Ali's Last Win Over Leon Spinks

San Francisco, CA“Sometimes pride is all you have left…” I’ll be saying that repeatedly in this article. Muhammad Ali was lucky Leon Spinks trained for their rematch in brothels and the like. Then he comes back two years later, gets a quack named Dr. Williams and takes a drug called “Thyrolar” (for weight loss) to face then heavyweight champion Larry Holmes in 1980, and he looks like he turned back time, when in actuality he lost it. Ali fought once more and lost to Trevor Berbick a year later. What am I trying to say? After the third Joe Frazier fight, if Ali were a steak, he’d have been burned too badly to eat!…“Sometimes pride is all you have left.


When Joe Frazier was done after the third fight with Ali, Joe was done! Still, he went on to get hammered by George Foreman and had a career ending draw with “Jumbo Cummings“Sometimes pride is all you have left.

Alexis Arquello was beaten severely, especially the first time, not so much in the rematch to Aaron Pryor. But he went on to lose to Scott Walker while prepping for a fight with Julio Cesar Chavez in the mid 1990s…“Sometimes pride is all you have left.

Joe Louis got old circa 34-35, lost to the likes of Ezzard Charles officially and “Jersey Joe” Walcott. Joe would come back and get throttled at 38 by Rocky Marciano“Sometimes pride is all you have left.

Carlos Palimino lost the welterweight title to Willfred Benitiez in 1979, then get bludgeoned by Roberto Duran later that year at the age of 29. In 1997, Carlos fought four stiffs before being beaten at the age of 48 by Wilfredo Rivera“Sometimes pride is all you have left.

Archie Moore hit the deck four times against Yvon Durelle. The rematch saw Durelle hit the deck just as many times in 1959. Archie, older than he would ever cop to was finished three years later in a total mismatch with the then Cassius Clay… (Muhammad Ali) “Sometimes pride is all you have left.“…

“Sugar Ray” Leonard beat the aforementioned Wilfredo Benitez in ’79, Ray lost and beat Roberto Duran in 1980. Retirements, title wins at 168 & 175, Ray should have walked seeing he was showing leaks in his fistic hull. Still, he went on to fight Terry Norris and Hector Camacho in the mid to late 1990s. Embarassed twice, “Sometimes pride is all you have left.“…

The other “Sugar Ray,” Ray Robinson was finished when he drew and then lost to Gene Fullmer in 1960. He fought 43 (33-10) more times before losing to Paul Pender in 1965…“Sometimes pride is all you have left.“…

Ray “Boom-Boom”Mancini lost to Livingstone Bramble twice in 1985. After that, Ray had no “Boom” left. He would lose comeback fights to Hector Camacho (points) and get stopped by Greg Haugen in 1992…“Sometimes pride is all you have left.” And then there are boxers who have no pride! Another story, another day!

Pedro Fernandez

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  • Yes, …“Sometimes pride is all you have left.“… and pride can carry you to heights that talent alone could never reach, or sometimes, too many times in our beloved sport, it can be your downfall, and it’s up to us to stop demanding that these warriors go out on their shield, rather than live to fight another day. Our collective “he has to earn my money” motto is so vile, a Roman spectator would certainly vomit while contemplating our dismissive reaction to a fallen hero.

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