Los Angeles, CA- Our editor Pedro Fernandez has recently refused to write about anything involving Shane Mosley,who admittedly used Performance Enhancing Drugs(PED’S). While Mosley never tested positive for a bout, he knowingly took them, lied about it, had Pedro’s press credentials pulled for the truth, this before years of his denying his intent to cheat and conceal such.


Pedro’s stance was a source of my inspiration to write this story.  Now just give this a thought. There have been a number of fighters on the losing end of decisions and knockouts within the last few years against fighters who have tested positive for PED’S. In one example cruiserweights Antonio Tarver and Lateef Kayode fought to a draw in June of last year.

Kayode deserves a victory over Tarver

This fight stuck out in my mind. Tarver failed the pre-fight drug test, testing positive for the steroid Drostolone. Tarver was punished with a fine of 2,500 as well as suspended by the California State Athletic Comission. An expert boxing analyst for Showtime Championship Boxing, as well as slated to be a US boxing analyst for the 2012 Beijing Olympics, subsequently lost those jobs amid the controversy and bad publicity. However my reason for writing this article is that this case is like many others. The fight result was changed to a “No Contest. This is simply unjust to the victims of this cheating to have to face a fighter with incredible advantages.



With this being the “hurt” business I believe athletic commissions have not gone far enough to discourage PED use. In this case Kayode is being punished twice. In essence with the fight  being called a no decision, it’s like it never occurred. However this wasn’t Lateef Kayode’s doing, it was Tarver’s.


I think disqualifying fighters who cheat, whether it’s knowingly or not will send a clear message that fighters are professionals and they have a duty to know what substances they are putting in their body. Ignorance is no excuse here as these are professional athletes. The fighter who cheats should have his reputation tarnished in the record column, and the fighter who has to face a fighter with a clear unnatural advantage should be rewarded with a victory.


If you can think of the numerous fighters who’ve been busted and how that would affect their psyche, I think it’s a tremendous step that needs to be taken by athletic commissions. Mickey Bey Jr. and J’ Leon Love, two undefeated upcoming prospects who failed post fight drug tests(Bey for  having elevated levels of testosterone)  would now have losses on their record, not a no contest or no decision. This would be a wakeup call for all fighters who are looking for an unfair advantage to know that it will put a clear blemish on their record if caught. This is clearly one of the easiest rules to be changed and I think this should go into effect immediately by all commissions in the US.

-Kevin Perry



  • Pedro, whatever the Rules, whatever the Game…..Play by the Rules.. and Accept the Consequences of ‘FAIR COMPETITION’. Then both You and Your Opponents know the actual score… was not TAINTED..

  • Edroland,
    Yeah, because the FBI makes it a priority to stop PED’s in Boxing. They can’t/won’t even do it for Baseball or Football. Pac could have put all doubt to rest if he had just agreed to do Random Testing with no cut-off date, it’s that simple.

    Pac never outright said JMM was on something, just insinuated it.

    …And Conte was in Donaire’s corner as conditioning coach, and left Donaire before the Guillermo Rigondeaux fight. Does it mean Donaire was using PED’s too? He had some awesome KO’s with Conte in his camp, but when Conte left (under mysterious circumstances) Donaire couldn’t finish Rigo.

    Why wouldn’t Pac test for the Floyd fight? He was the one who didn’t want to test.

    Just a fact.



    If Manny Pacquiao is taking PED, don’t you think FBI should have caught his PED supplier by now knowing there are lots of chatter going around in the boxing world and world wide web that Manny Pacquiao is taking PED? Knowing there are lots of people jealous of his success and hating his guts, should have informed the FBI of his PED supplier by now if they honestly know of his PED use? Floyd Mayweather, jr. was sued for this and could not even put up a defense and would not accused Manny now after he was sued.

    If all you have are insinuations and other unsupported accusations, then it will end up for naught…Manny Pacquiao himself never accused JMM of PED use.

    But seriously speaking, Memo Heredia is a confirmed PED advocates of Marion Jones fame. And he was not punished nor suffered for this activity unlike Vic Conte of the Balco/Mosley fame. And by the way, he is in JMM’s corner as ‘conditioning’ coach.

    Just stating the fact.

  • Edroland,

    You have to be really dumb or arrogant to get caught. Ever read about the Balco scandal and it’s connection to Boxing? Mosley never tested positive, but he admitted under oath, that he took designer PED’s to avoid detection. Team Pac did accuse JMM, and though Pac didn’t have the balls to say those words, he more than hinted at it. You’re correct that Mandatory Random testing should be done, with both blood and urine. Just remember Team Pac is on record as being against it though. They argued that only the commission can decide, even though the commission (NSAC) said it CAN be subject to negotiation. Team Pac just didn’t want to negotiate it, thus, they didn’t want to do it. That is the truth.


  • KP,

    Your point is well said. I think the solution to this ‘epedemic’ PED use, is for those world boxing bodies to make it mandatory to have this VADA-style drug testing for every fight sanction by them. How is it gonna be done or who will pay for it are for them to figure. Because there is no other way to eliminate PED use unless drug testing implemented and under the supervision by VDA or USDA are implemented. Other thing less than this will be futile.

  • Keeping them out of the Hall is one thing, however most fighters won’t make the Hall anyways, and I think we need to stick to the said fights in question. I think the fact that guys like Tarver made over a million and was fined 2,500 dollars and people like Chavez Jr were fined 900,000 for smoking weed, there is a disconnect within the commissions. The problem with these commissions is that most who work for them are political appointees who don’t know much about boxing and either don’t know or care about the potential consequences of someone fighting someone on PED’s. It’s funny but the way the governing bodies work is that they wait for tragedy before taking action. Someone will have literally die in the ring or being seriously injured by a PED user before they get the message that this is a potentially serious and life threatening issue. The sport is already dangerous enough. I am not sure that what I propose will do a whole lot, but at least it sends a message to young fighters, that if you get caught cheating, that flashy “0” has got to go. They aren’t going to get themselves off the hook with a BS no contest, which in essence just takes the fight off the books. Counterproductive in my view.

  • Terrible,

    I agree with you about keeping those boxers found using PED from IBHOF. I want to stress the word FOUND USING PED.

    To Pedro,

    Freddie Roach didn’t have the right to demand anything on that fight. That was why he had no way but to blinked or stopped insisting on that. He is just a trainer. But I see his point in asking, wrongly, or demanding random testing knowing (and you also know) Memo

  • How about keeping them out of the IBHOF. Like maybe Holyfield and Toney. They do it in baseball and football. Why not boxing. This is Larry Merchan’t point and it’s agood one. Make the risk-reward so high that it doesn’t pay to do PEDS.

    Boxing is a landscape fetted with hipocrisy. Make me want to puke. And then you get a guy like Hauser who does a two-part “invetigatory” piece based on nothing more than rumors and he gets an award from the BWAA. aRGHH.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No, Freddie Roach did at a press conference. He more than implied such and Marquez said, “Let’s do random testing,” Freddie blinked. Case closed on that one Edroland.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    If he wanted to settle the BS..He woulda’ took some blood and urine tests.

  • Pedro,

    I don’t know if looking at his head, his muscles he had then, and his squared chin is sufficient enough to accused anyone of PED or steroid use. I guess time will tell if Manny was/is or not taking PED or steroid.

    I’ve just felt it is unfair to single out Manny Pacquiao of this illegal activity when there is really no proof that he is taking one. Not even one in his corner or adviser or associate has been accused of even being involve in PED or steroid use or dispensary. Perhaps it will be better to just accused every boxers of taking PED or steroid rather than single out an individual who has so far exhibited exemplary personal life (not a saintly life, I will say) compared to any other boxer.


    James Toney is not an associate. They have common trainer in Freddie Roach and same gym but James Toney was not on Manny’s corner or confindant or part of his team or entourage. Justine Fortune was accused of PED use but was not proven. No proof or even rumor that he dispensed PED or steroid on Manny Pacquiao. So I am wondering what you are trying to prove without really substantive proof.

    Manny Pacquiao never accused JMM of PED use or even made it as an alibi of his lost against JMM.

  • Edroland,

    James Toney is not an associate? Nah, they just shared the same trainer, the same trainer, and happened to be in the same gym on many an occasion.

    I’ve put up many a link on Fortune, but you can google Fortune and PED’s and you’ll find where Roach states he used. Furtune is taking legal action, but this doesn’t make him seem innocent:

    Remember, Fortune was Pac’s condtioning coach before Ariza. You know, when Pac started on his “awesome” run by beating MAB. The basis that Pac now uses to suggest that JMM used PED’s is the exact same basis those allegations were made against Pac. The difference is JMM said, Let’s both test then. What did Pac say? “NO.” That’s right, he made excuses.


  • Pedro Fernandez

    Edroland, look at his head, the muscles he had then, his squared chin. Why can’t you admit that if not for the suspected juice, Msanny would’ve peaked around the first Barrera fight.


  • Pedro,

    If by beating Margarito, Kotey, old De la Hoya, and Cotto is a super human acts then the bar is really low to do a “super human acts”. About Pacquiao’s grown head…has someone measured it at all comparing to it’s previous size? Is that a conclusive evidence that if a boxer’s head grew PED taking is the reason why it grew?

    Do you know of anyone in his team who is also involve in PED dispensation or distribution? I know in JM Marquez and now in Rios team, one of it’s member is a prominent dispenser or ‘former’ dispenser of this illegal drug.

  • Pedro Fernandez


    JM Marquez KNOCKED him out. Snoring! The ref coulda’ counted to 1,000. He got thrashed by JMM, exposed by Bradley, and was beaten in JMM 3, remember? His being told he needed a KO to win before last round, not getting it and praying in the corner. Would Mayweather have beaten the Pinoy out of Manny Pacquiao?

  • Pedro Fernandez

    LOOK, he performed super human acts, like Barry Bonds hitting over 70 home runs. His head grew, so did Barry’s. And when the heat was on Pac to take testing he opted out when he could have. If he wasn’t dirty and confident of such, wouldn’t he have signed that contract AND before you say he agreed to tests, MANNY DID NOT agree to testing with no cut off dates. The last couple of days would have been urine, so his other excuse is out the window about being weak from blood loss.


  • Pedro,

    The info you provided like “Super natural human feats, training four hrs. a day, beating up bigger men and then flopping against JMM in fight 3….etc” has been oft-repeated justification for this accusation but doesn’t really holds water.

    What is super natural human feat about beating bigger but old and over-the-hill boxers like Margarito, Oscar De la Hoya and perhaps even Cotto? Cotto is a good boxer but not the same boxer as he used to be after losing to Margarito. Kotey is an average boxer who almost beat a washed up Cotto and beaten by Pacquiao too without putting much of a fight. He beat Mexican greats like Morales, Barerra and Marquez but they were of the same size as he was.

    Pacquiao was great at his peak. No doubt about it. But his achievement is not super natural human feats, as you termed it, helped by a PED use. If he is taking illegal performance enhancing drug, more evidence should be exposed and made known.

    During his fight with Morales, he was weighing at fight time almost as the same weight as he is now 142-147 lbs

  • Pedro Fernandez

    OK, Edroland. How ****** stupid do you think we are? Super natural human feats, training four hrs. a day, beating up bigger men and then flopping against JMM in fight 3, losing to Bradley, getting knocked the **** out by JMM inm #4. Are you really Manny writing under a phony name or are you that ****** stupid?

  • Skerge,

    Is that all you can put up? Toney is not an associate of Manny Pacquiao at all. Justine Fortune is not implicated at all in PED use as far as I know. Show me the link that shows otherwise.

    He was accused of PED use without basis which led me to believe that he was accused of PED use out of jealousy…pure and simple.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Fanatical fans of Manny have lots of issues, beginning with DENIAL!

  • Edroland,

    I guess you haven’t read about the links to PED’s in Pac’s past w/ Justin Fortune (I think his name is), and the guys who got caught while at the Wildcard Gym like Toney.
    Anyhow, the only road block that was put up was Random Testing with NO CUT OFF. Team Pac wouldn’t do it, and then they turn around and accuse JMM of PED use. It’s like the Pinoy’s who say; “Floyd isn’t the commission to ask for Testing.” But then praise Donaire for starting the Random 365/24/7 testing. Which is it?


  • This is not an article about Manny Pacquaio Edroland. Stay on topic or go post your dribble somewhere else.

  • Completely agree. How can a fighter that has unfair advantages NOT be disqualified? It’s kinda like a drunk ass driver getting pulled over and given his keys back to continue driving, of course he ends up killing someone and of course he ends up living while the other poor dude dies!

  • Curious to note that all you can say is ‘If he wasn’t on the shit, he coulda’ taken the tests and silenced Floyd..’ if that is all you can say and therefore accused Manny Pacquiao of PED use then your accusation doesn’t hold any water at all. The mere fact that Fraud Mayweather avoided Manny Pacquaioa by putting road blocks after road blocks is a testament to Manny Pacquiao’s greatness and Fraud Mayweather’s fear of him.

    Manny Pacquaio for sure is on slide now as a boxer and Pacquaio fans, like me, have not denied that. But at least Manny Pacquiao can say that he has avoided no one and will go on to be the greatest boxer that emerged from Asia and sure to be one of the greatest of all time, pound for pound.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    If he wasn’t on the shit, he coulda’ taken the tests and silenced Floyd. Instead Floyd bitch slaps Marquez who goes on to knock Manny the puck out. Floyd’s making $80 million, still unbeaten, and doesn’t need to embarass a nation, as that’s what would happen. You can’t find a non Pacnut who thinks Manny can hang with Floyd.

  • How about those boxer/boxers who are victim of wrongful PED accusations? One good example is Manny Pacquiao….he has been accused of PED use but until now no evidence has been produced to show that he was using illegal performance enhancing drug. Not even one associate of Manny Pacquiao has even been implicated or even suspected of any PED or illegal drug pushing….Manny Pacquiao, in this age of PED use to cheat, has proven to all that he is one true naturally genuine boxing great.

  • KP,

    Great stuff! That makes a lot of sense, but so much so, it may get lost in the non-sense out there.


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