Figure in Dallas PD Uniform On Grassy Knoll

Figure in Dallas PD Uniform On Grassy Knoll

San Francisco, CA– When the curator (see face) of the Sixth Floor JFK Assassination Museum in Dallas, TX died some months ago, Gary Mack’s death got him and the JFK assassination both national and international mainstream press. But as they say, the devil is in the details as the media attention the Kennedy Assassination received with Mack’s passing was simply a regurgitation of the “Oswald did it” sandwich, something mainstream media devours time and again.

Before I go any further, it was November 22, 1963, sitting in Miss Benedict’s class in SF’s Alvarado elementary school, the principal enters the room just prior to lunch and told the thought to be iron-willed Benedict something that shook her to the core. She went from a blackboard exercise to sitting at her desk as the a administrator told us, “President Kennedy has died.” Although things got quiet with Ms. Benedict in tears, I asked how did he die? “He died in Texas,” was all she said and left the room.

With my father grilled to the TV and reading “special edition” newspapers, something he never did before or after, my 6th birthday party set for November 24th was nixed and I was sitting on the couch at his side when gangster Jack Ruby shot a man NOT born Lee Harvey Oswald*. At this my dad just went crazy. Screaming while running up and down the hall of our Castro St. flat, a neighbor Dayton Brooks had to come over and calm him down. He kept saying, “They shot him, they shot him.” They? Read more