Las Vegas, NV– If you were to categorize boxing agent/cornerman Sean Gibbons, with the exception of being a decent parent, it would probably not be anything of a positive nature. A one time Coke fiend, Gibbons was named by the Oklahoma Atty. General as a centerpiece in a broad investigation confirming that Oklahoma boxing was corrupt to the bone. Then the FBI has him on tape fixing a fight, in addition to the statement of Dwayne Swift, who told me that Gibbons took him to Mexico where he threw a fight. The bottom line is that Gibbons is a piece of…..shall we say work!

As a major cog in the Operation Matchbox sting that went down the tubes because of a couple of dirty cops, in addition to government interference, Gibbons is still in boxing and making a decent living at that. Personality aside, Sean is to boxing what “Pigpen” was to the Charlie Brown cartoon series. It is with a great sense of disgust that we induct Sean into the Ring Talk’s “Wall of Shame.”

Sean Gibbons in lower right hand corner

Sean Gibbons in lower right hand corner


  • I have tapes of him fixing fights and talking about screwing fighters out of money.

  • Pedro,

    My brother is an amazing man with a big heart!!!!! He ia a terrific dad who cares deeply about his family, friends and fellow colleagues. The only disgrace I can see is the slanted reporting of your articles. As everyone knows any information can be distorted and misconstrued in order to fit ones perception!

  • You should edit this article. He is a Great parent.

  • gary brandenburg

    Pedro, I am (not) from the show me state so I will not go there. After several years of reading your stuff, I discovered it is always truthful and usually right on the money. Scum is scum and you “Calls Em, As you Sees Em”… I hope the filth you had to waiste papaer on, take a big fall and carry the rest of the scum-bags with him………………Nice Read & Truthful Ink make a great night..

  • Pedro
    My Man Thanks for the PR your the Best
    Your Man
    Sean PigPen Gibbons

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