Brian Vera-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

Brian Vera-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.


San Francisco, CA– They say the oldest profession in the world is prostitution. That being said, hookers, be it male or female, are aware that they are going to get screwed, that is the nature of their profession. Professional boxers on the other hand apply their trade in the squared circle of battle and not between the sheets of some cheap motel. But if you watched the Julio Cesar Chavez-Brian Vera fight Saturday on HBO, then you know that the business concept of prostitution is more noble than that of professional boxing.


There are lots of people that have bad days at work, hell, I commit typos all the time.  But the errors of a writer will not impact, and or destroy one’s livelihood. That cannot be said for the decision of boxing judges Gwen Adair, Marty Denkin and Carla Caiz, who by some stretch of the imagination gave Chavez a unanimous decision win over Brian Vera, who threw more punches, landed more shots, thus winning far more rounds than the not-so svelte (fat ass) son of Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

Younger Gwen Adair

Gwen Adair circa 1988


Adair, best known for being the first US female boxing referee, her cameo appearance on the TV series MASH, who also started the Fatburger fast food chain, scored the fight 98-92 (8 rounds to 2) for Chavez. Marty Denkin, Hall of Famer or not, had Chavez up 97-93 (7-3 in rounds), while the third judge, Carla Caiz gave it to JC. Jr. by  a 96-94 (6-4 in rounds) score, when in reality Julio won at the very most three rounds.


This is why boxing cannot be taken seriously as a sport. Much like the WWE, (World Wrestling Entertainment), it appears in the minds of many that these three California judges were bought and paid for by the Chavez camp, something I know is not true. Still, these officials are guilty of violating section 211 of California Penal Code AKA Robbery!  I gave JC the opening round, the 5th, and instead of scoring round 6 even, I gave it to the undeserving winner from Mexico, compiling a 97-93 compilation for the 10-1 underdog Vera after 10 rounds.


I almost wanted to cry, as it reminded me of a fight in which I knocked an opponent from the UK down twice in a 3 round fight and lost a split decision. One judge had me winning 60-56, this when they were scoring on the 20 point must system, meaning 20 to the winner and 19 or less to the loser. I know people say get over it, that was over 20 years ago, but that decision for the World PAL welterweight championship still haunts me today.


Refusing the silver medal, if the ring in Tucson was still in place, the silver medal would still be laying there as I threw it on the canvas. Never before had I dominated, and I mean dominated an opponent like I did then and been burned.  If an amateur decision for a world title still gnaws at my craw, imagine how Brian Vera feels this  morning. Reaching out to my Mexican friends last night, only one had the audacity to say the fight was even, while the other three thought Chavez flat-out got his fat ass kicked.


I know crying is not considered a manly act, but if I were Vera they would have to put me on Prozac seeing these judges screwed him like giving counterfeit money to a streetwalker hustling on the poor side of town. They and the state of California, they owe Vera millions of dollars for victimizing him. There is no rhyme or reason for giving JC Jr. the fight other than the judges, two once quite competent, while Caiz got in because of connections, are either inept or crooked, and I lean towards ineptness while many conspiracy-minded fans think they were “bought and paid for.”


Hall of Fame Referee Marty Denkin

Hall of Famer Marty Denkin

Marty Denkin has had his share of controversy before, but at one time, the late great Jack Downey, who refereed many notable fights, some including Muhammad Ali, a California official for over 50 years, told me that any “young referee should study Marty Denkin,” this back in 1981. Now in his 70’s and after submitting that 97–93 score for Chavez, I think its time for Marty to ride off into the sunset. Once a great official, Marty now mirrors Mr. Magoo of cartoon fame.


As for Gwen Adair, a woman whom I respected for many years, she should clean Brian Vera’s house for life, as should Carla Caiz of the Raul Caiz clan of officials. Although she had it close at 96-94, most people I respect had Vera prevailing by a 7-3 or 8-2 margin. That means to many knowledgable people, the cards of Gwen Adair and Marty Denkin were off by double digits!


Recently the Governor of Nevada went ballistic when another female jurist, CJ Ross had the Floyd Mayweather-Saul Alvarez fight even while most felt Floyd pitched a new shutout. All I can say about that fight is that the right guy, Mayweather, won. After Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown and the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, which regulates boxing, should pull the license of Adair, Denkin and the female Caiz for there is absolutely no reason, other than bias or ineptness, that could allow a competent official to give this fight to Chavez.


A few weeks ago, WBO champ Ricky Burns was awarded a totally undeserved (like Chavez) decision win over Ray Beltran, a fight that had even the hometown British press crying, “Foul/Fix.” Later that week, Burns’ promoter Eddie Hearn admitted that Beltran won the fight.  Could Chavez’ promoter Bob Arum do the same this week? This the man who told the media once, “Yesterday I was lying, but today I’m telling the truth.” Would Arum display the incredible amount of class that Hearn did in admitting Vera got heisted? Probably not!


Being a Californian, and certified by the Assn. of Boxing Commissions as a boxing judge, I am submitting my application this week to the Athletic Commission as I’m both ashamed and embarrassed with the work product put forth by Carla Caiz, Gwen Adair and Marty Denkin. In closing, all three should, for the sake of the game, never, ever, work again. And if ever there was a decision that should be overturned, it should be this Chavez win over Vera.



Pedro Fernandez


  • I didn’t see the Chavez fight but saw Bradley get a gift over the Pac Man. They didn’t have to protect him as they seem to do with Chavez. Boxing is a sport that can take away a win and change a person’s life. A rematch of the Chavez-Vera fight is a must same as PacMan and Bradley should have been!

  • As Julio Sr said: discipline comes after the fight. Nuff said.

  • The decision was at least as ridiculous as the weight thing ! I think Chavez should start fighting people his own size [no I don’t mean cruiserweight, I don’t think he deserves to be killed] ! Maybe Adonis Stevenson is the right guy to put Junior into retirement ! Great article as usual, Pedro !

  • I lost all shock at these sort of decisions after the Dave Tiberi/James Toney fight. After that, my interest in boxing took a dive.

  • I am done watching boxing. Long time fan, too..and I am hangin it up. Flipping full time to MMA, except this time — ONLY if and when I have the time to watch with nothing better to do…and none of this PPV crap.

    Sad. Boxing has no hope of surviving. And Fat Ass Chavez..if he is the future of boxing, I want no part of it.

  • Pedro,
    Thanks for the recap. I refused to watch this fight broadcast, because of the BS surrounding Jr’s lack of professionalism (weight) in the 2nd fight, and because of the Sex trafficer in the 1st. “F” both those guys. Neither of those “guys” deserves any attention.


  • TomBomb: Its finally making its rounds now… Judges should not be bothered while judging a fight! I thought the fight was close…hearing chavez get booed in carson pretty much sums it up though especially when you know it was chavez most went to see… Its too bad because the Shellacking that adonis gave cloud was pretty entertaining and really making 168-175 picture more interesting…HBO should give up on lardass and send his ass packing to espn…I’m probably in the minority but I feel chavez does have skill and if he were to light the fire under his own ass, people would take him more seriously….for now, let him earn it! and without all the bs (missing weight, diuretics, no need to test texas..etc…)

  • I am not a judge, but I have attended the Association of Boxing Commisions training for judges, and I was watching the fight as a fan It takes too mutch concentration to judge a fight, so I asked some of the best judges in Indiana. They had Vera winning 97-93 or maybe 96-94. It semms that when Top Rank is involved, we get these decisions. Why don’t you poll some of the judges in the US and see how many agree with the judges in California.

  • 1200 Techs I just read the statement from the trainer. I read it on boxingscene. Its a shame. At the end of the day we can only feel bad for Vera and hope the bad politics of boxing goes away. I am more pissed because I lost good money on the fight. I bet the Vera to win and was counting my money after the bell in the 12 round rung. When the decision was announced I wanted to flip my TV.

  • One of todays top trainers said he seen some suspicious activity involving people standing around the judges during the chavez vs vera fight..he didnt really want to delve into it..but he said it definitely wanted to make him puke…i havent seen any major websites reporting it… man if thats true, what a shame..

  • Pedro: I score all the big fights on TV. I had it 97/93 Vera. One of the rounds I had even but gave it to Jr. anyway. I have the paper I scored it on and I wrote the word CORRUPT on it after the decision was announced. This was a big time heist but it has been going on since boxing first started. I was an amateur more than sixty years ago in the CYO program. I won a couple of fights that, to be truthful, I felt like I lost. In the finals of one event, I was fighting a kid named Thompmson and Jerry Fiorello, a very good club fighter in those days(you can look him up on Box/Rec}told me:”Kid you cant win this fight even if you kill him” and he was right. It was the easiest fight I can remember and I lost the decision. It haunts me to this day so I can feel like you did and Vera right now. It was and is pure crap. But, you can go to the bank that nothing will come of it and boxing will go on and on in the same way it always has. Arum and his ilk, along with with HBO and Showtime are now in the driver’s seat. Good stuff, Pedro……

  • Emilio, GREAT analysis. Thay allowed it t ba the circus it was. Like anything to get Jr. on TV and a win, albeit undeserved.

  • Demetrio,

    You don’t grasp the fact that a fight, this a ten rounder, they are 10 mini fights and there is no way in hell he won many rounds. One or two punches vs, all out affective aggression and throwing and landing far more. A fight is 10 individual fights and JC did not win many three minute sessions of battle. Thanks for the comment and keep them coming!

  • Demetrio A. Karganilla

    I think the telling blows made it for Chaves. Other boxers could have succumbed to those punches. Imagine, Chaves was at 190 ibs cruserweight during fight night.

  • In this case, HBO is the real culprit. The moment this fight became a mockery with the weight issues they should have pulled their guarantee and refused to air the fight.

  • She was one of the people running up the hill to meet the incoming helicopter with the wounded at the start of each show. Kyle, I miss you!

  • Gwen Adair was great as Klinger…

  • Terrible decision. I see many arguing that Chavez landed the harder shots but he did but land enough to win. I didn’t think Chavez beat Zbik either to be honest. The guy makes a mockery of boxing. I feel for Vera. I hope you do become a judge Pedro. I think you would do a great job.

  • Good article Pedro. Was hoping you would post something about this travesty today. Sadly, I felt that they would rob Vera.

  • Let’s not get overly worked up over this. You guys didn’t expect the judges to give it to Vera, did you? There was no way in hell Vera was gonna win, even if he had knocked him out, they would’ve disqualified him for some unfair punch or other bs.

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