Unbeaten Sergey Kovalov

    Unbeaten Sergey Kovalov

    San Francisco, CA– Let’s get over it. World champ Danny Garcia was lucky to have his hand raised against Mauricio Herrera. Yeah, that return home to Puerto Rico for father/trainer Angel Garcia wasn’t a fight he can brag or boast about…Period. Fans say either sign an immediate rematch or move on. Herrera can use the controversy to make some money next time out and should he be able to mount a winning streak his market value will rise….More 140 LB. NOISE: Unbeaten Karim Mayfield (18-0-1, 11 KOs) gets his shot this Saturday night when the San Franciscan meets once-licked Puerto Rican prospect Thomas Dulorme. Always winning as “the opponent” says volumes about Mayfielf’s will and skill and remember Karim already handily beat the aforementioned Mauricio Herrera in late 2012. Says a little bit about the upstart Mayfield. MANNY PACQUIAO-TIM BRADLEYOR IS IT TIM BRADLEY-MANNY PACQUIAO? Tim Bradley is a
    Are all the lights on? Manny Pacquiao Recently

    Are all the lights on? Recent Manny Pacquiao

    slight 8-5 favorite over the reborn in the gym Manny Pacquiao. Training his butt off, Pacquiao realizes this is “do or die” especially die if it were a decisive beat down or KO. For Bradley the damage Tim took in the Pacquiao fight was nothing compared to the thumping Ruslan Provodnikov put on him by seemingly rattling Bradley’s cage in almost ever round. Purely a “Toss Up” encounter two and a half weeks out which is as rare event indeed. Bradley beat Juan Manuel Marquez who beat Pac and holds a controversial win over Manny. A solid undercard would make this a MUST see PPV? MORE COMING. As for Marquez, he’ll never again ride that high he did after starching Manny in a fight JMM was being punished in at the time he dropped the bomb. I just think that at his age and mileage on j=his body, I think that with his brains he’s crazy to continue. The “old” never go away for good before getting thumped..NIT PICKERS ON 15 ROUND TITLE FIGHTS: I stated that a picture of the late Jerry Quarry convinced me that 15 rounds fights should not exist. The Nit Pickers said Quarry only had one 15 round fight. True, but Quarry was so sharp of mind with a decline so rapid that easy to both chronicle and remember. Light heavyweight challenger Mike Quarry and heavyweight ham & egg Bobby Quarry, both brothers are said to be suffering “residual effects” from getting pounded on. How about the suffering from dementia fighters that Jake Hall sees when he attends boxing reunions?? One day, I guess I had a 15-round epiphany of sorts when Quarry died, I just clung to the hope that 15 round scraps could return. TONY THOMPSON BEATS “FAT” ODIO SOLIS. Former Olympic champion Odlanier Solis was out boxed pretty easily by Tony Thompson last Saturday in Turkey for the biggest fight of the weekend. Not a good night for the Turks who looked less than ordinary as a whole..PUT ALLEGED ATTACK IN TRASH BIN..This whole TMZ thing and Floyd Mayweather is weird. TMZ never pulled the story and did Part II with ex rays photos appeared a few days after the first bombshell. Cops said what we already knew “NO ATTACK REPORTED.” We’ll talk about the HBO main event Saturday with Sergey Kovalov-Cedric Agnew tomorrow in addition to Floyd Mayweather-Marcos Maidana.

    Pedro Fernandez

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