JMM Silences Manny Pacquiao

JMM Silences Manny Pacquiao


San Francisco, CA– There are some feats, whether they be in the business or the sports world, you’ve climbed Mt. Everest and in the minds of more than a few you could only come down. I mean, how in the hell do you top, can you surpass or duplicate a moment in which you put one of the era’s great fighters in multi-division champion Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KOs) to sleep.


So the $64,000 question is, how does Juan Manuel Marquez surpass that from both a boxing point of view and the historical aspect of drilling a superstar like Manny with one punch? Because the man I have yet to mention, unbeaten Timothy Bradley (30-0, 12 KOs) is not a slouch in addition to being10 years younger than the 40-year-old Mexican Marquez.


What makes this HBO PPV clash so intriguing is that it could go either way. Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KOs) could get under Bradley’s punches and work the body which is the classic way a Mexican attacks an African-American style fighter. That is not a stereotypical comment I’ve just put forth. It is real, while black guys would try and box a Mexican, the man from south of the border is looking to punch at the border, in other words, body shots. That being fact, and the question being, will it be Bradley or JMM?


A lot of this has to do with the fighters themselves. Bradley, I mean taking punishment, that’s when he does. In his last outing, a UD 12 over Ruslan Provodnikov, Bradley said it was like two months or so until his “head was right again.”  Ruslan (22-2, 15 KOs) hurt Bradley on many occasions, and yet Bradley was the fighter who got the scores of 114-113 twice and 115-112. Although nobody else is saying it, that beating, the damage involved could make Bradley a piece of pugilistic toast.


There are a ton of people voting Bradley here, but I’m going to remain on the fence for this you folks as there are too many intangibles. And when there are as many as there are here, JMM’s age, mental attitude after stopping Manny, I mean it’s conceivable that Marquez hit his zenith both physically and emotionally with that single right hand. Bradley potentially damaged, JMM being 40 years old. I recommend that you save any betting money for another day as there are just too many variables.

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  • i could be the biggest non hispanic marquez fan drawing breath…for my money,marquez and finito lopez may have been the most beautiful fighters to watch…both consumate boxer/punchers…guys that can throw a lead uppercut or incorporate the punch into combinations that make you shake your head in wonderment…..punches that should get a fighter killed but are thrown so deftly/timely that you just don`t counter them…i watch mma and see guys throwing lead uppercuts and know that if a pro boxer were standing in front of them they`d be waking up a few minutes later asking when the bus arrives)….

    regarding the fight,it makes no sense for bradley to allow this to be anything other than a carefully boxed defensive and tactical fight(with him using his quicks and both guys wanting to be the counterpuncher)…but can he stay disciplined if things get hot?…he has to know he can`t get into another firefight(coming on the heels of the manny/provodnikov fights)…he`s not stupid…unfortunately,the fans suffer….

    when jmm k.o.`ed pacquaio,manny was sensing that jmm was fading and got a bit reckless…i don`t believe that bradley will ever reach that point in this fight and i`m sure his corner will continually drill cautiousness into his skull in between every round….but,bradley seems to fight on instinct lately(more than discipline)…

    if bradley does lose his composure again,that obviously benefits the man with the heavier hands and the better chin…bradley has no length advantage over jmm…and he`s not a lefty….he`s not a particularly big puncher….so he`s basically banking on his speed advantage…floyd and chris john were more pure boxers…lil hagler and manny were quick,awkward lefties….other than speed(and age),marquez should have a fighter with a style and physical make-up in front of him that somewhat suits him…..

    but as pedro said,age/wear and tear and bradley`s commitment to fighting a very structured,disciplined fight are all ???….

    my heart is with jmm….so many years passed in which marquez was overshadowed by morales and barrera(and imo,shouldn`t have been)….

  • Yeah, tough fight to call. Could age and his long/tough career finally catch up with JMM tonight? Or equally is Bradley going to be adversely affected (damaged) by the brutal RP battle? Intriguing match-up.

    Despite JMM’s undoubted ‘pop’ I don’t see Tim walking onto a bomb the way Pac did (ha, famous last words). Gun to my head: I think Bradley’s not badly damaged goods. Shipped a lot vs both Kendal Holt & Pac as well but he’s classy, tough and still close to his prime.

    Prediction – back ‘n’ forth action where they both have their moments. JMM connects at times and gives Tim some tough periods. But Bradley boxes well and scores a little better than his opponent. TB just gets the nod in a very close affair.

  • I, too, am on the fence on this one. There are however, a few things to consider. JMM took a hell of a beating from Paq in the fifth round of the fight and Nacho was almost thinking of stopping it. He did catch Paq with a great right hand with Paq moving forward in the sixth round to add to the force. Maybe it was a lucky shot, who knows. Another factor in this fight is that a prolonged beat down such as Bradley had in his last fight is far more damaging than a single shot, even one causing a knockout. Add to that is the fact that Tim’s speech was slurred for some time afterward and you can realize he good be damaged goods. I think Bradley can win if he fights his fight and doesn’t go macho and try to outpunch JMM.. A small , cautious wager on this one at the right price on Bradley should be the way to go.

  • I think Bradley will win a decision as long as he decides to box. JMM sole purpose in boxing since the first Pac fight was to definitively beat Pac. I believe that since he has done that, he might not have the same determination and motivation as he did against Pac. I’m not saying he won’t be prepared, but there are only a certain amount of times you can call on all your powers and climb that mountain again. I wouldn’t be surprised by a JMM win by KO or decision either, but I think it’s Bradley’s time to shine Saturday night. Bradley by UD over 12 rounds. My spidey senses tell me that JMM is not going to have it on Saturday night.

  • I gotta go with Marquez on this one. Bradley’s last fight is the kind that can ruin a fighter. Even though he won, that type of beating will stay with you. I see it being good until Marquez connects clean. Marquez by TKO, before 10 rds.

  • Whether African-American or not, Bradley goes more often than not to the body himself and or mixes up his punches well in which case he would cancel out much of Marquez’s work downstairs. The key for Bradley who can easily gain control with speed and athleticism is to not linger for more than it takes to land a few punches and angle away. Getting involved in a firefight favors Marquez big time with the question being, will Bradley become too bold for his own good?

  • Excellent analysis and advice. There are too many intangibles to bet big on this fight, though I think a small wager on Bradley, the under dog, for fun isn’t a bad play. I’m interested to see how he takes punches to the head. He may not take many as he will be doing the stick and move.

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