• Should have checked Google first. It was Mike Tyson (quoting Cus, perhaps?)

  • Someone with a better memory than mine can attribute the quote–“Every one has a plan until he starts getting hit.” What it George Foreman? Anyway, now that GGG and Kovalev have had their tune ups, time for bigger things. Unfortunately, GGG looks like a bigger deal, but he’ll have to get lucky to get a big fight.

  • Kovalev-Caparello isn’t quite quint equivalent to Golovkin-Gale.

    Gale was a more experienced and established opponenent. as was Macklin, they were proven to belong to a pool of very solid if un-exceptional contenders. The talent & competitin level at 175 is not as good, there is a huge a drop-off after Kovalev, Stevenson, Hopkins & Pascal. The only really good scalp Kovalev has collected is Campillo – but that was a really good style match for Kovalev.

    That doesn’t mean Kovalev-Caparello is a total write-off. With Kovalev rolling along so easily and having a Hopkins fight to look forward to, there’s a small chance of getting caught. But it’s going to be awful hard for anyone who is neither a big puncher nor a defensive genius.

    Kovalev doesn’t show indications of beating himself. There don’t seem to be the ingredients for a Johnson-Ishiida surprise here. A loss here would be the bigest shocker since JC Gomez got blown out by Yanqi DIaz.

  • I’m watching the card strictly for Rios-Chavez, which figures to be a sure-fire action fight barring a bad accident like an early stoppage from a clash of heads.

    I’ve been on the fence about Rios-Chavez until now. I feel Chaves has a little more all round ability while Rios has better experience.

    I would have presumed an edge for Chavez in fitness & prepoaration but the last minute drama with his Visa probably levels that out. And while Chavez is certainly a fresher fighter, the fact he was STOPPED in his step-up fight just a year ago means his confidence is on probation until he prevails in a fire fight with a punishing fighter.

    Now it could be that Keith Thurman is just a much deadlier puncher than Mike Alvarado or Manny Pacquiao at this stage of his career) – and how good would it look on Thurman if Chavez were to take the fight to Rios and win – or that Rios’ has finally exceeded the “credit limit” on his chin…

    But for now, I’m feeling Rios’ chin, resolve & experience over Chavez’ freshness & talent for a late rally come-from-behind win.

    BTW, most of my friends think Rios is really a fringe fighter who was only ever good at cutting to 135 & re-hydrating well so he could walk right through better fighters which was the only reason he beat Peterson, Acosta & Antillon. If Rios can’t beat an underdoog like Chavez at a no-excuses weight, that argument will gain alot of leverage.

  • Kovalev bout looks like a rerun of GGG vs Down Under for the Count fight. BTW, any news about Klitschko hand injury after Briggs latest restaurant brawl. Briggs cut himself but it looks like he hurt Wlad as well. Stunts are part of the sport now, but when you’ve got hundreds of pounds of beef and bone flying around, injuries happen and money is lost.

  • Ariza no longer trains Rios.

  • Ariza was fired – again. This time from Garcia.
    Not to sure if Rios still brings it. Chavez is no pushover. Thing here is – Chavez arrived not until yesterday after all the visa problems he had and a 15h long trip. This might affect him more than anything else.

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