• And just to pile on… McCain doesn’t know how to effectively communicate. He noted a fight being scored 119-109 while attempting to demonstrate a lopsided outcome. To these people in Congress who don’t know a damn thing about Boxing (and this is nearly all of them)what he has done is presented a scenario where the difference between the winner and loser is margin of 8%.

    What he should have said is 11 of 12 rounds or 11 rounds to 1… He was addressing a collection of Boxing Bird-Brains. Not the staff of RingTalk!

  • Is it required that in order to address Congress, you MUST ramble, repeat things needlessly, bring up issues that have nothing to do with the matter at hand, self-aggrandize and in the end… recommend a bureaucracy?

    I could have gone in front of Congress and driven home the point more clearly, solidly and with more factual information in less than four minutes! As could Pedro and about 50 other guys I can name off the top of my head!

    The only useful information I took from this is another glaring example of WHY nothing ever gets done! It is encrypted in McCain’s ramblings! 1) He has known of the problems for DECADES. 2) He authored a worthless reform act (the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act) in the late 90’s that was heavily criticized by knowledgeable professionals BEFORE it was even signed into law in 2000. 3) … He sat on his butt for 12-YEARS and watched his toothless law fail EXACTLY as people, such as Teddy Atlas said it would… And before addressing any of the failures of the Ali Law, jumps half-assed into another endeavor… Now that the sport is all but DEAD!

    All of which makes John McCain 100 times more valuable to the sport of Boxing than anyone else in Washington… The rest of Washington may as well be Joe Lieberman, whom I know for a fact was made aware of ALL OF THIS by one of the industry’s top professionals in a face to face conversation that lasted nearly half an hour; promised follow up… And then blew him off!

    When McCain puts PEDRO FERNANDEZ in charge of this bureaucracy I will take it serious, until that day… I know what time it is! Growth of Government for NO REASON.

  • @TPC… You are right. Furthermore, may I state that McCain is nothing more than a ‘Limp Noodle’ when it comes to this AND being the limp noodle he is… IS BY FAR the best (and only) friend in Washington, Boxing has had over the past 20 years.

    … This is what happens when a sports league waits for government to come in and wipe their ass for them. Notice how this isn’t going on in the NFL, NBA or MLB or any other sports league that took matters into their own hands.

  • McCain won’t do anything about it other than throwing a cookie like this speech. He stated years ago he was going to work on forming a type of national commission for boxing and didn’t do a damn thing

  • Fox in hen house ha ha very very true

  • Why should a woman be banned from judging fights. Some of the most impartial judges are women and some of the worst judges are men. Your comment reeks of stupidity Mario. I could understand if the requirement was that they know how to fight, and there are few female professional fighters, but the majority of boxing judges have never fought professionally or amateur. The biggest problem with judging is accountability. They judge bouts and when they put in questionable cards they aren’t put in front of the public and are just let free to go out the back door. i think if judges, especially in fights where they turn in questionable cards were required (maybe in a press conference) they would have an opportunity to defend themselves and also give the public the opportunity to scrutinize them. There’s no accountability and to make it worse they use the same judges over and over in Nevada like there aren’t other qualified judges. Judges shouldn’t be rewarded when they put in questionable cards….however, I though Bradley and Manny was a close fight. Where was all of the outrage Bob Arum when your guy got the gift of a lifetime over Richard Abril. What a double standard.Whats funny is the guys who make little money like Abril and Campillo have a lot more to lose by a bad decision than guys like Paquaio who win or lose was going to get 26 million bucks. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for him and not feel sorry for the little guy, they are the ones who get hurt the most by these ridiculous judges who will just go about they’re business.

  • how come in college basketball or pro if a player shaves points or bets on a game then it’s a federal crime but in boxing the feds don’t look into to see if judges or the commision in vegas are fixing fights, wouldn’t that be a federal crime? and why do the same judges you hear about in controverial decisions are never discipline but continued to work and possibly fix more fights, by the way since we are on the subject , women should be ban from judging too!!! this isn’t ice skating you know…

  • While I didn’t pull out my pitchfork and torch after Bradley beat Pacquaio, it’s good that some structure is trying to be added to the sport. Too bad that McCain quoted Bob Arum and Dan Rafael and threw in things like compubox etc. Hopefully Arum doesn’t have a spot on any committees. Talk about the fox in the henhouse…

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