• you gotta be blind if you think pacman has no chance of this version of rope-a-dope mayweather.

    mayweather was exposed to a fighter that lost to khan. moreover, pacman looked much more dominant in the bam bam rios and Bradley fights than the current mayweather.

    I think mayweather has a slight edge on pacman but I really think that Manny can take Floyd if he fights like he did against Maidana. Floyd too a deep dive and I’ve watched him for over a decade.

  • Everybody wants to see the fight between Mayweather-Pacquiao fight except Mayweather and Pedro Fernandez…..Mayweather, TBED – The Best Ever Ducker

  • Barrera, Marquez, the real TBE Ali, George Foreman, my barber whose favorite sport is golf, Dana white all want to see Mayweather vs Pac!

  • Edroland is right….EVERYBODY wants to see Mayweather vs Pac (the masses do)…Pac aint getting blown out by mayweather!

  • Hey Pedro! Edroland is right on!

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • Some people said that Manny Pacquiao has no chance against a scared Flyweather. But Mayweather does not believe you because he is scared to fight the “dirty” or even the “clean” Manny Pacquaio.

    Nobody wants to see a rematch of the Mayweather-Maidana fight because people want to see the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. And if Mayweather believes, as you believe, that Pacquiao has no chance, why not fight Pacquiao for an “easy” money???? Mayweather knows the answer. And the answer is the fight is no easy money for him because he knows he will lose. That is why he is scared to fight – scared to be beaten by the great Manny Pacquiao.

  • It’s funny how people say it was a draw or Maidana won but they don’t wanna see a rematch, isn’t that ass backwards? People like to give Floyd a hard time but they know he fought that fight on his terms (laid on the ropes when he wanted to and took it to center ring when he wanted to) that’s the real reason they don’t wanna see a rematch. As for anyone thinking Manny has a chance, there’s no way you watched Bradley hurt Manny twice in the 4th round of their last fight and think he really has a chance against Floyd. Remember, Ariza and his shady shakes are gone!!! The new, clean Manny would be best served to move back down to 140 like his trainer suggested.

  • You wanna bet? just in case Floyd Maynever jr decided to have balls….I bet for PacMan and you bet for Maynever….how much can you bet???

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Edroland….Therapy…you need therapy…But thanks for commenting….Remember…Therapy..

  • The way Mayweather fought Maidana, PacMan beats him hands down..

  • Hey Pedro!
    His last name is not Madaina! It is Maidana!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No E Head, he has almosy no chance as old and slow as he is.

  • Funny you never mentioned Mayweather as potential fight for Manny Pacquiao. You mentioned Golovkin, Chavez jr….and not mentioned Manny Pacquiao who most boxing fans and greats want Mayweather to fight.

    You really hate the man so much.

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