Ross Greenburg Has Destroyed HBO Boxing

Ross Greenburg Has Destroyed HBO Boxing


San Francisco, CA– When I called HBO a fortnight ago, I left a voicemail message asking one of the boxing suits, “Is HBO losing Manny Pacquiao?” The reason I put forth the question was that somebody reliable had tipped me off. Never got a response, so I dropped it and moved along. Then the great Tom Hauser, writer extraordinaire that he is, penned a piece at that confirmed the rumors of Pacman leaving HBO.


While some of you are perplexed with that sub title, it’s the truth. Kerry Davis, HBO Sports VP is an African American lawyer who got Lou Di Bella’s job when the HBO suits “conned” Lou into resigning. Di Bella was told that Seth Abraham, then the HBO Sports CEO, wasn’t going anywhere, thus Lou would never be the sports boss. Within a fortnight of Lou’s announcement, Seth Abraham resigned and elevated producer Ross Greenburg to what should have been Di Bella’s gig. It should be noted that Abraham and Greenburg are Jewish, Di Bella an Italian. When Di Bella realized that Seth and crew had pulled the wool over his eyes many years ago, he was beyond himself. “The (Jewish) connection, yeah they screwed me.”


Kerry Davis

Kerry Davis

Under Davis’ leadership, HBO Boxing After Dark, once the hottest series on boxing that was founded by Di Bella in 1996 with the concept that they would air NO SHOWCASE bouts. Instead, BAD has become almost ESPN-like with fights nobody really gives a s*it about! In another assasine move, Davis signs an exclusive deal with Golden Boy Promotions, and at the same time sets up an “Al HeymanBatphone on his desk. Most feel manager/advisor Al calls and tells Kerry what he wants and coincidently 8.5 out of ten times, Heyman’s guys are getting fat checks from HBO for little more than glorified exhibitions. Having watched Heyman’s astonishing ascention, I wanted to wait until something related occurred before I slapped “Big Al” around. .


With Showtime and CBS teaming up with promoter Bob Arum, his bringing the May fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley to Showtime, this is the equivalent of corporate castration, meaning The Sheik (Arum) had cut the balls off HBO. Showtime PPV is slated to televise the bout with CBS airing the fight delayed. Hauser is saying that Showtime & CBS have 115,000,000 homes, while HBO has but 30,000,000 households subscribing.


I’ve known Ross Greenburg for 20+ years. Great baseball guy, but his best work at HBO was when he was in the production truck producing the fights. To be blunt, HBO needs to dump Ross, Davis, and the rest of those stuffed shirts making bank. When Arum and Ross were in Pacquiao talks in December, HBO closed down shop and pissed Arum off to the point where he took Pacman to Showtime.


With CBS airing the fight delayed, this is the best thing to happen to boxing, both the business and the sport, in my 26+ year tenure! Congrats to The Sheik for proving that he is still King when it comes to promotion. Don King has done a lot of big shows, but for longevity and success, especially his snatching the Spanish speaking market away from King, like him or not, Bob Arum has no peers!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Only steroid free athletes will, willingly drug test without cutoffs and prior warnings as to when u will be tested. Take the test or remain suspect. If a cowboy uses a 10 gallon hat, Manny uses a 30 gallon hat with his big HGH head!!!

  • Another bs line to avoid random testing.

  • TT, Thanks!

    I see your Pac Love is growing. Now, Pac fans are saying that Boxing will die after Pac leaves. Fear not, Arum will “create” a new star. Of course Pac’s legacy has surpassed DLH, his team had a better blue-print on how to win fights at the negotiation table. Plus DLH fought Tito and Mosley in their prime. Both were Recognized Champions, in their prime, and undefeated. Very unlike anyone whom Pac has fought.

    Mr Saito,

    Right on about the unwillingness to drug test (random).


  • MrSaito,

    Try yourself be injected ramdomly and get blood for 5 days and let someone punch your face for 36 minutes. Let’s see if it’s just a minor inconvenience for you.

    Of course, no millions involve since we’re not boxers, just trying it for your awakening.

  • @ Aaron on January 25th, 2011 at 4:04 AM
    Your close, good idea, but that won’t work. Now your asking people to subscribe to
    2 Premium Channels. My support goes to Manny, but I don’t subscribe to Showtime.
    So if I were to pay to see the fight, it would be on HBO, which with your idea,
    would credit Floyd for the draw.
    IMO the only way to figure that out for real would be to have the provider of
    the event ask the customer, who they are supporting. It wouldn’t be that hard with
    today’s technology. A click of the mouse, pushing a button on the phone, or simply
    answering the question to the person your talking to.

  • Floyd is simply scared of Pacman period.

  • Golden opportunity – Pedro called it right. Manny could have fought a version of Floyd Mayweather that is TRULY showing sings of mental frailness. Floyd’s antics of late are better suited to Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears or some other drug induced starlet. Additionally his bouts with the IRS have been more exciting than any of his fights in the previous 5 years! This is a guy who is cracking up; and Manny could have fought that version of Floyd, and chose not to. It was a golden opportunity, and if an at present discombobulated Mayweather gets himself whole again, it will be a much more formidable opponent Pacquiao has to face in that ring….missed “golden opportunity” indeed!

  • Stop “over-Einsteining” drug testing: The absurd assertions that submitting to drug testing would somehow weaken Manny Pacquiao’s mental fortitude, are just that, absurd! Am I to understand that a man who grew up in poverty, turned professional fighter in his teens, is a father, and has won a congressional election in his country would be mentally weakened by submitting to Olympic quality drug testing?!? What a ridiculous assertion.

    I have to submit to drug testing with each contract I sign (I work for a consulting company). My employer instructs me to which lab to report; I report, submit to drug testing and leave. It’s not an interrogation folks; it’s not someone drilling at your teeth asking you questions until you submit and tell them what you want to hear. It’s a drug test; and if I’m willing to do it for the modest sums (compared to Manny’s purses) I am paid – Why would Manny Pacquiao decline to submit himself to these minor inconveniences for millions of dollars?!?

  • Floyd is the Little Richard of boxing.

  • Whatever K.P.P!!! U should get banned ur a writer and ur all drinking off the pacstraw. Ur quick to crap on PBF when Pac is doing the same ish if not worst!!! I said it like it was Pacmanndidnt do Jack, he followed like the lame duck he is. Please K.PP I forgot more boxing than Youll ever know hommie. How u like dem apples????

  • Does this mean I don’t have to suffer through another Max Kellerman rant? Halleluyah! (Whose nephew is he, anyway?

  • While I agree he has already passed DLH as a boxer, I don’t know about popularity and money. If you think about it DLH was at best a good boxer and he was able to make the kind of money he made and is still making, incredible.

  • Be careful, Pedro, remember Rick Sanchez?
    There’s an undercurrent driving our world and whatever that may be, it’s wise to play safe. :-)

  • TO everyone praising Arum, this is what Arum had to say:

    “I would want for nothing more than for my legacy to be that I brought boxing back to network television,” Arum said. “For me, that would supersede any extra money we’d make on this event. More than anything, I want people to say that Bob Arum was able to get it done and get boxing back on network television.”

    And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. For Arum it’s always been about money. HBO wouldn’t pony up, so Showtime is rolling the dice hoping enough “suckers”, I mean Pac fans, pay for the fight.


  • What’s funny to me is how people said boxing would be void of stars once De La Hoya retired. How quickly has that notion disappeared. Manny Paquiao has and may quite possibly surpass De La Hoya when he’s done in popularity and money…and whats even better than that is Pacquaio will have a much better legacy than De La Hoya because he’s won a lot more of his big fights than Oscar did and became popular because of what he does in the ring and not because of his perceived good looks or star appeal.

  • Can we have Rios banned again. He is starting to get annoying again…I think he stopped using his medication.

  • Morons..the fight will not be shown live on CBS. It will be on PPV and possibly tape delayed for a later date on CBS. I think the partnership with BCS showtime and Top Rank is very good for boxing, but please don’t get this twisted folks. This doesn’t mean Pacquaio will be shown live on CBS fighting, only making appearances on various shows and having the fight advertised during prime-time programming. I just feel that there’s misconception here that i wanted to clear up. PPV is not going away guys..Sorry!

  • Venus,

    No worries someone will come in after Pac. everybody said the same thing about De La Hoya and boxing is just fine without him. I’m sure it will survive without Pac also.

  • Skerge

    I agree with you completely Sulaiman is all over Pac’s sack. Martinez is dangerous he is bigger and guess what he actually has some hand speed. It was easy putting him up against Marg the guy is slower than a turtle. I still laugh when people say 8 time world champion yet all his titles from 135 up should have an asterisk. Always a catch with this guy I never in my life seen a boxer who cries so much about not having his way.

  • Great day for boxing and people still have to rain on another man’s parade…lol
    Having a platform on network tv will ensure revenues from endorsements, bet on that..Pacquiao, king of endorsements in boxing fa sho! Arum may be the man, but the pacman is what sells! He s the ONLY boxer right now thats carrying the sport on his shoulder, and people still hate!

    According to someone I know, (unfortunatly, a p.e.d. user)one of the most identifiable things you FIRST notice about a person using p.e.d.’s, especially steriods is that the person goes through mood swings and their personality changes…I wonder which boxer today fits that bill! hahaha

  • HBO – Heymon’s B.O.? Makes sense. Bah, who needs Klitschkos or Pacquiao when they’ve got …Chad Dawson! They’ll use the money they’re not paying Pacquiao to bribe judges & DA’s to drop charges against Mayweather so he can fight the winner of Marquez-Morales at 147 on their network! And they say HBO has their priorities mixed up.

  • Now, Pacquiao fight Mosley. It maybe a tune-up fight for a bigger one coming.
    Where’s Mayweather?
    To all Floyd nuthuggers, can you please convince him to show up and fight someone, consider it a tune-up fight for possible Pac-May fight this fall. He can fight Juan Diaz or Humberto Sotto if he want or any smaller fighter willing to fight.

    The real issue here is that the best slick boxer is hiding in his Mommy’s skirt.

    Where’s the Money mouth????? Too quite on sticking at Mommy’s avatar.

  • Bob Arum could not and would not have done this sans Pacquiao.. It’s astonishing what Pacquiao, the man and evern just the name, does and can do to boxing today. What will happen if HE won’t be around anymore?

  • The Al Heymen batphone comment was funny. F&*k HBO. I’m no fan of Arum, but HBO had this coming as their network has failed to consistently deliver quality matchups. Over the last five years showtime has done a much better job of giving fans some evenly matched championship fights that has delivered some thrills. I can’t say I support the Mosley bout, but CBS to air the fight delayed is a step in the right direction to bring boxing back to some good ratings. I remember the Lou Dibella days, some memorable fights took place. Shame

  • its about time somebody slaps HBO in the face and give them another smack in the back.. HBO is obviously sleeping with GBP. Just try to see the recent HBO PPVs and regulars.. mostly crap match up bu GBP..

  • Pedro why u cutting me off?? I want to show my disdain for this guys BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting no hopers!!! I’m sick of it. U bunch of pacturds complained mosley was too old when PBF taxed his azz but now Manny is fighting him later when mosley looked worst in his next bout. I pray that Mosley comes in and knocks Pacmans big azz head off his shoulders!!!!!!!! I’ll be honest Pacman really is still a flyweight 115 pnds. The only thing growing is his head. That’s from all the hgh, he probably is Barry Bonds best friend. Freaking roider. PACTURDS!!!! Get it right PBF is gonna tax his azz. Pacman u like catch weight fights?? I’ll throw u catch. Get it

  • Welcome to It’s SHOWTIME!!!! CBS we loved it HBO is very expensive PPV…

  • Praise ARUM for his brilliant decision. A good move to crack the monopoly & arrogant! businessman. With the way GBP & some other crocks link. there’s no way HBO will side TOP RANK, As will all know that ODLH is still got jealous over PACMAN over his retirement with a one stop 8 round surrender to Manny. What a mismatch & shamed nightmare for OSCAR DE LA HOYA!! He won the battle by separating connection between HBO and TOP RANK!!!!!

  • hi pedro.
    Cotto-Mayorga is a very good & competitive fight passed up by HBO, moving to CBS is a blessing in we’ll have Pacquiao-Mosley, & possibly a Cotto-Margarito II at CBS a terrestial TV network with at least 150M household viewers – that’s good for boxing, hope the Heavyweight Div. is nest (The Klistchko Bross , Haye & other heavy hopefuls…good work sir…God Bless

  • I am giddy, blown away. Now we need Mosley to put up a good fight and lose to Pacquiao. Then let Pac fight another B guy in September. Finish the year off in December with Santa Manny winning again. For this to work, the CBS thing, Pac needs to keep rolling.

  • Great move by Arum of his prized warrior – the Pacman.

  • Great for boxing to have a big fight on network television again. Maybe a new generation of boxing junkies will follow the sweet science. One thing about Arum that I don’t mind is that he will match his top fighters against one another. Al Haymon prevents his top fighters from fighting one another.

  • please stop all these hate. not doing good for boxing. Top Rank’s going to Showtime is good for boxing no matter what the angle is. Now we have two network fighting each other. let’s hope they’ll be bringing great fights and reasonable PPV rates.
    Good job Pedro!

  • Screw all that catch weight ish!!!!!! When u go up u fight the man for his belt at his best weight or don’t do it at all!!!!

  • Biggie Tron,

    “A test after second of a final bell is the same as a test before the bell rang. Which is Pac agreed on.”

    Really? You must have missed what Roach said when they thought Margo took a banned substance and was told they test after the fight. I’ll quote it for you:
    “but, it will be out of his system by then.” :-(
    Now you know why Team Pac doesn’t want Random testing, they know what’s up.


  • TT,

    The WBC is moving their 160 lb title to go around Chavez Jr. Martinez is being “pushed” out of the REAL title again. Then you can have the “unworthy” Pac vs Chavez Jr for the 160 lb title. Just like they had the “unworthy” Pac vs Margo fight for the title @ 154 (or 150 really). Funny how Pac fans are cool with Pac taking Martinez’s title, without actually having to fight him for it. They even make up silly little excuses.


    Arum has been in the boxing business in decades. In chess, he’s 5 moves ahead. He cannot be fooled by Oscar, Shaffer and Greenburg’s dirty tactics.
    HBO should fire Greenburg and GBP should fire Shaffer.
    Shaffer is the mastermind of all this monkey business.

  • OR maybe HBO didn’t want to back a fight that has gotten so much backlash. While it’s good that HBO’s hold on Boxing has been loosened, Showtime is rolling the dice hoping that the public still wants to pay for a “fight” between Pac and a faded Mosley. On top of that, the under card is less than desirable. Heck, all they need is Butterbean and good ole Arum got the band back together. Getting back to the HBO brass, they are FKN ignorant when it comes to Boxing.


  • This is a great move for boxing we need to get it back to the mainstream like back in the day when fighters fought on regular television and everybody knew who they were. The only thing that worries me now is how well is Pac going to be protected after this? He already hasn’t fought a worthy opponent since JMM about 4 yrs ago now is Shotime going to let him step in the ring with a real threat? I’m surprised the Pac vs Mosley fight isn’t at 155 for the middleweight title as it is. Shocker!

  • many of you had poured to manny the faults, he never entered in the negotiations as you he will only ask to train coz he will be fighting again, all negotiations were always made by his bossssssssssssssssss!!!! manny is a serious man he is the real man as what you often see in the ring!!!!same what he is OUTSIDE the ring-!! he has been very humble and always respect his opponents but the people who are jealous of his achievements are blinds—-

  • Guys, people can and do change, ya know….. so give Pedro a break, will ya?

  • I think Arum is the big loser. Arum was feeding HBO BS fights and HBO got tired. Will CBS televise Cotto vs Mayorga replay too?…lol…

    Arum, just like Don King before him will not be relevant much longer. HBO is the most powerful network for boxing and they control boxing not Arum.

    This move is good for boxing in the sense that HBO will have some competition for a year until Manny actually fights somebody good. Someone who doesn’t stand in front of him to take punches.

    HBO got all the stars and Dibella shouldn’t be complaining. HBO has been more than nice to his fighter Berto. Berto thank to Al Heymond makes more than many legit champions.

    Why blame HBO if Arum doesn’t want to much Cotto against Sergio Martinez. It would be the end of Cotto.

    At least HBO in doing Top Rank inhouse transactions anymore. eg..Clottey Pacman. Margarito vs Pacmnan.. how do these bums fighting Pacman deserve 24/7 show?

  • Sweet, now we will get to see Jim Gray suck up to Manny, tell him how he’s the greatest and maybe even get down on his knees and blow him. At least Manny will not have to answer any curveballs from Larry Merchant. HBO has finally grown tired of Top Insest’s pitting their fighters against opponents who are not worthy. When was the last time a Top Rank fighter lost to a non-Top Rank fighters. Bob insures that his fighter will always be the winner.

    Bottom line is this move is really due to HBO turning down Cotto v Mayorga. To me it looks like HBO is headed in the right direction in forcing top guys to fight each other. First they forced Martinez v Williams II then they forced Then forced Khan v Maidana, and now Bradley v Alexander then we will get Montiel v Donaire.

    I applaude HBO for their decision. I hope they continue to force these top level fighters to fight meaningful fights on their network. If they choose not to they can go to Showtime. Pac going to Showtime is not earthshattering. Mike Tyson did it too. If you look at it, Showtime was fine with televising Tyson’s mismatches. We saw the best of Tyson on HBO. All of his meaningful fights took place there. Showtime was happy to televise the worst of Tyson!

  • I’m with Mr. Bob Arum all the way. It’s time to disconnect my HBO subscription and switch to SHOWTIME. Good job Pedro.

  • Hey guys writters or fanboy are titled to
    their opinion as well we are they can
    write what ever they like it’s their job.

  • good for boxing!

  • Bob knows the business of cutting ties when it warrants and readied the net to catch him. But Bob knew that he can do it because he has a bargaining power in Pacquio. Manny may not realize it, but Arum’s move may well be better for his exposure to mainstream America. If this one succeed, HBO people have themselves to blame. They are bias to Golden Boy Promotions, which should not be. They have to treat all promoters equally, otherwise, they lose them. Bob is not a Harvard lawyer for nothing. He’s in the business for long since Muhammad Ali.

  • This story goes to show how stupid u pactards are. Ur reading comprehetion is zilch!!!!!!the article praises the big move and balls of Arum, and the ineptness that Homo Box Office has been showing since the Di’bella thing. Like always u fools are praising manny. What did he do??? He is following orders he is under contract. But yes P.diddy ur right HBO has been blowing it and helping ALL these azzhole promoters to kill boxing!!!! Man I remember when I’d have gatherings for boxing after dark. Now ur lucky to get a gathering for a ppv with the shitty undercards. But to u pacturds the Mosley fight is STILL shit,,, and hopefully he does the roid test so we can see the fight we want

  • The “Jewish Connection” narrative gets bogged down when you realize Arum-Greenburg is the Jewish Disconnection

  • ..Pedro this just shows your bipolarity!

  • I don’t think Floyd would have taken the fight even if Manny agreed the first time around for testing. Floyd is a joke and now he has no choice but to fight real fighters or retire. I saw this coming 5 years ago. The trap is complete. Floyd has to fight or get out of the way.


  • Great article Mr. Fernandez. I also read Mr. Hausers article as well and yeah, he pretty much nailed it. I love the way both he (and yourself) always tell it like it is, even at the risk of being unpopular (are you listening Pac-Heads?). I think Arum’s move to take Manny to SHOWTIME and cut out HBO may indeed turn out to beneifit Boxing in the longrun. Imagine, a PPV fight that will have it’s delayed Broadcast on CBS. That’s incredible in this day and age. All we need now is to resurrect Tim Ryan and Gil Clancy to call the fight and we are back in business. Peace.

  • Pedro, the olympic-style drug testing demanded by Floyd is just a mind game to weakens the mind of the opponent. Just ignoring the fact that Pac never tested positive in all of his fights and in vegas fights with the standard-style drug testing. If Mayweather really willing to clean-up the sport, he should start demanding it directly to the authorized agency which is the Nevada Athletic Commission. Make it the standard testing and everybody will follow.

    It looks like when Mayweather’s roads are leading to Pacquiao, he suddenly became a crusader. Is it an escape strategy?

    A test after second of a final bell is the same as a test before the bell rang. Which is Pac agreed on.


  • henry v bonner jr

    i love the sport of boxing but is allmost dead and gone -why? society the US has changed -when i was a kid growing up in camden nj we all knew all the champions names when they were gonna fight against whom -now we THE US still love combat sports but this mma whatever it is is offering the the masses and the suburban toughs a way to glory without really haveing to develope and real skills they just go to it and its entertaining to the masses whereas boxing is a much more skilled sport well it was anyway thats why they had toney fight? that mma dude to bring crdibility to the sport and the people involved writers promoters cable folks – are in it for a liveing financial gain and now ya see boxing and mma being talked about as if they were the same thing and to the general public the masses they buy it as such they have no clue– so my opinon is that the promoters cable the monied intrest have sold out boxing -now this showtime cbs is another way for those involved to hustle a buck it won,t do a thing for boxing but i am sure those involved will do what they set out to do and thats hustle a buck at the expence of boxing

  • Pacquiao is a catalyst for change. Get it?

  • nice article pedro, finally your brain is improving..

  • @Pedro Fernandez, last time I checked you were a pac hater what happened?

  • not just this anti-pac, pedro is praising him. hey pedro, you must be on crack or something lol! whatever it is your smoking, im sure pactards will go nuts with this article. nice job pedro, im sure this move will convert to instant volume of hits lol!

  • Bob Arum’s moving to Showtime is not just a blessing in disguise for Manny Pacquiao but also a corporate’s maximization of profit. Good move.

  • @ PEDRO FERNANDEZ and to all magots pachaters and pac fans!!! it is a huge testament of how true greatest fighter of all time the PAC of POWER is??!!! everbody did already waken up thier sense and open thier eyes momentarily from a long hallocination of super ENVY,JEALOUS to the small greatest fighter man from south east asia who is just belong to a worst crime,poorest human inhabitants in this planet earth. now they knew it that it is about pure boxing and not the cause of citizenship of a fighter!!! perhaps the PAC of POWER is the president of the planet earth boxing!

  • Then you haven’t been here all along. I named him fighter of the decade, LONG before anyone else. Look, my job is to ask questions most guys/gals are too scared to ask. Manny is a hell of a guy. Met him when he had but one or two jogging suits to his name. And seeing I’m in the mood to kick sand, I first thank you for your compliment. Then I say, why wouldn’t Manny agree to random drug testing in January 2010 for a March 13th Mayweather bout. I think Floyd is a joke in some reagards. Not overly entertaining is putting it nicely. Had Manny pulled a Joe Frazier on Muhammad Ali for the first fight, fight me now (March 1971) or no fight until 1973. He should have been all over the rusty Floyd. I think Pac blew the real chance he had to beat Floyd. Maybe ghe still will, but a drug tested Manny, Floyd thinks he can beat that version easily.

  • This is good to Pacquiao, to Boxing Fans; and to the viewing public, in general. Bob Arum’s acts of jumping into Showtime and CBS broke the tyrannical monopoly of HBO on Boxing. Now… HBO could no longer play ARROGANCE to aspiring promoters and boxers. Congrats Bob for having the balls to jump fences. Congrats to Pacquiao!!!! And good riddance to Mayweather!!!

  • Pedro is just namedropping… He said he know Ross… common man just don’t you’re a big shot too for knowing this guys from HBO. Just be a writer.

  • Pedro, are you drunk? First time you wrote something not anti-Pac? You may need to go to rehab.

  • finally,a non-pacquiao diss. thanks.

  • Mike, PPV first, then they show it on CBS. Get it now?

  • This will be a great oppertunity to see who the real draw in boxing right now or who can sell more PPV between Manny and Floyd. Nobody said that both HBO and Showtime cannot sell the PPV for the Manny and Floyd fight. If they will support Floyd then buy the HBO PPV if and if they support Manny then buy the Showtime PPV. This will show who can sell more PPV between the two. This is a good move on Manny’s part because Showtime can sell their PPV to 115 million households compared to HBO’s 30 million. 😉

  • Showtime/CBS Is great for boxing .I think this move by Arum is something very big which can revitalize boxing to the American public

  • why would it be good if its delayed

  • Manny pacquiao, the Elvis of Boxing?
    What a flattering title. This will surely enrage Floydie.

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