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San Francisco, CA– Defeating WBA heavyweight title claimant Johnny “Louise” Ruiz via UD 12 in 2004 was probably the peak of the Roy Jones era. From that point forward, it’s been down hill, sometimes face down for Roy who paid dearly for an undeserved decision over Antonio Tarver. In the rematch, Tarver knocked Roy the blank out in two rounds. Then came the one-punch KO by Glen Johnson which was followed by another loss to Tarver. At this point and time, Jones could have retired and everybody who knows or cares about him would have agreed.


Instead he continued and in 2008 lost by wide scores to Joe Calzaghe. The Welshman retired after this fight at 45-0. Getting two wins over Omar Sheika and Jeff Lacy weren’t enough to restart the Roy Jones fan club, they being a bunch of writers that thought like Roy that he was a boxing God. Then came more three straight losses, a KO 1 by Danny Green, UD 12 loss to Bernard Hopkins, and a “sick” KO loss in his May 2011 fight against Denis Lebedev.


When I say sick, if you saw the last punch a helpless Roy took, this when referee Steve Smoger refused to step in and Roy was hit standing up semi-concussed. Essentially, he was out on his feet until a clean punch was thrown while he was impersonating a boxing mime as he wasn’t speaking or moving. Frozen in midair and referee Smoger allowed Roy to take so clean a shot in a concussed mode already. It was so scary that I thought to myself, the residual effects of all this brain trauma, Roy needs to stick with his HBO work which is excellent.


Nobody great ever got out of this game without getting hurt. Not Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, Oscar De La Hoya, Evander Holyfield, and certainly not Roy Jones. Having fought three stiffs since Lebedev, maybe Roy is the exception and won’t get pugilistic dementia, an ailment that affects boxers (punch drunk syndrome). Sometimes you see it early, sometimes late, sometimes never. Others like Jake LaMotta and Micky Ward and George Chuvalo, those three could take a licking and are still talking clearly today. But they are the exception and not the rule! Hey Roy, can you relate?


Even had Smoger stepped in when he should have, Roy Jones still took a beating. He has been knocked out four times in the ring, at least once in the gym prior to the Olympics, thus Roy has been KO’d five times. I think if an NFL quarterback suffered five concussions he would likely be retired.


Roy Jones Picture Worth 1,000 Words!

Instead of being one of the great fighters of the late 20th century, Roy Jones will be remembered for his KO losses and his staying around way too long. We may see some of this in a few years, maybe ten as these ass whippings are going to come back and haunt Roy Jones. He’s fought thrice since Lebedev, the last being in December 2013 in Russia, suffice to say that Roy Jones is gambling with his life by boxing at the age of 45, especially in light of the KO losses.


The reason why I thought the Jones photograph is so “telling” is that it features a young Roy Jones looking over the shoulder at an old, almost elderly looking Roy Jones.

Pedro Fernandez


  • This guy is a hater!!! Wishing he was a washed up champ? But never. This guy even has the stones to talk about Hagler????!!!! Wtf

  • Roy fought the guys he did because it was common knowledge to boxing insiders that Roy had no chin. And he could not draw flies. All time greats do not get COLDCOCKED by the likes of Tarver and Johnson. He does good work on if we could get Max to shut up!

  • Pedro, while it is probably true that Roy had a KO prior to the Tarver fight, I shouldn’t rely on Ray as a source. Ray was sooooo jealous of Roy Jones, it was sickening.

  • Jones should never have goven Antonio loudmouth any attention on that day, at the press conference. You cannot lose over 20lb of pure muscle and still be Superman. Just impossible.

  • What BAD ADVICE RJ. Jr. must be recieving from either his Alter-Ego.. or his Insiders?? Either way, wish Roy would recall Rocky’s exist.. Undefeated at age 31… and forever more, Mr. 49-0!
    RJ’s other talents.. such as HBO TALK, will serve him handsomely.. no need to continue tryong to regain, the LONG PAST, qucikness/speed of hand/foot, that he once DOMINATED the WORLD with during the 90’s..
    The ‘MAGIC-DUST’, only last for a few moments in time, as Abe Saperstein reflected upon… about his coaching career, and ‘Red’ Aurbach’s.. run with the CELTICS.
    Leave the Stage.. while they are still CLAPPING.. rather than getting ‘The HOOK’.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Ray Leonard told me at 88 Olympic Trials in Concord, CA. Don’t know who..

  • Da UnKnown Comic

    Settle something for me. You said he got KO’d pre-Olympics. By who? Here’s the reason I ask. When Roy got stopped by Tarver, he was asked if it had ever happened before. He said “yeah. Once a long time ago in the amateurs.” I was told it was Frankie Lyles. Every amateur video I have is of either Roy winning or losing to Lyles, but nothing close to a KO. WHO THE HECK WAS IT?

  • Sad about Roy. In the 90s he was no. 1 p4p maybe longer than anyone else in the history of the sport, save, these days, Mayweather. I don’t comment on the boxing boards much these days but it’s funny seeing kids talk who have no idea how good he was.

    Prime Roy Jones was as close to unbeatable a fighter as I’ve ever seen. Boring, often, but among the most athletic and gifted fighters ever.

    It’s hard to imagine what compels him to keep fighting at this age.

    Regarding Dariusz, haven’t thought of that in a long time.

    It’s somewhat long the lines of Paquiao-Mayweather not being made though… they waited and waited and finally nobody cared, then they both started losing to lesser fighters.

    In their primes it may have been kind of an interesting fight, but hard to see Roy losing.

    The European fighters at the time were considered kind of second-rate.

    Oh how times change… now they beat our ***** regularly, LOL.

  • Rouy Jones was not undefeated he had a loss to Montell Griffen in a fight he ws losing and frustrated and hit griffen when he was down. He avenged te loss but only after Motell got the big head and got rid of legendary trainer Eddie Futch. Roy Jones fought a green Bernard Hopkins who at the time was no alltime great, and James Toney who striggled to make weight. Veirgil Hill was old and so was Mcaallum who was 40 or (older many experts state he was 5 years older than he claimed). If Floyd fought the people Roy fought he would get Hammered. Richard hall, that othe guy who ws a part time Postman Tony Thornton, Merqui Sosa, Antoine Byrd, Lou Devalle, Richard Fraizer, David Telesco. Not hall of fame talent. The worst guy Floyd fougt was the Kid from Puert Rico who was a Cotto Clone. Roy avoided, Nigel Benn, Michael Nunn, Gerald mcclellan and anyone considered dangerous at that time. he never fought an improved Hopkins Until Berard becamethe aside. he pimped HBO for money fighting bums.

  • Fact, said legal supplement Ripped Fuel was not a banned substance at the time Roy Jones Jr. took it. Fact, if said fighter took the supplement it definitely could lead to a higher then normal testosterone level thus resulting in a positive test. Fact, Jones never had a positive test again and Ripped Fuel was since put on the banned substance list. Use some common sense. Fact, it is absolutely irresponsible to throw around allegations without proper research and objectivity. When he was pfp # 1 there was no point for him to go overseas. The honus was on Darius not Roy. Roy had way more to lose then Dariusz, and Roy was already pfp # 1. That is like Floyd going to Puerto Rico to fight Cotto, or Pacman going to Mexico to fight Canelo, or Floyd/Pac going to GB to fight Kahn. None would never happen as long as Floyd/Manny are on top, nor should they. Pointless subjective article.

  • i believe in order to be a good journalist, you need to be neutral…unbiased! When the personal element is involved, it can taint the facts which is what need to be stated correct? in my opinion, the bigger crowd may have showed up in Germany than in the states if the fight came off. the fans over there seem to post more aggressive attendance in “super stage” fights. But i have to ask, whats the obsession with Michalczewski? i understand the purpose for mentioning him the first time in your article, but why the second? Are you a fan of his? i feel the need to post the facts so lets look at what we DO know! Jones has the better record vs common opponents(go to boxrec and do the comparisons), most notably being jones-ud 12 vs gonzalez/darius-sd loss vs gonzalez. This made Roy the A-side fighter as touted by most boxing media. Also, Roy fought better competition overall, and even fought better fighters than Darius historically, after he was passed it(hopkins, calzaghe, trinidad). Both fighters “stuck to their guns” about not leaving their resective countries, so why didnt you just report they both failed? Lastly, i disagree with your comment about Jones legacy being affected. Louis, Robinson, Ali, and many other great fighters fought way past their primes with disastrous results, yet that didnt affect their standings historically nor what they accomplished while in their prime. Nothing can erase history…that being said, i believe Roy needs to let his boxing career become part of history now

  • Hi Pedro,
    Love your stuff, as usual. How to measure a boxers career is a very interesting yet difficult game to play. Here me out here; Roy was basically undefeated from 1989 to 2004- thats 15 years. This is the same period that Floyd has been undefeated. And you cannot compare Floyds career to Roys. Roy fought and beat the best middleweights, super-middleweights, and light heavyweights for 15 years. Floyd is a better salesman, Roy played country ignorant til after he lost his first fight with Tarver. Then his personality came out and his arrogance went away. Roy beat better fighters than floyd ever did. Did Floyd ever beat a prime all time great like a James Toney, Bernard Hopkins. Or a secondary all time ‘very good’ like Virgil HIll or Mike McCallum?
    Roy lost his first fight at 35. At 35, Ali was fighting and losing to leon spinks in the superdome, Tyson was getting knocked out by an equally over the hill Lennox Lewis and Frazier was already retired. Pedro, with all due respect, 35 is over the hill and out for any speed/reflex boxer. Roy was perfect for 15 years, lost on average 1/2 a round per fight, that my friend is incredible. He made the biggest business mistake in history in turning down holyfield for tarver. That was just country stupidity. Floyd ducked literally Cotto, Margarito, Citron, Pacquiao three times, and Kosta Tzyu. You cant compare their careers. Roy was an all time TOP 20 fighter as soon as he retires. He would have been a top 5 if he retired after Ruiz in March 2003. By the way whom knocked him out as an amateur??? A 22 year old lefthander while Roy was only 17, keep it real Pedro.

  • LC, BADLY MISINFORMED. Roy was never a draw. Never sold out good size arenas. Dariusz & he would have fought outdoor in a soccer stadium. Dariusz was the draw, like Bute is in Canada.

  • You expecting Roy to head overseas to face Darius M. is ridiculous. Roy Jones was pound for pound number one in the sport … a global icon. What you are suggesting is the equivalent of Austin Trout dictating a fight with Manny Pacquiao should be in his hometown. Please. Roy was the draw. Roy’s legacy didn’t need Darius. In my view Darius should have come to the US if he really wanted the fight. I’m not going to fault Roy, who was the DRAW, because he’s past his prime. Let’s not play revisionist history.

    Yes, Roy should hang them up. I agree. But implying he should have went overseas at the TOP of his game I can’t roll with. I mean, who was Darius to say “my country or nowhere?”

  • Love this site for the info…comments from all of you or as Pedro says “the RingTalk Family” is another example as to what separates this site from other boxing websites…Big Ups to the RingTalk Fam!

  • When Roy Jones fought Richard Hall in Indianapolis, they both failed the drug test for steroids. Roy’s attorney sent me a letter saying he had used an over the counter supplement called “Ripped Fuel”. The test could only tell that he had an above normal amount of steroids, not if it was a supplement.
    Regardless , he failed the test. After this fight, Indiana passed rules with penalties for failing a drug test. Roy took a drug test in his next three fights and submitted the results to the Indiana Boxing Commission. All three tests were negative.

  • Pedro, I live in Pensacola and it’s sad because Jones can’t even get a fight here any more. They tried to set one up a year ago and nobody bought tickets and they had to cancel it.
    Keep up the best boxing articles on the web.

  • Amazing work Pedro.

    I’m a Roy Jones fan yet I hope he reads this article because he has been on the downside ever since his KO loss to Tarver. This article could be the wake-up call that he needs. Legends die hard, and Jones has been dying a slow boxing death for many years. This is what ticks me off about the sport, the man is clearly DONE and is risking suffering further damage, yet there is no one in the sport who has the authority or is willing to step in and save him from himself. It’s all about money and as long as fighters can draw some PPV numbers, promoters will continue to exploit fighters like Jones.

    For example, Antonio Margarito should not be allowed to fight considering what he did. If he was a tomato can who couldn’t draw flies to s#$*, I believe Margarito would have been banned for life, as he should have. In the famous words of Nino Brown in the movie New Jack City, “Money talks and BS runs a marathon!” It’s all about money and most promoters don’t care about what happens to fighters once they can no longer profit them.

    I remember watching Jones interview years ago and he talked about how seeing his friend Gerald McClellan in such a bad state had an effect on him. Due to the injuries he sustained in his fight with Nigel Benn in 1995, Gerald is now blind, can barely hear and his short-term memory has been affected. As you pointed out, Roy has been knocked out cold 4 times and as a Jones fan, I don’t want to see him end up like his friend or so many other fighters who couldn’t stay away.

    This is the first time I’ve heard about him being knocked out in training camp as an amateur (I’m referring to your previous article). This is why I consider you one of the best boxing writers/personalities in the business because while I’ve been a die-hard boxing fan for 35 years and I know a thing or two about the sport, every time I read your articles or listen to the radio show, I learn something new.

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