Salvador Sanchez

Salvador Sanchez

New York, NY– As M.M.A. soars in popularity, and boxing’s heavyweight division not bringing forth any excitement of late, we boxing aficionados could have been in trouble. But thanks to the smaller guys, and a rivalry that’s given us fight fans so many great fights over the years, boxing will never die. People say once the heavyweights are gone boxing is over, maybe there is a little truth to that. What the game can’t afford to lose is a rivalry which is full of both history and die hard fans. This rivalry took on a life of its own in the early in the 1970s and is still going strong.


Wilfredo Gomez

Wilfredo Gomez

Mexico has produced 110 champions, while Puerto Rico has 61. Both are proud of their champions. Many were or are heroes to them. For a champion to really be appreciated he has to show the fans what he’s made of. Hispanic culture demands their boxers leave there hearts in the ring. The only way out is a decision or on your shield, anything less is a crime. Some recent examples, Nicaragua’s Ricardo Mayorga (29-8-1, 23 KOs) got bombarded by rocks and insults when he lost to Puerto Rican Felix Trinidad (42-3, 35 KOs) because they felt he gave up. After the infamous “No Mas” (no more) it took Roberto Duran (103-16, 70 KOs) a while to be forgiven by his people.


A majority of our boxers can be recognize by there nose often flatten or bent, because they would walk through punches to land their own. When they lose, their fellow countrymen mourn with them. But when they win, the celebration goes on for days. One of the biggest P.P.V events was Felix Tito Trinidad vs. Oscar De La Hoya (Mexican-American), Oscar the grouch was despised so bad that Mexico did not consider Oscar one of their own, but that night they adopted him because it was almost a Mexico vs. Puerto Rico battle.


According to me and my abacus, Mexico has defeated Puerto Rico 25 times in championship bouts while the island country has prevailed on 18 occasions. So when I saw Mexican Giovanni Segura’s (27-1-1, 23 KOs) destruction of Puerto Rico’s Ivan Calderon (34-2-1, 6 KOs), not only did I feel bad for Calderon who came up way short in trying to win his light flyweight (108 lbs) title back in their recent rematch, it just got me more anxious for the next big fights between those two power houses of pugilism. As islander Juan Manuel Lopez (30-0, 27 KOs) gets ready to defend his featherweight title (126) against Mexico’s Orlando Solido (34-11-2-1, 22 KOs) and P.R.’s Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (19-0-1, 16 KOs) does his thing at 122 vs. Jorge Arce (56-6-2, 43 KOs), a fight in which Arce is trying to become the first Mexican to win titles in four weight divisions, another rivalry has been brewing. Thanks to Manny Pacquiao beating up old Mexican legends, the mauling he gave a weight drained Miguel Cotto, and the devastating KO Nonito Donaire put on Fernando Montiel, both Mexican’s and Puerto Rican’s seek to avenge those loses. Vazquez has said he wanted to face Nonito next. Thanks to the boxing Gods for the smaller divisions and these rivalries because if it was up to our big guys, well we’d be in trouble.


1. Wilfredo Gomez (122) champ TKO 14 Lupe Pintor; Gomez. Considered by many, including HBO judge Harold Lederman, who worked the fight prior to becoming a TV star, it is one of the best fights in boxing history.

2. Julio Cesar Chavez (140) champ UD 12 Hector “No Macho” Camacho; Chavez gave Camacho his first real beating and loss.

3. Jose Luis Ramirez TKO 4 Edwin Rosario (135) champ. Ramirez goes to P.R. and gets dusts then titleholder Rosario.

4. Salvador Sanchez (126) champ TKO 8 Wilfredo Gomez. Pedro Fernandez, who was at the fight called it the most heated rivalry ever between any two countries, let alone Mexico and Puerto Rico.

5. Giovanni Segura TKO 8 Ivan Calderon (WBO 108 lb. title) In their first encounter in 2010, Segura stopped Calderon’s six year run as champion.

Manny Caballero


  • @Carlito Carlito says April 13, 2011 7:42 AM
    Tone – Do you know how silly it sounds for a Mexican to be explaining what the term Latino means? and then to come up with a silly definition for it like you did? The Term Latino, a term created by Puerto Ricans was a term used to describe themselves as proucly having African-Taino/Boriqua-Spanish heritage.. It’s Like a Puerto Rican calling himself a Chicano?

    LOL Mexicans used the term Latino way before Caribbean Puerto Ricans. Really the term Latin or Latino was brought by the French when they invaded Mexico.

    ese wars left the Mexican Treasury nearly bankrupt. On July 17, 1861, Mexican President Benito Juárez issued a moratorium in which all foreign debt payments would be suspended for two years.[5][6] In response, France, Britain, and Spain sent naval forces to Veracruz to demand reimbursement. Britain and Spain negotiated with Mexico and withdrew, but France, at the time ruled by Napoleon III, decided to use the opportunity to establish a Latin empire in Mexico that would favor French interests, the Second Mexican Empire.

    Puerto Rico was never part of Latin America it has always been a colony. First of Spain and then a territory of the United States of America. Puerto Ricans never coined the term. Also in the U.S census more people in the West Coast used Latino and in the East Coast New York and Miami they used the term Hispanic.

    Also LULAC was created by Mexican Americans in 1929 way before their were even many Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans didn’t even become citizens of the United States until 1917 and their was not mass immigration from Puerto Rico until 1945 long after LULAC had been for by Mexican Americans.

    The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was established on February 17, 1929, in Corpus Christi, Texas, largely by Hispanic veterans of World War I who sought to end ethnic discrimination in the United States.[2] LULAC was a consolidation of smaller, like-minded civil rights groups already in existence. The organization has a national headquarters, active councils in many states, and a professional staff.[3]

    LULAC follows an assimilation ideology which emerged among cholos groups around the time of the Great Depression. During this time, the population of Mexican descendants in the United States experienced a demographic shift.[citation needed] During and after the Great Depression, a larger share of the Hispanic population was born with American citizenship. The deportation of an estimated 500,000 Mexican nationals and Mexican Americans during the depression caused the proportion of Mexican descendants who could claim U.S. citizenship to increase greatly. Benjamin Marquez asserts, “This demographic shift favored the rise of a more assimilated political leadership”

  • RobertoRios,

    The indigenous population in the Americas and the Caribbean were not weak, many of them just chose suicide to slavery (mostly Caribbean) or fought to the death, or were killed by the diseases brought over by the Europeans. As many Africans were already immune to the European diseases via the slave trade through the Middle East, they were brought over to fill the void.

    Great idea for Gamboa vs JuanMa. If Arum doesn’t want to do it, then tell him he can go F— himself.


  • Tone,
    The Mexican-American war was not over slavery being illegal or legal in Texas. It was about Americans stealing Texas from Mexico through immigration. Americans who immigrated to Mexico in Texas were to become Mexican citizens, Catholic, and drop slavery. Americans moved in, kept their customs, and brought slaves. When Mexico went to enforce their laws, the new “Mexicans” or former “Americans” went to the U.S. for help. The U.S. believing in Manifest Destiny used that scenario to take what is now the U.S. South-West from Mexico, illegally of course, as this action would not be allowed today.


  • Pass the word to ur boy. UNCLE BOB lol

  • Pedro I wanted to get u and the fellas opinion. I have a great idea on the juanma vs gamboa promotion. They should co-headline them in 2 cities first new York for the page media and puerto rican connection. Then do another double feature in Miami for the glitz nightlife and Cuban connect. Then finally do the fight in the Orlando magic arena in Orlando. There are many puerto ricans who live in Orlando and the newyoricans will make the trip. And the cubans would be happy to make the trip next door. Plus there is more money to be had since Florida has no income tax. What u guys think??

  • @Carlito, I was trying to point out that the slave breeding had to do with slaves doing the labor, not to create athletes…and I was pointing out that it takes more than just being great athlete a to be champion. I am asking were you trying to make a point that if someone was black , they were a better athlete and boxer? I was trying to say if that was true then why are there not more champions from Africa? Remember Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country…so I pose the question, if being black makes you a better athlete and boxer/fighter? ..Then per capita why are there not more champions from THAT CONTINENT WHICH IS DOMINATED BY BLACKS? I never said that there were not any great champions or fighters from Afica… I mean nothing negative in any of my statements, just trying to point out what it really is. You say “Look at the Cuban Boxers who’ve gone pro.. 100% of them Black,” and although that may be true but I doubt 100% of them have been champions. So Carlito don’t try and put the special label on fighters because they are black….but rather because they “are fighters”…Boza Ewards, Mathew Sadd Muhammad, Evander Holyfield , Ray Leonard and Meldrick Taylor..what made them a “FIGHTER” wasn’t that they were black and or athletic it was there willingness to fight anybody anywhere and give everything they had…like Tito, Gatti, Marquez, Benitez, Alexis, Chavez. Some of these guys aren’t considered athletic or great fighters but all put on a great effort to win. By the way Mexicans didn’t want to be called Latinos or Hispanics in the fifties because they wanted to be called Mexican. Also Mexico didn’t recognize slavery like America did. The whole war between Mexico and the United States was over whether slavery should be legal or illegal in Texas. So for the record it was the Mexicans that defend the blacks..

  • Carlito ur such a hater!!!! I know ur Cuban but where did black ricans flop?? Tito, Benitez??? They don’t look very white or straight haired to me. How bout u???? I’m proud of all men and women of all races that come up with heart and integrity. But yes Cuba has good amatures but some of those standouts have flopped. Remember when riddick koed jose Luis. Or pernell Whitaker ko of hurtado. U get koed by sweet pea??? Shit even casamayor got spanked by jmm. That’s flopping. There is a big difference when u go 4 rounds headgear and a pussy point system. Not to mention ur fighting teen boys when ur in ur mid 20’s. Now I’m not hating I love gamboa and hope the best for rigo. But look at Lara he was supposed to be something and ends up with a draw with some bum. Don’t throw rocks till u guys build ur history

  • You guys have to learn where those labels really came from, and don’t rely on google either. Roberto Rios – “besides athletics look at entertainment and many other places WE decendants of Africans have impacted.” That’s because that’s all descendants of African were allowed to do, entertain or be a slave, so they became proficient at it. To Carlito, TT, Tone and all: Hey, it’s cool to give people props and stand up for who you are, but no one group is superior. How do you define that anyway? Latino comes from Latin America, called that because all of the Latin based languages that conquered down there. Hispanic was coined during the Nixon term, to separate “Mexican” or other Spanish speakers from being labeled Caucasian on their birth certificates. Both those terms are originally Adjectives as well, so they don’t define a person, they describe you. Don’t be fooled. As Rios said, it’s divide and conquer and it works very well, from what I can see.


  • Tone – some of the best strongest Black fighters are from Nigeria.. Mugabi, Ike Ibeabuchi, Samuel Peter, Azuma Nelson etc etc etc.. all very strong great Boxers.. none of which resulted from Slave selective Breeding… In General Blacks tend to be very Athletic but so do many others from every single group out there… Look at the Cuban Boxers who’ve gone pro.. 100% of them Black, Same Slave Experience as American, Rican Blacks yet they have flopped in the Pro Boxing Circuit…

  • Tone I agree with you. I was just pointing out that all Mexicans I met considered themselves Mexican not all the other names chicano/latin/hispanic etc whether they were in East Los or anywhere else. Great point also on the breeding of the slaves. They would get the biggest strongest slaves and breed them because they wanted super slaves. You should watch one of Chris Rocks stand ups he claims the exact same thing when it comes to sports and the dominance of black atheletes.

  • Tone ur only half right the boat trip alone siphoned the genetics of the african defendants of the west my man. Making US stronger bigger faster and less disease prone. Now how much genetic manipulation can be made over the generations compared to the boat trip? And besides athletics look at entertainment and many other places WE decendants of Africans have impacted

  • Senor de Calexico

    The labels are nothing more than a mental state of mind; in other words, you are what you feel you are. No one can tell you who or what you are. However, there is an origin to every label (Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, etc.). The word Latino does, indeed, come from Europe. Italians, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are all Latino; meaning they speak a language that stems from Latin roots. It has absolutely no tie to Africa or any exclusivity to Caribbean people. There is much more to say, but this is not a dissertation. Now, back to boxing…

  • @ robert rios they brought the blacks over because they killed most of the Indians..not because they could not handle the labor…as far as blacks being athletic TODAY it was because the slave owners BREED BLACKS LIKE ANIMALS..THEY TOOK THE STRONGEST MALE AND BREED HIM WITH MANY FEMALES SO HIS TRAITS WERE PAST ON. IF AFICANS ARE THE BEST ATHLETES THEN WHY AREN’T THERE MORE CHAMPIONS FROM AFRICA? BECAUSE IT TAKES MORE THAN JUST BEING ATHLETIC TO BE A WORLD CHAMP.

  • Yes Mexicans like to be called Mexican, just like Puerto Ricans like to be called Puerto Rican…but there are other names or labels we attach to ourselves for various reasons. BUT the one thing that most people of Hispanic or Latino heritage from the Americas have in common is that the Spanish conquered the Indigenous people all over LATIN AMERICAN..AND MIXED THE BLOOD LINES …..and BROUGHT LATIN TO THE AMERICAS, NOT AFRICANS.

  • The Term Latino, a term Created by Puerto Ricans to identify them as a people proud of their diverse racial makeup which consists of European Whites (Spaniards) Blacks (Africans) aka Tito Trinidad and Taino/Boriqua Indians… This term was embraced by Cubans and Dominicans who share a similar Racial Makeup.. The term in the 70’s and 80’s was totally rejected by Mexicans and all other Hispanic Central and South American Countries.. Do a google Search on Hispanic vs Latino and you will get a few hundred hits explaining the long division between the two classifications…

  • tone – I grew up my entire life in NYC, Parents were in NYC since the 50’s originally from PR… Puerto Ricans have always referred to themselves as Latinos.. It doesn’t matter where the Latin language came from, that the Spanish language is one of the Languages spun off from the Latin language after the Roman Empire fell apart… Latin was the Language of the Romans.. and the adopted .. but it has nothing to do with the fact that the Term Latino when referring to Spanish speaking people refers to PR’s and the Cubans and Dominicans who also identified with its meaning. You’re probably too young to remember how Strongly offended Mexicans along with other Central and South American Spanish People felt when refered to as Latinos.. I do remember and I clearly remember them all pointing out how they were not Latinos because they were not mixed with Blacks like PRs, Cubans and Dominicans.. they all made it crystal clear that they were Hispanic not Latino.. There was and still is some Racism in that thinking.. The younger Mexican kids abd the younger generation from other Latin American Countries seem to have embraced the term unlike their Parents…

  • @ TT I agree with you..however there are Mexicans other places than east L.A..

  • @ Carlito ( Spanish name by the way )I find it funny how you say Mexicans call themselves Chicano..lol…that is a term used to identify the “Mexican – American” whom wasn’t thought to be “Mexican” because of living in American…. “roots”..lol and wasn’t thought to be a “real American” because of his Mexican blood. Do you know how silly you sound ….what tribe from Africa you from…what language did your tribe speak? Go back to school and learn about how the Africans ended up in Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico..ect……. you say “or something like that”..lol you don’t know do you? but you are going to tell it anyway lol…you know how you sound? you are trying to put a monopoly on a term used to describe a group of people that come from many different tribes, countries and blood lines and you are going say who isn’t and who is…I am saying the choice is the person who has the blood running through them….so stop being ignorant…we are all the same…when you get down to it….you call yourself what ever you want…but don’t try and tell other people what they are and are not…..where is the word Latino or Latin found in African roots?….the Latin language has it’s origins in Europe,not Africa ….You got Spanish blood? Spain is a country…you have indigenous blood? what tribe?.. African blood? Africa is a continent not a country…so what country in Africa is your “roots” from and what tribe from that country is your blood line? I have Puerto Rican and Cuban family members refer to themselves as HISPANIC……guess they did get the memo..look up the Latin America map and post on here so people can see what YOU LEARNED…

  • Agreed, the popularity of boxing globally definitely owes a lot to this rivalry. Other countries obviously contribute to the success of the sport, but these two deserve being acknowledged for their contributions as well, especially now.

  • Didn’t want to get political but Latinos are Italians. Believe it or not that’s what Italians were called when they came to this country. One of their biggest newspapers in Italy is called ill latino. Hispanics is what they called Spanish people. Latino/Hispanics is what white people used to keep us clumped together. Do some research! I grew up in East L.A. with nothing but Mexicans and guess what Mexicans liked to be called Mexicans not chicano/latino/hispanic.

  • Let’s adress the race issue. As puerto ricans, cubans, Dominicans, mexicans, and even pinoys. We as people of color have been held down for centuries. Now we bicker of what to call eachother and who is best. Look at the country u come from. Isn’t it always the fair skinned people the famous or running ur country or considered the prettiest??? When u have Asians and blacks bleaching their skin to look lighter. U people are pretty brainwashed. Keep going against eachother divide and conquer idiots!!!!!! Look at Obama these whites can’t stand to see a nigger running shit so they make it next to impossible for him to implement reform and then say he isn’t doing his job. Now yes the white man has done many a great thing and is one of the greatest contributors to human kind. But also has destroyed and murdered many a people. Also for u mexicans that don’t want to be compared to Latinos they brought the blacks over because the Indians were too weak to handle the labour. If u notice the superiority of black athletes compared to the rest of the world including Africa. But don’t hate let’s unite. I have family that have Mexican, pinoy, Jew, white and so on. I hate to throw this final uppercut but per capita Puerto Rico does have the most champs. Lol

  • All that being said, I have to agree with the Author, the Rivalry between Hispanics and Latinos basically Mexicans and Puerto Ricans has been Great for Boxing and has created numerous World Class Elite Champions… As they say “you’re only as good as the level of your Competition” Both Countries and their people can hold their heads up high for giving Boxing Great Boxing Champions…

  • Mexicans have a term used to describe the Mix of indegenous Indians and Spanish peoples in Mexico, I believe its called Mestizos or something like that…

  • Tone – Do you know how silly it sounds for a Mexican to be explaining what the term Latino means? and then to come up with a silly definition for it like you did? The Term Latino, a term created by Puerto Ricans was a term used to describe themselves as proucly having African-Taino/Boriqua-Spanish heritage.. It’s Like a Puerto Rican calling himself a Chicano?

  • tone – Nonsense, Mexicans are not Latinos.. Mexicans have always made it clear that they were Hispanics and not Latinos.. Because the term Latinos, a term created by Puerto Ricans to describe themselves as proudly having African-Spanish Roots… was a term that Mexicans did not want any part of.. they wanted to be seen as not having any Black influence in their Culture.. They wanted to identify with the Term Hispanic which didn’t have the African-Spanish connection.. The Term Latino is used by the Carribean Spanish Speaking Countries who also share an African-Spanish heritage like Cuban and Dominican Republic.. Today the Term Latino has become popular and a lot of younger Mexicans and the uninformed Media use it freely when talking about any Spanish Country but the fact Remains, only Cubans, PRs and Dominicans are truely Latinos.. all others are Hispanics by their own Chosing…

  • dencio and jose, i guess your are not really a boxing afficionado. im filipino and ive been watching filipino fighters come and go for nearly 4 decades. and ill tell you this, theres a lot of filipino fighters in the past that could have accomplished what pac or nonito have done but unfortunately theres no opportunities.aside from the proximity of the country and politics,there the racist mentally of the western promoters.as what nonito said,theres a perception then that filipino cant break an egg.

  • I must agree that the Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry is the best in boxing. The Mexicans being the blood & guts and Puerto Ricans being the more boxer, stick and move type. The Filipino fighters are brave and yet humble but they are no where close to being compared with the Puerto Rican and Mexican fighters. Donaire I believe has what it takes to be one of the great ones but it is still to early to tell but at least he is willing to face the BEST, and Pacman could have gone down as one of the best but after the Juan Manuel Marquez fight, Pacman has steered away from fighting the best and seems to be content in selling out for the money and taking the very predictable easy fights.

  • Philippines is not yet ready for this rivalry since right now, only pac & nonito are capable of beating the best of mexico & puerto rico. Dont get me wrong, there are other good pinoy pug, but they are not yet ready against the best of mexico/puerto rico

  • and now the comments of the so called experts predicts pac will lose miserably to almost all of the “legends”.just like the “experts” now who always predicts the downfall of pac.well,its more than 8 years now that this “experts” failed miserably.

  • Carlito you way off…..a lot of Mexicans consider themselves latinos….and not Hispanic….if you claim Latino you are saying you claim the indigenous side…if you say you are Hispanic…you are claiming the blood from Spain……there were no africans in Puerto Rico…until the Spanish brought them over for slaves…the had killed most of the indigenous people for the land…then thought crap!..who are we going to use as slaves? Roots…lol

  • One of the biggest rivalries coming soon. Mexican vs Mexican/Americans. Mexican/Americans are coming in droves to boxing.

  • Manny, nice writeup but to be politically correct what you have between Mexico vs Puerto Rico is a Hispanic vs Latino Rivalry.. Puerto Ricans have always considered themselves Latinos, showing pride in their Afro-Rican Roots.. while Mexicans have always wanted to be known as Hispanics, making it clear that they did not have Blacks mixed in with their Culture…

  • @ tone yes i was born and i agree to this day i can’t forget the screams i heard that day, P.R was mourning the same way when tito lost

  • Sanchez vs Gomez at #4? wtf?…don’t get me wrong…Gomez vs Pintor was a hell of a fight but Sanchez vs Gomez..that is the #1 fight…no disrespect to Pintor, but he was never considered Mexico’s best…Sanchez was considered Mexico’s #1 fighter..Gomez was considered Puerto Rico’s #1 fighter…#1 vs #1….the boxer vs the puncher…there was more excitement going into, during and after the fight than any of the others….it wasn’t just a fight….it was an event….it was personal with Gomez’s trash talking…the promotion…the excitement from round one..the beautiful boxing from Sanchez..the one punch fight ending power of Gomez…how many thought the fight would end the way it did?…tko win for Sanchez… the “battle of the little giants”….come on Manny…..were you born yet when that fight happened?…

  • I’ll give him the nod against Lopez at 122 and Cuevas at 147 (catch weight), but 135 Duran, 126 Sanchez, 140 Chavez and 154 Benitez would find a way to beat him, oh arguello at 130 was a beast.

  • You can add up the Cubans now,a bunch of them have real talent and some are young and hungry and the oldest one are razing through the ranks very fast taking on live bodies, and they will keep defecting until they are allow to participate in professional sports like 50+ years ago, Cubans had a good sport history, from chess all the way to baseball, welcome “Gusanos” to the land of the free.

  • this is my question of pacman 30 million dollars and dosent fight. Hagler said he would cut his pink for 3 million, myself i’ll cut mine for 1 million.With that been said to me all his victorys are shady. Comeon man 30million and a chance to prove the world he’s the best,it make boxing fans think he’s in a camp thats had problems before idont know? Mayweather wasn’t asking for much just to prove to him that he was clean.

  • Stick I’ll answer u. He loses to all but Lopez easily. Sanchez too great, Alexis to smooth, Duran to ferocious, Chavez too powerful, Cuevas too big, and Benitez too slick. I’ll throw one better at 47 Trinidad!!! Manny’s hgh head goes flying into Arums lap ringside from a left hook

  • “old Mexican legends … weight drained Miguel Cotto” … I think you’re being wayy too hard on Pac. The first question is who has he ducked? More importantly (the Delayhoya being the perfect example) what were the odds GOING IN? No one told Oscar (or Cotto) to not rehydrate.

    Let’s get some further input on Pac. How do you think he would fare against:
    1. JM Lopex at 122?
    2. Sanchez at 126?
    3. AA at 130?
    4. Duran at 135?
    5. JC Chavez at 140?
    6. Cuevas at 147?
    7. Benitez at 154?

    anyone else below 122

  • You forgot the greatest of all , at there absolute fighting peaks Wilfredo Gomez vs Carlos Zarate.

  • You are correct Pedro. We would be in trouble indeed without these lighter weight warriors. As it is, I think the Fernando Vargas Tito Trinidad fight should also get honorable mention as a Mexico/Puerto Rico battle royale. While El Feroz is an Mexican/American, he truly bled Mexico through and through and the fight lived up to the hype. As a Boricua myself, I’ve had the privilige of traveling to Mexico on several occasions and the thing I note most is that in Mexioo, the folks are always humble and respectful and at times rather quiet. But when I bring up Boxing and the PR/Mexico rivalries, man they light up and the discussions go on all night. I happened to be in Mexico shortly after Margarito had destroyed my boy Cotto and I had one guy at the hotel, once he found out I was a Rican, come over and hug me and say “Lo siento por tu Paisan, Cotto” (I feel for you about your guy Cotto). But man, you couldn’t wipe the proud grin off his face. Great Stuff. Peace.

  • btw great article….

  • i thought in the beginning this writer will be reasonable but it turn out this hispanic moron came out as bias and envious of filipino boxers achievements.maybe he cant accept the fact that two filipino champion cant be beaten by any hispanic fighters at the moment.and one of them is the best for more than 3 years now.they produce so many world champions just because of their proximity to the mecca of boxing,USA.and also to the connections of world boxing bodies.thats politics and corruptions.

  • In reference to item #4

    Oh thank the Lord God all mighty Jesus that Pedro was there and able to bring these revelations back to the people.

    wtf does Pedro have to do with anything in this article? He was present and so were alot of other media people. Who cares.

    Pull your head out of your a$$ Manny..better yet pull your head out of Pedro’s a$$.

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