Stevenson_Kovalov Split Fans!

Stevenson_Kovalov Split Fans!

San Francisco, CA– Going into this offering, I realize this will piss some people off. But like my first mentor, the incomparable Anthony Peligrino, my high school journalism teacher told me when I wanted to “out” our Principal for two DUI’s in six months on the cover of the South San Francisco Warrior, of which I was Editor in Chief, “Give it some thought, prepare well and go with your heart,” so said the great one.


That being said, I can’t help but think the Sergey Kovalov-Adonis Stevenson potential match is a fight that is drawn along racial lines. This is Larry Holmes-Gerry Cooney-like divisions between ethnic groups. And while I know that was 1982, some 32 years ago, you have never seen a country divided along lines of color over a sporting event as they were for a fight that was even billed in some areas as “Cooney-Holmes.” In a show of disrespect, ring announcer Chuck Hull introduced Cooney second, all the while Larry was reigning and unbeaten champion.


Whether you want to admit it or not, a huge part of the boxing game is race. Many Italian fans felt and still feel that Rocky Marciano, the only heavyweight champion to retire undefeated, could have licked any man in the house. The same can be said for John L. Sullivan, a white man who held the title when the transformation was made to glove fighters in order to protect the hands. With the recent run of Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko, black heavyweights have been turned back time and again unlike anything since Marciano and the 1950s.


Boxing has starved for a “race” fight for years and the Sergey Kovalov-Adonis Stevenson has the intangibles to split the theater. Cocky, brash, the Superman of boxing vs. Crusher Kovalov, who unlike Cooney is not afraid to speak his mind as he said post fight recently, “Adonis Stevenson is a piece of s*it.”


I really don’t want to hear the BS here. Look, promoter Kathy Duva says she has a contract signed by Stevenson agreeing to fight Kovalov. Even Stevenson was talking Stevenson-Kovalov until the Russian decimated Ismayl Sillah with a KO 2. In the Montreal main event, Stevenson too looked good in stopping ex-heavyweight Tony Bellew inside of eight stanzas. With apparently signed contracts, Stevenson instead bolts to Showtime to face the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Carl Froch and Lucian Bute.


Nobody believes that crap! Stevenson quite frankly opted (punked) out of fighting Kovalov and will instead face the not so ferocious Andrzej Fonfara (25-2, 15 KOs) of Chicago by way of Poland on May 24.


Sergey hasn’t fought anybody or he’s a plodder, relies too much on his power, is slow, all of which could not be further from the truth. He was an accomplished amateur fighter and the hardest hitter in the light heavyweight division by far.


Too many inherent flaws in his game. The low right jab hand, even if he were to work on it for a year, once Adonis got into the hear of battle, he’d go back to his old stance, one that I feel Kovalov can exploit and snag the knockout.


At the end of the day, I can’t see Adonis getting his hand raised here. He’s older, been knocked out once already, has a porous defense, all of this means Kovalov has a lot of advantages going into what looks like a beat down of the last fighter wearing the famed Kronk Gym colors.

Pedro Fernandez


  • To the guy talking about great white hope that crap statement was for heavyweights. america wanted a white heavyweight champ not lighheavyweights .and since a bunch of russian heavyweights came over the wall they have held the heavy weight title that great weight hope crap is gone .as a matter of fact a sports writer asked vitali klitchko is he the great white hope he responded no I’m the great white champ end go story

  • Stevenson signed a contract to fight Kovalev according to Duva. Stevens waited for more money then agreed to fight golovkin. Stevenson already signed. Canelo is now fighting Lara in July. It’s also your opinion Thisis that Stevenson can beat Kovalev. He should have honored his contract for the fight.

  • PF.. The Only LIVE COLOR in PRO-BOXING is GREEN.. $$$$. The only REAL COLOR is RED… the Blood that is Shed. The REST is the BEST, that anyone can do to HYPE the Crowds, that ‘Feed the PIG’…
    ‘Sticks & Stones May Break Our Bones, but Names will Never Hurt Us’… luaghing all the way to the bank, ‘THE GREATEST of ALL TIMES’.. who knew the TIMES and the RYMES..

  • ThisIsTheTruth stated the truth.

  • 1) Gennady Golovkin didn’t want to fight Erislandy Lara, because he claimed Lara was on another network.

    – Would you say Golovkin duck Lara ?

    2) Canelo Alvarez didn’t want to fight Erislandy Lara, because there was not enough money on the table.

    – Would you say Alvarez duck Lara ?: The money’s right, the fight’s ON RIGHT !

    3) Curtis Steven, denied a fight against Golovkin because the money wasn’t right. So Kathy Duva find a way to put more money on the table; which setup an aggrement to fight Golovkin.

    – Curtis Steven did the same thing Adonis Stevenson did, Why calling him a b*tch: It’s not hopocrisy, I’m just asking ?

    4) Sergey Kovalev avoid hopkins (IBF) by deciding to play safe, by choosing the paper champ Nathan Cleverly (WBO), for less money & a hoping deal with HBO. Instead or more prestige, more money & a deal with Showtime.

    – Kovalev avoid Hopkins for less money, by choosing an easier fighter; I wont ask you the question: That’s DUCKING…
    + Why Adonis Stevenson would duck someone he can beat ?

    Haters are hoping for the rising of the Great White Hope, he might exist somewhere, but it’s not Kovalev…

  • You seem to have an ax to grind with him. To me he is a prize-fighter, and short of some felony, I really couldn’t care what he does outside the ring.

    I notice you completely ignored my comments regarding other instances of boxer’s saying racist/racial comments.

    I am white. I couldn’t care less that Bernard Hopkins once said “I’d never lose to a white boy.”

    It’s just funny boxing talk.

    In fact for a long time I had a picture of us together on my mantle, long after that had happened.

    Most of these people are from the f**kin’ ghetto, including, from what I understand, Kovalev.

    People need to stop being such whiny little b**ches.

  • Nick,
    Kovalev’s racist comments have been posted on all the Russian websites and several US websites picked it up. He said it in PRINT AND VIDEO. More then once, the only one with panties in a bunch is you, if the truth hurts and you missed it, it’s not my fault. Kovalev doesn’t have a mean streak, he is just a classless arrogant guy outside the ring who happens to be a ‘hidden’ racist now that the comments were brought to light to HBO. Plus, he is also a snitch. He was arrested in cali for receipt of stolen property and in order to get the case dropped against him, he rolled and blamed it all on his friend. All, I was pointing out is that Kovalev outside the ring has no class and is unproven inside the ring. Also, I have a video of Kovalev getting ko’d in his last fight in the amateurs in 2008 that was circulated. The reason he turned pro, he got ko’d in the amateurs. It was on youtube but it was taken down. I could upload for you to see but Pedro doesn’t have where I can add an attachment to the comment section.

  • David,

    I have seen you post that stuff before, but that is the only place I’ve seen it.

    Anyway, who cares? Why get your panties in a knot.

    Remember when Bernard Hopkins said he’d never lose to a white boy? Did you have a mental breakdown then and disown him? How about Floyd saying that whites started MMA because they couldn’t dominate in boxing? Did you have a hissy fit?

    Who gives a sh*t. It’s a combat sport. You’re supposed to have a mean streak. This sh*t happens all the time, once in a while a guy gets caught with a hot mic.

    Who cares.

  • This article is highly flawed. There is one section in particular that I wish to address as it shows the authors lack of insight and knowledge when it comes to this matter. The author say’s, “I really don’t want to hear the BS here. Look, promoter Kathy Duva says she has a contract signed by Stevenson agreeing to fight Kovalov. Even Stevenson was talking Stevenson-Kovalov until the Russian decimated Ismayl Sillah with a KO 2.” What he fails to realize is that prior to writing his article (five days ago) Stevenson’s camp released emails to shedding a lot of light on the subject. In short, there was no “signed contract” yet the author insist that Stevenson “nixed” the Kovalev fight. You can read about the emails in the link provided; if the author had utilized fair and practical journalism, instead of bias, he would have known these things.–76356

    Then the author says,”With apparently signed contracts, Stevenson instead bolts to Showtime to face the likes of Bernard Hopkins, Carl Froch and Lucian Bute.” However, nothing is “apparent” as the “signed contracts” have been disputed by Stevenson’s camp in the form of releasing certain emails.

    However, the shortsightedness that completely baffles me is the claim that Stevenson bolted to showtime to fight Hopkins, Froch and Bute. Let me remind the author that Froch is currently ranked in the top 10 P4P. Not just in the division but the overall p4p rankings. Hopkins is ranked #1 in the division and IBF champ while Bute is ranked #5 by the WBC. So it isn’t like Stevenson “bolted” to face cab drivers.

  • I wonder if Al Sharpton will show up and whose side will he REALLY be on?

  • David in Dunedin

    Pro boxing is a business there are a few light heavys that would give Stevenson the same or bigger payday then Kovelev. I believe they will fight each eventually, but only after Stevenson cashes in on a few defences. In the mean time kovalov should stay busy and add some more knockouts the highlight reel.

  • Boxing by nature is very nationalistic, ethnic and by proxy race based. I”m sure if I were from Haiti, I’d be a bigger fan of Stevenson and would support Kovalev if I was from the Eastern European area he’s from. But when fighters fight, we have to match them up by skill. With what they’ve shown us. I picked Jeff Lacy to lose to Joe Calzaghe (and won money), although it would seem that Lacy, being an African American would have been more relatable to me on the surface. But I knew Lacy was a limited fighter and Calzaghe had the better skill sets. I guess there is always the hope for the guy who represents you in some way to be a good or great fighter in the ring – or anything in life. I think Kovalev is good, but I don’t see him being great. That’s good enough for his countrymen and other fans who identify with him through culture or race, but it won’t change his abilities in the ring. His fan’s will hope for his greatness, but in reality, the tangibles just aren’t there. And if it’s true that he’s a racist, I guess that comment about Stevenson may have had a little more meaning that it appeared on the surface.

  • Racial card or not – fact is we all got screwed out of a possible boxing highlight of 2014!
    Can’t really blame Stevenson for taking the much better offer. He’s got only a couple of fights left and he opted for the better offer. Something all of us would’ve done any day! And no – he hasnt signed any contract. Duva can talk all day but a potential agreement is no contract.

    Actually the ones who are the most to blame are the managers of HBO! They are losing ground big time to Showtime. Why they didn’t try to hold on to Stevenson is beyond me!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I just watched the induction, he was the last of class 2014 and he’s dead.

  • On a sad side note…rest in peace Ultimate Warrior…One of the greatest entertainers ever…just days after he got inducted to the WWE hall of fame..condolences to his family…

  • Terrible for boxing all around…all signs were leading to a matchup happening…Stevenson always seemed reluctant to face kovalev…he ran across the street!!

  • Some of your sentiments are right. But the truth is Kovalev is a racist and has referred to African Americans as nig**er, pureblood ni…, sunburnt guys, abnormal, and he likes them less and less everyday. I have zero respect for him and I am white. Now, if you think he would like you any differently with the last name of Hernandez, the answer would be no. Bottom line, Kovalev was KO’d his last fight in the amateurs and that is why he turned pro. He was exposed by Agnew who is nothing compared to Stevenon. Kovalev hasn’t made even 6 figures yet. Now, I don’t care for Stevenson either but he is a smarter businessman. The problem is HBO messed up by failing to make these guys sign to fight each other before their November bouts against b/c level opposition. They allowed them to fight bums in November and then were going to allow them to fight bums one more time. It sucks for us boxing fans but you are giving way too much credit to Kovalev when he and Stevenson are both unproven and both not classy guys outside the ring by any means of the word.

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