Las Vegas, NV– It’s official. Being a great fighter is not the criteria for getting an appearance on HBO. Should HBO just start showing club fighters on TV? Saturday they have made one step forward in that direction. Two time Olympic champion Zou Shiming (4-0, 1 KO), who in essence is still fighting at the club level as a pro, faces Luis De La Rosa (23-3-1, 13 KOs) in a flyweight (112lb) bout from Macau, China on Saturday afternoon (5pm ET/PT) on HBO. Rosa is your typical opponent with a decent record built up against the usual suspects.

Guillermo Rigondeaux

Guillermo Rigondeaux

In his last bout he stopped a foe that boasted a disgraceful 0-20 record. The bout before that the Columbian was kayoed in 2 rounds against Moises Fuentes(19-2, 10 KOs). The 33 year-old Shiming is a superstar in China and is expected to bring more attention and popularity to the sport in the Chinese market. Can he fight? Hard to tell with the level of foes he has faced thus far.

It is clear that the Freddie Roach trained Shiming has a long way to go in perfecting the professional style of boxing.  While HBO will be broadcasting this bout, WBA and WBO 122lb champion Guillermo Rigondeaux (13-0, 8 KOs) fights on the undercard against Sod Kokietgym (63-2-1, 28 KOs). However his fight will be shown later in the evening on Unimas (11pm ET/PT), a spanish language network.


HBO has shown no interest in broadcasting the Cuban born Rigondeaux’s future fights. Labeled by a percentage of the boxing contingent as “boring”, his promoter Top Rank has had difficulty securing serious opponents for the Cuban. It’s obvious that after embarrassing one of their start clients in Filipino star Nonito Donaire (33-2, 21 KOs) last year, the promoter wants to have nothing to do with him. He can be exciting against the right opponents, but his bout against Donaire was the definition of a chess match. Casual fans who watch boxing and view it purely as a blood sport, more than likely don’t appreciate the skills of the former two time Olympic Gold medalist.


Instead of the pound for pound talent, the HBO undercard will feature  Mexico’s Gilberto Ramirez (28-0, 22 KOs) against New Zealands Junior Talipeau (20-2-1, 7 KOs) in a super middleweight(168lb) contest.  Ramirez stopped former middleweight contender Giovanni Lorenzo in 5 rounds in his last outing. With universally recognized super middleweight(168lb) champion Andre Ward (27-0, 14 KOs) on HBO’s payroll, its possible that Ramirez could become a potential opponent if he is successful on Saturday.

-Kevin Perry



  • Guest. You are an idiot at best.Klitschko’s been shown on HBO plenty of times. What irked me about the HBO card is that they had Shiming, a fighter with 4 fights headlining while, Rigo a world champion wasn’t going to be shown. So read the story before you spew your ignorance.

  • Funny how this site doesn’t bitch when the HW champion fights off HBO – which is also because of politics – but Rigo fights off HBO and they lose it. This site has some politics of it’s own going on. I see they have a problem with GGG now. Surprise, surprise…

  • Regarding triple g…kind of hard to step up when there’s so many promoter/network issues as well as people not even wanting to “disscus” fighting him INCLUDING Andre Ward himself…I got my chips on ggg against anybody from 154-168…

  • Rigo has to also BRING it and take chances…There’s an entertainment aspect of boxing that cannot and SHOULD NOT be ignored. Ok…outbox somebody for 12 rounds but at some point, you should try and take the guy out!! Rigo has the abilities to do that against most of his competition. He flat out made Donaire look silly and spanked him. And I mean put a beating on him! That deserves recognition. PUT anybody else that’s not on Donaires level, and El chacal takes them out…

  • 1200 techs, I agree with you 100 percent. I have been beating that drum for a long time. People are all over GGG, but in reality he has yet to beat a world class fighter is his prime. not saying GGG isn’t a great fighter, but this idea that he is so exciting is based on the fact that he’s able to beat B and C level opposition. Most guys at the elite level aren’t going to steamroll foes.

  • The networks want definitive endings?? Well put Rigo in with the bum of the month and you’ll get a DECISIVE victory. BUT Rigo needs to continue to be VISCIOUS….I’m sure the networks matched the ghost Guerrero “soft” in his last
    fight but never expected him to go tooth and nail…I believe if Rigo was given the Gary Russell “diet”, he would look just as exciting too!Time to promote this guy right!!!!

  • By the way, I have not seen a video from Pedro Fernandez. Pedro! Were you a technician? I guess you do not win Golden Gloves without good skills.

  • It is a shame that the cuban does not receive more exposure. I have a soft spot for these ultra-talented boxers, more than limited, brutish KO artists. I guess it is not “boxing for the masses”, it takes something to appreciate this level of skill. Anyone can enjoy a brutal knockout, there is nothing difficult to be understood about it. But real skill is more subtle.

    That’s why the perfect fighter, in my opinion, is the one that blends both, ultra skills with punching power, so knockouts come out of picture-perfect punches, not a lucky home run. The youngest Mayweather had some of it, before becoming a safety-first / easy money fighter. Hearns had it. Ali of course… The list is long. I still do not understand how HBO is not looking for this type of excellence, but I guess that business for the masses comes first.

  • Shiming is more of a news story than a fighter now, but why not have him on? Better a boxing card than another giant transformer robot movie as far as I’m concerned! Howard Davis, Holyfield, Leonard all had steady TV exposure coming up. Let them build an international attraction if they can. We can flip to HBO 2 or the rerun network and watch a Rifleman episode if he stinks. GGG is next week–all will be forgiven.

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