San Francisco, CA– Having received a slew of messages saying, “You’re full of s*it” or “You’re just a Floyd hater, etc.,” all I can say is that having written for others to read for some 40+ years, only a fool would think I would be foolish enough to tangle with a millionaire that has a posse of attorneys in addition to thugs. This kind of behavior is what Floyd Mayweather is all about!

Bones Broken At Floyd Mayweather's Directive

Bones Broken At Floyd Mayweather’s Directive?


The beatings sustained by two former Mayweather employees can at the very least bring about Attempted Murder and Mayhem charges for all involved. Some of Floyd’s faithful claimed that TMZ and Mayweather were running a P.R. game together, when it’s pretty obvious they were not. Hate to be the first to tell you this, but it’s possible that Floyd Mayweather may in time meet the “Tossed Salad” man of comedian Chris Rock fame.


Sources close to the case say that Floyd Mayweather was indeed present when his posse beat the snot out of these two so far unidentified male victims whi were former Mayweather employees that he accused of stealing some of his bling. As a former San Francisco Policeman and Private Investigator, I can’t see Floyd getting out of this because he was there.


Broken right pinkie; Broken left ulna; (Ulna is a bone near the elbow); Cracked right ulna; Multiple fractures in left hand that required pins to reset the bones. Reports say the left arm of one man was so badly broken that doctors had to drill into the bone to attach a titanium plate.


This Mafia-like behavior is right up Floyd’s alley. Like Ray Luca of Crime Story TV fame, it wasn’t enough for these guys to be beaten badly, Floyd had to be there and witness the mayhem. Although he’s been arrested before, I feel this will be his downfall, a situation where Floyd’s “money” ain’t gonna be enough for him to escape ending up in Cell Block C and perhaps meeting the infamous “Tossed Salad” man.


Unless Floyd is locked up sans bail, he will engage Marcos Maidana in May at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In closing, after all that crap Floyd threw at Manny Pacquiao in recent months over his personal problems, in my mind and probably that of Manny Pacquiao as well, this couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Floyd only has the testimony of two former employees to worry about, zero hard evidence/proof, like the Top Rank scandal, this is all just a big show

  • Could it be that there never was a “cadaver”, therefore there’s nothing to bury? Or maybe this will go in the same “grave” where TMZ buried Lyl Wayne and the Cyrus kid? That being said I won’t rule out the possibility of Floyd being involved.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Is it being buried?

  • Jesus de Calecia

    Ok, I guess that by now we can all assume it was all wishful thinking on our part…right Pedro? Has anybody heard of any new developments?

  • The silence is defeaning in this case though…It’s strange because Mayweather got blasted by the media over domestic violence, and this by far seems way more extreme. Las Vegas PD so far is calling it a rumour.

    I read a little about the Ted Binion death. Interesting story. When are you going to write a book Pedro?? I know you have tons about boxing and other issues the mainstream will not touch with a ten foot pole!

  • Didn’t TMZ report Lil Wayne as dead as well as tons of false reports? Miley Cyrus dead, among dozens upon dozens of “real reports” that turned out to be very wrong? Not saying that this story is not true but I would be very hesitant to rely on TMZ as a primary source.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    1200, TMZ is raunchy at times, but so is reality. They’ll chase people down the street like a younger Geraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers) chased Gambino family crime boss John “The Teflon” Don Gotti. I like their bravery and they’ll just confront somebody and ask the question most won’t. As for Las Vegas not having this on their journalistic plate doesn’t surprise me as they too are pressured into looking the other way on occasion.

    As for the LV PD not being involved yet, let me tell you about casino mogul and heroin addict Ted Binion and his death in 1998. It had his old lady Sally Murphy and her boyfriend on trial for murder. They were convicted, but the verdict was overturned in 2003 and were found innocent of murder in a second trial, guilty of theft. The first case got a little press, but the retrial didn’t get hardly any ink.


    It says under NRS § 629.041 the mandatory reporting regarding knife or gunshot wounds…But nothing regarding broken bones with blunt objects! Yikes…

  • We’ll get a good laugh out of this…

  • Thanks Pedro. That’s true about TMZ. Maybe the victims are angling for a payout? I’ve heard that it’s protocol to report gunshot or stabbing wounds to the law enforcement if being treated to a hospital, wouldn’t it be the same thing for a beating of this porportion and kidnapping? I appreciate your responses.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The silence from Mayweather is ominous. TMZ has always been reliable, whether it is considered tabloid or not.

  • Pedro, why is it that Police charges weren’t filed yet but somehow TMZ gets the scoop?

  • Hey Floyd duck weather! Want more money? Here’s my advice, once the trial starts, put it on pay per view, you might break your own record and you have no one to share it with. Lol!!! Money makes your world go round and upside down.

  • Those who don’t believe the story might also believe that Floyd duck weather didn’t go to jail for beating his woman. I thought his mafia style is only for boxing, but the way I see it , now he has muscles. Muscles means men who does the dirty works. He maybe the al Capone of boxing but pacquiao is Elliot ness! Sooner or later he’ll be caught. Run Capone run! Elliot ness is just around the corner!

  • WOW, ploy mayweather will possibly be sharing a cell with oj. simpson. MANG !!!

  • This is just Floyd’s way of avoiding a Pacman fight.He’d rather waste a year or two in jail and let Pacman retire for good. Or, certain groups will come in on it and force him to fight Pacman – in exchange, he would be spared the jail term. Either way, it does not look good on him. He deserves it big-time.

  • What a total Fool! Did Little Floyd actually think this was going to go
    unnoticed or ever brought up again? In today’s world with lawyers lurking
    waiting to make an easy buck taking on a case like this and not to mention the
    district attorney waiting to punch his own claim to fame by putting a famous
    person away. We all make mistakes but this takes it to a whole new level carrying out an order to have bones broken while being present and something tells me he was present, this guy is a control freak who thinks he is above all else. We’re talking Floyd Mayweather jr. here, the guy that’s ego is so big that he once told off Bryan Kenny (watch it on Youtube) when Mayweather “retired”, Brian introduced Floyd as the “former pound for pound” champ, and Floyd all but threw a temper tantrum. I mean after all The guy was “retired,” so why would Brian have to introduce him as the current pound for pound champ? and yet still a bit later in the interview when Brian referred to Oscar De La Hoya as a “cash cow” Floyd threw another fit saying he, not Oscar was the cash cow, I mean WTF! who in they’re right mind would get angry at something like that unless your ego is that big that you don’t want anyone mentioning that someone was once paid more than you?

    Oscar MADE Floyd, it was Oscar who gave Floyd the chance to break out into the mainstream not the other way around. I’m no Oscar fan never was but it was he who carried boxing in the lower weight divisions while Floyd was awaiting that break out fight that would take him to the next level, Floyd needed Oscar not the other way around and it was Oscar who Floyd owes thanks for because Oscar was already making record purses before Floyd, Floyd only broke out into the 8 digit purses AFTER Oscar gave him the opportunity. Oscar was already there. Yet this ingrate thinks he was the one who made Oscar what a joke watching him go berserk over Brian simply referring to Oscar as a cash cow..

    As far as that mob style ass kicking, Floyd must have been watching too many old Vegas mafia movies or at the very
    least he knows what kind of punishment thieves were subjected to in the casino
    interrogation room by casino “security” when guys were caught robbing the
    casinos, legs and arms were broken at the boss’ order. If Mayweather was indeed
    present then only an idiot would think he himself didn’t orchestrate it. Floyd’s
    “yes” men are nothing but a bunch of groupies that would do just about anything
    to appease him. It’s totally repulsive how his entourage especially Leonard
    Ellerbe the guy who when Floyd says to jump Leonard says “how high Floyd”, and
    would undoubtedly go as far as wipe Floyd’s ass with $100 bills if he was told
    to do so. Why didn’t Mayweather just have the thieves’ asses kicked or even
    embarrassed? maybe stripped nude and told to squeal like a pig or something? and
    to make matters even worse to just think that these punk ass thieves stand to
    win millions when this is over with is just as appalling. Mayweather is a punk,
    an overpaid athlete that rarely gives the paying public their money’s worth. You
    would think with this bad ass behavior that he would be a bad ass in the ring,
    he fights as if he’s petrified of getting hit and he rarely engages. If he never
    fights again who in their right mind would miss him? I don’t know but something
    tells me he’s going to be someone’s bitch for a long time and he will only have
    his own thuggish self to blame. Idolizing money and thinking you are better than someone just because you have more money than they have is just stupid. And don’t tell me he doesn’t idolize money the man runs around calling himself “Money” for goodness sake. I think if Michael Buffer were to forget to introduce him as “Money” he would absolutely no doubt be infuriated.

    This guy is evil and anyone who would be stupid enough to actually burn cash deserves to be
    someone’s bitch. It will be too soon if I never see him fight again. Good

  • absolutely,Mayweather jr. has personally involve on that brutal matters has directed by him.

  • Let justice run its course.

  • Another possible reason why will
    not happen the fight between
    pacquiao and mayweather
    by 2015?lol…

  • As far as Floyd is concerned, everybody else is a “motherf_kr”.

  • Floyd and Pacquiao are the types that will go down in different paths. Steal from Floyd and you will pay dearly for your life or limbs. Steal from Pacquiao and you will be forgiven (the couple who rifled Pacquiao’s bank acct in LA to the tune of $200+K) and other documented stories! Floyd is the type who would want you to bow before him, and Pacquiao is the type who would want you to beg from him but will oblige. Want to be Floyd’s girlfriend? Be ready to sign a contract to return all valuable things given to you should the relationship sour. Want to get Pacquiao’s financial blessings? Be ready to preach the Bible convincingly to him and you shall receive. Floyd’s power? Money. Pacquiao’s power? The word of God. Both have the money to enjoy the fruits of their labor and both seem to feel empowered blindly.
    I can’t wait to read the news 10 years from now.

  • I hope FMJ loses by KO to Maidana, (although I don’t see it happening), and that Pacman KOs Bradley (I DO see that happening) and Pacman fights Maidana in their next respective fights.

  • I am wondering why this type of person is being adored by the boxing fans. He brags everything – telling the whole world that he is a great champion but he is not – always running away from a small boxer from Southern Philippines named Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao.

    Floyd’s legacy is something that is not worthy of emulation – May God bless him someday so his mind will function properly.

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