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Los Angeles, CA– Saturday will for the masses be their first taste of Coachella Valley’s own Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) as he faces highly regarded and heavily favored Filipino Congressman Manny Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) for his WBO welterweight (147 lb.) championship. The main reason the Filipino is expected to win is because Tim Bradley while being a good, accomplished and undefeated pugilist is relatively unknown. His appearance on HBO’s famed “24/7” series was his first real exposure to the general public.


Bradley, an African American, trained by Joel Diaz, older sibling to professional fighters Julio and Antonio, has beaten some of the best at 140 where he’s won multiple alphabet titles including the WBC and WBO belts. During that span he bested a then unblemished Lamont Peterson (30-1-1, 15KOs), highly regarded and undefeated  Devon Alexander (32-1, 13 KOs), Junior Witter (41-5-2, 22 KOs), and Kendall Holt (28-5, 16 KOs) when he got off the canvas twice to score a unanimous decision victory.


The fighter based out of Indio, California is the perfect example of “the sum of it’s parts being greater than the whole.” He’s not a big puncher, not exceptionally fast, not really all that tall either at 5’6. However his best asset is an ability to make adjustments, and that he’s come up the hard way. Never coddled as a  professional, he won his first title on the road against Junior Witter in the UK, a split decision nod in which Witter was downed in round six, after which Bradley turned the tides and won the majority of the remaining frames on the scorecards. The guts he’s shown in facing undefeated fighters in their prime I believe gives him an edge against the Filipino. Recently, Pacquiao has been fighting good names of late but they were fighters past their prime recently, Bradley’s been facing high risk-low reward fights back to back. He’s earned his shot, and unless he becomes a deer in the headlights once the bell rings he has a legitimate chance of cashing in an upset.


Will Bradley just show up and be satisfied with collecting a career high $5 million dollar payday? The 28 year-old has proven the ability to at least rise to the occasion. Will that be enough to pull off the victory? Pacquiao has been in this situation many times and has the advantages in hand speed and power. Expect this to be a close fight, but it might be a close fight that will be impossible for Timothy to win on the scorecards in Las Vegas. I think he will win many fans with his valiant effort, but expect Manny to win a close but somewhat controversial decision. This is no slight to Manny because Bradley is a very good fighter in his prime and a clear win here enhances Manny’s credentials for a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather.

-Kevin Perry


  • When it comes to P4P achievements, Pac was trouncing Floyd from 2004-2008, but in recent years Mayweather has made up the difference and one-upped Manny in their last couple of bouts.

    Beating Bradly would certainly re-legitimize Pacquiao. Bradley is definitely superior to Victor Ortiz anbd the current version of Cotto (and maybe the Cotto that Pafcquiao fought too).

    Bradley is alot like Andre Ward but without as much natural talent. (or you could say he;s alot like Carlos Molina or Quintana with alot more natural talent…) He is aguy that understands he needs to respect and take every opponent seriously, outwork and out-think them both in the ring and in the gym. He is one of a diminishing number of American fighters who treats his boxing career as an 365-day a year job and it shows in his conditionoing, weight management and the obvious tactical forethought he brings to every fight.

    A legit win over Bradley would definitely put Pacquiao bac on at least even footin g with Floyd in the P4P circle.

  • A lot of people have a hard time seeing what Bradley can do, why he’s a tough out for Pac. He can get off the canvas after getting dropped nasty and still manage to BRING IT (See vs. Holt). Holt would jolt probably over 90% boxers around his weight class with his one shot equalizer, probably the hardest hitter in his division (see Holt’s comeback win against Torres). Bradley got up from getting ROCKED and managed to beat Holt. Furthermore, Bradley always wants to win when someone wants to trade blows with him (remind you of any of pacs losses or perceived losses??) To tell you the truth, I think Bradley vs Marquez would be a barnburner if they both decided to trade with one another. Back to Bradley: He has youth on his side, less wear and tear (about half of pac in pro fights), and less to lose with EVERYTHING to gain. Last thing…Look up Pac agapito sanchez and look up first morales fight and see the changing of momentum when Pac gets that nasty cut…Not saying he’s a dirty fighter, but lets just say Bradley might have taken some classes at Evander holy headbutt and Bernard Buttkins’ school of using that noggin..In conclusion…Bradley is a tough fight for Pac especially at this juncture of their careers.

  • Mr. K. Perry,

    Gonna have to go with Manny Pacquaio (MP) in this fight. I believe Bradley has the right style to give MP plenty of trouble. That is, Bradley is a physically strong fighter who finds a way to crowd/back-up an opponent for trench fighting and body punching – don’t recall MP ever facing an opponent who can consistently pose such challenges to him. However, unfortunately, I think Bradley will get way too nervous in the “spot lights” just prior to the fight. Further, during the fight, I believe Bradley’s excessive aggression/exuberance in the “spot lights” and with a life altering purse ($) will cause him to throw too many wide punches while neglecting his defense. Bradley’s wide punching and defensive neglect will allow MP to throw many counter left hands up the middle and some counter right hooks, while giving Bradley lateral foot movements on the outside and while pivoting off Bradley’s left shoulder in the trenches. MP, primarily, will TKO Bradley with left hands up the middle (maybe 7th round). Peace out. E-Man.

  • I have a hard time seeing what Bradley can do. He is not a puncher, does not have a reach advantage and is not faster. I expect a 9th round KO by Pacquiao.

  • Jesustheprophet

    Agree with KP 100% in his preview of this fight. Bradley is good at many things but not great at any one thing. I think has has endurance and enough skills to win more rounds, but without KO power a close fight goes to Pacman. But if Bradey can somehow get a flash KO and wins 8 clear rds, he might win the decision.

    I though JMM bested Manny before and we all saw how Manny fot the SD. To me JMM won 7 clear rds in that fight…

    Winky Wright vs Tito…Bradley need to make Manny look bad and win 10 rds

  • Pacquiao should be able to stop Bradley.

  • the only way bradley wins is for him to knock pacquiao out, otherwise, arum and the judges has already prepared the SD or MD scorecards and will just give it to the ring announcer after the fight. there is no way bradley can get a decision under an in-house arum backyard.

  • Desert Storm must break out his bazookas, mortars, guided missiles from his arsenal because what he will be facing on June 9 is a real monster. Manny Pacquiao despite rumors that he is slipping/declining may again prove those pundits wrong. With his whole family at ringside the night of the fight, who is not to be well inspired to win convincingly with focus and determination not to disappoint the world of boxing.

  • Although I’ve done nothing more than speak my mind I appear to have been banned from the site. In any case I know Bradley and I think he’d give FM the fight of his life. The only reason I won’t be betting is I’ve lost huge 4x betting against MP.

  • It will not be a controversial win for Manny Pacquiao but a convincing win either via TKO or unanimous win. Definitely a good fight with lots of action and thrill…

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