• Yo Daryl,  get Floyd’s nut sack out of your mouth already. You seem to think Mayweather is a saint and all the blame is Pacquiaos. Floyd is just as guilty if not more than Manny. It’s obvious Floyd is simply scared of Manny. It goes like this, and it keeps happening over and over…Floyd makes a certain demand and Manny thinks about it and finally agrees to Floyds terms, because Floyd only works under his terms. So then after seeing Manny is game then Floyd ups the anti with something ridiculous until Manny says no, it’s easy to figure out and it seems that the only way Floyd would ever have the balls to fight Manny is if Floyd gets 100 million and Manny nothing which basically means Floyd telling Manny to take a hike. Absolutely no doubt in my mind that Floyd would rather dissapear into thin air than the thought of facing the music after losing to Manny. Manny is a humble man, Floyd is not! Here’s a guy who repulsively referred to Manny and his people of eating cats and rice. Wtf kind of scumbag top athlete would say something like that? Disgraceful behavior and here you have the nerve defending that same racist behavior? Get Mayweathers Scrotum out of your mouth Daryl. 

    FYI I am African American but just not a male groupie. I call it like I see it and although Floyd is and should be rated at the top of the food chain, he simply wants no part of Manny. 

  • For the Jerk that forged my name on that last post, gtfoh with that garbage the reason people hate pactards is because you wont accept the truth Pacman is a robot that turned down 40 million guranteed by Floyd who called him man to man on the phone. he said no and no he is 18 million dollars in debt the same uy who tried to sue Mayweather in court? over Ped accusation i would never fight that dude. Manny will be fightighting till hes 50 paying off Debt … the next Duran indeed

  • Good for you Daryl,

    Now tell your boy Floyd to walk his talk, and make the fight happen. If it goes to purse bid, even better.


  • Mayweather is not scared of anyone! My man Floyd is the greatest fighter of all time and the most handsome boxer to win 4 or more titles! I mean I would lick the sweat off his feet to just be next to the greatest boxer of all time. Btw my sexual orientation got nothing to do with how I feel about him yea so call me a groupie but I just think he’s great!

    Mayweather #1!

  • If Mayweather drops the WBC belt to avoid Pac…he’s gonna be known as What a Big Chicken Champ….

  • Gayweather’s alibi’s always boils down to the pay per-view numbers, when in fact people just watch his fight to see him lose. Let us all try to boycott his all fights unless its pacquiao to force him to fight his most dreaded opponent whom he’s ducking and making lot’s of illogical excuses all these years. Fight like a man Gayweather and show the world who’s the better man. Enough talk and excuses. Pacquiao is the only legitimate threat to your throne so why not take it to prove everybody wrong. Stop being scared and coward. History will judge you and you’ll never ever be worthy of being an undefeated fighter unless you face the one true and legit threat to your title and legacy.

  • Yes, this is one of the drug forms people thought Manny MIGHT have BEEN on. Pacquiao passed all his tests! Thank You Pacman!

  • Apparently Rios did not train properly and had to use dimenthylamylamine, a supplement to help, among other things, lose weight. Wasn’t he helped by Pac’s ex guru Alex Ariza?

  • Gayfeather has been ducking dangerous opponents and cherry picking his fights for years now. Nothing new. I have always thought his P4P status is a joke and the media has bought into it wholesale; They are being conned.
    Gayfeather should go and buy some KFC stores and serve up some chicken dawg!! cause you sure are selling a lot of your greasy wings every time you fight.
    1/Fight Provodnikov at 140
    2/Fight pacquiao at 147
    3/Fight GGG at 154
    and if you’re victorious, you will be the Baddest MOFO and we all will buy into your status dawg.
    if not, then Floyd shut the ^^^^ up bitch.
    Your Daddy, Stephan.

  • Very interesting piece Pedro.. This fight is definitely NOT going to happen. Mayweather got what he had been wishing for all along-Pacquao getting bumped off by Bradley and then starched and eliminated by Marquez (or so he thought) Now that Pacman has seemed to rebound with the win over Rios Mayweather is probably cringing and left with a thorn in his side knowing that he’ll be hounded again about a fight with Pacquiao. Truth be told that Floyd sees something in Pacquiao’s style that makes Floyd uncomfortable and uncertain. Floyd losing his unbeaten record is something Floyd is 
    terrified of happening, Floyd losing to Pacquiao is something more than petrifying to Floyd. Mayweather simply views himself as above Pacquiao and gets very hostile and angry every time someone ranks Pacquiao or anyone for that matter above Floyd in the ridiculous P4P ratings (just youtube and watch the Brian Kenny Mayweather interview) Where Mayweather all but threw a temper tantrum fit when all Brian did was introduce Mayweather as the “Former” pound for pound champ. Bottom line, don’t ever expect this fight to happen. The thought of Floyd losing to Pacquiao is something Floyd can’t even begin to process. The thought of Floyd losing to an Arum fighter is something his ego can’t fathom. I’m not saying Pacquiao would beat Floyd, I’m not even a Pacquiao fan and I think this fight is still a toss up because I know styles make fights. I only know one thing, Floyd is scared of Pacquiao! 

    KFC Floyd is certainly a fitting name Pedro.

    PS. I’m black and proud.

  • Gents, all this time, most of you are NOT connecting the dots. The reason the fight did not take place is Arum and Arum only. There’s a picture of a “notice of federal tax lien” on Pac’s properties and it’s very, very sad. The poor guy has been taking punches on the head for years, thinking that he’s secured his future only to discover that old Bob’s been screwing him for just as long. You guys probably remember when Pac hired Vision Quest to look into his finances because he felt Arum (and Koncz) was doing something shady. Arum promptly had Pac fire Vision Quest (just as he did when Pac signed with Golden Boy), which in turn prompted Vision Quest to say publicly that there were irregularities and sue Pac. It begs the question: what has Arum on Pac that all he has to do is whistle and Pac folds? So, in conclusion, the fight will not happen, unless Arum is out of the picture, and that can be spun any way anyone wants.

  • Pedro- Nice chatting with you via telephone during my last visit in San Francisco-I will be in the City by the bay to visit family, relatives and friends in the East Bay, Sacramento and my birthplace in Stockton. Hope to chat with you and/or we can coordinate meet at Pasquales Pizza in the lower sunset on Irving St. or wherever it may be convenient for us. That is if you will be in northern Ca-I will drive up to northern California prior to Xmas and return to Vegas after New Year’s day!

    P.S. I went to Earnie Shavers movie premiere last saturday night which was held in his honor at the Planet Hollywood Casino- He has been given the title as “The Hardest Punching Heavyweight in History”. Larry-

  • Egggsssactly!

  • PJ,
    The beauty of this is that if the promoters can’t agree, then it goes to a purse bid, and the highest bidder will get to promote the fight and call the shots. Floyd can accept the challenge or drop the belt. He is cornered into the Pac fight, because he knows how fans will react and what they will think if he drops it.


  • @danreb fartboy, try getting an education before getting a keyboard my man. You are dragging everyone with you.

  • The fight is not going to happen….

  • Speed and being a lefty are Pac’s advantages and Floyd getting old!

  • I hope he doesnt fight Manny, FLoyd offered him $40 Million and told him he would wire him $20 million of the Money and Manny turned him down thinkng he was missing out on something. Now hes 18 million dollars in debt, and Marquez wont fight him again, his ppvs are terrible. and he is 1-2 in his last fight. GTFOH Manny needs to leave arum and accept an 70-30 split then and only then should Floyd fight Manny, a win over a jr Welterweight doesnt earn you anything after getting knocked out the way he did. Floyd isnt scared of anyone, Pedro was talking same jAZZ WITH gUERRERO, AND HE FOUGHT cANELO WAY MORE DANGEROUS THAN mANNY

  • Duck Dodger has the excuses ready lined up, the money split, peds, 1-2 record, i bet he drops the belt to get out of a fight

  • As much as Floyd Mayweather has irritated so many of us with the brash, loudmouth persona that has hung over so much of his career, it has to be obvious to even the most virulent anti-Floyd fan that in terms of skill, Pacquaio represents little more than a lucrative sparring session for Mayweather. We love Manny Pacquaio for the nostalgia of his prime – the charismatic, focused, persistent and brutal destroyer who so excitingly dispatched characters like Barrera, De La Hoya, Cotto and Hatton. Nostalgia, sadly, means very little in a big fight – just ask De La Hoya, who fans believed had a shot against Manny because he, like Pacquaio, was a revered fighter who was revered more for the ghost of his prime than for the reality of his current ability. Against Brandon Rios, Pacquaio dominated a cowering fighter who hadn’t the conviction to take advantage of the many technical flaws his opponent was suddenly showing. Mayweather is slowing up, yes – but he is still far closer to his tactical and physical prime than Pacquaio is. Pacquaio / Mayweather is a hype match now, nothing more.

  • Pedro,

    Right on the “money” with this article.


  • I just don’t see this fight happening with Arum still in the picture. They are gonna have to be willing to take like a 70/30 cut. Knowing Arum he won’t do that. If this goes to purse bid then if I’m not mistaken doesn’t the champ get 70% of the purse and the challenger get 30%. That is gonna me much less than the 40 mil Pac was offered. Not to mention we are still waiting for that stadium to be built which was one of the so called reasons that Arum offered as an excuse on why the fight did not happen the last time.

  • senior Pedro Fernandez…we all Filipino want to see a 5th fight between the greatest of all legends the great great great PACQUIAO vs the greatest counter puncher Marquez…the whole inhabitants of this planet already knew it how super scared to death that nephew of that ugly old duck mandela…GAYWEATHER JR is the greatest Coward, Cherry picker trash talker woman beater security guard beater of all time…that Gay will surely choose to play Russian rollet rather than to man up and show the whole world what exactly a black man wannabe likes to prove somehing else or choosed to simply DUCKED the greatest Offensive fighter of all time the PAC of POWER!!! senior Pedro Fernandez at least a US citizen by that matter that at least trying to hide what most of american boxing writers always did…but what ever they did…still the majority of this planet inhabitants..choosed to believed how super scared that mandelas lousy super scared bitches of that lousy mouthwash ugly duckling frying fan assss color of that bitches..they should go back to where they belong…AFRICA….home of the greatest coward race of all time!!!!

  • True enough, and it has been said countless times: Floydie is a coward who has long ran out of alibis why he wasn’t and still isn’t fighting Pacqauio. WBC’s ranking Pac as #1 WW contender to May’s belt is nothing but posturing as they still pander to the whims and weak choice of opponents (Khan, for example) of their American petboy.

  • You can’t always blame floyd for not fightin Pac, Just read between the lines…Women don’t have balls.

  • All boxing fans who want to see a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight should boycot FMJ’s fights from now on until he finally agrees to fight the Pacman. If we do not do this we will never be able to force the coward Floyd to man up and face Manny.

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