• Virgil Hunter if your talking about the trainer of Angulo, Khan, and Andre Ward…

  • Virgil Hill trains fighters.

  • Trainer-Virgil Hill? Could it be you meant Virgil Hunter? I make the same mistake.

    I think Terrence Crawford will make a splash this year. He’s solid fundamentally and is really the whole package from what I can see. In fact he fights in a way that reminds me of why I took to boxing in the first place.

  • Good article

    My take on Floyd-Lara is Mayweather beats him comfortably. Lara is not active enough which is what has cost him in several fights. He is a good boxer who would beat a lot of fighters at 154, but Floyd isn’t one of them

  • Wilder is 30-0, 30 KOs.

  • todaline is taht you, fraud?

  • Nice article. Thanks. Happy Holidays to all.

  • one eye, Lara would get eaten alive by Mayweather. If Vanes Martirosyan, a slow, feet in the molasse type of guy can give him problems, imagine what Floyd would do to him. Lara’s got moves, Floyd’s got better moves. However that fight will not happen, Lara has no fan base, there’s no money to be made.

  • Lara vs Mayweather wow ,thats quality fight.Floyd dont think will want THAT fight,cos Lara has the moves and style to upset and even make Floyd look ‘Lost’in the ring.Id pick Lara to win on pts.JCC not allowed to fight any ‘dangerous’ opponents ,hes need ‘protection’ cos hes J Sulaiman godson.Hes nick name should be ‘rubbers’.

  • Good read, except for any mention of Cotto. Cotto is done in my view. There is no way he should rate pound for pound and no way he should be ahead of Lara at 154. Lara or Kirlkland against Floyd would be good challenges, other than those two no one beats him. Golovkin should fight Chavez JR.

  • Mike Perez is the stuff! Abel Sanchez told me a few weeks ago on “Ring Talk Worldwide,” the longest running fight show, 29+ years, in history, that in two or three fights he will put Perez in with anybody. The problem with Cuban fighters SOME are headcases and lack discipline. There was a reason they were skinny in Cuba, no McDonalds, High Fructose Corn Syrup, etc. When some Cubans come here they are like young kids in a candy store and they can’t stop eating or drinking!

  • Up n coming prospect DW???? How about Mike Perez.

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