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San Francisco, CABernard Hopkins: These two have been talking about a possible fight with one another the past few weeks. For Hopkins, it would be one more opportunity to tame a younger fighter on a hot streak, albeit in a sleep induced manner, it’s something he has built a reputation in doing.



For Froch it would be a chance to beat “The Executioner” more convincingly than his rival, former champion Joe Calzaghe, did and add to the debate about who is the greater British super middleweight. B-Hop seems to feast on opponents with Froch’s come forward aggressive style but the Brit is a tough S.O.B and it’s not inconceivable that he walks through the shots of the ex-con.


Once again however, for this bout to happen it would have to take place on British soil where Carl doesn’t seem keen on leaving. Playing the “bad guy” in the promotion is easy for Hopkins, thus he seems willing to, after having travelled to Canada twice to fight Jean Pascal but another possible obstacle is that Hopkins fights at 175 lbs. and Carl at 168. Once again, Froch doesn’t want to leave the comforts of his home division but perhaps a compromise can be arranged since the Philly legend fought both Kelly Pavlik and Winky Wright at a catchweight of 170.


We’ll see what happens after the IBF light heavyweight (175) champion makes the defense of his title on July 13th against Karo Murat.


Julio Caesar "Cheech" Chavez Jr.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.: It’s no secret that Chavez has had issues making weight at 160 and is looking to move north a division, if not two. This fight would be a can’t miss action bout since both men possess solid whiskers and wouldn’t back down from one another.


Let’s hope their respective promoters, unlike Golden Boy Promotions and Bob Arum, can pull get together on this one after Chavez meets and beats Brian Vera August 3.


George Groves/Nathan Cleverly: Froch was highly critical of the fact that his fellow British natives helped Kessler prepare by lending him their sparring services. Perhaps he was just trying to stir up interest in a potential fight between himself and his pugilistic peers. Perhaps he really did feel slighted. Either way, a fight with either of these two up and coming Brits would do huge numbers in England.


The problem once again is that Cleverly fights at 175 and Froch has no intention of moving up in weight. Groves on the other hand, shares the same weight class as his fellow countryman, but is still developing and is currently a bit wet behind the ears.


Andre Dirrell II: Froch squeezed by on a decision over the 2004 Olympic medalist back in 2009 in a fight that could have went either way. The problem is that it was a snoozer and no one wants to see it again. Plus the Flint, Michigan native has been inactive reportedly due to neurological issues. No thanks!


Mikkel Kessler III: Given how competitive and exciting their first two fights were: HELL YEAH!! Who wouldn’t want to see these two go at it again? Besides, their even series naturally calls for a tie-breaker. This is the one fight where Froch would leave his home soil for in search of a neutral site. This may not happen immediately but you can definitely count on this one taking place some time in the near future. 
What about you readers? Who would you like to see Froch in with next? Leave your thoughts below!

Jason B. Nava


  • Scottish Steve G

    Alex (again) – there’s one thing I do agree with you on: CF does not have great boxing skills! He has a decent jab and good power, but he’s not quick or slick…in fact he’s appears quite crude at times and occasionally clumsy (esp against slicksters like Dirrel & Ward). His defense is poor as well and as a result he’s not difficult to hit. Even against Kessler last week, you could see that Mikkel was the sharper, more accurate puncher. But here’s an interesting stat: MK’s highest punch output came in round 9 @ 58. Froch’s lowest output in any one round was 13 higher than that @ 71.

    If there’s a UK super-middle that’s been overrated I’d suggest it’s Joe Calzaghe more than Froch. What elite fighter did JC beat in their prime? He barely squeaked by Kessler, with hometown advantage. Jeff Lacy – was green and not the goods. Struggled badly with Bika. Should’ve fought RJJ years earlier…and if he had, primetime Roy would’ve whipped him.Same with B-Hop. Tocker Pudwill? Omar sheika? JC built up a hometown undefeated record fighting mostly B-class guys.

    Compare that to Frochs’ recent record. Show me another top fighter – in ANY weight class – that’s had as tough a schedule as Froch in the last 4 years. He fights anyone and everyone…and he often does it in the other guys back yard. But yes – he’s not pretty to watch at times. You can’t have everything.

    Should Ward have to go to the UK to make a rematch happen? Not necessarily, but it’s debatable. I can see Foch’s point(s) – 1) He already fought Ward in the US. Why should he have to do it again? 2) Froch also fought Jermain T & Glen J in the US, Arthur A in Finland & Kessler (1st time) in Denmark. Meanwhile Andre ward is yet to have a meaningful fight outside of the US. 3) Froch is a much bigger draw than Ward.

    Discuss. Pedro?

  • Scottish Steve G

    Alex – “I can still see him [Hopkins] dismantling Froch”. Eh, when was the last time B-Hop “dismantled” ANYONE? Let alone a guy who’s got a ferocious will to win, indomitable spirit, proven world-class track record, fantastic conditioning and a cast-iron jaw? Oh and Froch apparently scored a, “lucky 12th round knockout” over J.Taylor. I think you need to go back and watch that fight again. Froch knew he was behind on the cards, fighting an American on US soil – he needed the KO. He walked and hunted Taylor down and started to land big in the 11th. In the 12th he carried out a sustained assault and heavily floored Taylor who to his credit got up but was badly shaken. Froch then pinned Taylor to the ropes and finished him with a barrage of punches. It’s still the only fight he’s ever been knocked down in. That is what top fighters do: they remain focused and aware of their situation, come back from adversity and find a way to win.

    Of course, Froch tried that same trick in the 12th against Ward but Andre was too clever and too good. Who next for Carl? Well it wont be B-Hop and a Ward rematch may not be possible ’til early 2014. There’s been talk of giving Bute a rematch, this time on Lucien’s turf in Canada. Kessler part 3? Not sure that will happen and probably not the next fight. I know that big punching Adonis Stevenson has a date soon with Chad D, but should he get the W and remain unbeaten, then wouldn’t that be a good match-up for the Cobra, possibly around October time?

  • Scottish Steve G

    Seems Froch has changed his tune a bit – reports in the UK media today quoting him as saying he’d be willing to fight Ward in Vegas.

    I think his strong competitive nature and fighter’s pride are driving him to try and avenge the only comprehensive loss of his career. I think a second fight would be closer, although Ward wins again. In case anyone thinks that’s blind Brit patriotism on my part – I thought Carl was a tad lucky to get the (hometown) nod over Dirrel; I had the Matrix 1 round up, or possibly a draw. The Matrix was slick and elusive that night and Froch had trouble landing anything of note.

    Ward is indeed special there’s not doubt and is a supreme technician. But Froch learned more from their fight than Andre did and he’s improved since. Funny/ironic – 2 judges scored a ridiculous 115-113 in that fight and the only score that gave a close representation of the action came from the UK judge (John Keane) who had it 118-110.

    I’ve never yet heard an explanation of why Ward was the only Super-Six contestant that DIDN’T have to fight at least once outside of his own country, on foreign turf. Can anyone tell my why that was?

  • Ok so I agree that watching a Hopkins fight is like pulling out a chair after planting seeds for grass and then watching it grow. Someone once said that convicted felons should be forced to watch a Michael Nunn fight as a form of punishment, and Hopkins is no different. However, I can still see him dismantling Froch. As far as the Andre Ward rematch, Andre will beat him again only this time more convincingly. Froch is a good fighter I don’t take that from him but there’s just something missing there not sure what it is but he bores me with his uncoordinated style of fighting it’s as if he’s thinking should I throw an awkward jab or maybe sling my right hand while bending the other way. I guess as long as it effective for him and he does has his legion of fans over there that’s all that matters, to him anyway.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Jeff, right on B-Stink. Don’t want to see him mimic fighting.

  • Forget Hopkins. No interest in watching him “fight.” The only good thing about him is that he would travel to fight. Ward will never fight in Europe. He will try to make the case that he doesn’t need to because he won the first match. Yes to Chavez Jr. Dirrell, no way. Otherwise a rubber match with Kessler at a neutral European site.

    100% right about Froch’s wife. He better have an iron clad pre nup or he is screwed. The crowd was so loud at the O2 for this Kessler fight that you couldn’t even hear her screaming during this fight. In the Ward fight I had to turn the sound down she was so annoying.

  • Alex, tell us how you really feel about Froch. Did he steal your girlfriend as a kid or something?? I kid, I kid. But don’t you talk about my Rachel Cordingley. I am absolutely in love w/ her and I’m not even that big on white girls

  • Froch against Hopkins! With the winner to fight Kessler. I think if that happens we will see Hopkins vs Kessler. Froch is over rated, this guy was losing to an already worn Jermain Taylor in which he was rocked pretty good only to come back and score a lucky 12th round knock out. He loses the first Kessler fight and was fortunate to get the victory against Dirrell. Then he was totally dominated by Ward, in which he was out punched out boxed and out manned. I give him credit for the Bute win, however this is the same Bute that Andrade knocked out only to have a totally incompetent referee (Wilson) blatantly steal the victory from Andrade. Froch has some nice wins on his record but no way in the world is he anywhere close to Joe Calzaghe or even Nigel Benn who was a better figher than Froch, or even Chris Eubank, who boxes his ears off.  I’m sorry Froch fans but this guy just beats his own drums and he thinks he’s so damn cool with his gold digging chick who thinks she’s the hottest thing out there which she’s definitely not. This tandem is fortunate to have come around at the right time. Hopkins outboxes Froch and sits back and waits for his call to the hall… 

  • Kessler 3 makes sense and is a fan friendly fight. The first 2 were good fights and the crowds were lively. If Froch did another fight with Ward, it should happen in the UK just because Froch draws fans and Ward does not. I personally have no interest in watching a fight from a dead American arena where fans sit on their hands the whole time. American audiences are terrible. Plus Ward is boring. Come to think of it, I have no interest in watching Ward fight, period. Hopkins, I hope just retires at this point. No interest in watching him fight although I wouldn’t mind watching one more “White boy,” as he said to Calzaghe, whip Hopkins old ass.

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