• And Eric Martin beat him at the Olympic I think, 8 rounds to 2 and they called it a Draw.

  • Mad mike donohue


  • Duran was a great fighter. I think he is a little overrated. Hearns knocked him cold and Benitez outclassed him so he couldn’t deal with the speed of guys of the caliber. Who can blame him to losing to the great THomas Hearns. Hearns right hand would have knocked out a heavyweight.

  • I remember this fight well. I seen them both train for the fight and even took pictures with both at the Main st gym, I was only 16 and it was just a very good era full of awesome memories. What I remember most was how charismatic Duran was, in the workouts Cuevas was as always a stoic personality-Less person. Duran however lit up the gym, he just had this aura of mystic that in my mind no other fighter has since been able to hold a candle to. Duran was a special fighter that when he trained right was the whole package. Hands down a better fighter than Chavez, Floyd or Pacquiao. Duran was a bonafide badass with underrated defense.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    He turned pro in 1967 and didn’t retire until about 2002. This in itself is mind-boggling. The great Mexican welterweight, Kid Azteca, fought from the late 1920’s until the early 1960’s. Azteca lived to be almost 90 years old, and Duran still presents himself well. What are these guys made of?!?!

  • Exactly David!

  • It also shows that until someone else comes along who can best Duran’s great career, He’s still, in my humble opinion, NUMERO UNO.

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    This shows how great Duran was. At the time, it looked as though his best days were behind him as he had lost to Wilfred Benitez and then Kirkland Laing. Also, he didn’t look that outstanding in outpointing Jimmy Batten. Cuevas had lost to Hearns and then to Roger Stafford since Summer of ’80. During his reign, he looked very hard to beat, and he could punch like an S.O.B. After Pete Ranzany lost to him, many people would say that Ranzany may have been able to beat him if he had boxed instead of slugged. To me, it looked like Ranzany tried boxing and punched to the best of his ability, but Cuevas was just too destructive.

    Back to Duran, it’s amazing that he won both the junior middle and middleweight titles in ’83 and ’89 respectively and was still somewhat competent until he quit around 2002.

    I’m glad that you mention Harold Weston jr,, Randy Shields and Harold Volbrecht. All of these guys were really good fighters who contended well. You mention trainer Hector Martinez. I believe that he may have been involved with Sergio Medina (Mexican fighter who outpointed Alfredo Escalara). Medina is from Jalisco but fought out of Oakland for a while. I met him at an amateur show in Sacramento in 2012. Medina is a really friendly guy who was just thrilled that a fan remembered him.

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