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New York, NY– Closing out a dynamic “come back” year for the sport, the last show will be featured on “network” television. The return to “free T.V.” is indicative to the supreme achievement of awesomeness boxing had in 2012 and shuts the book in style. Let’s check out what’s ahead.


Former two division belt holder and one time heavyweight world title challenger Tomasz Adamek (47-2, 29 KOs) meets ex IBF cruiserweight strap carrier Steve Cunningham (25-4, 12 KOs) in a rematch of their 2008 cruiserweight thriller. This time they’ll do battle in the heavyweight ranks for a schedule 12 rounds of pound. Coverage from the Sands Casino & Resort in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, begins Saturday at 4:30 ET on NBC.


Both men had a lot on the line and certainly fought that way hence, spanning 12 spirited rounds, a close fight ensured. The difference was Adamek’s power proved to be too great for Cunningham as Tomasz dropped Steve 3 times over the course of the fight. Despite such set back, Cunningham rose to the occasion and in most rounds out boxed Adamek. Steve’s crafty style enabled him to go the distance and even end up close to victory on two of the three judge’s cards. Final scores were Adamek 116-110 & 115-112, while one jurist saw it for Cunningham 114-112.


I do expect an action fight once again. Hey, why not? Everyone’s kicking each other’s ass in electrifying fashion nowadays so it seems to be the norm of late. But, four years later and now campaigning on the highest weight on the scale, naturally these factors will slow things down a bit. Also, Adamek is not nearly as strong at heavyweight as he was at the lower weights where he fought Steve originally (Just 3 KO’s for Tomasz in 10 affairs). This could play a huge factor. Another point to be made is that Cunningham could be more study on his legs due to his now larger frame. Having equated all of the aforementioned above; I don’t like Steve’s inactivity over the past 4 years (only 6 bouts in 4 years for Steve). In addition, Cunningham doesn’t have much of a punch. I like Adamek in this one. I think Tomasz will take a slow approach in the early rounds and put the hurt on in the second half of the fight and earn a stoppage utilizing his better experience somewhere around the 9th.


American heavyweight slugger Tor Hamer (19-1, 12 KOs) will square off against unbested but untested pug Vyacheslav Glazkov (13-0, 9 KOs) in a proposed 8 rounds of thrown down.


Stay tuned as I break down the best fighters, fights, knockouts, trainers, prospects, networks, promoters, events, etc. Look for this very ambitious piece after the last bouts get archived in the books over the next few days. I will post the article midweek next week. Thanks for reading folks. Happy Holidays and cheers to my fistic brothers and sisters. Thank you for remaining loyal fans to the greatest metaphor for life, boxing. Keep swingin’, respect.

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  • Pretty good fight, not as good as the first one, worth Youtubbing it sometime but not to fall over yourself in a rush to see it.

    I thought Cunningham won, there were a few swing rounds and a draw wouldn’t have offeneded me too much, but the Adamek victory doesn’t go down well although it’s pretty much what I expected would happen on the scorecards.


    Cunningham: 1,3,4,6,7,10 & 12
    Adamek: 2,5,8,9, 11.

    I’m sure many people bought the late rally by Adamek in 7 & 10 but they weren;t that huge and it had been all Cunningham for the first 2:30. On the flipside, 8th could have gone to Cunningham just as easily.

    Somehow I’m less bothered by this decision than Adamek over Chambers. Maybe I gave Chambers more credit and judged Adamek more harshly because Chambers was one-armed the last 8 rounds.

    Having in mind the Chambers scoring, I really don’t know what Richardson thought was going to happen here each time he chastised Cunningham for spots of punching with Adamek. The advice may have been theoretically correct, but they had to know that any round in which Adamek spent significant time following Cunninghsm around in a menacing way was going to be scored for Adamek.

  • Damn I missed the fight…there first one was was a barnburner (adamek vs cunningham I)….anyways, Merry Christmas to all the ring talk staff and posters on here!!

  • Steve has upped his value with this performance.A draw was the minimum he deserved.Its hard to be in his shoes.Hard work and judges saw it different.Very close fight exting till the end.Thank you NBC.Steve surprised everyone with his performance.Good man deserves a good break.Had to fight in Germany to make a living,had no ‘sugar daddy'(big promoters) looking afta him.

  • If the Chambers fight is any indication, as long as it goes to the scorecards Adamek has it in the bag.

    Other than that, I feel the V.Klitschko fight took alot out of Adamek. I think his reflexes look duller and I was shocked by how respectful he was of the 1-armed Chamber’s punch. He was dropped in his last fight by a bum (albeit very powerful bum). Could be the chin advantage Adamek enjoyed last time has leveled out quite a bit.

    Then again, Cunningham has been rocked and dropped a few times since then too. Both guys are on the downside.

    I’d like to see Cunningham win. He’s an exciting fighter – too exciting for his own good – but I like watching him, he’ll fight braver than his chin is made for, he doesn;t have huge power but he’l punch with all he’s got when needed. Adamek has nowhere to go and I don;t want to see him getting smacked around by a Klitschko again.

    Cunningham has never proven he can stick to a game plan, but tiday would be the wrong time to start because I don’t think a decision is in the cards for him anyway.

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