Nonito Donaire Sr.

Nonito Donaire Sr.


San Francisco, CA– Having known Nonito Donaire Sr. for quite a long time, I have found him to be a decent trainer who’s life evolved around his boxing sons, Nonito Jr. and his older brother Glenn. For those of you that have followed boxing longer than this Manny Pacquiao “rage” has run, you’d know that the father shopped these kids to just about every promoter and manager he could. When the subject of the fighting Donaire’s came up in a conversation with Hall of Fame promoter Don Chargin, he painted a different picture of Mr. Donaire, not one like Ward Cleaver of the “Leave it to Beaver” TV show of the 60s. I’ll get into that a bit later.


Having married a beautiful lady in his wife Rachael, herself a former Mixed Martial Arts champion in Tae Kwon Do, this is what pissed old man Donaire off as all of a sudden his married son wanted to make his own decisions. The father claims his assertive daughter in law drove a wedge between father and son and that Nonito should listen only to dad, instead of being a man that gets together with his wife to make decisions that affect their lives. Look, like her or not, Rachael isn’t some dumb broad sans education. She is extremely well spoken, knows something about boxing, and I feel has her husband’s best interests at hand when she says something.

Rachael Donaire

Rachael Donaire


The way some of the media portray her, Mrs. Donaire is like the second coming of Imelda Marcos, the wife of the corrupt bastard that ruled the Philippines with an iron fist, Ferdinand Marcos from 1965 to 1989. She spent millions of dollars (smuggled out billions) amassing one of the biggest collection of ladies shoes (sounds like President Marcos had a foot fetish) in the world, the woman was the wife, in my opinion, of a murderer, as I feel deep in my heart that he had the father of the current president Ninoy Aquino, Benigno Aquino killed as he stepped off an airplane onto a Manila airport in 1983. As for Mrs. Marcos, she and her hubby ripped of the Philippine people of billions of dollars and never paid a price for it. All Rachael has done is stand by her man, yet she is scorned by many who believe the story conjured up by Nonito Sr.


Several years ago, Don Chargin, hall of fame promoter that he is, was approached by a Filipino millionaire from Sacramento, CA. He wanted to set up a monthly salary, retirement funds, annuities, for this he was willing to throw down six figures to begin with. When Chargin took the deal to Nonito Sr., he flatly turned it down because according to Chargin, Nonito Sr. said, “What’s in it for me?” When Chargin again tried to get the father to be rational, he refused and the deal was pulled off the table. That’s why you saw the Donaire’s fighting for almost free anywhere they could get a fight in the early days.


Greedy, at least in the minds of both myself and Chargin, the Donaire brothers with Nonito Sr. running the show were a traveling act. Guam, the Philippines, small California hotels, this is where the Donaire bros. were fighting. Thus, under the guidance of papa, and without a real promoter, Nonito Sr. allowed both Glenn and Nonito to be “opponents,” which I felt accounts for Glenn’s first loss and Nonito’s only defeat. Glenn (17-4-1, 9 KOs) retired from boxing and is said to be driving a bus here in the SF Bay Area. Look unless he was getting paid, the kids were stuck being talented opponents. In the deal, the father would get 10% for training.


Nonito improved to the point where that even in the position of being an “opponent” he knocked out Vic Darchinyan on 7/7/07 in what was a major upset. 13 months later, Nonito marries Rachael and papa Donaire, not realizing that his son was no longer a kid, starts telling Jr. how to live his married life. That didn’t go over well and the two went their separate ways and the “Donaire Family Feud” show got its start. Nonito’s talent, even with his father’s poor guidance, again in my opinion, could not be ignored after the one-punch KO of Darchinyan. Glenn on the other hand, while capable, world class skills were just not part of his makeup.

Nonito Donaire Jr.

Nonito Donaire Jr.


That’s what Nonito has told me on different occasions about his estranged father. In closing, I always felt that the “control freak” that Nonito Sr. was/is, wasn’t good for his sons. Yes, he did teach them the basics and mentored them. But there comes a time when all things come to an end. And luckily for Nonito Donaire Jr., he walked away from his father when he did. Because no matter how talented Nonito Jr. was/is, he wasn’t going to be a superstar with his dad running the show.

Pedro Fernandez


  • He (Sr.) made some mistakes as he was a goldfish in a shark tank.

  • Donaire Sr. is a good man who did a great job raising his son. I could tell he’s heart broken as I would be in his situation. As a father you always think you know what’s best and it’s always hard to let go. Boxing is a brutal business and the media doesn’t tell the whole story. I hope the best for the Donaire family.

  • Right on Richard!!!

  • I think that the culture of the Filipino heritage has its pros and cons. Let me just write about the biggest cons that I see in the culture, which is the what we call “UTANG NA LOOB”. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not an ungrateful bastard, I am very thankful that my parents brought me to this wonderful world by the grace of God. But please understand me when I say that how it should work is, for a baby to be born in this world and be successful in life. Not pay back the “UTANG NA LOOB”, because honestly speaking, we should be thankful and grateful to our parents that they’ve brought us here, but we don’t owe them anything. We can help them if we chose to, in our own terms. The problem with our culture is that, children are being forced A.K.A obliged to help their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts etc. when we grow up as a payback for all of the things that they’ve done for us when we were young. I believe that this is one of the main reason that our country is poor. Americans think very differently when it comes to this matter. For them, how life works is for you to get married, have a baby, take good care of your baby, clothe them, feed them, give them the best education that you can give and when they grow up and can take care of themselves, let them go, let them live a life of their own. If your child decides to help you in their own terms, be thankful. If not, still be thankful as long as they are living a good life. I know that many would criticize me for the way I see things and for comparing our culture with the western culture. But before you do criticize me, I want you to think about what I said, compare the economic status of the western civilization with ours then go figure. If only we can take this Filipino mentality out of our system and everybody will start standing on their own 2 feet, then maybe, just maybe we can turn around the disaster that we are in.

  • Had it not been for their father these 2 sons would not be where they are today. I think both should contact Sr. asap and apologize for leaving their dad. These 2 are Filipinos, like me, and our culture doesn’t leave family right or wrong. How many homeless Filipinos do you see? And Mr. Fernandez, do you have to mention ex-presidents wives as a comparison? Im not a Marcos loyalist but did you have to bring up old/bad news? There have been many previous and current PI goverment officials stealing from country as I write? Get with our heritage young Boys, call your DAD and get it Right!

  • Having a bit of experience with a father-son team, I simply say this “On a given day, a pinto pony could beat a quarterhorse in a race, but I would ever bet the farm on it”. It takes two special people to make a father-son team jell and that is not often discovered.One needs a good-honest non-family member as chief second (and yes they exist)and only allow dad to carry the belt(s), as long as he keeps his loving and over protective jibbs closed. Hey dads, you may feel that your son is worth $100,000 but that does not mean a promoter will, thus a good bout down the drain. In closing, dad, you may feel you are the best trainer for your son BUT that is simply “Wishful Thinking”.

  • Maybe this shows some good judgement by the Pacquiao team for not jumping on the Donaire bandwagon right away? Sometimes when you have a franchise to look after, it’s a good idea before you decide to associate your brand with someone to wait & see what the guy and his inner circle looks like under the spotlight and how they behave when a bit of money, success and pressure comes their way. Nonito and his family are still learning on the job and clearly have some polishing-up to do in terms of the face they present to the world before Nonito can be considered a “net gain” to associate with for someone of Pacquiao’s high profile – although A couple maro sensational wins against name opponents would certainly help to push the foul-smelling family drama further on to the sidelines.

  • as long as a man makes a final decision on his own, his wife can support him but he has to make the decisions, come on now we know women don’t know much about boxing and if some do, they still need to stay in their place…

  • Who cares about the family feud, Rachel is Hot!!

  • You don’t need to be a Freudian believer in the Oedipal Complex to know that Father/Son relations are about as complex as relations get, for love and respect and for anger and resentment. Of course Mother/Daughter and Mother/Son and Brother/Brother and Sister/Sister relations aren’t far behind. In fact… what’s up with you humans!!!

  • Sounds like a Sugar Shane Mosely and Father type of thing

  • Don Chargin knows best! His reputation in the sport speaks volumes and what else can I say!!! Moreover; father / son boxing relationships start out well, but then you get this. Sad, but the record shows in the long term father / son relationships for the most part are damaged by success…

  • Any similarity to Roy Jones Jr. and Sr.?

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