Has Manny Pacquiao Been Reduced To Black & White From Color?


San Francisco, CA– The Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley HBO Pay Per View fight on June 9 is hurting badly for publicity. Some say it’s because Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto put on such an entertaining, albeit one-sided, battle on a fortnight ago, that boxing fans might need 200 MG of Viagra to “get up” for Pacquiao-Bradley.


When I hit on my TV ratings source on Monday afternoon, he was of the opinion that the Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley PPV numbers will bomb when compared to Pacquiao’s numbers before and for last November’s razor-thin (see controversial) decision over Juan Manuel Marquez. Is it because Bradley is unknown (not a big name) outside of a circle of boxing purists?


“When the decision giving Manny Pacquiao the win over Juan Manuel Marquez, the best thing promoter Bob Arum could have done from a business stance was to do it again,” said the cable TV guru. “They weren’t going to make a Floyd Mayweather fight, if that was their (Arum & Pacquiao) intention they would’ve pled their case right then and there with the whole (boxing) world watching.”


“Really, who is Tim Bradley? He’s a Desert Storm war veteran who beat Devon Alexander. Do the masses know Alexander? No! There will be no Mexican opponent to hold up the other end of this PPV broadcast. Nobody gives a **** about Tim Bradley. Arum and Pacquiao are trying to milk the PPV cow, but the utters may run dry with this one.”

Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao


With conditioning coach Alex Ariza saying this week that Pacquiao doesn’t deserve a “50-50” split with Floyd Mayweather, the Pacquiao fans, affectionately referred to here as the Pacnuts, were so quiet that it was the third time since the Marquez fight that you could hear a mouse pee on a wad of cotton somewhere in the Philippines!

Pedro Fernandez


  • though i admit that this fight will get a lower ppv compared to floyd and miguel fight…

  • many people said that timothy is not a live opponent, this guy beat lamonth peterson,alexander,campbell,witter and holt, these are all tough guys….no bias here ok? lets accept the fact that timothy is not an easy opponent for anybody..

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Unless Tim can pin Pac on the ropes and put him in a constant defensive mode, he can’t win!

  • Might be a “bad”fight ppv wise (i mean not breaking a million, that would be “bad” compared to the numbers pacs been putting up. And like you said with no latino fighter to boot….we’ll see…I know a lot more latino fans that like Pac but not to many like Floyd…Most I know just want to see him catch a beating..I always have to tell him that may be so, but you can’t argue that Mayweather can’t chuck them como te llamas (throw them hands)…

    What’s your take Pedro…no money aside..is Pac gonna steamroll Bradley or will Bradley’s youth, determination, and ruggedness pose a problem for pac ensuing in a good fight??

  • joe..or in your case j prounounced like an H…pacman on espn? one of the top money makers in prizefighting? jajajaja!

  • I never will understand all the hate for bradley and this fight. He has fought tough competition, and brings the fight every time. He may not have power of a Pacquiao, but anyone who calls him boring must never have seen him fight. One bad clash of styles does not make a fighter’s career (devon alexander). As for the matchup, I think it’s great. A young hungry fighter getting a shot at one of the top dogs in the sport. I’d rather criticize top fighters for fighting over the hill or faded fighters than actually giving someone who deserves a shot a chance to shock the world.

    Also, I assume Pedro is not comparing bradley’s style to clottey, but his box office drawing power.

  • *correction: IMO, CLottey was probably bottom of the top 5 welters when he fought Manny. He was coming off a close loss against Cotto, which many felt he won or could’ve won if he pressed the action in the championship rounds. Bradley is the number one jr. welter at this point.

  • The only thing I have negative to say is I hoped that Pac would fight Bradley at 140, Bradley’s most effective weight. I know it’s for Pacs championship and the challenger should move up, but I just wanted him to silence everybody regarding Pac taking advantages over ALL his opponants recently. Plus, Pac has yet to clean up a division since his move up. Like Floyd, he fought his way into the drivers seat, and theres not really much to argue why he shouldn’t take advantage, or get an edge, for the sake of his legacy. Honestly, I would be happy that Pac cleaned up 140 and took on all comers. Bradley IS the number 1 rated Jr. Welter in the world, Clottey was not a top 5 welter when Manny fought him. Bradley also beat a top 10 welter in Abregu in his only fight at Welters so he definitley is not a slouch. For me, I think the Desert Storm comes to bring it everytime! He just outwills most of his opponants and does what takes to win. If Manny can blow this guy out the water, kind of hard not to give him any credit. It shouldn’t be overlooked that last Mayweather fight had Canelo on the undercard on Cinco De Mayo. The fight Party I went to, people left right after Canelo bombed on Mosley, some during the great fight between Cotto and Mayweather! (Not hardcore boxing fans to say the least!) TOP Rank shouldve stacked the undercards!

  • they still talking about miss pacman, he got beatup 3 times by the same man, that Floyd played with, lmao,he should be a ESPN fighter now, Floyd scare of miss pacman, lmao, lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, cotto at his weight would kill, are some sillypinos for real?

  • Greetings, Fellow Boxing Fans!

    I am looking forward to the Pacquiao (Manny) vs. Bradley fight because I would like to see how Manny handles three things: 1) inside fighting; 2) fighting while going backwards; and 3) getting constantly punched to all legal body parts. I presume Bradley will have the physical edge over Manny, and Bradley is a more physical fighter than Manny. Surprisingly, Bradley can box on the outside (if needed), but I believe he strongly prefers – based on previous fights – to fight in the trenches and back up his opponent for body punching. I know Manny is an absolute terror when he is coming forward with his offense, but I really do not know how Manny will react while going backwards under constant inside pressure and body punching. Bradley has a solid ability to stay on a fighter’s chest in order to prevent punching leverage – Manny needs room to punch. Last, Bradley’s defense is underrated at times because of his hardened head (literally) and determination to fight in the trenches; but Bradley’s upperbody movements may create some confusion for Manny’s ability to consistently put his punches together.

    Folks, I am not saying whether Bradley will win or not (for now), but I wanted to point out that Bradley has the above listed boxing style which may create an extremely uncomfortable situation (mentally/physically) for Manny in this fight. This will be a wonderful contrast in boxing styles between Manny and Bradley (I can’t wait). I am only providing a little boxing food for chewing because true boxing fans stay hungry – peace out. E-Man.

  • Pedro: Floyd fights name fighters with a following that don’t have a chance in hell of beating him. Bradley vs. Pac is going to be a more exciting fight that Floyd vs. Cotto. Also remember that Canello draws a huge Mexican contingent. If anything; I will say that Floyd has better matchmaking skills when it comes to the under card. But mark my words, Pac vs. Bradley will be a much better fight. He’s not losing steam, the PPV cards are losing steam. Pac is facing a hungry, young, undefeated fighter while Floyd faced a name that is past his prime, that has a big following. You be the judge. The better match up is Pac vs. Bradley for the astute fight fan. Just my opinion.

  • Bradley will definitely know why Pacquiao is really the best P4P fighter and not Fraud Mayweather Jr when he feels the power and sting of his punches come June 9. He may resort to a turtle shell but the Clottey analogy is dead wrong. Bradley will engaged toe to toe and that will be his biggest mistake he will ever make. The only fighter who can beat Pacquiao is HIMSELF.

  • Bradley is an ver hungry,undefeated and an Afro-American.What Bob Arum needs are good well known fighters in the undercard and the PPV results would be a surprised for all. Canelo helped a lot in the Mayweather undercard. Otherwise like you said, it’s a dud bomb.

  • Pedro Fernandez will go to his deathbed a Pacquiao-hater. I’m sure of that LMFAO !!!

  • When Floyd fight the unknown Victor Ortiz nobody write an article like this one.And When Floyd win against Castillo in a razor thin Unanimous Decision nobody criticise Him even though the compubox statistics indicated that Castillo landed more overall punches and significantly more power shots over the course of the fight. Why, simply because Floyd is an American. Of course they love their own!!! They just can’t accept that Manny will whoooop Floyd ass when they meet in the ring. LMAO

  • 1st off all y’all are clueless to whats going on in regards to PPV numbers! Floyd Mayweather should be raking in 2+MIL PPV since he is fighting at home and he’s an “AMERICAN” alright!Pacquiao on the other hand is coming from a third world country, not Britain/England or Australia n such but from a poor country!

    For Pacquiao to come to the US soil and rake in 1+MIL PPV everytime is very unheard of! SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT BOXING ENTHUSIAST!! LOL! Not to mention BOB ARUM always puts him as a one man show unlike Floyd Mayweather, GBP always gives him a great supporting cast! DONT TELL ME YALL DIDN’T NOTICE THAT??


    And also, Bradley is the man to beat in regards to young/primed fighter not to mentioned undefeated fighter!IF BRADLEY FEELS PACQUIAOS POWER THEN ITS HUMAN NATURE TO PROTECT YOURSELF!

  • If Roach was a retard for comparing Bradley to Hatton, you, Pedro may be a moron for likening him to Clottey! :-)

  • I want to chime in on Bradley and head butts. If you go back and look, on youtube or whatever medium, at some of the instances where head butts have occurred in Tim’ fights, you can clearly see Nate Campbell as well as Devon Alexander coming in to Bradley during the most heinous of butts. At other times contact with the head was incidental and people, to include trainers of fighters who get in with Tim Bradley, seem to be looking for an out against him by alluding to Tim using the head as a weapon. It’s simply not true and if you take the time to look you will see. Bradley is a good solid aggressive fighter who brings it and this issue is raised time and again so that the opposition has something to stand on or use against him. I’ve covered Bradley fights several times and in all likelihood he is going to take it to Pacquiao with a solid game plan and come out on top. I thought sometime ago he would give Manny problems but at this juncture I suspect he’s going to setback some of Manny’ future boxing plans. We shall see.

  • Pedro i dont like but yeah I agree than Pac won’t get great PPV numbers this June. I now hate Bob Arum, Pac should leave Top Rank!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    INTERESTING LOOK DANIEL! Thanks for your input!

  • Pedro, let me start off by saying you are a beast at covering the sport I love and I have been a silent observer. I had to speak my piece on this one and see if I had any grounds from someone I respect so much, hopefully you will weigh in. Bradley is not an exciting fighter at all, he doesn’t have that knockout power to put his opponent on his back and he doesn’t possess the skill to make me enjoy his fights as a hardcore fan. On top of that, I am originally from St. Louis and in the Alexander fight the kid just came off as a cheater. On to my point though, while it may be a boring fight, the thing is I never underestimate Bob. Pacquiao has recently publicly become a saved man and it looks like he does not have too many fights left. Bradley is young and undefeated after watching Fight Life and the Face to Face this weekend he is actually a very likable guy. On top of that, and this is the ugly part, Bradley is African-American, and through this whole Pacquiao-Mayweather bs, fans have really showed their racist side. If Bob Arum promotes the African American fighter that beats Manny, he has a potential gold mine, with the rematch and going forward. Again, I am not a Bradley fan, nor a Top Rank fan, but can’t you see Bradley’s headbutts causing Manny problems and him potentially doing the job for his boss. I might be wrong, but I have to believe that Uncle Bob has a long game on this one. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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