Pacquiao (left) Bradley (right)


New York, NY– This weekend, international boxing superstar Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KOs) will attempt to defend his WBO welterweight (147) trophy against recent unified WBO/WBC light welterweight (140) belt holder Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (28-0, 12 KOs) over 12 proposed rounds of throw down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday at 9 PM ET on HBO PPV.


Since his coming out party massacre against Marco Antonio Barrera (W TKO 11), Boxing Writer’s Association of America’s Fighter of the Decade Manny Pacquiao is the first boxer in the history of sport to win a staggering eight world titles in eight different weight divisions. Considering the level of opposition he has faced since thrashing Barrera: twice defeating both Erik Morales (L UD 12, W TKO 10, W KO 3) and Juan Manuel Marquez (D 12, W SD 12, W MD 12) and pounding out one sided drummings over world elite combatants such as Oscar De La Hoya (W TKO 8), Ricky Hatton (W KO 2), Miguel Cotto (W TKO 12), Joshua Clottey (W PTS 12), Antonio Margarito (W UD 12), and Shane Mosley (W UD 12); Manny’s ring endeavors have proven to be credible accolades in support of his status as an all-time living legend.

Pacquiao (right) rips David Daiz with a hook


Many of “Pac’s” victims have been systematically broken down by master trainer Freddie Roach’s pre fight observations. Roach’s fight plans consist of strategies and tactics, which are usually executed with relative ease by Pacquiao resulting in emphatic victory for the Filipino phenomenon. During such conquests, Manny has shown his own brilliant ring intellect by displaying an ability to control a foe by making an opponent fight his type of fight. On the contrary, (as seen in the early rounds in his bout against Cotto), Manny, on occasion, can get caught in the heat of the moment, become distracted, deviate from his predetermined fight plot, (and to his credit) make the adjustments necessary to beat his opponent at their own game. Pacquiao’s unique style is a hybrid of aggressively fast paced boxing accompanied with sound defence. In consideration of his overall attributes of speed, power, movement, and genius boxing IQ, Manny Pacquiao may not only be one of the game’s most complete fighters, he may be the most dangerous because he is willing to fight fire with fire. However, as suggested by several commendable media outlets in regard to his involvement in movies, music, and politics that Manny may be “burning the candle at both ends” and possibly losing some focus toward the hurt business of boxing; evidence of that theory has surfaced, as seen in his last two outings. Manny’s most noticeable show of decline surfaced in his most recent assignment against Marquez. Pacquiao apprearred to have slowed down some, especially in the leg department, suggesting that the “weight gain” he has put on over the years could possibly be catching up with him. Thus, resulting in him looking  a bit more vulnerable then he had been in recent years.

Bradley digging to the body


Four years removed from his impressive title winning effort over Junior Witter (W UD 12), Timothy Bradley has slugged it out with, and remained perfect against most of the top dogs in a talent deep division of 140 pounders. Despite such accolade, by having just one lone knockout victory in his last ten contests, Bradley’s bouts have made for some unmemorable affairs. Now moving up a class in weight, beneath the bright lights in the biggest night of his career against his toughest adversary to date, Timothy will hope to reach outside of his norm and deliver an emphatic win in crowd pleasing fashion. Though the notion of such a triumph is highly unlikely, if Timothy happens to be successful, he will command the most important facet of the game in which he has lacked: entertainment.


Electrifying bantamweight (118) madman Jorge Arce (60-6-2, 46 KOs) takes on spirited scrapper Jesus Rojas (18-1-1, 13 KOs) in a scheduled 10 rounds of pound.

Exciting up and coming battler Mike Jones (26-0, 19 KOs) meets seasoned veteran former champ Randall Bailey (42-7, 36 KOs) in a slated 12 frame claim for the vacant IBF welterweight (147) strap.

Highly regarded (and often avoided) WBA jr. featherweight (122) belt holder Guillermo Rigondeaux (9-0, 7 KOs) engages unheralded combatant Teon Kennedy (17-1-2, 7 KOs) over 12 rounds or less.

John Signorella


  • Scottish SteveG

    @1200T – Looking forward to it too. Yeah we get it live here, but as always for us with big fights from LV, first bell in the main event is 4.15am our time! Always a dilemma – early bed 9pm on a Saturday night (boo) and breakfast whilst watching the fight? Or a late start at the bars with the guys followed by home for a few more beers…and hope you don’t all fall asleep before the fight starts (it HAS happened).
    This time we’re goin for the stay-up-late approach. ETA bed 5.30am followed by a very sleepy Sunday. Oh the things you do to satisfy your boxing addiction! LOL. Peace.

  • Whats up every1. Top rank/arum garbage again. Pac should win by ko within mid rnds. I’d rather see mike or randall v pac.

  • To Scottish SteveG: Thank You good sir…Can’t wait for tommorow! Hope you get to see this fight on your part of the World with some good brews and co.! Peace!

  • Scottish SteveG

    Very interesting fight. Kudos Mr 1200 Techs – quality well balanced and informed posts, inc your other one about Bradley v Holt. Completely agree re how Tim was dropped very heavily…but got up, recovered and went on to win. Despite the fact he’s not a heavy hitter and not – up until now – been a huge draw, I still think Bradley’s better than many people give him credit for and I believe he’s going to be a handful for Pac. He’s undefeated (mostly against quality opposition), is at his peak, in fantastic shape/extremely well prepared, has a great will to win and hasn’t been in many wars. But I would also add and echo something else another RT poster said: if TRank were ever going to ‘cash out’ on Pac it may be now. And they/Arum still win with Tim being a TR fighter…hey presto, all of a sudden they would now have a new star. Win-win for them, either way.

    However the cynic in me says there will be controversy: either Pac gets a hotly disputed decision or an over zealous/protective referee steps in a tad early to ‘save’ Tim. The one scenario I haven’t (yet) seen anyone predicting is Bradley stopping Pac, and that’s understandable, because it would be a big surprise. Ironically that’s probably the only way that Bradley’s going to be victorious.
    Either way I think it’s going to be a very competitive and grueling fight, although the styles may clash at times. Wouldn’t be surprising if one or both gets cut badly.

    The other dynamic that adds to the fun is all the talk of Pac being on the slide, slowing down, struggled in previous fights (Marquez), too many other outside interests etc, etc. Roach and company are defiantly claiming not so. We’ll see…
    Prediction – Pac on points.
    However, if Manny totally trounces Tim emphatically then surely credit will be due as Bradley’s a real live credible opponent.

    Oh and looking forward to Jones V Bailey too. That may be fun…while it lasts.
    Regards and respect to all here on RT.

  • Both fighters will bring it tomorrow night!! But one thing they won’t bring is, Justin Beiber!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You are missed around here!

  • My call…Pac Late rounds TKO victory in a gruelling fight. Mike Jones vs Randal Bailey is going to be a tight as fight. TOP RANK continues to drop the ball with Donaire…If they had him fight Rigo on the under card, that would’ve been WAY better than Canelo vs Mosley was and I believe would’ve drove the sales WAY UP.. Friggin drop some loot to build the damn sport up….Top Rank gets a huge fail on that one..Potential stars couldve been made…

  • This is a real fight fans fight. Bradley might not be all that flashy or dynamic but what he does have is that strong self belief and trench warfare type mentality where he’s willing to dig deep to get that win. He hasn’t been in as many wars as Pac, but I just see something in him where I can’t imagine him getting gun shy in a fierce battle. If Pac blows THIS guy out the water and serves him up a beating, it only goes to show how special Pac really is. Bradley’s NEVER been beaten up. Both these guys train like elite fighters. Pac possesses a deeper more potent arsenal, but I see matching hunger in both men with Bradley having the less milage on him. Also, Pac has been sleeping kinda silky and has the workload of 50 people. But he still has a whole country behind him that he fights passionately for. I see a foty candidate on the way. Bradley can’t fight going backwards and I think that will be one of the deciding factors in this fight. I see them exchanging with Pac coming through with heavier firepower and Bradley having to switch game plans and try and stick and move more. Can’t wait!

  • Nice breakdown. All I can hope for is a good scrap and a controversial free night.

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