San Francisco, CA– Even before this past weekend, if you follow boxing then you knew that World middleweight (160 lbs.) champion Sergio Martinez was “the real deal.” Having lost two fights, one to Antonio Margarito some nine years ago, and the disputed call with Paul Williams in their initial encounter, Martinez should probably be hailed as the “new” king of boxing.

Sergio Martinez

Sergio Martinez


Some writers, the ever so capable Ted Sares for one, have the (47-2-2, 26 KOs) Argentine living in Oxnard, CA, “numero uno” on the ‘pound for pound’ list. In his last three fights, Sergio busted up middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik, knocked Paul Williams, the man that Pavlik was ducking, into another time zone, this before besting an unbeaten Sergy Dzinziruk Saturday night.


Dzinziruk claimed he had never been knocked down either as an amateur or pro, but Sergy (37-1, 23 KOs) went down five times, thrice in the final round at the hands of Martinez.


Martinez is 36 years old, Manny Pacquiao is 32, while Floyd Mayweather is now 34, these are the three best boxers in boxing, so say the majority of pundits. If these three fighters were even across the board, you’d have to tout Sergio Martinez the best fighter in the world because of the competition he has faced and defeated of late.


Muhammad Ali, when he faded after the third Joe Frazier fight, Roberto Duran was considered the best ‘pound for pound.’ Duran would give the mythical title up in late 1980 when he quit against Ray Leonard in their rematch. While Duran was hailed as #1, Ali still hadn’t lost to anyone since Ken Norton in 1972. It boiled down to the level of competition.


Pacman’s zenith was either the Ricky Hatton or Miguel Cotto win. Since then, he has faced two less than stellar foes in Joshua “Handcuffed” Clottey and shopworn and weight drained Antonio Margarito. Next up is near 40-year old Shane Mosley, whom the aforementioned Floyd Mayweather beat 11 of 12 rounds. Face it folks, the boxing kingdom has a new leader and his name is Sergio Martinez.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Sorry Skerge, but Dencio is now going straight to the Spam Folder, thus I will no longer even see his stuff. You will need another antaganost as I am tired of his personal attacks and BS. Just don’t have the time.

  • Dencio,

    You Pac fans love making things up, don’t you. I heard Pac-land issued a restraining order against you for stalking Pac. That Tattoo on you face of him doesn’t help. I already told you, I don’t hate Pac, I just don’t believe the hype and refuse to drink the Pac Kool-Aid. This is why no one can have an intelligent conversation with you, you lack intelligence, and make stuff up. Go play with your Pac doll now.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Dencio, Dense is what you are. Please leave this site and go elsewhere. NOBODY wants you here, especially me!


    “First off, why did you start talking to me again?”
    Im just helping you with your psycho illness……remember, you lost lots of $$$ betting against pac, the reason why you hate him so much….then boom, you lost your sanity, with the last thing on your mind is hatred on pac.

  • Dencio,

    First off, why did you start talking to me again? I thought you were boycotting me. Second, I guess Pac was “distracted” by the blisters on his feet, or was it the blood drawn, or was it the gloves? Why did Pac lose to EM the first time again? Funny you always make Pac out to be superman,”Pac dealt with typhoons, no bother…” As for PBF, who knows why he does what he does? Maybe he actually needs the money, now that he owes the IRS so much. Pac had everything he wanted in a contract with PBF already, but refused the random testing. Pac dropped that one.


    i did mention the word “DISTRACTIONS” cause your using it as one of the excuses why barrera lost to pac. You dont know why PBF ask for $100 million, no? Cause he knew that pac sooner or later, would give in to blood testing w/out cut-off.

  • Sean,

    I couldn’t agree more. Plus, it should be done at 154. No catch-weight crap. I’m sure Sergio wouldn’t mind taking the small cut of the purse either, he just wants an opportunity to prove he’s the best, not stack the deck and have the Top Rank PR machine fool everyone into it.


  • To settle the argument how about Manny fight Martinez for the belt that was stolen from him? At the very least and if Manny was truly an honorable man he’d give Sergio a fair one. Why is it ok for Manny to fight for a belt that was stolen from a man that earned it the right way? If Manny wanted his belt he should have taken it like a man inside the ring. That was a cowards move on Manny’s part!

  • Dencio,

    Distractions? does it really matter? Pac was slowed down/distracted by landslide/typhoon in one of his fight, doesnt bother him at all.

    Really, I guess only blood being drawn scares Pac then? Or is it needles? What about the gloves n the 1st EM fight? Or the blisters? Pac makes as many excuses if not more than any other fighter out there. Quit making it seem like Pac is all that. He’s never defeated an undefeated champ, and he’s afraid of Random tests with no cut off. That is the TRUTH.


  • Tech,

    “Really. So how come JMM didn’t destroy barrera? Must have not been that easy…”
    UM, I think you forget that JMM is a bit older than MAB, and he broke from his countering and went at MAB. Style’s and age, you know? Pac is younger and bigger than MAB, big difference. Funny how you never notice those differences for Pac. I guess Pac is so good in your eyes, he just mows through everyone, and he is just superior. When Pac loses though, the excuses come out; “gloves, blood, shoe, blisters,…” I see the hypocrisy. Yeah, Pac took on the 3 old Mexican warriors, which I give credit 2 Pac because that’s what you’re supposed to do (but you Pac fans exaggerate the accomplishment) and then took on 3 beat up, past prime, shells of themselves. Cotto, Clottey, and Rito. Funny how Pac fans will compare Pac beat down of Hatton and DLH with PBF, but they always forget that PBF did it 1st, and that means more. Yes, to be the first to beat someone means more than finishing them off. Doing it second, means it’s already possible.


  • Techs,

    You are seriously going to say Clottey was prime? I suggest you look up prime. Here, I did it for you:

    Prime: the most active, thriving, or satisfying stage or period

    Clottey lost in ’06 to Rito, his biggest wins after that were a a damaged Corrales and the underachieving Judah. Then he gave up vs Cotto, so that’s prime to you? You’re right though, Prime doesn’t mean tough challenge, too bad Pac always has the advantage over these past prime fighters. Again, What does Roach like to say about last 2 fights? Rito was perfect for Mosley as he was for Pac, slow and plodding. Pac fans tend to think Pac could hang with Prime greats. Pac would have been KO’d by both prime Mosley and DLH.

    “Pac can go down to jr. welters if he walks around at 147-150” Mt point was that Team pac always wants the advantage. If other fighter is bigger, he must move down. If smaller, he must move up. I can’t wait to hear your excuse for that, although I already know what it will be.


  • …and after barrera, he took on Marquez and morales! ..Cotto, clotey, margarito aint so bad with mayweather on target…Enough said, i’m get the hundredth comment..

  • Skerge: Earlier you refered to pac moving up to feather weight but JUST before he fougt barrera, he made 122. Bradley fought Abregu at welter, but yet he still made 140 for alexander..Difference is, pac took out the lineal champ in barrera! So yeah, he moved up in weight for barrera.

    Skerge you said “It’s easy to destroy guys, after someone else took their heart and left them shell shocked.”

    Really. So how come JMM didn’t destroy barrera? Must have not been that easy….


    “Plus, don’t forget all the distractions MAB had with the metal plate in his head, and the fire. If, you even knew about that.”

    Distractions? does it really matter? Pac was slowed down/distracted by landslide/typhoon in one of his fight, doesnt bother him at all.

    Pac back then was looking for a bigtime fighter to fight, MAB came firts b4 Morales & JMM. Again, they did not time that fight. It just so happen that MAB came first b4 EM & JMM cause both EM/JMM were not available back then. During that time, who else does he need to fight sans the 3 mexican musketeers to make him famous?

  • Skerge: Clottey was as prime as can be and look what pac did to him..Remember people were writing of Mosley and saying he wasn’t in his ‘prime’ against cotto and even less in his ‘prime’ against Margarito..What happened in those fights? Was mosley not a challenge at all? What about JMM? was he not in his prime when pac fought him (maybe not as much as the 2nd fight) but STILL jmm was taking scalps! The ones that get on top are there for a reason..Just because they are not in their ‘prime’ doesn’t mean they don’t present tough challenges.

    Yeah i didnt think it was the smartest thing for em to do against pac and I also said wtf is he for real? but personally, thats what I loved about em is his fighting spirit..

    Prime dlh and prime mosley against pac right now would be good fights…I wouldnMt anticipate a blowout and would lean towards mosley and del..but no way do i see those fights as blowouts…

    Pac can go down to jr. welters if he walks around at 147-150…what do u think bradley and alexander walk around at?

  • Tech,

    When you were yelling; “now thats a bad mo fickie right there.” about EM, I was yelling; “What the F— is he doing?” He made that fight closer than what it was, almost got KO’d, and gave Team Pac confidence for a rematch. Not to mention he allowed Team Pac and Arum to force him to make a weight he could no longer make. “Pac had been in wars too (sanchez,morales,jmm 2x’s,cotto) but still is taking on challenges”, yeah, too bad those challenges are more beat up than what Pac was. Again, name one fighter Pac fought in his prime? There aren’t any, if you truly know what prime is? Pac is not a Jr. Welter. Look at his walk around weight. Plus Roach said they’d fight Bradley and JMM at welter, and if they fought Martinez, it would have to be at Welter. Pac IS a full blown Welter. It’s easy to destroy guys, after someone else took their heart and left them shell shocked. That is the definition of Cherry Picking, let someone else do the work, sweep in for the glory and get the credit. Do you actually think Pac would have beaten DLH in DLH’s prime? I don’t, and I can’t fkn stand DLH. How about Mosley?


  • Dencio,

    Yes, they did time that fight right. I was following that potential fight. When it happened, I knew Pac had a good chance to win. MAB even said; “He reminds me, of me, when I was young.” Plus, don’t forget all the distractions MAB had with the metal plate in his head, and the fire. If, you even knew about that.


  • Skerge: I know many felt barrera won the first em fight and that em won the second fight..and when em switched stance to fight pacquaio in the 12th round, i got up out of my seat and was yelling now thats a bad mo fickie right there (em)…Pac went after the best when he took on barrera, jmm, morales one after another pretty much…thats a tough boxing schedule wouldnt you say, regardless of how many wars these top fighters had been in? they still were the top dogs no and, ifs, or buts about it. Pac had been in wars too (sanchez,morales,jmm 2x’s,cotto) but still is taking on challenges and has been dominant for some time now! his welterweight run aint too shabby either considering he probebly a lightweight, jr. welter at most…we’ll just disagree on this one skerge..i think pac deserves the number one spot personally considering his longetivity on taking top comp. as well as the manner he destroys his opponants…

    “MAB had been in many wars and I knew Team Pac was carefully timing that fight.”
    Team pac need a fight that would make pac a star…and that was the MAB fight. During that time, MAB and EM are the only fighters that would catapult pac to stardom. Hamed is a joke. No, they are not “carefully timing that fight.”

  • Tech,

    No, Pac moved up 2 fights before MAB and then went back down 2 defend his 122lb title vs (light punching) Lucero. What did Ledwaba do? He was a belt holder, plain and simple. Pac moved up to fight MAB, but he was clearly the bigger guy. Noticed how he moved through 122 to 130. I wish MAB would have put in a weight clause in that fight. Would have like to see what happened then.


  • 1200 Techs,

    I don’t do revisionist history, but Pac fans seem to. Most thought MAB beat Morales the 1st time though, either way, those guys beat each other up, and that was before Pac fought either of them. Yes, I thought Pac was a dangerous fight for MAB. I knew MAB was slipping, and I had seen Pac fight at least 5 times and saw him live when he fought Lucero. He was not very skilled, but he was fast w/ a punch and MAB was already getting hit way too much (meaning he was getting old already) and his reflexes were going. MAB had been in many wars and I knew Team Pac was carefully timing that fight. I thougth JMM clearly outboxed Pac after the 1st round, and I was surprised EM beat Pac the 1st time, although he almost gave it away in the last round when he tried to fight left handed (the dumbass). Do you think I do not know what I’m talking about, and just throw stuff out?


  • One last thing…remember the fight before barrera was at super bantamweight for pac, so he moved up to fight barrera..pac also didnt do anything to get a shot at ledwabas title and he mopped the dude up, a titleholder on two weeks notice as a replacement! it happens all the time, titlenholder defends and gets beat up by someone he thought he could whoop!

  • meant to put wipe the floor…

  • no revisionist history either! lol

  • Skerge: Many thought barerra lost the 2nd fight with EM and before the pac fight, it was a close fight, what can you do… Tell me this, when barrera and pac were going to fight the first time, are you going to tell me at the time YOU thought pac was going to we the floor with barrera? and going after jmm and then em after, i’ll flat out disagree with you on that being cherry picking…in the end, we both are fans and I myself am looking forward to this mosley pac fight cause styles make fights and this one seems to be a barnburner on deck…

  • Tech,

    MAB’s WBC belt was stripped from him because he decided to fight Tapia, and offered up to Morales vs Ayala. The WBC really loves Top Rank. But remember, MAB gave Pac a shot at 126, when Pac did nothing to deserve it.


  • Techs,

    Pay attention now. You’re right Morales was never knocked down before Pac, but many thought Espadas and MAB beat him the 1st time. After the Chi fight, many thought that Morales was a fight away from being done, because he was taking way too much punishment. Then he had tough fights w/ Cahavez and Hernandez before he lost to MAB for the 2nd time. Next he BEAT Pac and after that was beaten and embarrassed by Raheem. All of that happened before Pac KO’d him. In other words,Morales was running on fumes, and even beat Pac on fumes. Then Team Pac and Arum had him fight Pac 2nd and 3rd time at a weight he couldn’t make without drying himself out. Pac wants PBF because it’s a no lose situation for him. Pac won’t give an opportunity to an up and comer like MAB did for him though. Pac will take a test, but he still wants a cut off. He’s never said YES to testing w/ no cut off.


  • Skerge: Also,what happened to barreras belt that he won from morales before he fought pacquaio for the first time? pac gets no credit for winning a belt(outside of the ring belt) but i dont recall barrera losing it either before he fought pac…

  • Skerge: I think your putting to much stock in undefeated…Morales was never knocked down in his career and pac put him on his ass no? And if he’s avoiding those types off fighters, why would he be so badly trying to get a fight with mayweather? i read somewhere floyd seems to be pricing himself out…pac said on an interview that he’d be willing to take any test to prove that it wasn’t him that didnt want the fight, so he better not let his fans down…floyd on the other hand wants (in dr. evils voice) one gazzilion dollars! hehe

  • Tech,

    Better resume as far as names go, but look at when he fought them. What undefeated champ that has never been KO’d or knocked down has Pac fought? None! Team Pac avoid those guys. They wait until they are exposed by someone else, and that is what is referred to as CHERRY PICKING. Mosley brutalized Margo before Pac did, and P-Will beat Margo before Pac did too. P-Will did it when Arum was touting Margo as the “Most Feared Boxer”, Pac beat him when Margo was “Feared for Handwraps” boxer. Arum didn’t even want Margo to entertain a rematch with Martinez after Martinez beat Pavlik, and thatwas before Pac fought Margo. Arum has since kept Pac, Margo, Chavez Jr., and Cotto away from Martinez and had his buddy at the WBC strip Martinez 2 times, so his belts would end up in a Top Rank fighter’s hands. How Many belts were stipped from Pac to go to another fighter? None. Team Pac and all of Top Rank fear Martinez. There it is!


  • Skerge: anyone that thinks pacs championship at 154 actually means something simply does not follow boxing..what I give him credit for is the manner in which he brutilized Margarito…i’m not making excuses for pac for losing to EM in their first fight..I stated that to higlight that Pac WILL fight through adversity and still give it his all, not unlike cotto vs clottey, an act in which most fans praise cotto for..fact is pac lost fair and square against EM and there really aint no shame in that…the top dogs didnt get there by accident..It takes a special fighter to defeat somebody like barrera, em, and marquez, no matter how young they are! even after the pac fight, barrera did WAY better against marquez than juan diaz or katsidis! and you know what, i really dont like knocking fighters down but i just believe that pac has a better resume than martinez and pwill, so tere it is!

  • 1200 Techs,

    Cotto was already dusted and shell shocked by Marg, and didn’t look good vs unknown Jenning, plus he had no trainer. Team Pac took full advantage of opportunity (Cherry picked). Margo hadn’t fought in over a year & was no longer used to dropping so much weight. Plus he fought at 154 for Garcia right before Pac. That same P-Will that you are bashing Beat Margo before Pac! That’s who else is on P-Will’s ledger. You must’ve forgot that one, right? That same Margo that was brutally KO’d by Mosley, before Pac fought him. People see the Pattern Techs. Fighter X KO’s Fighter Y, Pac is now fighting fighter Y. Then his fans think Pac is a “real” champ at 154 and that he “beat” someone “better”. Of course he did, they were weight drained and just got the snot punched out of ’em.


  • 1200 Techs,

    MAB and Morales, it was only a matter of time before a Bigger, younger, guy was going to beat them. For EM they were saying that way back when he fought Chi. Plus, Team Pac dried him out at 130. Why is the dry out excuse OK for Pac, but not for EM, DLH, Cotto, or whomever else they try to slap it on? Pac is not in a Size disadvantage to guys at 140 or 147. He had a big advantage in frame @ 126, 130, and 135. I see you make an EXCUSE for first EM fight (nasty Gash) what about the 2 Pac avenged? EM couldn’t make 130 anymore, but was pressured by Team Pac and Arum to make it. He wanted the 3rd at 135.


  • yeah I know…wouldnt be surprised if he got another hbo date even after getting starched!

  • HBO thought so! LOL!

  • in the end, its all subjective to how a person does it so we both could be right! appreciate the back and forth pedro…

  • I mean was Pwill really that good? it looked like kermit (the frog) cintron seemed to be doing well against pwill until he hopped out the ring and he was outboxed by Quintana whom cotto destroyed and bertos biggest win. I know pwill ko’d him in the rematch but who else aside from a faded winky wright does pwill have on his ledger?

  • ok just read ur last comment..the thing is, even when both camps agreed, thinking theyre team still had the advantage…de la hoya and the majority of writers and fans thought would whipp pac…even with the 145 catchweight of cotto, werent you still on the fence for that fight? honestly, i wrongly thought that clottey would be the one to give pac problems but dude went into survival mode…all this havoc from a smaller man!

  • Cotto weighed 146 previous fight against clottey and did not looked weight drained for the pac fight and was not affected by the weight as much as he was by that exchange he got into with pac in the fourth… were on the fence on that fight…margo has been a career welterweight, so why should 150 be a problem?

  • Weak fighter was Marg. Why did Manny and them make guys make weights they hadn’t in years? For an advantage as weight starved guys rarely perform well.

  • Made Marg weigh 150 and Cotto 145.

  • Different years.

  • you said it yourself pedro! i remember after the diaz fight, you said nevermind that diaz was a paper was the MANNER in how pacquaio destroyed him that ultimately set pacquaio on top of the p4p list! aside from diaz doing a face plant after being knocked cold,whats the difference from the beatdown that margo recieved?

  • add also pac going after barrera, marquez (avoided by barrera AND morales at the time), then lost a close fight (had a nasty gash early on BUT still fought valiantly) against EM (both rematches avenged) aint a bad run at all…recently, his resume in the welters seems to be a tad bit better than mayweathers…and remember, even emanuel steward said recently (i think during the pac margo fight) that he considers pacquiao a lightweight or jr. welter at most…pac is taking on top welters!

  • Thats true..he was knocked out and was completely dried out in that fight..he didnt like those body shots at all..he seemed to withstand pretty wicked body shots from margo recently that would have fell MOST guys his size though given that size disadvantage he was in!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    But he was KO’d at 112, lost his title on the scale, I see you forgot to mention such.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Must be Filipino trying to get Martinez killed because he has snatched the P4P title from “cherry picker” Pac.

  • Could be wrong but didn’t Martinez weigh 172# at fight time….and a solid 172. I would love to see Martinez against some of those guys. Bute, Ward, or Frock….a win over any of those would definitely put him in the top slot in my book. Martinez and Donaire need another win over a quality opponent for me to surpass Pac or Floyd. Folks find it so easy to discredit Pacs or Floyds opponents but it not hard to discredit Williams, Pavlik, or Darchinyan….Montiel was solid though.

  • Skerge: talk to your peers who happen to be casual fans of boxing and ask them who they want to watch box and/ or who they find compelling to watch in todays current boxing scene…maybe then you will find SOMETHING positive regarding manny pac…fact is: casual fans drive the sport of boxing forward as they make up the majority of viewers…

  • Skerge: So EM, JMM, and MAB cleaned out those divisions, that would mean they were the best in those divisions no? So wouldn’t that lead to pac having wins over the best? Don’t forget pac had a lineal title at 112! and how he wiped the floor with ledwaba (titleholder) as a few week replacement before he went after barrera!..

  • Robert0199,

    Martinez said he’d go back down to 154 to fight those guys, as that was his original plan. He fought Pavlik at 160, because Arum wouldn’t risk Margo or Cotto, or even Pac at 154. So Arum had Sulaiman force the belt off Martinez and offer it to Pac & Margo winner. Now Arum had Sulaiman take the 160 title from Martinez to offer it up to Chavez Jr vs Zbik. That’s the Truth.


  • 1200techs,

    Bt the time Pac “lit up” 126 and 130, what was going on there? Morales, MAB and JMM had cleaned up those divisions and MAB and Morales fought each other 2 times b4 Pac vs MAB. Pac vs Morales was after MAB 3 times, and Morales was pressured by Team Pac and Arum to fight at a weight he could no longer make. Again, Team Pac cherry picked. As for 140, the only reason Hatton was still Champ, was because he was ducking his mandatory in Witter. After getting the call vs Collazo and KO’d by PBF, he fought a washed up Lazcano and was saved by his shoelace and then beat up pillow palms Paulie Malignaggi, right before Pac. He was getting stopped in training. So agian, Team Pac cherry picked. Roach trained Lazcano. Roach had the scouting report. The truth is out there, and so is the blood testing.


  • Seems like Sergio isnt so open to facing the likes of Bute or Ward at 168 yet he wants Floyd or Manny or cotto to move up to 160 and face him ..? Martinez said his frame is too small for the 168 division yet he doesnt think Manny or FLoyd or cotto are too small to meet him at 160..? Im starting to smell something fishy about this guy.. Beating a drunk Pavlik or an overrated Williams isnt quite gonna do it for me .. Maybe BHop ..? If BHop can get down to 160 cuz Maetinez doesnt want NONE of the 168 class… Yet he wants to be P4P but doesnt want to travel outside his weight class… Yeah you know how to pick em Pedro .. Lol

  • 1a. Paquiao

    now mayweather is retired he shouldnt even be there. Lets wait who pac fights next if he chooses marquez at 147 when he has bradley,martinez,berto,paul williams and so on calling him out then take paquiao out of the list too!!!! And at the end it will be martinez i guess at the top anyways with donaire making a big push unless juan ma beat gamboa then donaire will have to take the back seat to juan ma.

  • Catchweights shouldnt be call going up in weight any more damn it. Im so tired of paquiao and his catchweights. To me nobody is number 1 right now. Lets just wait one more fight cause tht pac-mosley fight is a joke. You know just for that pac should go to number 5 under donaire. That will teach him we are not beeing fool by him and his catchweights and freakin washed up opponents.

  • BIG AL
    If pac lost 2x to JMM, how come JMM wants a 3rd fight with him?

  • Antonio.

    Nonito hasn’t categorically humiliated Mexico’s best, as Paq has done, going on 10 years.

    I like Paquiao but I am not Asian or Mexican; I don’t have a horse in this race.

    I think the site seems fairly biased against Paquaio, and jumped on the Martinez bandwagon quickly.

    Guess we can all draw our own conclusions why.

  • Nick,

    Don’t forget that PF is a big booster of Donaire, a Filipino who also ices Latinos! This site’s shifting between between attack and praise for Pzcquaio is often mysterious to me, but it’s not based on race!

  • i feel its nonito donair thats number one he may be smaller but he is better than the ones you say are the best glenn

  • Also,

    Let’s not forget:

    Sergio gets + 10 around here for being Latino!

    Manny gets – 10 for icing Latinos.

    Therefore, Sergio is the P4P king by a hair.

  • OmG! wtf? i typed the word” type” and it says time of fight?! HELP MANUEL! I think they’re changing my text! what do i do holmes?

  • Manuel is right…
    Margarito allowed pacquiao to bust up his orbital bone..the fix was in…

    wasn’t the first time clottey acted handcuffed…his fight with margarito was fixed too…its only a coincidence that margo and pacquiao fought the same time of fight against him by both throwing mad amount of punches…

    roy jones was wrong when he said a fighter covers up when what he liked to call the pacquaio effect takes place when fighters trade off and one fighter feels the heat of the other fighters punches and decides to cover up..truth is, those fighters are paid to lose..

    de la hoya said you know what, i dont wanna take the shortcut to the p4p list by taking on this lighweight..its better if i lose cause i do need the money, so i)ll make more …money if i take a dive

    good thing im wearing my aluminum foil hat and snorkel and goggles just like Manuel so the radiation from this cell phone dont fry my brain! thx manuel for exposing the bullsh’%!

  • Pac vs. Mosley is a FIXED FIGHT in Pac’s favor.

    This will be Pac’s 4th FIXED FIGHT.
    1st FIXED FIGHT was Pac-DelaHoya
    2nd FIXED FIGHT was Pac-Clottey
    3rd FIXED FIGHT was Pac-Margarito

    and now, Pac-Mosley will be another Pac FIXED FIGHT.

  • I agree with Dick the Mick…Throw that P4P stuff in the trunk! P4P is to bring attention to these boxers so pay attention people, and give props to where its due! Sergio is a bad mofickie and if you dont see that, then watch another sport!

  • No matter what you say Skerge, Pacquiao has won lineal titles in 112, 126, 130, and 140 lbs…In essence, he lit up the best in these divisions…Only the great JMM gave him problems…The accolades donaire is recieving partly is the fact he’s moving up, and is a former flyweight champ, something pacquiao could say “been there, done that”…guys in the lower divisions have been overlooked in the past usually on the P4p list..Could it be Pacquiao has set the precident and people are taking notice now, to what many missed on regarding Pacs assencion in weight? yeah pac is starting to coast now and is on his way to retirement..its very obvious a fight with mayweather would be the last stop in which would SEAL his ATG with even the worst critics IF pac can do well..remember, many say margarito was ducked by mayweather…lets see peoples perceptions if pacquiao can get by mosley in a more impresive fashion. Its obvious that pac and his team are going after mayweather..anything less, would be uncivilized…

  • good stuff skerge, i been saying that all along, he hasnt done much since beating morales because he lost to Marquez twice and still doesnt want to fight him a third time at the age of 37, i gaurantee he will want to fight him at 39 or 40 or after a bad showing as skerge said. Not saying pac isnt any good but, he is waaaay thought of as invincible when he is not like that, i dont believe in that 8 belts crap. Roach said no to margo after the cotto fight but , yes after the mosley fight. thats all bs

  • For everyone on the Pac Sac:

    From –

    Last week Manny Pacquiao’s head trainer Freddie Roach, talked with the Philippine Star/ and shared his thoughts on his fighters’ upcoming title bout with former three division champ Shane Mosley on May 7th. While he was disclosing his thoughts on the fight, Roach took time out and praised Mosley’s trainer Nazim Richardson, but acknowledged at Mosley’s age, 39, how much can he really do to make him a better fighter. And then added that Mosley’s legs are gone and that really showed in his fight with Floyd Mayweather last year. This is something everyone who saw the fight surely agrees with him on.

    2nd to last sentence shows and proves that Team Pac cherry pick. Do you honestly think they haven’t done this before? Look at who they’ve fought and when they’ve fought them. It’s always been after a few wars/and or a horrible showing. Pac doesn’t move up and light up divisions, he picks the weak and vulnerable ad exploits them further w/ ridiculous contracts. The Truth has come out Pac fans, and it’s catching on.


  • Pac needs to stop fighting guys who are made for him, honestly, would roach put him in with De La Hoya or Mosely at their primes or near it , hell no, Marquez and cotto are the only ones that were at their primes or near their primes and Marquez beat him both times as many observers felt. Martinez has fought live dogs

  • It’s time to put the P4P stuff in the trunk and leave it there. The only thing that matters is what’s happening in the here and now. As for who Martinez has fought recently many are questioning his recent victim Dzinzurik. This guy was a world renowned amateur who had over 225 amateur fights and was unbeaten in 37 pro fights. In all those fights, he was NEVER knocked down and yet Martinez decked him FIVE times in eight rounds!!..To those who knock Martinez because he lost to Margarito NINE years ago remember that Santos beat Margarito, Dzinzurik beat Santos and Martinez beat him. What does that prove?? It means that what’s happining now is what is most important. If they ever let Margatito fight Martinez, Sergio would beat him like a drum. To be truthful, Pacman and Sergio are the current kings of boxing. It’s sad that there are prople who are critical of successful people, fighters or otherwise. Enough of the steriod crap. The truth of the matter is that Mayweather did not want to go anywhere near Pac and he would leave the country before he would fight Martinez. For all those folks who want Martinez to go up in weight I say forget it. You people would not be satisfied until he challenged one of the Klitchkos at a 100 pound weight disadvantage.

  • remember berto and shane were tied up…who else was there besides the shell shocked clottey, who def.was top 5 welter? pac comes up in weight, and lights up divisions! not unlike brandon rios recently with his comeback win over acosta!

  • So pedro, if cotto was the last live opponant of manny, didnt clottey “handcuffed” or not, give cotto a good run when they fought…in fact, many thought clottey won…lets not forget pacquiao wass MOVING UP in weight, something even you have attested is very hard to do and be successful..give pac a chance…lets see whom he fights after mosley…his run has been MUCH longer and he’s been DESTROYING most his foes for a while now…

  • Sergio is better all around than Manny is. He fights live opponents and is on a roll. All the while, Manny plays a role in “cherry picking.” The Marg fight was nine years ago fool, why not dig up the two guys that starched Manny, hah Pacnuts?

  • Marcos
    “As far as the steroid issue in martinez, well the Phillipines is known for producing roids”

    Where did u get the info about this, b4 u say anthing like this, u should have any evidences or facts to back up your claim.

  • Mayweather is still the man until some one take the 0 of his record. He shutout Marquez, a fighter Pacman had big trouble with. Y’all musta forgot.

  • Martinez has a KO LOSS against Margarito, dont give me the “he didnt know how to box yet” crap.. Martinez go redeem your loss against Tony before you even put Pacquiaos name in your mouth.. Margaritos OWNS Martinez.

  • People need to stop it with these steriod accusations…Once you go there, you fall into a slippery slope and you might as well point fingers at EVERYONE on the top 10 pfp list list..
    Fact is: the tests currently given can be beaten and even though you do random blood testing, there still are holes EVEN with OSDT…if your not testing these athletes year round randomly and keeping some sort of database, then what the hell do u really have in regards to preventing cheating within whats currently allowed in sanctioned state fights? dont tell me “oh, he said he’s willing to do OSDT test, he must be clean” is the bar that seperates clean fighters and dirty fighters! stop singling people out unless you have VERIFIABLE evidence!

  • The P4P title actually has little to do with competition level. That’s what fighter of the year and decade awards are for. Floyd Mayweather’s level of competition has always been atrocious, but his boxing abilities are clearly in a stratosphere Martinez has not achieved. Ask yourselves this – P4P, would Pacquiao DESTROY martinez? Yes. No one in boxing today can beat Mayweather or Pacquiao P4P, other than eachother, sorry. Debate whether Martinez is #3 P4P, not #1.

  • I got Maravilla and Pacquiao both at the number one slot. its funny how you guys bash on both fighters accomplishments. Lol Although I must say I really hate these catch-weights and fake champions. I mean Canelo getting a title shot without fighting any of the top 10 contenders is wack. At least give angulo a shot or even the armenean kid vanes.

  • I’d don’t want to see Martinez vs. Margarito. Its cash value lies in the revenge fans want who are still pissed over Margarito’s loaded gloves. They want to see him get hammered as punishment. He took enough against Pacquaio.

  • i could make the arguement that nonito is p4p better than martinez. how about that one pedro?

  • Martinez is a beast. Would love to see him and Kirkland mix it up. I suspect it would resemble Calzaghe vs. Lacy. Don’t know if Rito is bigger than Martinez. Could be wrong but I thought Martinez weighed 172 on fight night. That’s what Santos weighed against Margarito when they fought at 154…and Santos had a good size advantage on Rito. Pac still the top guy unless Martinez upsets Ward or Bute.

    Tony….I hear you on the Valero reference.

  • When that unbeaten Venezuelan guy (deceased) was KOing his last 27 opponents, he wasn’t considered a top P4P guy. Then this Martinez KOs 3 opponents and the writers jump the bandwagon and put him as the top P4P boxer.
    What REALLY is the true definition of P4P ??????
    If aNybody can nail the true definition of P4P, then let’s adhere to that and base the boxer according to THAT definition.
    Right now, it’s just purely subjective. P4P is in the eyes of the beholder. Nothing more.

  • What’s up with the hate on Martinez?

    1. Rio001 says Martinez’s too big for Pac, but Margo is bigger than Martinez, and Pac fought Margo for the belt that was “taken” from Martinez.
    2. He also said Martinez should go up. This after Martinez wanted to fight Cotto or Margarito @ 154, but Arum said he had to fight Pavlik first. We know what happened, so Arum nixed both of those fights in a hurry.
    3. Train hard 247 says he need to “redeem” himself vs Margo, but Margo & Arum don’t want that fight see item 2 & 1 again.
    4. Emilio says Willaims over-rated, but Team Pac said they would NEVER face him, even at 147. That Same Williams beat Margo 2 yrs before Mosley KO’d Margo.
    5. Craig, when has Pac beat an undefeated Champ who was never knocked down, or KO’d? NEVER, and Dzinziruk beat Santos before Foreman did, and before Cotto beat Foreman. Think Cotto will fight Dzinziruk? Besides, Pac won many of those fights at the negotiating table after they lost and looked horrible or were KO’d.

    Besides, like Freddy Roach likes to say; Look at their last 2 fights.


  • Lets be real and let me say it again I think Martinez is a Beast but>>>> he is only on a 3 fight win streak.Now if he just beat (Pacquaio ,Mayweather and Cotto) then I could see it but A 3 fight win streak?What if Mayweather fights someone other than Pac Man and Bedazzles the hell out of that opponent,what if Manny K.O’s Sugar Shane something terrible…then what? Nonito has not lost since 2001 I think and Manny is on a 13 fight win streak since 2005 look at all his opponents he faced.Sergio has to put in a little more work or Manny has to lose against Sugar Shane but even then look at all the great matchups there are for Nonito compared to Martinez!

  • Loreto please ask Martinez to fight Antonio Margarito again. Nothing to worry coz Margarito is old and washed up, softened up by Pacquiao. Or if he is scared, fight Kirkland Laing instead. Then tell him to move up in weight and challenge Andre Ward, Lucien Bute, or Carl Froch. And if Martinez beats all these guys then i will join you and shout orgasmic praises for Sergio Martinez.

  • Now that the WBC has stripped Martinez and given him instead their “extra-special-emeritus championship,” maybe he can also fight for the new WBB title! A new alphabet group, created for one reason: “to rebuild the confidence of the fans and the media.” Pass the flight bag.

  • I agree with Pedro a 100%. I am glad to see the INFORMED boxing public begin to not only embrace Sergio Maravilla Martinez as the Middleweight Champion & Pound for Pound best in the business but also “The People’s Champion”.
    Great piece Pedro. Congratulations on your work.

    Carlos Gomez
    Sampson Boxing
    **I can be followed on TWITTER: @cgsampsonboxing

  • Common Pedro that quickly? After 3 fights Sergio is King? For beating a washed up Pavlik? For knocking out an overrated Williams? For beating an undefeated tomato whose name nobody could pronounce? Instead of making delusional claims, why not fight Margarito? It would be easy for him to avenge his ko loss to Margarito,coz as you claimed Margarito is washed up already.Right Pedro? And then go after Andre Ward, Lucien Bute, Carl Froch. If he beats these guys then he is indeed the real deal and everybody can cry to high heavens to proclaim Martinez as the greatest ever, and finally Pedro, Iole, And Dan can be happy in the thought that the Pacman is finally kaput!

  • Why are we talking about Martinez as he is this great fighter? He beat Williams who is very hittable, Beat Pavlik who is verrrry hittable and already exposed. Just beat this other guy who is no where near great. He was unbeaten but who did he beat that was good. Martinez is good at sticking with a game plan but has not even come close to accomplishing what manny and floyd have. I think he is being hyped way to much and needs to beat real fighters. There is nothing about him that stands out to make him a P4P king.

  • Wow Pedro talking sense. Go figure. Well put and agreed, lets enjoy the Sergio run while it lasts…like Pacman he is a credit to the sport!

  • Martinez is such a breath of fresh air for the sport of boxing. Sergio is an excellent boxer puncher with so much poise and such confidence you don’t see in your average fighter these days. He works the opponents until they are broken down, it’s pretty to watch. Let’s just hope he does gets the right fights in his weight class and not mess around with the ever unpopular catch weights.

  • Senor de Calexico

    No doubt about it. Sergio Martinez is the current P4P king.

  • Pedro is correct that Margarito was weight drained. The fact that he made 150 at the weigh in and was 165 a day later is pretty much evident that he used the “dry out” tactic which means he drank no liquids for a day or longer prior to the weigh in. It happens all the time, especially in the lower weight classes. The weight gained is mostly water weight which can actually be a detriment. If Margarito fought Martinez now he would get hammered. In my opinion Margarito is totally shot and I expect a not so good anymore Cotto to beat him up when and if they fight. I am not so sure Margarito can fight anywhere but Texas(Thanks to Jerry Jones) and Mexico. Remember that Pac is a so called Junior Middleweight champion because he beat the snot out of Margarito at a catch weight of 150. Also remember that Martinez was a Jr. Middleweight almost all of his career. For all the millions he could make and considering his age, he might take a Pacman fight at 152 or so. He could easily make that and he has said he could make 154 if he had to. I know one thing and that is that a fight between those two would be a barnburner and fans like me who have sworn off PPV because of the lousy fights would buy the fight in droves and the gross for such a fight would break all records.

  • Martinez should be number one. He has better wins and thats the honest truth. Pacman has beat a drained De la Hoya even freddie roach admitted that, then beat Hatton who had just lost to Mayweather, then he beat Cotto, who is a shell of his former self i mean he went life and death with clottey. Then he beats clottey who just lost to the shell of Cotto and then he beats margarito who has never been the same since the cotto fight and now he fights Floyds seconds again in Mosley. Martinez beat Williams who beat a prime Margarito with bricks in his hands, he beat Kelly Pavlik who is a question at this point, and now another undefeated fighter and also he got robbed in the cintron fight and the first williams fight. As far as the steroid issue in martinez, well the Phillipines is known for producing roids and lets not forget that Freddie Roach trained Lights out Toney and after the fight he tested positive for steroids. So I believe Sergio is One and Floyd is Two Manny a Close 3 and Marquez 4. Donaire I like but lets see him move up and CHALLENGE JUANMA OR GAMBOA.

  • Foolishness. Pacquiao’s beaten what, 10 world champions, at least four or five hall of famers? Won eight belts? And he’s still fighting good-to-great fighters far above his natural weight class and dominating them completely.

    Martinez had a great year and three great fights in a row.

    I’m curious as to how much Martinez weighed at fight time, though. He looked like a monster compared to Dzinzurek.

  • Pacquiao is not in it for the popularity contest or fame if you want to put it.
    For him, it’s winning and “making people happy” in his fights. All the glory and money will just pour in automatically. And pour it does!

  • It’s too early to say that Martinez should be number 1 in pound for pound. He is good but I still give it to Pacman. Admittedly, Pac didn’t KO his last two opponents. But a win is still a win. Besides, those “disappointing wins” can be ignored when Pacman decided to fight BIGGER fighter (I mean, who would have thought that the once tiny Pacman would get to fight Margarito, Dela Hoya, Cotto and Clottey and WIN THEM?). That in itself is an accomplishment. Add to that fact that Pac beat legendary fighters like Morales and Barrera.

  • Good points from everyone…Pedro makes a compelling argument but i’m going to have to side on with the majority of the people making comments on here..just recently, mayweather held his numero uno spot even when his competition began to be ‘less dangerous’. fact is, just like pacquiao, mayweather has been on a longer run and really lost his spot due to inactivity and the equally impressive run that pac has been on..when pac beat barerra in 2003, he has lost only once to el terrible and has been taking on elite fighters since then for the most part…sounds like martinez’ recent run when he beat the real middleweight champ in pavlik but lost to one of the elites in pwill…all pacquaio has to do is fight someone like bradley or maidana, even at 147, cause thats similar to what martinez did with dzinzurik, and a win over one ofthose guys would be just as if not more impressive…and that doesnt even capture the whole story of pacs amazing run! pac, one for now, sergio creepin up on number two…

  • Martinez losing to Margarito 9 years ago doesnt count he didnt know how to box at that stage!!

  • I love Sergio just like everyone else but look at the facts.

    Manny has consistently cleaned out every division since he started moving up a few years ago.
    Fighters in their PRIME like Morales, Barrera, Marquez, Cotto

    Sergio beat an already diminished Kelly Pavlik who was never the same after his loss to Hopkins.
    I’ll give you the fact that he destroyed Williams but where Williams ranks as an elite level fighter is debatable.
    Sergio would have to take out at the very least people like : Kirkland, Abraham, Ward, etc…if we would consider him as accomplished a fighter a Pacquiao

  • I don’t want to see Martinez fight 168 pounders any more than I want Manny to fight him. Why ruin either of them? Martinez looks bulked up now at 158. I can’t help remembering how Monzon beat on Napoles, or Tom McNeeley injured Jose Torres. Why take an excellent fighter and watch him ruin his career in search of a “challenge”??

  • I’m not a pacpunk but. There is only 1 number 1 and it’s the Pacman. Till he loses of really slips which I haven’t seen yet. He could have stopped cheato if he wanted. And he has still been kicking azz, while waiting for PBF. And number 2 is Nonito he just smoked another pound for pounder yes Martinez is doing his thing but he does have a loos recently and I have a hard time seeing a dude who never was a power puncher turning into a killer. Especially when they live in Cali the steroid capital of the world. Now I’m not saying he is roiling but I just don’t see how Martinez turned into Tito Trinidad in a couple of months??

  • you cant put too much stock in Pacquiaos wins against: De La Hoya or Margo. Cotto was a solid win and Hatton is arguable since coming off a lost BUT at his career weight.

    p4p list is for boxing ability and IMO, Martinez is a better boxer.

  • I like Sergio Martinez but come on. P4P champ? No way. Sergio lost to Paul Williams (it was close) just two or three fights ago, Knocked out Paul Williams in the rematch with a lucky shot (had his eyes closed, watch the video), and struggled against a troubled Kelley Pavlik, and just beat a solid guy junior middle-weight. What has Manny done? He has consistently moved up in weight to fight bigger guys who he then dominates. Example, De la Hoya, Cotto, Margarito, Hatton. Martinez is a great fighter but he has not built up nearly the resume that Manny has.

  • IMO, Martinez should be rated the #1 p4p fighter on the myhtical list. Not that it matters – the 4p4 list holds no substance. Pacquiao has great accomplishments and his offensive output, angles and food speed is amazing BUT for a pure boxing standpoint, I think Martinez is better. Martinez is also beating anyone they put in front of him and their is no questions about him `cherry picking` anyone. The guy has just enough offensive output to please the casual fan while enough boxing skill/defense to please the hardcore fan. He should be rated #1 on the mythical list.

  • I thought Sergio Martinez lost a fight just 3 or 4 fights ago. The guy is very good, but writers are over-estimating him because they all had a crush on Paul Williams. Therefore, instead of admitting that they were wrong about Paul Williams, they would rather say: we were not wrong about Paul Williams, the issue is that Martinez is a monster.

  • Lets not forget the Shopworn and so called weight drained, (which is ridiculous cause Margarito was 165 on fight night) still has a win over Martinez.. Pacman BEATDOWN Margarito while Martinez still has a KO Loss against Margarito.. Martinez needs to REDEEM his KO loss against Margarito before even considering him #1.

  • I think we are jumping the gun a little…Let me be clear I think Martinez is a freak of nature,an athletic marvel,but instead of people saying he should fight Manny(personally I think he is too big)I think he should go after one of the guys at 168.He doesnt have to come in at 168 im sure he wouldnt mind coming in at 164 or something like that.If he can beat two of the top guys at 168 and Manny is fighting Mosley and who knows after that Marquez(mismatch at 147)I think he can get that position….If I remember correctly there were was always a wait until the top fighter lost ..Roy jones was on top with Mayweather and Trinidad waiting in the wings for that top spot when the smoke cleared Mayweather was still unbeaten.Then Mayweather retired and Pacquaio was right there waiting for his shot he put in the work and he got the top spot.I say lets see what Martinez does in his next two fights and who he fights as well.

  • Call it a tie. Who cares? It’s just great to have talented and exciting fighters to watch. Sergio still reminds me of the Argentine soccer player-turner-professional-wrestler, Antonino Rocca–graceful, powerful, athletic–and unlike Rocca, he’s actually skilled in the sport that is earning him fame. He may only have a year or two left at 36, but I’m glad to cheer him on for now.

  • Agree 100%. His last five fights were against current or former champions.

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