3 million and you sww what happened….twice! Forrest had his number from the 1992 Olympic Trials.

  • Yes Mosley is a great person and champ. He gave Vernon a chance when nobody would!!! Ditto for winkey wright. Where would those 2 have been if not for shane

  • Hey bright boy “KP” how about this for a scenario:
    Pacman gives this fight to Mosley; the day after, Floydie goes running to the gym to train for a rematch with Mosley (which easily could fetch $8-10M for Sugar Shane), Floydie happily beats Mosley again then goes on to the negotiating table to fight the PACMAN. I don’t care how much money “Money” would haggle for the PACMAN fight, but I’d assume Pacquiao easily could earn $40M minimum against Floydie. The PACMAN would then humiliate Floydie in the ring and goes on to fight Martinez for his “swan song” at 154lbs catchweight (and earn another $40M minimum); I’d assume it doesn’t really matter for whether the PACMAN win or lose against Martinez.. I don’t know if this scenario is good for the “boxing community” but I’m sure as hell all “boxing-fan-suckers” will eagerly shell out their hard earned money to watch all those speculated fights.. now how about that?

  • If Mosley hits Pacquaio square on the jaw like he did Mayweather then it’s lights out Pacquaio.Mark my words.

  • can’t really pull the trigger on punches anymore = starting to get shot.

  • Pete the Sneak

    Well Mr. Perry I have to go with the shot version of your article. I see this fight playing out with Mosley coming out hard trying to hurt Pac early with pretty much everything he has left. Manny’s speed and footwork will carry him through the early rounds with Pac countering Mosley’s shots with hard combinations. While I don’t believe Manny will flat out KO SS, I do see an old and faded SS sitting on his stool after round 8 with Brother Nazim telling SS he is going to stop the fight and then calling for a halt to the contest after a serious beatdown by Pac. Peace.

  • Mosley hadn’t looked great in almost a decade? well, I don’t know about that. In 2008 he almost beat Cotto, 2009 he k.f.o. Mayorga and Margarito, granted his last two fights was not great, but the guys he are up against are real stinkers! Styles makes fight guys, Don’t count him out, when he’s opposite offensive minded fighters, it’s a barn burner fight!

  • I am looking forward to this fight as a boxing fan, to see these to go at it will be quite a show (for as long as it lasts), both are KO artist’s and love to mix it up … what more could you ask for?

  • Comes this weekend and Mosely will wipe the canvass with the ass of pacquiao. This will be the biggest upset of the year. after this, pacquiao will never be the same fighter again!

  • Agree with all that KP said. Mosley has been done since 2001 since the Forrest fights. He’s fighting for the money now. Jin is a disgusting, miserable “woman” – you should she some of her posts on some of the boxing sites. What a bitch.

    This is a pay per screw I will pass on.

  • dont forget moorer and foreman – foreman was a “washed up geezer” when he ko’d moorer

  • Mosley’s shot.

  • The Mad Scientist

    Pedro, are you and Vivek Wallace friends? you guys have a simular style of writting especially when talking about Pacquiao..

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Thanks, Martin. Hope you enjoy the site and my program.

  • On a side note. Adamek is juicing hard

  • “”MF’er look up “great” in the dictionary and you won’t find Shane Mosley there.””

    I lol’d for real haha. Then say it in a Samuel L Jackson voice.

    I agree Pedro, juicing is cheating and is the lowest of the low. But SRL, Delahoya, Vargas, Holyfield, Tyson, Toney, Mccline, Klitchko,Salido,Botha,Richard Hall,Tommy Morrison,Shannon Briggs etc etc etc Even Conte said most top guys juice. So do you remove the word ‘great’ beside the greats who have juice? Not giving my opinion either way, just wondering.

  • Who said Mosley was gonna get KO’d? Don’t get banned again. Some of your posts are amusing, some though lead me to believe you don’t even read the stories or lack comprehension.

  • Well said Kevin….well said

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He cheated with steroids, lied about it, had press credentials of those who exposed him after reading the BALCO grand jury transcripts, and he’s a great man. MF’er look up “great” in the dictionary and you won’t find Shane Mosley there.

  • U people/ experts never cease to amaze me!!!! Ur all calling a ko on a man who’s never been koed. Why cause PBF had the corner talking stopage?? That’s PBF and he is the only one in boxing now who posses that skillset. If pacman can’t ko clottey he ain’t gonna stop Mosley. Now I could be wrong but the man deserves some respect and calling a ko is the ultimate disrespect!!!! To a great champion and even greater person

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