billycollins b and white post“PANAMA” LEWIS DID THIS TO BILLY COLLINS!

San Francisco, CA– There is probably no man vilified more in boxing in recent years than Carlos “Panama” Lewis. A brilliant mind who studied under the great Ray Arcel, Chickie Ferrara, as well as Freddie Brown, Panama Lewis was one of the best trainers ‘pound for pound’ in the early 1980s. But as we have come to know there is a dark side to Panama Lewis, one that reared its ugly head on June 16, 1983.


Seven months after asking for that, “Special bottle…the one I mix,” just prior to the 14th round in which Aaron Pryor finished off Alexis Arguello on November 12, 1982, Panama was in the corner of rugged club fighter Luis Resto vs. Billy Collins UNDR Roberto Duran-Davey Moore June 16, 1983. Before the fight, Panama removed an ounce of stuffing/padding out of each of Resto’s gloves, something the fighter now claims Lewis had done on other occasions.


In addition, Resto now claims that Lewis put a “plaster of Paris” substance in his hand wraps (can we all say, Antonio Margarito), thus when the late Billy Collins said between rounds that it felt like he was “getting hit with ashtrays,” he wasn’t embellishing matters. Panama Lewis spent 2.5 years in prison after being convicted of assault, criminal possession of a weapon (Resto’s hands) and conspiracy.

Pananma 2009


Although Lewis continues to train fighters here and there, he is banned from working a corner in every jurisdiction but the state of Pennsylvania. When I last heard, Panama, now nearing 60, was living in Las Vegas and not in great health. For ruining Billy Collin’s career as a fighter, which caused depression which probably led to his death by car accident some nine months later, Panama Lewis (pictured below) is the first inductee to the “Wall of Shame.”


  • Panama Lewis is a coward and a scumbag. Anyone who hires him to help train is just as bad. Anyone with any goodness in their heart would have nothing to do with him. Panama Lewis is the lowest form of life, if you can even call him that. Pond scum is light years above him and if he had any character, or any strength within him he would admit his crime, but since he is such a COWARD he won’t. I hope he reads this post. panama lewis (you don’t even deserve to have capital letters in your name), I call you a coward, I believe you are a liar, a thief and a sociopath. When you die people will spit on your grave and you deserve it.

    Luis Resto has more strength than you because he finally admitted what happened. You can see the remorse he has for what you and he did. How many times have you hurt others by cheating and lying? How many types of drugs have you given your ‘boxers’ to help them win. The only thing you do is lie and cheat. The crap that spews from your disgusting, gold capped teeth filled mouth makes me sick. You try to cover you uglyness with fake gold but it only makes you look more repulsive. I bet you have not had even one sleepless night over your part in the assault on, and in my opinion the death of Billy Collins. Have you even thought of the damage to Mr. Collins family? I doubt it. You seem more concerned with the gaudy, fake gold rings and chains you wear over your out of shape,grotesque form you call your body. Jewelry, I might add, that is a fake as you. You have an ugly soul if you even have one. You are repulsive and repugnat.

    You, in many peoples opinion, panama lewis, are a low down, double dealing, back stabbing, larcenous, perverted, cheap fake gold wearing piece of garbage. Piss on you and your whole pathetic life.

    I have never written something like this about someone before but I felt that I had to after watching “Assault In The Ring” on HBO and had to listen to your pathetic attemps at lying and your inability to tell the truth or feel any remorse for what you did. Do the world a favor and sterilize yourself because your DNA should never be passed on.

    Whew!!! That was building up the whole time I watched the show on HBO.

  • How about Tommy Hauser for taking hush money from HBO?

  • I agree with Tim for 2.22. This lying piece of dog shit should die in agony. Like the lifetime of agony he caused so many others. Skinning this guy and leaving him on an anthill is far to good an end for the likes of this troglodyte.

  • Panama Lewis is a good for nothing cheating piece of shit wanna be gangster!
    I hope he dies from blunt force trauma to the face!
    He has no place in boxing or even on this planet!

  • Great article, well done for shining some light. I always thought that arum was a crook. It’s nice to have this.

  • There is a huge difference between Tito Trinidad wrapping his hands differently and margarito having Plaster on his wraps.
    Trinidad had his hands wrapped with the proper materials, tape and guaze, nothing else. There was a disagreement between trainers in the way Don feix wrapped his sons hands. There were no accustaions of them cheating. much of this was to get into Trinidads head, and take his focus off of the fight.
    Now Margarito was caught with plaster on his hands as he was attempting to fight Shane Mosley. I don’t believe for a second that Margarito did not know what was going on. The problem with saying there is no proof that he did this against Cotto or Cintron is that the guy was caught doing this against Mosley, why wouldn’t he do it against Cotto? I don’t believe that Margarito’s people just out of the blue decided to load his hands before the Mosley fight. The fight with Cotto was a much bigger fight than his match with Mosley.
    Everyone trying to defend Margarito need to understand, the guy was caught attempting to flat out cheat. The second he was caught, it discredited everything he had ever accomplished in his career. He will be remembered as a lowlife cheater for the rest of his life. He and his people deserve to be placed in the same group as Panama Lewis. And I am not Puerto Rican, so that excuse doesn’t fly with me.


    On September 29, 2001 Felix “Tito” Trinidad was set to face Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins for the undisputed middleweight championship of the world at Madison Square Garden in New York. Before the actual fight took place, a member of Hopkins camp protested regarding Trinidad hand wraps.

    It was alleged by the Hopkins camp that Trinidad had too much padding and tape on his hands and that he dipped his hands in ice water with the padding and tape. When the hand wraps dried, it would become as hard as a cast. The Trinidad camp argued they had always wrapped his hands in this manner.

    The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC), agreeing with the Hopkins camp, ordered the Trinidad camp to re-wrap Trinidad’s hands. If I‘m not mistaken, Trinidad hands had to be re-wrapped two more times until the NYSAC and the Hopkins camp were satisfied they were legally wrapped. Trinidad became so upset that he even threatened to pull out of the fight. Once Trinidad hand wraps were given the OK, he went out and fought Bernard Hopkins and lost by knockout.

    This was his first career loss. Nobody, not even Trinidad’s critics said shit! If I remember correctly, his gloves were not confiscated for examination, his hand wraps and padding were not sent to a laboratory, no one questioned his past victories, and he did not have to appear before the NYASC for a disciplinary hearing.

    For those of us who truly follow boxing, up until that time he defeated quality opposition and former world champions such as Fernando Vargas, Pernell Whitaker, Oscar De La Hoya, Yory Boy Campos, Hector Camacho, Oba Carr, and Maurice Blocker. I repeat: No one said shit! The question should arise then: Was Trinidad illegally wrapping his hands prior to the Hopkins fight? Only Trinidad’s camp knows the answer to that.

    On September 13, 2003 Shane Mosley defeated Oscar De La Hoya for the second time by unanimous decision. During an investigation of the pharmaceutical company BALCO. It has been alleged that Shane Mosley was provided with performance enhancing substances in the past, namely steroids. There is an allegation that he may have been on steroids when he defeated De La Hoya in the rematch.

    Well, the question is: How long has he been taking steroids if he was supplied by BALCO? Has he been taking steroids since the beginning of his boxing career? After he became champion? Only Mosley knows the answer to that.

    On September 14, 2002, Fernando Vargas lost by TKO to Oscar De La Hoya in a high profile junior middle weight unification match. After the fight, Vargas tested positive for steroids. Anyone familiar with Fernando Vargas knows he has always had difficulty making the 154lbs weight limit. That was obvious when he attended boxing matches as a spectator. It was rumored that during his career, in between fights, he would walk around as high as 200lbs. He would slim down to 154lbs for the weigh in 24hrs before the fight and then rehydrate himself for fight night.

    When he fought De La Hoya he came into the ring at 170lbs. Did the steroids give him an advantage in strength and size? Prior to his fight with De la Hoya; did he also use illegal steroids? Shouldn’t all his victories prior to him being caught cheating be questioned? I raise these three examples not to discredit these three great fighters, Trinidad, Mosley and Vargas, but rather to point out there is a double standard in boxing when it comes to Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito (37-6, 27 KO)!

    For those of you who may not be familiar with the Margarito controversy, in the same manner there was an objection to how Trinidad’s hands were wrapped, by the same person (Nazim Richardson) 8 years ago, so it was at the Staples center before Margarito was set to face Mosley.

    Richardson complained there was too much padding and powder on Margarito’s hands and it was too hard. The padding and tape were confiscated by the California Athletic Commission (CSAC). His hands had to be re-wrapped. Margarito went on to lose miserably by knockout at the hands of Mosley. His gloves were also confiscated by the CSAC.

    There was an outcry by Margarito’s critics. There was speculation that he tried to have “loaded gloves’ to cheat his way to victory against Mosley. Boxing critics also argued he had defeated the more talented Miguel Cotto with “loaded gloves” as well. Boxing critics believed he had been doing this his entire career.

    So what did the CSAC do? They immediately suspended him and his trainer and ordered them to appear at hearing scheduled for Feb 8, 2009. Margarito and his camp denied wrong doing. Margarito’s gloves were X-rayed, he was tested for illegal substances, and his hand padding was tested by several laboratories. The gloves came back clean as well as his urine.

    At the hearing to determine his fate, according to, CSAC Inspector Che Guevara testified at Margarito’s hearing that, “his hand wraps was not hard as a rock, but firm and hard.” Laboratory investigation concluded that he had used a dangerous powder substance in his hand wraps.

    As a result he and his trainer were suspended from fighting anywhere in the USA for 1 year. Almost every Boxing writer has had something negative to say about Margarito and rightly so. This is the fighter who turned professional at the age of 15 fighting grown men. He did not have an amateur career. He learned on the job and won three world titles (WBO, IBF, and WBA). After he defeated Cotto, it appeared that he overcame the odds and silenced his critics for the time being if not forever. Boxing critics condemned Margarito after the Mosley fight. They dismissed his previous victories. Critics said he could have seriously hurt Kermit Cintron, Mosley, etc. by using “loaded gloves”. OK, no problem, lets be fair.

    Let’s take a quick look at Trinidad? His punching power was awesome! However, those of us who followed his career knew he had a “suspect chin.” In his fights against Carr, Campos, Stephens, Reid and Vargas, Trinidad was knockdown and sometimes almost out on his feet. These were world title fights. He rallied in spectacular fashion to defeat his opponents. Why not question those victories? As for Mosley, he stands an unimposing 5’9”.

    He began his career as a lightweight and has surprisingly carried his punching power as high as 154lbs. If he had been using illegal steroids, couldn’t he have inflicted serious injury to his opponents? Don’t steroids give an unfair advantage in strength and speed to the one using it? Why not question his victories before the De La Hoya fights?

    What about Fernando Vargas? If Vargas walks around at about 200lbs in between fights and is able to make the 154lb and is not weakened in strength because of steroids, doesn’t that give him an unfair strength advantage against his opponents. Is it fair and safe that an opponent should risk his life unknowingly against a fighter who is on steroids? Shouldn’t all of Vargas’s victories be questioned as well?

    I am in no way making excuses for Margarito, but rather pointing out that he has not been given the benefit of the doubt like his aforementioned peers. I don’t recall Trinidad ever defending his actions the night he had to re-wrap his hands and then lost to Hopkins. Mosley denied ever taking steroids which BALCO has accused him of lying.

    The two parties are currently in litigation as to who is telling the truth or lying. Regarding Vargas, he stated he simply thought he was taking vitamins during training camp when he tested positive for steroids and was subsequently suspended. The point is these three fighters were all given a “pass” (the benefit of the doubt regarding past victories) and allowed to move forward with their careers. Margarito’s trainer has accepted responsibility for the illegal hand wraps.

    Most people in boxing continue to look upon Margarito with scorn. Why not give Margarito the benefit of the doubt like his peers? Let’s face it, for whatever reason, many in boxing dislike Margarito. My guess is because he is a limited fighter with a lot of heart that can defeat anyone in his weight class on any given night.

    Margarito must come back to boxing once his suspension is over and rematch with Cintron, Mosley, and Cotto. He must defeat them convincingly in order to restore his good name. Even if that were to happen, knowing my Boxing colleagues like I do, they will still find a reason to be critical of him. They will always refer to the hand wrap controversy and he will forever remain the poster boy for a double standard in boxing.

  • O-Ren Ishii, what are you talking about that there ins no proof against Margarito? They confiscated his hand wraps with the plaster of paris before the Mosley fight, the Nevada commission held a hearing, found him guilty and he was suspended in the entire United States for one year. This is not just some rumor.

  • P.J. I don’t know where you got your informantion from, but Billy Collins suffered irreprable damage to his left eye. As of result of the fight with Resto, he had a tear in the iris of his left eye and suffered from permanent blurred vision. That is the truth of the matter.

  • theres no comparison between chavez and margarito; chavez was trained by cristobal rosas and buffalo martin in culiacan, sinaloa;margarito was trained by capetillo in tijuana,baja california; a decade later. dont get it twisted homie,thats like saying all puerto rican boxers use plaster in their wraps like resto;or all black boxers use steroids like mosley,jones ,or toney;you cant make accusations and assumptions like that,the great angelo dundee once said,chavez is the toughest fighter hes ever seen bar none;this was prior to the first taylor fight.dont compare the two.chavez is a national icon;and margarito is a cheater;just telling like it is.

  • The Alexis Arguello fight could have been fixed too. Pryor still took all those punches, but if he had padding on the hand wrap, he was giving more than he was taking against the great Arguello. No one knows what happened in that fight. The Astma pill does make sense and it is an unfair advantage.

  • big chuck shadowski

    Is it just me, or is this white writing on a black background hard to read. For me it’s kinda like reading an article that’s in all caps. Chuck

  • DelahoyaVsSturmSame

    No Doubt Chavez was using the old Mexican Plaster in the Gloves trick against Meldrick Taylor in their fight. I believe the Margo Camp, very close to the Chavez camp learned the art of stuffing Bricks into your Gloves from Chavez… The Chavez vs Taylor fight was a mirror image of the Resto Collins and MargaCheato vs Cotto fights. They all were landing average shots that appeared to magically infict severe damage? Even though they were getting their Ears boxed off by the Boxers, Collins, Taylor and Cotto?

  • DelahoyaVsSturmSame

    You can Add Fernando Steriods Vargas and James Juicer Toney..
    While you’re at it add MargaCheato and his Trainer… all should be banned for life from Boxing.

  • Big Chuck Shadowski

    What do you mean that “cheaters never last long” Look at Roy Jones and Mosley or even Barry Bonds. I could nave quite a few others that have had quite long careers.

  • Cheaters never prosper for long. Lewis shall live with what he had done to boxing and expecially Collins. Don’t tell me that fighters do not know when you put a knuckle-cast on their hands. Unless he wears this everytime he dawns the gloves, it would not feel correct. I manage fighters and wittness thousands of hand-wraps, which the commission is suppose to observe and sign (which is a farce) as many times, the commission is just Bsing with whom ever may be there. Stricter codes of conduct need to be placed on the commission. Hell, I have seen it where the commission will enter a room to observe the wrapping and it is already done, so they say OK and sihn them. Now, most of the time a rep from the other camp is suppose to be present to observe and if they are not, they should insist on a re-wrap in their presence.. If not, they have failed their charge.

  • Duran did seem to have an awful lot of energy when fighting Leonard, hmm

  • Great expo keep it up Pedro,great site i check you out every day….thanks

  • Big Chuck Shadowski

    What about trowing Shane Moseley and Roy Jones in there too. Anyone who watch’s boxing can tell that that both of these guys were roided up during their primes. Everyone loves to jump all over Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire but neither of them ever tested positive. Both Jones and Mosley did. I remember Mosley boasting about how he could bench press 350 lbs when he was a welter. You can see what happened to Jones career when he got off the juice. While both of the fighters may have still have been hall of famers without the cream and the clear, who knows how their careers would have played out if they hadn’t cheated.

  • In only his second-worst known crime against the sport, Lewis tarnished one of the ten best fights in history with his “special mix.” As terrific as Pryor fought and as great as Pryor was that night, the evidence and conclusion should have been clear – that fight should have been changed to a no contest.

  • According to reports and it was even said last night on the show that Margarito’s pads had blood on them. If that is true, they probably weren’t used on sparring partners thus it in conceivable that they were used in prior fights.

  • As tragic of a story this is folks must also realize that Billy Collins father turned down many fights which then also helped with his life ending tragically. Billy never got the chance to fight since his father was in the process of suing whom ever he could think of that had anything to do with this fight and didn’t want his son fighting thinking that it would have effected what ever case they had against anybody they where suing.

  • I’m a little more irritated that Panama Lewis robbed Alexis Arguello of his win over Pryor. I’m perplexed that incident isn’t up there with the biggest cheat scandals of all-time?

    With the release of HBO’s documentary “Assault in the Ring” where Resto validates that there was in fact a “special bottle”-Does that not prove the validity of the claim that Arguello was “cheated”?

  • i hope Pananma Lewis dies from aids and his family becomes homeless. Hitler, Saddam, Binladan,,Lewis’s name belongs in that list

  • This article is not about Margarito its about Panama Lewis who is an obvious cheater and low life. If you saw “Assault in The Ring” on HBO it was obvious this guy is a scumbag. In my opinion, Javier Capetillo, should without question be banned from boxing just like Panama. I’m not a Margarito fan, but there is a small chance (however small there is a small chance)that he truly did not know. I’ve seen plenty of boxers get wrapped and not pay attention what so ever to it. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and base what I think by his success or failure when and if he comes back. I for one would still like to see Margarito vs. Cotto 2.

  • There is no proof, or even evidence, to determine that Margarito cheated against Cotto or Cintron. It does provide a convenient excuse for their crybaby fans though.

  • Pedro thanks for keeping this issue alive. This guy Lewis should never be forgotten for his acts that day (of the Resto-Collins fight) and who knows how many other days.

    I was at that fight in the Garden and although we were all waiting for the Duran-Moore fight we all thought that Resto taught a lesson to a young man (Collins) that was just built up by easy fights.

    There was some confusion in the ring after the Resto-Collins fight but we did not know what it was about although there were some rumors about Collins’ dad complaining about something.

    It was a bizzare night, especially after Duran destroyed Moore.

  • MargaCheatosDaSame

    So I suggest Margarito and his trainer should be your next inductees into your Hall of Shame.

  • MargaCheatosDaSame

    Author, You have a little Typo here, Correction should read “Resto now claims that PANAMA put a plaster of Paris Substance in his Wraps” not Resto. Resto was a young pawn, used by Panama and his gang. Now Resto is basically homeless as Panama continues to make a living off of Boxing. And as you see We haven’t heard a peep from Margarito who’s waiting for his slap on his wrist to expire so that he can return to Boxing. Even though he did the same exact thing to Cotto, Cintron and attempted it with Mosley.

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