Gennady Golovkin "Body & Fender" Work

Gennady Golovkin “Body & Fender” Work

San Francisco, CA– To some Marvin Hagler at 160 lbs. walked on water. His posse cites his number of defenses, etc Truth be told, Marvin fought a slew of OK middleweights before making both his rep and millions of dollars fighting smaller guys in Roberto Duran, Ray Leonard, John Mugabi, and Thomas Hearns.


Andre Ward

Andre Ward

The intent of this was not to knock the Marvelous one, but rather to prod the camps representing World middleweight (160 lb.) champion Gennady Golovkin and the World super middleweight (168) king Andre Ward. When I talk to “insiders” and those with some boxing acumen who realize this would unlike Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao, be a real super fight involving two unbeaten fighters at or near their primes.


In an interview some 15 months ago, Ward scoffed at “Triple G” and dismissed him by saying that he hadn’t “fought anybody yet.” Ward might have a different response today as Gennady has rolled to 32-0 with 29 KOs. With 19 straight stoppages, 12 KOs in title defenses, Golovkin is the goods!


When I looked up the top ten ratings at 168 (super middle) I only found one Andre listed and that was Andre Dirrell. Unbeaten at 27-0, 14 KOs, the recognized WBA Super champion Ward fought once in 2012, a lone fight in 2013 and no fights in 2014.


There have been issues regarding both injuries and his estrangement with the now deceased promoter Dan Goossen. Many people that think Ward got “soft” doing HBO telecasts and not fighting. Even Ali had problems coming back at 31, which is Ward’s age. Now promoted by Roc Nation, we’ll see how serious Ward is by his choice of opposition.


Golovkin’s stock value is soaring and he is on the minds of Mexican, American, European, Asian, you name it, there isn’t a racial demographic, even Black Americans realize greatness and are a a part of the “GGG” fan base.


The WBA has mandated a fight between Super Champ Ward and Regular Champ Carl Froch and that negotiations commence within 30 days. For Froch, the Brit wants a Las Vegas fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. As for the Ward-Froch rematch, that’s a fight Ward wants and Froch doesn’t.


With one at 160, the other 168, we need to negotiate a “catch” weight around 165. And before Ward gripes about taking off a couple more pounds, he made Chad Dawson drop eight pounds to fight him.


The next six months should illustrate whether or not Andre Ward still has it, even more importantly, if he still wants it! People think Andre’s lost his zeal for boxing. Regardless of weight or size advantage, if that is the case Ward will have his head handed to him. If Ward can return to his form of 2011, this is a super competitive match that could go either way.

Pedro Fernandez



  • It would be awesome if Golovkin got his PR machine to really lobby for a Ward fight right away. But I understand why they’re not doing it and I won’t quite hold him to such a high standard just yet (after all it’s not like he’s going around comparing himself favorably to all-time-greats like YouKnowWho…)

    But it’s a risky move for a guy who’s not tall & rangy and still makes 160 easily at age 32. I understand why they feel that Golovkin at least deserves the chance to fight for the real title in his home division – which he’s more than earned – before risking his “0” at 168.

    Sure, Ward’s rust and a catchweight would go a long way to even the odds, maybe even flip them.

    But who are we kidding? Ward ain’t going to agree to any catchweight. It seems established that if you wanna fight Ward, it’s gonna be HIS weight, HIS backyard and Ward getting 70% purse.

    Maybe He’d do 165 for the kind of money Cotto, Canelo or the Mayweather-Pacquiao winner would bring, but that\s a lot bigger purs for much less risk than Golovkin.

    Of course the time may come eventually, if Cotto & Roc Nation devalue that “lineal belt” isn’t worth it’s weight in recyclable materials, it will not make sense to waste what’s left of his prime being frozen out.

  • Why would the catch weight be at 165 instead of 164? If anything a catch weight should favor the smaller fighter.
    In this case the point is moot. GGG is like Alabama football, they run up the score against weaker schools and look formidable. But when they play a top school, things change.
    I truly enjoy watching GGG but he keeps fighting European no-hopers. We need to at least see him in with Peter Quillin before even dreaming about Ward.
    Ward is too big, so is Froch, I would favor Froch over GGG as well.

  • just check these vids:

    actually the later one would cause Mr. Ward a lot of headaches while trying to wrestle GGG. 😉

  • @kp,santa
    exactly – GGG is built perfectly for middleweight. Unless there is a huge payday – he doesn’t need to go up. What for?

    In this age of endless belts of the same organization (just think of the mess the WBA has created – OMG!) – if you don’t have 16 belts in 16 weight classes, you seem to have nothing accomplished. Ridiculous! Why not go the other route and establish a legacy in ONE weight class?! The big fights will come – regardless.

    I also thought of Abraham. He didn’t carry his power to 168. But on the other hand – GGG is far more polished. AA to this day is still raw. GGG’s offense overshadows somewhat his tactical and technical skills, but he is a very polished fighter. As I said before – right now he is the whole package. The only thing he actually lacks is speed. But timing beats speed anyways, so ….

  • Is Ward even fighting anymore. Who cares? He’s irrelevant. GGG fights 3-4x a year and hasn’t ducked anyone and will unify the titles at 160. Ward I liked (a lot), but he’s history from the past. He could beat Froch, so what? Kovalev would hurt him if he came back anyway…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jarrad, the guy pulled out of a fight with the limited Russian Andy Lee dumped. So you think he would fight GGG? Balless subject I think!

  • I like GGG, but think he has enough time to clean out 160 against Kid Chocolate, Cotto and maybe a few others who can offer comp. I think if/when he moved to 168 he may start getting challenges that may result in closer fights as those bigger guys won’t be as easy to KO. He also gets hit and his chin will be challenged there too. But I also think Canelo or Lara coming up might be good challenges as well if he hangs around 160 for a couple more years, so either way he has a lot of options.

  • bad idea unless they have same day weigh in’s like the old days. GGG is perfect at 160 probably be slower at higher weight. Ward comes in at about 185 the night of the fight. If I were GGG i’d fight everyone possible at 160, keep my money and my health and have a happy last half of my life.
    GGG reminds me of Tony Zale. Heavy puncher and a guy who likes to engage.

  • GGG is a small middleweight. He makes the weight easily and doesn’t have a long reach. I think at 160 he’s practically unbeatable with the competition there right now. However at 168, i don’ view him as being all that dominant. Not that he won’t do well there, but he just won’t be able to walk through bigger taller stronger fighters. He lacks speed. And defensively there are holes. Not trying to be negative, but I remember how highly regarded Arthur Abraham was at 160, but once he moved up, he was just an ordinary belt-holder. Some fighters aren’t built to jump weight classes because of their style. GGG is on that category. Reminds me of a better skilled version of Kotsya Tszu. Tszu was a great fighter at 140, but not sure how effective he would have been at 147 with his stout frame.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    No argument here.

  • I see it this way – Golovkin doesn’t need Ward. In fact it is the other way around. Golovkin made a name for himself, he practically cleaned out the division, he fights regularly and everybody, anywhere (something Ward always refused to!). And he is a sound boxer who’s exiting to watch (not only for us diehard fans).
    On the other hand Ward is practically out of business, he fights dirty and utilizes his hometown advantage to get away with it, he definetly is NOT a fanfriendly fighter (being his fighting style or his personality) and most importantly – he doesn’t have a fan base.

    So – who needs who?

    In fact I don’t think Golovkin has to move up just yet. He is in the position to let the other fighters come to him. And he definetly should take Hopkins record at middleweight and establish himself as THE most dominant middleweight of the last 30 years (in 20yrs nobody will give a sh.t if the opposition wasnt that strong).

    Let the Ward-Golovkin fight cook for awhile longer to make it a real superfight in 2-3yrs.

    As for the fight – Golovkin hits hard, but he is a much more polished fighter than he gets credit for. There isn’t one fight-department he doesn’t cover. Many say – he gets hit. Of course he gets hit if he puts his main emphasis on offense. Question is if Ward can smother his offense with his holding and what happens when Golovkin gets roughed up with that head of Ward. How will he react, does he have the balls to dig deep? That is the only question he hasn’t answered yet.

    Personally I think that Golovkin is the most polished fighter right now with a huge emphasis on offense. I they fight outside of Wards backyard and the ref looks out to not let the fight slip into a wrestling match, Ward will have his hands full with Golovkins pressure style and the relentless body attack will chop him down. Sooner of later.

  • No scheduled fights yet for andre ward in 2015.
    No fights for ward in 2014.
    1 fight in 2013.
    1 fight in 2012.
    2 fights in 2011.
    2 fights in 2010.
    ^ That’s a waste of an elite athlete’s prime fighting years…

  • great and honest analyses, but i have a problem, i do not like Ward style, neither Klitschko, but the last one hits hard

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