November 27, 2010

Las Vegas, NV – Juan Manuel Marquez (134 lbs), Mexico City, MX TKO 9 Michael Katsidis (135), Toowoomba, Australia. (WBC 135 lb. title) Marquez (52-5-1, 37 KOs) retains recognized World champion retained his title in an exciting give and take battle with the always willing Katsidis (27-3, 22 KOs).  MK wanted to draw Marquez into a war and the Mexican mauler was than happy to oblige. Katsidis shocked Marquez (dropping him) in the third with a left hook to the chin. Marquez as he usually does, recovered quickly and controlled the remainder of the action packed bout. After taking to much punishment the fight was stopped at 2:14 of the ninth by referee Kenny Bayless.


Andre Berto (145), Winter Haven, FL TKO 1 Freddy Hernandez (147), Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico (WBC 147 lb. title) Berto (27-0, 21 KOs) completely destroyed an unworthy opponent in Hernandez (29-2, 20 KOs) in the first round. After an explosive right hand floored Hernandez, referee Russell Mora called it at 2:07.


Jason Litzau (130) Saint Paul, MN SD 10 Celestino Caballero (131.5), Panama City, Panama. In a surprising upset, 13-1 underdog, Litzau (28-2, 21 KOs) earned a hard fought win over highly respected WBA/IBF super bantamweight champion Caballero (34-3, 23 KOs) Fought at a good pace, Litzau’s scores were 97-93 and 96-94, while Caballero was credited with a 96-94 score.


Oakland, CAAndre Ward (168), Oakland, CA UD 12 Sakio Bika (168), Sydney, Australia. (WBA 168 lb title) Ward (23-0, 13 KOs) was supposed to have a tune-up in facing the battle tested and tough as nails Bika (28-5-2, 19 KOs) but it was everything but, as a bloodied Ward showed his superior skills, jabbing and moving effectively, although his legs buckled form a Bika right in round 12. Even though Ward was in control for most of the night, the cards were a little to lopsided.  Scores were 120-108 and 118-110 twice


Helsinki, FinlandCarl Froch (167), Nottingham, United Kingdom UD 12 Arthur Abraham (167.5), Berlin, Germany. (WBC 168 lb title) Froch (27-1, 20 KOs) scored an unexpected lopsided 12 round unanimous decision over Abraham (31-2, 25 KOs) in the last stage 3 fight in the Super Six World Boxing Classic. Scores were 119-109 and 120-108 twice. Froch, who regained the WBC 168l lb. diadem had an easy night as Abraham was uninspired throughout the fight although being scolded by trainer Ulli Wegner between rounds.

Edwin “Ace” Ayala


  • I think Jason has hit his peak, but I am really happy for him. It’s afeel good story.

  • Back when Sonny Liston was returning to Philly after waxing Floyd for the title, he (Sonny) expected a crowd of well wishers. All he got were a few reporters and some airport workers. He was terribly hurt by that and would eventually move to Denver. Merchant was writing for a Philly paper and wrote something to the effect, “What did Sonny expect, a ticker tape parade? Maybe they could have shred his rap sheet for the confetti.” The little mean-spirited prick! I always suspect him of subconsciously hating fighters.

  • Oh and Ted, I’ll buy you lunch if Jason can do more than win a lone alphabet title!

  • Explain the Liston thing Ted, don’t leave people hanging. If you’re going to behead someone in print, lay out the reasons and facts behind it.

  • Merchant’s double thumbs down on Jason adds to his (Merchant’s) long list of despicable acts. This senile, hateful, hurtful little pr–k thinks HE is the show and forgets that if it were not for Guys like Jason, he would have no job. Can’t stand him. Never could ever since he pulled that rotten trick on Sonny Liston back in the day. Time to take LM out to the barn.In fact, long past due.

  • Javier, not every fighter is going to be big puncher. Punchers are born, not made(maybe except for Tommy Hearns). At least Ward fights, instead of just throwing a jab here and there and moving away. Ward doesn’t have one punch power, but I think he has the ability to wear opponents down and get late round stoppages

  • KP, Ward is good at what he does, but boxing needs more stars and doing enough to win on points or just getting the W isn’t good enough anymore. It’s not going to attract new fans. Ward has the type of talent in which he can beat the top guys into a bloody pulp, but he at times fights in a similar style to John Ruiz(no relation). I was impressed with his win over Kessler, but in other fights it seems that he holds back some a la Roy Jones did at times. Perhaps we haven’t seen the best of him yet, I guess in time we will. I think Bad Chad at 175 may be that challenge.

  • Big fan of Andre S.O.G Ward.

  • Actually, larry merchant’s a complete idiot.

  • KP, it’s ALWAYS Ward!!! He’s the reason 99% of his fights are clinch-fests. I’m glad he only drew 4,000 or so fans in his hometown (many of them comps, I’m sure). People have seen him fight recently and are not buying his style. If he ever headlines in Vegas it would have to be at the Travelodge Hotel parking lot. He better change his style quickly ala Juan Manuel Marquez if he wants better paydays in the future. And I know Marquez only drew 5,000 in Vegas as well but anybody in their right mind would rather see Marquez fight over Ward. People call Mayweather boring but as a boxing fan, i think he is great to watch. He keeps the clinching to a minimum and effectively punishes you from the outside.

  • Javier, maybe I’m in the minority but when Ward fights I love it. I love fights in the trenches and enjoy the versatility of his style. He’s an old school fighter. I know a lot of people can’t appreciate the roughhouse tactics, and a lot of people don’t see the effectiveness of the punches in close, but to me it’s a sight to see. I enjoyed the Bika fight and the Allan green fight, even though it’s one sided. I guess it’s refreshing to see an black fighter who doesn’t just dance around the ring and score computer points but who fights with passion(even if it appears to be ugly). I think Bika though was part of the reason that the fight was so ugly and I think it’s unfair to blame all of the grappling and holding on Ward.

  • Ward is the best at 168. Froch got a gift against Dirrell, and lost to Kessler(even though it’s debatable). Ward hasn’t lost many rounds as a professional and beat Kessler handily, and Froch was beaten by him. Pascal did beat Chad Dawson recently, but in my opinion Dawson was highly overrated, considering he probably lost to Johnson the first time and his best quality win was over Adamek. Bute’s resume is great, and I agree that he shouldn’t get the number one ranking when it’s clear that the other guys in the division have been fighter tougher competition lately and Bute won his title in a vacant title bout, Ward won his against a legitimate champion and the fighter many believed was the best in the division at the time. Bute got a gift against Andrade in the first fight, Andrade was smoked by Kessler who handed him his first defeat. It doesn’t mean that Bute won’t become the best in the division after all is said and done but I don’t think he’s earned it even if he’s been looking impressive against fighters he was favored to beat.

  • I like Merchant, he tells it like it is without trying to sugarcoat it. Ward is an excellent fighter but he’s too damn boring to pay attention to. Arthur Abraham and Joshua Clottey must be best friends. Big win for Froch as I didnt expect him to box

  • Rocky,

    In principle, I agree that an undefeated record at face value should not be a decisive criterea in ratings.

    But in this case I think Bute has as good a cliam to #1 as anyone else. I think it’s a toss up between Bute & Froch at the moment.

    Andre Ward may turn out to be the best of the bunch, but right now his body of work is not suffcient. Although he handled Kessler impressively, in my opinion that is his ONLY win against a real top-10 SuperMiddlewight. I say neither Miranda, Green or Bika have ever beaten anyone good enough to actually deserve a world rankingh at 168. Green & Mirand weren’t better than Berio, Zuniga & Andrade, just better managed. Bute beat common opponents more impresively than Ward.

    Froch has a victory over Pascal, which is the single best win of any active 168lb’er today. Most of the people I watched Froch-Kessler with thought Froch won by a comfortable margin – as did I, although on second viewing I scored it a draw and could also accept Kessler winning by a point. Froch’s wins over Pascal, Taylor & Dirrell have a much higher combined value than all of Ward’s wins.

    If Froch beats both Johnson & Ward to win the Supr Six, he becomes the clear no.1 no matter what Bute does in 2011. If Ward wins the whole tournament, he legitimately catches up to Bute in terms career resume and sets up a unification bout to resolve the issue.

  • And a name like Cheesey isnt?

  • larry merchant’s an idiot.

  • speaking of corruption(or maybe it`s just willful stupidity),i noticed that ring mag has lucian bute ranked #1 at super middle…

    you have 6 guys that decidied to role the dice and fight the best fighters in their division back to back to back…pretty much all having to fight on foreign soil at some point….taking a chance… a big career gamble…..that benefits boxing and all boxing fans…

    5 of the guys in the tourney came in with undefeated records…but what chafes my ass is that ring magazine has the balls(or the utter stupidity,take your pick) to place lucian bute as #1…

    say what?….based on what?…undefeated record?…well i guess that makes paul spadafora the champion of something….

    resume?…his best win is over bika…and his murderer`s row is made up of librado andade(who would have k.o.`ed him if not for some convenient home cooking)/used up edison miranda and jesse brinkley…..oh..and william joppy(lol)..all in canada…

    yet ring magazine has bute as their #1 super middleweight..based on taking the easier road…

    these other guys?…laying it all on the line …stepping up to the plate…taking chances for the good of boxing?……it`s the bizarro world……it`s a disgrace…

    bute falls in line behind kessler/froch/ward(in any order you choose)until he sacks up and accomplishes something against the best in the division…

  • Jimbo,

    Jim Lampley can be a cheerleader, but, because of his command of English and his ability to hold together a disparate group, I can tolerate him, and very often enjoy listening to him. Larry Merchant, on the other hand, in my estimation brings nothing to the table. It is clear when he is going to be the contrarian for the evening.

    If Merchant’s going to be super critical of boxers, he needs to be above reproach at what he does. His inaccuracies are laughable.

  • That is part of the reason he is there.

  • Jimbo. it’s nice to finally see someone tell the truth about Lampley. He is one of the most agenda driven announcers I’ve ever heard.

  • Hey Altria,
    Larry Merchant is the only announcer on HBO who is not a house fighter shill. And he’s crabby because putting up with Jim Lampley’s constant rambling and Manny Stewards mumbling is enough to give anyone a headache.At least Manny knows boxing. Jim Lampley is horrible. I suggest he buy some copies of fights that were announced by Don Dunphy or Jack Drees or Russ Hodges or Ted Husing. They knew when to shut up. Lampley gived ME a big headache.

  • Caleciano, touche!!!! Andre Ward is HORRIBLE! His fights are boring as hell and people seem to give him a pass. Hold,hold, grab, clinch, butt, tie up,hold, hold. His style of fighting is a combination of Hopkins and Hatton but with no power. I couldn’t care less if he won the tournament.

  • Mark, it is the bought and paid for with “media passes” propaganda that seeps into the boxing fans (see marks) minds and they, like Americans are programed politically by MSNBC, CNN, & Fox. Arum farts and one writer in particular, a vet newsman, he’s got it out there.

  • Only in boxing. Marquez beats Mike Katsidis and people think he’s ready to take on Manny.

    It’s no wonder this sport is so corrupt, that such crappy fights are on PPV consistently. The powers that be have capitalized on people seeing what they want to see, as opposed to reality.

    A lot of it has to do with ethnic championing. Latinos will gladly pay out $50 in the insane hope that Maquez or Margarito beats Pacquiao. Whites kid themselves that Gatti even has a puncher’s chance against Mayweather.

    Until the boxing public grows up these kind of match-ups will continue to be made. But as Paulie Malignaggi said, the problem with boxing is that the people whose heart is in the right place to clean it up are too stupid to do anything, and the ones smart enough are all corrupt and making a lot of money.

    Who could seriously argue with that statement?

  • Caballero:
    Well the pants came down and Caballero’s package turned out to much more modest than hyped.

    Definitely no KO power above 122, first suspicion was whenn he hit Yourdan with a zillion clean punches without putting him down – maybe Yourdan just had a granite chin? – well we know Litzau doesn’t have a great chin but Caballero’s punches had no effect. Defense also questionable when fighting someone who can reach him.

    Litzau definitely looks healthier at 130 and seems to have smartened up and gone back to his amateur roots a little bit – but he is still a “Contender” level guy which an elite fighter would make routine work of even stepping up one division too far.

    Ultimately this fight teaches us alot more about Hernandez than it does about Berto. Nothing really changes there. We still don;t know if Berto is a monster who simply needs the challenges to rise to the next level … or if, like Arthur Abraham, he’s a guy who can be devastating at a certain level but looking seriously limited at another.


    Interesting that although Katsidis scored the knockdown in the 3rd, that was his only clean punch landed inn the first 8 minutes. I thought Katsidis was actually doing much better in rounds 6, 7 & 8 in terms of landed punches.

    I thought the stoppage was premature for a title fight even though Katsidis had almost stopped punching back and didn’t complain about it – this wasn’t an uncontested fight like Pacquiao-Margarito or Klitschko-Briggs, I would not like to see more of this tyoe of stoppage.

    It’s worth noting that a punch to the throat did figured into Katsidis’ paralysis in the final round, although it certainly looks like the accumulation of sharper, more accurate punches from Marquez would have taken a decisive effect sooner or later, no mater how hard Katsidis tried to walk through it.

    Marquez is clearly not the same fighter he was even at the time of Diaz 1, let alone 5 years ago. However his techniquea and fighting will are still beautiful to watch and there is a great deal of quality left in his muscle memory. But this fight was way more difficult than it should have been, it is a final warning.

  • My comments per fight:

    JMM is a master boxer, delightful to watch. My only concern related to a 3rd fight with PacMan is the apparent differential in punching power, in favor of PacMan. Because in terms of boxing ability and guts, JMM is second to none. Brave Katsidis, he is always fun to watch.

    Berto fight was too short to draw any conclussion, except that he did what he needed to do: win. Sometimes a quick KO does not help your cause, Berto was not able to showcase his boxing abilities.

    I am happy for Jason Litzau. Caballero seemed to get in the fight cocky and overconfident, and he paid the price. I am glad that a cocky fighter got humbled, next time maybe he get his opponent more seriously.

    A. Abrahanm was a dissapointment. As I posted here yesterday, his economical punching was his undoing. Is it my imagination or is AA having a “reverse” progress? He used to be a powerful, accurate fighter with an almost impenetrable guard. Not anymore. Froch is not too much of my liking, but he certainly deserved the win; Froch is reliable, has excellent stamina, no fear, and has a confident attitude in the ring. Well deserved win.

    Bika is really tough. I do not think that Ward had a bad night, I do think Bika made the fight a tough, messy one, and Ward looked pedestrian in the process. No shame on Ward, there are boxers that their best chance to win is to bring the fire on and create caos in the ring. Bika cramped Calzaghe’s style in their fight too, so no surprise here with Ward.

    Overall, good boxing weekend, and for free.

  • Who was more annoying, Carl Froch’s girlfriend (Showtime fight) or Larry Merchant (HBO)?

    Carl Froch’s girlfriend was unbearable; yelling encouragement before the fight, during the fight, and in between rounds.

    Larry was in such a crabby-old-man mood; he was insufferable. Can’t wait for HBO to give him a going away party.

  • I hate Ward! Everybody gives him a free pass because they believe he really is the gentleman he claims to be; but that’s all show. He’s a hypocrite and a cheater. Furthermore, he’s dirty and he’s boring.

    The commentators and the ref seemed to not notice his infractions during last night’s fight. They kept saying Ward was fighting Bika’s fight, but that’s not true (referring to the style of fighting); he fought how HE likes to fight. He likes to grab and hit, rabbit punch, use his elbows, hit low, rub his gloves’ lace/tape on opponents faces…

    I’m not saying he’s not effective, but I just wish they would call it lie it is. And for the record, the reason this irritates me is because Andre tries (and many times succeeds) to fool us into believing he’s a different type of person and a different type of fighter.

  • Wow! Weren’t fighters at his weight class at that age,supposed to be shot? With combinations, punch placement, power, and heart like that…he poses a huge threat to Manny. Who has been fed a bunch of Tijuana taxi drivers recently.

  • In just two weeks, and suddenly HBO seems worth keeping!

  • The change in Froch’s style will extend his career and bring him more success. He has made many of his fight more difficult that necessary by trying to out tough his opponents.

    This fight went pretty much the way I thought it would up to about round 9 where I expected Carl to get bored and try to have a tear up and get knocked out. He was more disciplined than I expected and I take my hat off to him and the performance.

    Why has the Super 6 been stacked in Andre Ward’s favour, home town fights, giving him Alan Green, giving him the points from the Dirrell fight that never happened, allowing him to use illegal tactics without being reprimanded?

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