Rodney King: Will Mosley Mirror This After Pacman Fight?

Rodney King: Will Mosley Mirror This After Pacman Fight?


San Francisco, CA– Having sources in both the Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley training camps, I’m getting is rave reviews on both men for the most part. That being said, Pacquiao is a near 3-1 betting favorite in the Las Vegas sports books. But are those numbers warranted? Take into consideration that the last time Mosley looked super was when he was on Steroids & EPO for his second fight with Oscar De La Hoya. As for his stoppage of Antonio Margarito in 2009, I think that had more to do with the Mexican being caught before the fight after inserting a plaster of Paris-like block in his hand wrap in the dressing room at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. With the fight De La Hoya set at 154 lbs., ex-BALCO Lab guru told Victor told me me that Shane personally approached him and asked for EPO.


Victor Conte

Victor Conte

According to Conte, Shane wanted the EPO, a blood doper that increases the red blood cells (oxygen) in him system between 35 and 45%, this meant Shane could train 45% harder, recover, and thus fight 45% harder, because he was moving up in weight to 154 for the De La Hoya rematch. As Conte watched the fight on TV, he credited the Steroids, and the EPO he had supplied Shane with, this Victor said enabled Shane to fight so hard in the late going of the 12-rounder. Weeks later, the FBI got wind of this after finding Shane Mosley’s name in some of the BALCO Lab’s garbage they that had scoured through for almost a year. When the Feds went to the Nevada Commission, they stated the results of Mosley’s post fight urine sample were destroyed, which was the norm I’m told seeing the original tests came back clean. It should also be noted that if Shane Mosley told you the sun was coming up tomorrow, you might want to doubt him after he passed a Polygraph (lie detector) test saying he never took Steroids, EPO, and the like, this seeing he later admitted to under oath, thus Shane confirmed he was both a cheat and a liar!


The problem was that the Nevada Commission did not know of, or how to test for the Clear & Cream Steroids, nor the EPO, all three to which Mosley admitted to taking prior to De La Hoya II, this when deposed by Conte’s lawyers years later. Being an admitted cheat, Mosley adhered to Floyd Mayweather’s demands and took random blood testing leading up to their fight of May 2010. Looking old and slow against Floyd, Shane didn’t look much better when he faced Sergio Mora in his next fight. What I’m trying to say is that outside of his admitted use of banned drugs, and the mental meltdown Margarito was facing after being caught trying to “load” his hand wraps, Mosley hasn’t looked good in years. That being said, it appears there is a great possibility that Mosley will be a sitting duck for Pacquiao, a fighter who has been suspected, but never caught, nor ever admitted to using banned drugs like Mosley.


Even if both of these fighters were “juiced” up (or not) for this fight, I’d have to go with the younger and faster Filipino phenom. When it comes to common opponents, one in particular being Miguel Cotto, although there will always be an asterisk with Pac’s win over Cotto, this seeing he made Miguel scale 145 for a welterweight (147 lb) title fight, this looks like it is a Pacquiao victory. At the end of the night, Shane Mosley will more than likely look like the victim of a beating a gang of police officers much like Rodney King after he tried to evade the cops in a car chase many years ago.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Pedro Fernandez


    Extremely well put!

  • “The announcers” felt Oscar beat SSM? You mean the company men/cheerleaders at HBO? What a surprise that was.

    I think what people forget when bringing up that fight is that Oscar LOST his very next fight to Felix Sturm and Sturm was robbed. Even the scores were the same as ODH-SSM, all 115-113 – So you can’t have it both ways. If someone thought he beat SSM, then they have to admit he lost to Sturm, which is pretty embarrassing. I didn’t see ODH calling for an investigation into that decision like he did after the SSM fight.

    Every time someone brings up ODH-SSM II and complains about the decision, it should be a reminder of ODH’s embarrassing loss to Sturm and gift decision. If I was ODH, I would have a bigger problem with that than losing twice to a future hall of fame fighter like SSM.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jokerface, you can’t write, have a telling moniker and if you were to leave us alone, I’d be a happier camper!

  • Of course u wouldnt ur in the pacman wAgon so u are blind pedrito fernandez

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Won’t agree with you here Jokerface. With a name like that, who could take you seriously anyway?

  • First of all I am positive manny pacquiaou is using steroids that pump his blood more PODs so he could, fight better if u guys notice he lost to morales cuz he was cut from his eye n when ur on that kind of steroid u cant fight hard cuz u could pump a lot of blood from ur cut thats why he lost to morales cuz his steroids back fire at him ig u guys notice morales was the only one who cut him no one else has done that but if shane cuts him I wouldnt be surprise if pacman losses 8time wieght champion yeah right he was never champion at 126 nor at 130 that was giving to him or stolen from marquez n he was never champion at140 greatest cheater of all time manny pacquiaou

  • Sugar Shane even with the PED did not beat Osacar. All the announcers for this fight were in complete agreemnet and so was Sugar Shanes Father who repeatedly told Shane he was losing just about every round. I recently played the tape of this fight without the sound and Oscar won atleast 9 rounds convincingly. Why he didnt protest the decision further is a testament to what a Great sport Oscarl always was. He also knew that Sugar with the loss would have been hard to market. He did it for the sport of Boxing. Those are the facts, atleast for those who truly know the Game.

  • ODH refused to protest Mosely’s win over him for their second fight being they were business partners and showed some loyalty (strange to say about ODH). Mosely on the other elected to bitch slap him and walked away to secure a fight with Pacquiao for a big payday. Not that I blame him but I wouldn’t believe what he says either, given all facts Pedro stated as well. Just another thought.

    BTW..where’s my boss? (winding back hand)

    Pacquia KO within 8

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I have no idea or knowledge on this. I want to watch fights, not punching sessions. Thanks!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    ScottG, get screwed!

  • Pedro, i hope you are going to answer this question for me. I have been hearing conflicting reports about whether they will be drug tests for this Mosley vs Pacquio fights. Some people are saying Pacquio will NOT be tested and Mosley will BE tested. whats the truth man, hope you will shed the light.
    If only Mosley is going to be tested then why, if blood tests do take away ur strength, then why having Mosley “lose his strength” and not Pacquio
    This Pacquio guy , well

    Lastly i like ur objective view, u r the only guy who sheds the truth, unlike some who dont have the guts to question whatever Arum and Manny do
    Keep up the good work, while i wait patiently for your answer

  • Another “Pay-Per-Screw” that I wont be buying.

    Thanx for remembering me, Devon Chaos.

  • pac is ready even if shane is dirty… it doesn’t matter to him bcoz he just want to give a great fight… now it’s up for mosley if he will also do the same…

  • @pedro

    “Ignorant Joey Smith, another disgrace of Pac fans and Pinoys.”

    Can u please delete/omit the word “Pinoy”, “Filipino” in reference to pac fans, saying “Pac fans” is enough.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ward no longer is associated with Victor. Personally, Victor and I have disagreed. But his products are super!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, Floyd was hit by a punch he didn’t see and it stunned him. Mosley didn’t follow up, cause he had nothing.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Cotto was 2 lbs, Marga was 4 lbs. You’re right, money!

  • Rx the Drugged Man

    It is extremely possible for Shane to sneak PEDS in his system come fight night. He is admitted cheat. A test should be taken from both fighters right after the showdown and its results taken care of. Shane has a lot of gain if he can get away with it. The prospect of not only being rich but phil-ty (thank you to the pilipino)rich!

  • And SSM looked like crap in DLH II – both did. Other than the Marg fight he has not looked good in 10 years, since the first Forrest fight. Was never the same following that fight.

  • garbage fight because SSM could not even clearly beat a guy from ‘The Contender’ his last time out.

    As Gary G says, another Pay Per Screw I won’t be buying. Would not even stream this farce.

  • That’s the biggest question I still have about Mosley. If you beat ODLH the first time convincingly why would you need steroids in the rematch? I think Mosley needs to have his record dissected.

  • Good commentary !!! Finally someone just telling the truth about manny and anybody else who is suspected of cheating. Shane needs the payday and i wish him well. Pacman has looked great against old depleted fighters and he will look good again against mosley. he hasn’t beat a good fighter on equal terms since marquez and even that was questionable. He’s the “cash” cow now, and it is good for the business of boxing, but not the sport..

    How are you fighting me for my title and I have to come in 2lbs lighter (cotto & margarito) that’s bad for boxing but good for business… why did the fighters agree MONEY !!!!

  • All of Pacquiao’s title fights should have ateriks or not even be title fights….considering Pacquiao stipulates that the other fighter(s) come in at a lower catch weight than the weight limit for the actual title suggests. Pac-Man should be allowed to fight these guys but no title should be on the line.

  • Shane did not sound confident or excited during his recent conference call. If that was the time to sell himself to disbelievers, he did not do a good job of it, IMO. Pac-Man on the other hand, consistently sounds like a man who expects to win and knows he will. Shane maybe just going through the motions?

  • If Mosley hits Pacquaio square on the jaw like he did Mayweather then it’s lights out Paccquiao.Mark my words.

  • Andre Ward has worked with convicted steroid-dealer Victor Conte for the past couple of years, since 2009 at least in preparation for the Kessler fight.
    Yep, Conte gets out of jail, and Ward hired him for his services.

  • I guess the “THE NEVADA TESTING METHODS WERE NOT ADEQUATE” a decade ago when Mosley and DLH fought the second time.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Dezzie, I’ve called Mayweather a chump, among other things. It is so sad that you cannot read. Did you make it through elementary school? Apparently not!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ignorant Joey Smith, another disgrace of Pac fans and Pinoys. I feel sorry for you

  • Uuuuh, Pedro….who didn’t know Shane wasn’t being completely truthful about the BALCO thing? I’ve said the same thing, in the ENTIRE BALCO-gate, Victor Conte was called a liar by many, but the “many” ended up admitting to their use of “synthetic” talent.

    As far as the outcome, I have no thoughts about it, either way. I think the sun has set on the “lethal” portion of Shane’s talent and I think too much is made about a “puncher’s” chance. We all know it can happen, but will it? On the flip side, anyone OUTSIDE of Planet Pacquaio, KNOWS this fight is happening 2-3 years too late. However, that won’t stop the world from “spinning” it as the performance of the century.

    I will have to commend you…I love how you injected the “weight” perspective when speaking of the Cotto/Pac fight. Objective my man.

  • Mosley’s over the hill, slow and has no chance at all of winning this fight. Sad really that this is supposed to be boxing’s return to primetime. Short term gain for the pockets of those involved, but long term will not help the sport at all.

  • 3 large screens, great sound system, an expected crowd of 500 that will bring the house down, plus raffle prizes, freebies and breakfast/drink for only Php 500. Come and join the fun at the Elbow Room, Metrowalk, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City and witness boxing history unfold LIVE!!! PACQUIAO vs. MOSLEY on May 08, Sunday.1 VIP room still available. For the Benefit of the Dare to C.A.R.E. Smokey Mountain Youth Development Programs of JCI Manila. Helping Smokey Mountain Youth become BETTER through the implementation of various youth development programs for the community. Contact 400-8716 or 0923-585-5957. Where to watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley fight? Go to the Best place in town to watch the fight, The Elbow Room Restaurant and Bar. See you there!!

  • By the way, now that Victor Conte is on Nonito Donaire’s circle, will Nonito start wiping out all contenders in the upper weights? This remains to be seen.

  • I doubt it, Shane looking like Rodney.
    Those fighters that got their faces battered (Marquez, Diaz, ODLH, Cotto, Margarito) were right in front of Pacquiao. Mosley won’t be, mostly. He’s a mover and a banger. On the contrary, I would think that Pacquiao will be more in a position to look like King. Sports cheaters have been around as prostitutes have, and it’s too bad. Then again they’re far behind Usama Been Laden just recently. BTW, good read about Mosley’s story as all I knew was he got caught doing “PEDS”, and now I’m beginning to doubt Mosley’s “good boy” personality.

  • hahaha, thats funny! you think mosley’s face will look like that of rodney? LOL
    well, theres a big possibility it will. pacquiao would be 200% ready for this fight and mosley might not be able to handle it.

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