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San Francisco, CA– The job of a manager and promoter is to get your guy/gal the most money for the least amount of risk. But in the case of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, that concept seems to go a bit deeper. First he wanted to fight James “No Beard” Kirkland, a pressure fighter (who doesn’t take a punch well) that was losing against Carlos Molina several weeks ago before either the Texas State Athletic Commission or referee Jon Schorle, and seeing Schorle isn’t returning emails these days, the question as to who actually stopped the fight goes unanswered. Paul Williams is no longer fighting after a motorcyle wreck after he was OK’d. Then they lined up Victor Ortiz, a welterweight (147 lbs) who was coming off a knockout loss to Floyd Mayweather to face Alvarez for his WBC 154 lb. title. But “Humpty Dumpty” AKA Victor Ortiz fell off the wall and broke his jaw against jr. welterweight (140) Josesito Lopez in what might be the biggest upset of the year thus far.


Ortiz, who suffered a broken jaw against the physically smaller Lopez, this while Alvarez was ringside looking at Victor like he were lunchmeat, took it to Ortiz and forced him to quit after nine completed rounds. Well, if Victor was supposed to be “lunchmeat” for Alvarez, if the WBC and Team Alvarez are serious, then they will take on Josesito Lopez, who is not lunchmeat, just two small slices of bread. What the WBC and Golden Boy Promotions are doing to “coddle” the greener than guacamole Alvarez is in itself a crime against the sport of boxing. Although Lopez will weigh in over 147 even, thus making him a jr. middleweight, why doesn’t Alvarez fight Vic Darchinyan or somebody in the 118-122 lb. range, I mean they have as much chance as Lopez.


Saul "El Pollo" Alvarez

Having been on the boxing perch for many a moon, I remember when Mexican gladiators were “taken care of” by the WBC, but in it seems like WBC czar Jose Sulaiman is “breast feeding” the popular “Canelo” himself. Recalling the ascension of Mexican icon, the late Salvador Sanchez, the WBC tried to baby him but the fighters that were ranked around him were of exceptional talent. Azumah Nelson, Wilfredo Gomez, hell even Ruben Castillo would be rated a level higher than Josesito Lopez and these guys were at or within a few pounds of Sanchez. Naturally speaking, there’s a 14-pound weight difference at the weigh in alone. Seeing Alvarez puts on ten pounds after scaling, matching Josesito Lopez against him would almost be akin to fighting a fighter almost three weight divisions smaller.


It’s a “win-win” situation for both sides as Alvarez gets a “set up” type of fight, while Lopez earns more money than he could really dream about at his size and this stage of his career. If they want to put this on CBS TV, and they are talking about it, the discrepancy in size is enough to get Lopez seriously hurt. But that’s the mindset of Golden Boy and the WBC, screw tomorrow, or any future this struggling sport but prospering business might be in, as long as we achieve the goal of keeping Alvarez unbeaten, the end will have justified the means. Sad as it might be, nobody really gives a spit about boxers in this country, that’s why we need a Federal Boxing Commission.

Pedro Fernandez


  • and when it lopez beats canelo, i won’t say i told ya so…

  • no I never box in competition, i just seen guys over the years fight out of their natural or initial weight class and win!!! i am just saying i like lopez chance against a very slow and easy to hit canelo…

  • Yeah, it’s pretty sad GBP treats the fans to a mismatch. I thought we’d at least get a unification fight. On the other hand, Top Stank looks to be cornering Martinez with their contract in the Martinez fight. You know, small ring, etc… Martinez should pull a Pac and have stipulated in the contract that Jr. can’t gain more than 10 lbs after the weigh-in or get penalized $’s/lb. I think I read somewhere Arum asking for a 10X10 ring (exaggerating, but it might be smaller than “Championship” sized). Only these numb-nut “promoters” can mess up their own products.


  • was paul williams also garbage? remember this is alverez’s 3rd opponent

  • Lopez is gutsy, but you need precision and power to beat Canelo. Lopez is too small. I think he should just wait for a payday at 140 where a lot big fights loom. Haymon for some reason is setting this kid up for slaughter. He has no business fighting at 154, and for commissions to allow this should also be in question. I wonder what the weight disparity will be fight night. I could understand this bout if Lopez was a Whitaker type who wins with great defense and craft. but Lopez is a brawler fighter a larger version of himself, a fighter at that with quicker hands.A missmatch just due to the size disparity.

  • Shame they are willing to sacrifice Josesito for Canelo, particularly when Joesito should have now better opportunities even without this ridiculous fight proposal that could end him as a fighter.

  • Save yourself the time in watching Canelo Alvarez vs Josesito Lopez by simply watching Arturo Gatti vs Joey Gamache:

    I fear that, like the Gatti versus Gamache bout, the Canelo versus Josesito fight may well turn out a tragedy. Lopez was very game versus a much larger Ortiz, and that game spirit may cause him to to suffer the kind of damage that ruins careers, and sometimes lives. This bout is a disgrace.

  • Canelo Alvarez is a fabrication. Name one skilled, in his prime 154 lb fighter he has faced – you can’t. His next opponent is as Pedro put it, lunch meat and even if Alvarez KO’s Lopez brutally, as will probably be the case, that victory earns him no merit in my eyes.

    Why is Canelo, the “champion” not fighting a serious contender – Erislandy Lara, Carlos Molina, Vanes Martyrosan, shoot, I’ll even take Alfredo Angulo or Austin Trout – because any serious contender would probably derail that Golden Boy gravy train. Canelo may well turn out to be a champion one day but right now he is a conjured up belt holder.

    I do disagree with Pedro’s (and most other boxing scribes) description of Lopez making Ortiz quit after nine rounds. Technically the description is accurate, but it trivializes the injury suffered by Ortiz. I thought Ortiz was game during the fight, regardless of the outcome; and I respect Ortiz’s decision to stop competing that night due to a serious injury (two fractures in his jaw). Having said that, Ortiz’s defense is porous, and he will continue to absorb punishment until he corrects that weakness in his game.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    You have never boxed in competition Mario.

  • just my honest opinion but altough canelo outweigs lopez, i actually give lopez a good chance of beaten canelo, i mean he just beat ortiz!!!

  • Shifty Schefer of gbp,got background in investment banking.He seen boxers as commodities,squeeeeeeeeze profits .Does he have background is boxing????

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Tito-Forrest, their 3rd fight was Tito’s retirement party. The matches are more competitive than most boxing matches.

  • I can’t believe this! I like the kid and I think he has a chance to be a good/great fighter but why hand him a title on a silver platter if this is what you are going to do? I mean really pathetic. I wouldn’t have a problem if he wasn’t a champion but he is! You gave him the title now make him face championship level opposition. I’m not even going to watch this if it was on CBS and they paid me. Looking like Chavez has more balls than this dude.

  • Best don’t fight the best is MMA. Complete utter nonsense with a constant spin from uninformed fans. Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin is best vs best. Not sure where this BS comes from. I see the same utter miss matches in MMa that I see in boxing as well as many boring fights on both sides. The Silva Sonnen fight was pathetic. i expected it to be such because even though UFC failed in their commentary to mention it, but the only reason Sonnen was so successful in the first fight is because he gets an exemption for testosterone and also he tested positive for steroids. What a joke.

  • I can honestly now say that there is someone in the sport of boxing even slimier than Bob Arum, and it’s Oscar. You have to go a ways to out-slime Bob, and Oscar’s more than trotted the globe in that aspect.

    It’s shameful that a promoter in conspiracy with a sanctioning body, will endeavor to get a fighter seriously injured, all for the almighty $$$

  • MMA is the model going forward and the powers that be in boxing are helping them destroy the remaining dedicated boxing fan base, remembering that the new boxing fan base is already beyond establishing.

    MMA, where the best fight the best and public’s demand for the best competitive fights is on par with the fighters desire to fight the best in class as well. Also, the notion of a perfect record is different in MMA. Having losses on your record is not a career killer.

  • Also forgot to add that I agree with you when they put Canelo agains guys like Matthew Hatton and Alfonso Gomez. Also, Lopez has heart but he is too small for Canelo and I don’t agree with that matchup or a Canelo vs Mayorga matchup!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Thanks, Maecos, out of contention ouf of mind.

  • Pedro, Kirkland was a risky fight. And you forgot that he was also lined up to fight Paul Williams, which was also a risky fight…I do agree with you to a certain point, him being guarded, because they are trying to save Canelo for the huge fights against Cotto or Mayweather.

  • Alvarez is good, but a champion fighter should fight elite level opponents.Especially in his weight division. This searching for a credible opponent is stupid when you consider fans are beating their drum for him to fight Lara. Goldenboy should be ashamed by denying the public the fights they want.

  • what a lame…..lopez? the junior welterweight….who just fought recently in welterweight then going to fight in junior middleweight…ill go for martinez-chavez in this one..not a wise move by GBP…it will affect alvarez popularity against chavez if ever chavez will win in PPV buys against alvarez which i think has a very high possibility…i thought schaeper is all brains…really not a wise move..better they put down their pride and not to put that fight same date with chavez-martiez or maybe find a more competitive opponent like lara or quintana maybe…

  • Federal boxing commission can be bought with politics back to square one. Money buys elections, elections buy positions, positions buy power and so on so forth! How do you think Jose can you see Suliman got all the power and control? Polititions, Presedents, Big Money Promoters with big sanction fees, people willing to put up the money to buy back belts or start 6 world championship belts per weight division if needed.
    I personaly think Saul Alvarez is the real deal but got belts thru money paid over and above normal sanction fees as did Hopkins to get his belt back but that is a done thing of the past we can not change.
    Boxing is alive only the Belts have been changed to protect the Names.

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