Sergey Kovalev

Sergey Kovalev

San Francisco, CA– Even though WBO 175 lb. king Sergey Kovalev was officially knocked down by Blake Caparello in the opening round, it wasn’t a real knockdown as the Australian stepped on the champ’s foot while throwing a punch. Outside of that, Caparello (19-1, 6 KOs) who is promoted by Lou Di Bella, was never in the fight outside of being introduced at the Revell Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ.


The second round saw the champion live up to his “Krusher” nickname as the Russian native walked right through Capeello with crushing blows from both sides, dropping the previously unbeaten fighter with a right to the body. What looked like a glancing blow took the wind out of the Aussie fighter who was dropped again before the referee waved off the mismatch emanating from the rumored to be in money-trouble Revell Casino. Time was 1:42.


Sergey (25-0-1, 22 KOs) and legendary champion Bernard Hopkins have agreed to fight on HBO in November, this as HBO is looking to make Kovalev a superstar by retiring the near 50-year old pug known as B-Hop in the blogosphere.


Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (HBO)- Brandon Rios (32-2-1, 23 KOs) Disqualification Winner 9 Diego Gabriel Chavez (23-2, 19 KOs). A bad night for the game of boxing in Sin City had referee Vic Drakulich lose control of the fight and DQ’d the Argentine in a move that showed shortcomings of the referee. Decision should be overturned in the minds of some.


Jessie Vargas (25-0, 9 KOs) UD 12 Anton Novikov (29-1, 10 KOs) vs WBA 140 lb. title) Scores were 118-111 (9-2-1 rounds) twice & 117-111 (9-3) fr a fight I thought Vargas “got owned” by the harder hitting Novikov who threw and landed more punches with the exception of a couple of rounds. Glenn Trowbridge, Dave Morretti & Burt Clements, time for these guys to get thicker glasses.


Little Creek Casino Resort in Shelton, WA played host for (ESPN2)- when Gabriel Campillo (24-6, 10 KOs) TKO 5 Thomas Williams Jr. (17-1, 12KOs) (175 lb.) Fight was stopped on a cut caused by a punch.

Pedro Fernandez


  • I’m very intrigued by the hopkins vs kovalev fight… Hopkins puts both Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather to SHAME in the testicular fortitude department at the twilight of their careers!


  • Jesus Decalecia

    Chaves deserved to be DQ’d. He fouled since the beginning of the fight. In fact, the point deducted from Rios was the most questionable and unfortunate of all. Chaves should have been DQ’d after taking Rios down with him in a headlock. That wasn’t a case of both being tangled up accidentally and then going down. If you want proof that he was fouling, look at his expression of extreme surprise after every foul he committed. He was employing the tricks he learned while being a soccer player.

  • Bhop-Kovalev:
    I’m actually looking forward towards this fight. Now – you might not like the way he fights and rambles but any way you put it – Bhop is still there and still fighting and still fighting the best. Something you cant really say from other p4p-champs (TBE, Garcia, Stevenson!). Respect for that!
    Now lets just hope he comes out of this alive with his senses intact – cant really see how he can withstand the sheer force from Kovalev. On the other hand, knowing Bhop – he wouldnt have taken the fight without him seeing something he can exploit.
    Forget Mayweather-Maidana. Bhop-Kovalev is the best fight that is out there right now. Period.

  • I thought Novikov won also. He controlled the center of the ring, forced much of the action and landed more blows. Boxing judges need more training and should be let go or face retraining if they badly judge a fight. I could see at best a close decision for Vargas but 118-111 is atrocious and seems like a hometown decision. Good show of sportsmanship by Novikov who knew he was robbed.

  • Hopkins steps into the Lions den once again… What are you guys going to say if he whoops kovalev? Not saying he will, but I’m curious…I know a lot of people don’t like how hopkins fights…What if he somehow manages to beat the krusher?? What’s everyone’s opinion of a hopkins victory over kovalev??

  • I’m trying to figure out why Hopkins, who is typically risk averse, has agreed to fight Kovalev. I can’t seen it end in any other way but brutal stoppage.

  • Bernard Hopkins should be able to beat Sergey Kovalev with his boxing skills. Hopkins wouldn’t have taken the fight if he sensed a sure defeat.

  • Although I am certainly not a big Kovalev fan I hope he puts an end to Hopkins’ career already. Its way overdo for Hopkins to pass the torch already and await his call to the hall. This guy takes the cake for curing insomnia. Its as if he tries harder to not get knocked out than he does to try and take out an opponent out or simply does his best to make an opponent look bad which has led to most of his opponents getting frustrated just enough to get Bernard the victory. Convicted felons should be forced to watch Bernard’s fights every day as punishment! This guy is so full of himself he has no concept of what humility is, just listen to his self praising rambling interview with Max Kellerman after the Kovalev-Caparello fight. I think its remarkable what he’s done especially at his age but there is a big difference the way Foreman broke the record and the way Hopkins continues breaking his own records. Give it up already dude

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