On Friday AM, we will bring you the second video in which this lying, scummy dweeb admits to taking the then undetectable Steroids known as “The Clear” & “The Creme.” Shane did this to have an unfair advantage over his boxing opponents. If you think baseball and steroids are bad, Alex Rodriguez wasn’t hitting people in the head with said advantages.

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  • I remember way back when Pedro raised the point of Mosley “using”. If I recall (and correct me if I’m wrong, Pedro) Ringtalk’s main man was essentially dragged into the mud, threatened and all but assassinated.

    You have to remember, this was at a point where everybody looked to be stuffing Mosley’s supposed greatness down our throats. And even after that had died down the guy still smiled and held that he didn’t cheat. Then in 2009 it started to come out…ironically after arguably his greatest performance…against another known cheat. I’ve always wondered why people seemed to get quiet about Mosley, or his matter-of-public-record admission (included on this site) whereas they went for the throat on Margarito.

    Ringtalk served up something unpopular a decade ago…..and today we see after the smoke has cleared that in fact, it had revealed the truth (surprising and unpopular as it may have been). Well done Pedro!

  • The Truth incarnate

    Talk about beating a dead horse??? Bro this story is like 13 years too late!! And everybody seems to fail to mention steroidField??? He beat so many heavies while roided way up and everybody praised him the warrior??? He never would’ve beat Tyson on his worst day without the juice

  • I know it’s too late now to matter but that decision “Win” over Oscar in the rematch should be overturned. It was a horrible gift decision anyway for Mosley but it should actually be overturned to an Oscar win by Disqualification! That bogus win has absolutely no right to remain on Shane’s record. I’ve always liked Mosley but wrong is wrong and yea its now spilled milk but not only did he not deserve that decision let alone having had an unfair advantage by using PED’s, it should go down in the books now as a loss!

  • That’s a good idea Richard. I may just do that article

  • I am a big Mosley fan, but if he KNEW he was cheating, then he should banned. Conte and Angel Heredia also have no business in boxing, or life period. They both have gone through life trying to cheat and harm others through deceptive practices. I wonder if Ringtalk would write an article on these two cheating POS??? Maybe an exc;usive on who they are working with, so we as boxing fans KNOW which boxers are cheating presently…..

  • Should he be banned from boxing right now? No. Should he have been banned from boxing when this was discovered? Yes. Let me explain, Mosley’s skills have diminished so bad that now he is just a glorified journeyman in the ring. His biggest punishment today is putting him in against up and coming fighters that will punish him in the ring via beating savage beatings a la Alvarez. Besides, his ex sure did punish him financially now we just need fighters to punish him via beatings in the ring.

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