San Francisco, CA– Even boxing, dubbed by the “red light district of sports,” has a creed, an obligation. If it were verbal the mantra would be that a boxer makes the contracted weight. Before you say that I can’t address such a subject with conviction, I made the weight 52 times, from 88 to 147 lbs.


Although there were many an occasion when I struggled, starved, got light headed, wanted to give up, but I never did and always made the stipulated mark on the scale. With the exception of welterweight (147), from the beginning and 88 lbs. to my snagging four Golden Glove titles at 139 (then jr. welterweight) I had to parse myself.


The intent of the prior verbiage put forth is not to blow my own horn, but rather to lay a foundation for the gyst of this piece, that being trainer Robert Garcia is making a mockery of fighters making weight. Need I remind you that it is a trainer’s responsibility to insure he delivers a well conditioned and prepared athlete to the scale at weight.


Having trained with the king of “gaining and losing” weight, Roberto Duran, who always made it even if it meant his losing 25 lbs. in less than two weeks. That being said, Mikey Garcia NOT making weight for the Saturday encounter with Juan Manuel Lopez is in my mind an indictment of the ethics of trainer Robert Garcia, or lack thereof.


In 2011, a Garcia client, Brandon Rios failed to make the contracted weight of 135 lbs. for a WBA 135 lb. encounter with John Murray. Rios, slated to meet Manny Pacquiao in November in Macau, won here with a TKO 11. This same Brandon Rios, again trained by Robert Garcia doesn’t make weight one year later for another WBA sanctioned 135 lb. affair with Richard Abril. The end result with Rios getting the nod was one of the worst calls (scoring wise) in recent boxing annals.


If you couple those two violations of the boxing ” creed” with the fact that Robert Garcia’s brother Mikey Garcia, the reigning WBO 126 lb. titleholder coming in at 128, then what you have here is a pattern of a trainer skirting the rules. This adds further credence to my claim that Robert Garcia is throwing dung in the face of the sport and those who sign to face his fighters.


Having been at this probably longer you have been alive, I can tell you that in the last 30 years, that’s three decades, I cannot remember ANY trainer having had fighters NOT make weight on three seperate occassions. In closing, the capper on this issue is that Robert Garcia actually “flipped off” the system of making weight when Rios didn’t make the cut for Abril, as he left and came back heavier than he was an hour earlier.


With the smile of Robert Garcia still etched in my mind when questioned about Rios coming back heavier rather than lighter, what was obvious is that the Oxnard, CA resident was making light of he and his client skirting, if not breaking the creed of combat sports in that we make the weight! Don’t fine the fighter here, sanction the trainer!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Carl Hewitt….Eddie Futch, Angelo Dundee AND Robert Garcia could’ve trained Donaire, he wasn’t beating Rigo. Wrong match up, EVERY time.

  • I’ve always felt that Garcia was a bit overrated as a trainer. Also, he doesn’t train all of his fighters (Rios, Donaire) as thoroughly as he trains his brother. This was illustrated well in Donaire’s loss to Rigondeaux.

  • i made the weight for my fights

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jerry, you’ve always been a turd! I made weight…you never did..OK name a trainer that has in the last 30 years has had three fighters overweight in major fights?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    I’d a taken the $600K for he had no chance winning…NONE..

  • I don’t like this growing trend in the least bit. It all seems to have started with the second or third Corrales, Castillo fight, when Castillo came in intentionally heavy for an advantage. And now it seems to be happening more often. There has to be something else that can be done other than fining the fighter. Maybe suspending them with a fine would do something. I almost think an automatic cancellation of the fight would be good but that hurts the fans who spend money to go to the fight more than the fighter.
    Keep speaking up about crap like this Pedro because few others are.

  • I agree with you,Pedro.When fighters agree with a contracted weight ,they are under obligation to make the weight. The most high profile violator ,of course was when Floyd Mayweather showed up 2 lbs over the limit in his fight with then Lightweight Juan manuel Marquez , and did not even make an effort to shed the remaining 2 pounds and instead paid Marquez camp 600k!

  • yeah, this is disgusting. why can’t making weight be part of the rules instead of just part of the contract? they have to do this because things are getting to be a joke.

  • It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on wether a Garcia / Weight trend continues to develop.

    However I’m not really sure if the “cheating” lable applies. Rios was just plain out of shape for the Muray & Abril fights and not nearly as sharp as he was vs. Peterson, Antillon & Acosta – the extra weight clearly added nothing helpful as compared to Rios’ previous form, so it’s not really cheating except maybe that by not purging the extra weight at the last minute, he didn;t pay AS MUCH of a price for a mediocre camp. Now If I remember correctly he was also overweight vs. Peterson and in that fight it may have helped him.

    As for Mikey Garcia – he looked dead at the weigh in. I suddenly see this fight as much more competitive than I did up untul 48 hours ago.

    Garcia is still young enough to rebound and come in strog – or at least to have enough spurts where he can exploit Lopez chin and battle damage – but I can;t help having an uneasy gut feeling whenever I see those weigh-in pics.

    If sanctioning bodies want to do something useful for a change, they should not only strip champions for missing weight but alspo strip top-10 rated contenders of their rankings – and if the same guy has missed weight in a certain division MORE THAN ONCE – he should be ruled INELIGIABLE for a ranking or title fight in that division until he has made that weight in 4 consecutive bouts.

  • Great points. It definitely takes away from tonight’s fight. Duran is in the top five pound-for-pound of all time. That’s remarkable considering all the out of the ring partying in between fights. Wonder where he would have ended up if he had a bit more discipline.

  • Broner is a bigger culprit. Should Big Al be held accountable? A.H. controls fighters without training them. You can’t remember a trainer having three fighters come in overweight in 30 years? You’ve got to kidding me Pete. Did I read that right? Anything you write by the way to toot your own horn, but I enjoy your prose anyhow. Cheers.

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