Carlos Monzon-Bennie Briscoe

Carlos Monzon-Bennie Briscoe


Philadelphia, PABennie Briscoe, one of the best never to win a world title (when world titles meant something) and the man who presided over the last Golden Age of Boxing in Philadelphia (the 1970s) passed away Tuesday at 5.52pm EST. He had been in Temple University hospital for about a week before being moved to hospice. His wife Karen Briscoe, who I have been in contact with over the last two weeks, called me with the bad news. (Note: RT.com will do a feature on Briscoe in the coming days)

J Russell Peltz


  • They say this cat Bennie Briscoe was a bad mother………… Shut your mouth!

  • Bennie was The man in Philly. R.I.P Champ!!!!

  • Rest in peace Bernie but i may add one point i have watched several of Bernie fights and to be honest he was basic and fighters of today would have just outboxed and before taking him out

    Chris Eubank (pre watson days) would have put him out

  • Rest in piece Bennie.
    I wish the young fans would watch films of the old warriors. If they did they would know why it is laughable to guys like Mayweather great.

  • bigchucksahdowski

    Even Chuck Norris was afraid of Benny Briscoe

  • So long to one of the great Philly fighters of all time. Growing up in Philly, my dad used to always tell me about all the top fighters he used to watch. My dad got me hooked on boxing and his favorites were Bennie Briscoe, and Gypsy Joe Harris (One of the greatest fighters ever – with only one eye). He also had strong ties to Georgie Benton, Cyclone Hart, Boogaloo Watts and many others. They don’t make em like this anymore. RIP Bad Bennie Briscoe.

  • Even though I’m not familiar with Bennie Briscoe, I’m sure that his family appreciates your article and I’m looking forward to reading more about him.

  • As a teenager I knew of Briscoe’s fearsome reputation when following the career of our Australian boxing hero, Tony Mundine. Just recently I have been replaying the youtube bout between Monzon and Briscoe and have been amazed by Bennie’s chin and walk-up fighting style. He must have broken a number of his opponent’s hearts with his refusal to back away – even from the most punishing blows. From the tapes of the Monzon bout, I know that Monzon hit him with everything except the kitchen sink, but hardly put a dent in him. He was undoubtedly a brave, durable and skillful boxer. It has been reported that Monzon had a lot of respect for him after their fights and he would certainly be a good judge of a boxer’s strengths. I would like to think that at this moment Carlos and Bennie are doing some light sparring together. I think that both of them would like that!

  • Rest in peace, brave warrior.


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