Did Shane's Balls Stay On the Deck After He Got Up?


Las Vegas, NV– If you even pretend to be a fight fan, you have seen the YouTube clip from Fight Camp 360 on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosely” where Mosely supposedly wants to quit, and his trainer Nazeem Richardson won’t let him.


It’s a short clip, it jumps around, thus they have put in captions,and you know Hollywood…They can do anything with film, and they will do anything for a buck! I cannot tell from that 34 second teaser if Mosley really wanted to quit or not. Nothing in his career to date gives any indication that he has a ticker problem, although he was scared enough to call ex-BALCO Labs guru Victor Conte and beg him for EPO (Blood Doping, increasing the amount of Oxygen in his blood) as he prepped for the Oscar De La Hoya rematch, this according to Conte and Shane’s own admission under oath in a taped deposition.


To be sure, Shane has got some mileage on him. But it does bring up an interesting issue that tags along with my last “Still Stuff In The (boxing) Basement” column, and that is heart and character.


In today’s universe of sports, you have athletes who can run a hundred meters in less than ten seconds, who can throw a football seventy yards, can drive a golf ball over 300 yards, can sink a basket from half court routinely, or that can bench press an automobile–all of which translates over into absolutely nothing in boxing. You can have all the strength, speed, and reflexes in the world, but if a fighter doesn’t have technique, experience, psychology, and a sound strategy, all the other matters almost nothing.


But there is something else in this “Manly Art of Self Defense” that is needed (and the supposed Mosley fiasco notwithstanding), and that is heart and character. Heart and character are important for anyone to have, especially anyone wanting to rise above mediocrity, but it takes on special significance when it comes to fisticuffs.


In an article written for “Esquire” magazine in 1996, author Pete Hamill in “Blood on their hands,” talked about the importance of heart and character in a fighter, “We are not speaking here of simple courage. Any man who ties on the gloves and walks into the ring has a degree of courage. To say that a man had heart was a more complicated matter. The fighter with heart was willing to endure pain in order to inflict it. The fighter with heart accepted the cruel rules of the sport. He must not– could not– quit. He might be out classed, he might be out gunned, but he never looked for an exit!”


I’m not exactly sure when checking your cajones at the arena door became a part of the fight game, but it seems to have happened as something has taken the “Man” out of “The Manly Art of Self Defense.” Perhaps we are just now beginning to see the results of the “no score” rec league sports for our kids. Maybe it started in 1982, 1987, and 1988 when the alphabet boy’s emasculated the sport by wimping out in championship bouts by reducing the rounds from 15 to 12.


In other sports, you can get away with some character flaws or less heart, because you have teammates to help you out. In boxing, in the squared circle, it’s just you, your opponent, your two fists, your skill, and your heart; and if you leave that heart, that will to fight at home with your mommy, Shane, and this is not directly pointed at your almost 40-year old carcass, do us all a favor and stick to playing hop-scotch and dancing with Bella.

Professor Chuck Marbry


  • ElSI (or whatever),

    You can’t even say that of me. You’re saying I’m not objective because I’m critical of who Pac fights, and when he fights them? You’re saying I’m not objective because I don’t praise Pac and worship him? Here’s an objective observation; Pac looks great fighting old, small, weight drained, and shot fighters. NOW, he should fight someone with no catch weight, in their prime, and who has not got the Sh!t kicked out of them by someone else first. Just so you know, more Boxing fans are realizing what I have been saying. Don’t believe me, just look at how Pac’s PPV numbers are dropping.
    Keep wasting your money, maybe Pac will give you a handout later, Maybe.

    Why don’t you read this and learn something?



  • SKERGE, one thing I can say of you is – nothing will make you a Pacquiao fan or even an objective Pacquiao observer. Therefore, trying to reason out with you telling you are dead wrong, is simply a waste of time. Just keep up with what you are doing because just like the so called PacNuts, Pachaters like you just made Manny Pacquiao a real, household name that he is today….just keep on keeping on…

  • TT: Chino XL was there too at that show I mentioned!

  • TT: Yeah, Immortal is tight. I saw him perform several times, the last time on an l.a. rooftop with sick jacken from psycho realm for hip hop for education. Dj Muggs was spinning and the surprise guest was b-real from cypress hill!..anyways, .I know a lot of these fighters come from very impoverished situations and I dont think its a coincedence the toughest usually come from hard backrounds. Pac has been in wars too. Look at his friggin eye socket when he fought marquez! how about when he fought cotto, people don’t see it, but he was in rough in that fight. Pac has that warrior mentality, and I feel a lot of it has to do in where he came from…

  • 1200 Techs, Immortal Technique is my favorite rapper. I actually went to go see him in Watts when he was performing with Psycho Realm on the “We the people tour” a couple years back. I know that song is from his newest album the middle passage. Anyways most boxers grow up in poverty. There is a few that don’t but the majority have, so that’s a moot point. Oscar de la Hoya is from my neighborhood in East L.A. he grew up in poverty plus his mom died when he was young does that make his rise to fame more commendable than Pacs? Roberto Duran grew up in poverty as well JCC, Morales, Marquez brothers, Hopkins, Tyson. Pac isn’t the only fighter to grow up in poverty, so it’s good to see someone make it but Pac wasn’t the first or the last to rise from poverty in the boxing game. I thought you were talking about coming back in the ring like getting dropped 3 times in the first round and getting a draw against one of the most explosive boxers in the world, that’s coming back from adversity. That’s what I thought you meant by facing adversity not growing up in poverty like the majority of boxers do.

  • TT: What I mean is look at his upbringing. Being in that ring is a cakewalk compared to how he grew up..There’s a popular underground rapper Immortal Technique who puts it best in a song called third world “I’m from a place that makes the hoods in America look like paradise!” To have someone overcome that kind of situation takes a LOT of determination.

  • KP,

    Again, it’s not hate, it’s true. How many what if’s have I thrown out, that makes you tired? You say: “If someone doesn’t have the attributes will or desire to do something, maybe they are who they are.” That’s exactly my criticism of Pac, the fighters HE chooses to fight, the time he decides to fight them, and with the demands he places on them. Two yrs ago Roach said Mosley was still too good for Pac to fight, but that changed when PBF beat Mosley and everyone saw that Mosley tanked out and his reflexes were shot. Again, that is my criticism. Besides KP, the discussion was about the plan laid out to beat Pac. Clottey laid out the plan, which is basic knowledge for fighting a left hander. That was my argument, I then offered my opinion. You sound like an over emotional Pac fan.


  • SKERGE,I am not getting emotional, just tired of the what if scenarios. Your hate is obvious and you go to any length to discredit everything the guy does. I mean your analysis is so flawed. It’s like saying, “well if so and so had a chin they wouldn’t have got knocked out”. If someone doesn’t have the attributes will or desire to do something, maybe they are who they are. If Clottey sat there and covered up in the fight don’t you think maybe he didn’t punch because of the fear of taking punishment? Same with Mosley. The results may have changed for the worse if either opened up and thats why they thus resigned from doing so. Should they have at least tried? Yes. At least I can see the difference and not come up with pointless what if’s that really have no bearing in your argument. Just sounds like sour grapes from someone who tries to discredit Manny’s accomplishments at every opportunity.

  • Noy2,

    There is a reason Team Pac fought Mosley after PBF did, and not right after Mosley KO’d Margo 2 yrs ago. Roach saw that Mosley was done after PBF. Classic Manny, asking an older, worn out, shot, fighter with slowed reflexes to hit him. Yeah, that’s classic Manny alright.


  • KP,

    It’s not hate, it’s the truth. What have I said that was a lie? My opinion is just as good as yours. Stupid, is when you say something with no evidence to back it. Calm down, you’re getting too emotional over Pac already.


  • @skerge – all these “would have” “could have” scenario are amusing. even naazim go as far as saying the “blueprint” was created to defeat PAC but somehow when they’re in the ring those boxers just cover up and practically disengage themselves from the fight. PAC was cautious with shanes power that why there was a lot of feeling out… PACs style changes depending on his opponents. have you seen the 360 recap where PAC was saying that he asked shane to hit him just to make the fight entertaining for the fans….classic manny.

  • Pacquiao has been through the worst of the worst? Please elaborate I have no Idea what you are talking about.

  • SKERGE, The hate of Paquaio is too obvious. If Clottey would have done this…he would have won..blah blah blah. If he would have opened up he probably would have been knocked out. SKERGE you are a pretty knowledgeable fan, but you make yourself look stupid when it comes to any comment you have in regards to Paquaio.

  • KBB,

    The plan was actually laid out by Clottey (or you can be an awesome counter puncher like JMM, not likely though). Keep Pac from getting his lead foot outside yours and strafe him with the straight right. If Clottey would have put a Left-Hook behind it, he could of KO’d Pac.


  • Bad Fight Strategy,

    Brother Nasseem harped on turning Pacquiao to the right over and over again. Sure it made it hard for Pacquiao to get to Mosely. However, it made it almost impossible for Mosely to tag Pacquiao moving away from his regular power shot. Richardson claims he laid the blue print to beat Pacquiao. He laid the blueprint
    for a southpaw to beat Pacquiao. He laid the blueprint for a tradtional fighter to get his ass beat twelve straight rounds. He laid the blueprint for a lacluster fight. However, it was still 10 times more exciting than any Maywether fight I can remember. Bella Gonzales was correct, when Shane kept tapping pacquiaos gloves he was becoming his bitch!! He’s a clever little rascal!

  • 1200 Techs,

    I will agree with Pac being special when the catch-weights and the list of opponents start being in their prime, and not 2 fights removed from having their A$$es handed to them by someone else first. Oh, he also has to fight the Real Champs, not fight for their belts after they have been stripped.


  • @Marquez>Pacquiao How much have you lost so far betting against Pacquiao? I pity you!

  • Marquez > Pacquiao

    It wasn’t his balls on the canvas…. it was the extra bonus check he had in his bank account for selling out.

  • I just saw the 360 recap..i have to say, I’m starting to like better the way showtime covers boxing more than HBO..I think thats one of the thing that makes pacquaio special..His willingness to fight through adversity..The guy practically beams when he fights! That dudes been through the worst of the worst and always fights back if you come at him, not unlike el terrible erik morales…on a last note, yup..mosley wanted out, right when pac was starting to pour it on! I agree with mosley’s trainer richardson about pac being a special cat. Once he puts his hands on you,something happens to the opponants where they don’t want to engage. Theyre cajones just basically stays on the deck like the picture above says!

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